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Elliott / ABC Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory, or ABC wave theory, is a term for three-wave counter trend price movement.

With @Stocktwit_IN & @TradingView_IN

#TradingView #stocks #nifty #niftybank #trading #priceaction
Here, wave A is the first price wave that is against the trend of the entire market. B wave is a corrective wave for wave A. Wave C shows the final price move to complete the counter trend price move.

Alphabetical labeling helps to differentiate between the degree or level of the wave. It speaks to the span of the basic pattern.
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Definition of Alpha Figure

An Alpha indicates the measure by which a stock or portfolio has managed to outperform a benchmark like an index of shares.

#investing #StockMarcket Image
It takes into account the active returns on investment.

A positive Alpha means that the security or portfolio is beating the market while a negative Alpha means that it is lagging.

#stocks #nifty #niftybank #trading #priceaction
#StocksToTrade #stockstowatch Image
Alpha can also be used to measure the competence of a fund manager and their strategies.

It is also called an ‘abnormal rate of return’ or ‘excess return.’

#stockmarketindia Image
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Elliott / ABC Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory, or ABC wave theory, is a term for three-wave counter trend price movement.

#TradingView #stocks #nifty #niftybank #trading #priceaction
Here, wave A is the first price wave that is against the trend of the entire market. B wave is a corrective wave for wave A. Wave C shows the final price move to complete the counter trend price move.

Alphabetical labeling helps to differentiate between the degree or level of the wave. It speaks to the span of the basic pattern.
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🎯 Active $tratargets:
Active Targets for The $trat | by Octopu$


A #Thread, click to expand 👇 Image
#TheStrat is created by @RobInTheBlack

It's a solid Strategy known by being an innovative #Trading System.
Grows in popularity as more traders discover this method.
It is a simplified way to understand #PriceAction, based on three principles: Types of Candles (1, 2, and 3).
Something interesting about #TheStrat is the use of #Triggers for entries and #Targets for Price Levels: Image
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Intraday trading tips and tricks

As the name suggests, Intraday Trading is the process of buying and selling stocks on the same day. Basically, you buy stocks on daily basis, you look for a reasonable price to sell it and then earn your profit. Image
Daily analysis and research is necessary for Intraday Trading. The movement of the market’s momentum must be reflected in the strategy used by a trader. Image
It is advisable to look for liquid shares for Intraday Trading. As the trader needs to square-off their position at the end of the day, it is better to go for large cap shares. Image
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Here is an indicator that I use to spot liquidity easier and I will show you how you can use it too. That indicator is based on equal highs and equal lows and how we can spot them easily.

Screenshot from EUR today.

Enjoy Image
2/3 -…

First you need to understand from all ICT classes that price delivery is ALGORITHMICAL. So nothing better to indicate to us where the liquidity is. An algorithm. Put that in you chart.

Now you just need to take all the colors and textes alway so you chart get cleaner. And you are ready to trade on retail stop-loss with the algo. Cheers Image
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1/4 What is the SFP candle aka “FU” and why do we use them? 🧵

If you study Smart Money Concepts you probably heard about Quasimodos and Stop Hunts. These setups are used everyday at every session and you will want to know how to spot better setups.

Enjoy! Image
1. How to spot them?


First you need to remember ICT words, that “there is no MSB if there is not a liquidity pool hunt”. So basically the “FU” pattern is a classic SFP candle, a swing failure, and it represents confluence to the rejection of the raided level. Image
2. Can it be confused with Break of Structure?


For you not to confuse it with a Break of Structure for the opposite bias. you need to remember to check if there is some liquidity pool being raided. So you can use FVG as a confluence. Image
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Web3 is the FUTURE.

If you want to master web3 (in months instead of years), study these in chronological order:

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap

The Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Learn how web3 begins and the thinking behind it. ✔️

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap

Bitcoin by @fredwilson

Learn how prescient thinkers are intrigued by the new tech.…

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
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We are currently holding crucial support of 0.6 ETH. The last time a community space took place, we saw prices go from 0.6 ETH to 1 ETH.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
I think that the ability of core holders, to give back to space attendees and sweep, without getting any benefits from the team or from others, is truly incredible.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
It shows that they really really are in this for the fun, not the money, the pure vibes, and enjoyment.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
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__[@tinyastroNFT ]__

Entry: 0.125ETH
Exit: Short - 0.2 ETH | Mid-Long 0.3 ETH
Risk: 5/10…

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap

Consisting of 8 full-time team members who have worked together for 6+ years scaling a platform used by millions, generating over a billion data points.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
Team members have been well known most notably for being in the Forbes 30 under 30. They're always finding ways to provide more value, and fixing minor issues!

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
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What is NFT wash trading?

Wash trading or "painting the tape" is a form of market manipulation whereby market players attempt to influence the price of a security by buying and selling amongst themselves to create the appearance of substantial trading activity.

#NFTCommunity Image
The practice of wash trading may be to create the illusion that demand for a project is higher than it actually is, or simply to mine activity rewards offered by platforms that encourage platform activity.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
The current conditions

The traditional securities and futures markets prohibit wash trading, but it's still commonly seen in the NFT market as the market is still in its early stages of development.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
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Hello everyone With the impending bear market rally, here are top projects that I'd suggest you prioritize in securing a whitelist for a profitable mint.🤝

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
1. @Memeland

- I think this is pretty self-explanatory. 9gag, potatoz = bullish

It- Probably the hardest to secure a whitelist for since it's pretty much everyone's top priority as well

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap Image
2. @petsland

It- Supposedly a SUPER early branch project of the 9gag ecosystem.

- Early = easier whitelist

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap Image
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Here's a list of projects that I feel are very undervalued, and should hopefully do really well if and when the next bull run comes!
P.S These are INDEFINITE holds. Don't blindly ape thinking you could turn this into a profit overnight. No one knows when the next cycle will come
Should do well:
1. @doodles

- FP: 9.3

- Original art, solid community. They literally started the pastel color palette trend, with so many projects trying to create derivatives.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap Image
- Their CEO is Julian Holguin, Billboard's veteran president. With his connections and networking capabilities, Doodles definitely has the potential to fully bridge web2 into web3.

#NFTCommunity #priceaction #NFTs #BTC #ETH #coincodecap
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We've had a fairly substantial week a lot of #priceaction #volatility and don't forget more important we had the #FOMC which fairly well documented. I just wanted to recap on the Fed's meeting and my thoughts with this flood so let's crack on with it. 👋 ++
Fed's policy isn't restrictive yet it's at the neutral rate and we're pretty much at the neutral rate restrictive policy is pushing up into territory or territory that we know historically have caused something to break. ++
We've already covered the 50 75 basis points so the question you want to be asking yourself is heading into September's #FOMC what if #inflation remain high and it's persistent what will the #Fed do are they going to come out and slap 100 basis point rate act on the table. ++
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90% of the times, we have been trading only Breakouts - since the last 2 years.

We have compiled a thread on how to avoid FAKE BREAKOUTS. ❌

[A Thread] 🧵👇🏻
Please Like and Retweet to share our experience with maximum traders ♻

#BREAKOUTSTOCKS #priceaction #nifty50
#Breakout Trading is our favourite form of trading as - We can capture the momentum quickly & we get a defined buying level where we can take an accurate entry. ✅

Only barrier is - Fake Breakouts.

Here is how you can avoid it maximum times 👇🏻
1. Always check for high volumes at the key zone.

Eg. If you are planning to buy at a resistance breakout, look out for high volumes whenever the price has touched that particular level earlier. ⬆

This acts as a confirmation to your setup.

Example attached 👇🏻
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IF trader, then study "Hour chart" of at least 30 trading days
Watch how #prices are #Trending & you take a position when trend changes, say, from making "LH & LL" to "HL & HH" & Vice Versa
This is the 1st & foremost step & absolutely noiseless
#Retracement helps🙏 Image
#Priceaction Step:2
All traders know Demand & Supply to exploit the difference - a basic trait of any trader/ businessman.
What captures this absolutely is #Trendline & #Channel
For Eg: When prices break out of a falling T.Line/ Channel, it means demand has overpowered supply Image
That's first clue-buyers are asserting. LH & LL would soon change.
Next step is to look for a Fibonacci #retracement to hold @ 38% or 50% or 61.8% (to make HL) with a bullish candle like #Bullishengulfing or #Bullishpinbar @ a % of previous rise which is your perfect LRHR entry
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Liquidity, MSB, OB, OTE ve Breaker kullanılarak alınan scalp işlemler ve süreci🥂

Full ve 1080P izlemek isteyenler için;

#Trader #Traders #trading #priceaction #liquidity #scalping #RUNE $RUNE
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How to Trade & Invest as per TREND ??

(1) If TREND is BULLISH, BUY near key support levels & book profit near key resistance levels.
(Stop Loss below latest Higher Low (Swing Low) close basis on particular time frame).

(2) If TREND is BEARISH, SELL near key resistance levels & book profit near key support levels.
(SL above latest Lower High (Swing High) close basis on particular time frame)

You can learn with #Equity4Life in real time market & with real traders.

#ZigZag #PriceAction
Try to learn from this tweet... It's helps to understand my trading & investing style and you can easily understand from our tweets & market views.

#Equity4Life #StockMarket #Investing #Trading
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Vamos con otra entrega en la que podemos ver más ideas q nos ayuden a interpretar #Precio y posteriormente el #volume cuando le añadamos. En esta entrega se hace hincapié en las BARRAS INSIDE
Veamos primero que se quiere decir con BARRA INSIDE . El palabra "afeitadas", en inglés shaved viene a decirnos que las velas no tienen colas o pábilos o ninguna de las dos. Indica que hay fuerza aunque sea pequeña la barra, evidentemente menor
Lo importante d conocer las distintas interpretaciones del rango de las velas/barras es cuando se meten en el contexto. Es lo más difícil para los traders. Empiece entendiendo l propia información d cada barra, sobre todo cuando es "importante" Que significa ser importante? 3/10
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Siguiendo con el hilo q trata d ofrecer ideas para interpretar #priceaction #precioyvolumen o la señal d un indicador u oscilador. Al fin y al cabo una vela es la representante dl movimiento que realizan compradores y vendedores en un momento dado en una escala de precios 1/13
Recuerda q las interpretaciones son juicios de valor que nos ayudan a realizar un seguimiento del precio o nos sirve para aplicar un "sistema de trading". Es lo que se llama "literatura" de ese sistema. Parecido al "argot" de una profesión 2/13
La idea de etiquetar las velas en cualquier sistema es facilitar de manera rápida que nos fijemos en lo importante. Eso no quita que una vez detectado lo importante el resto del gráfico no diga nada, todo lo contrario, es cuando hay que comparar 3/13
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Quieres iniciarte en el aprendizaje del Análisis Técnico? Te paso algunas ideas q deberás dominar para poder "leer" e "interpretar" las intenciones de los mercados #cripto, #futuros, #acciones uses osciladores, indicadores, volumen u otros elementos q representen al precio 1/11
Voy a empezar mostrándote ideas con el representante del precio en forma de vela japonesa. Estas ideas son aplicables a cualquier otra forma de expresar el recorrido dl precio. La primera idea que no debes olvidar nunca es saber el estado del mercado 2/11
La diapositiva anterior muestra que una vela puede ser es en sí misma una tendencia. Esta idea es importante tenerla en cuenta a la hora de analizar los mercados antes de su apertura. Cómo se ha desarrollado en su interior la tendencia a la que representa nos puede dar 3/11
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People tend to oversimplify or overcomplicate charting and don't know that #priceaction is the key to understanding it.
In this thread I share my most valuable insights I have taught myself about #charts for #trading. Image
Levels are price points based on price action which act as support and resistance. When charting traditional markets I usually start on the monthly time frame and work down to the weekly and daily.
For the bitcoin charts of altcoins I usually start at the weekly down to 4-hr. Image
For bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies against the USD I use a different way of drawing levels. I look for points where the price bounced off in the past. When they get hit again there is a fair chance the price will react.
For swings you need less levels than for scalps. Image
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How about 👇


No. of likes and retweets decide the same
SMC - 1
As promised I will share some general ideas about SMART-MONEY CONCEPTS, consider this as the first installment of that.

In this, I will discuss the following
⚡How to assess the HTF structure?
⚡How to develop a directional bias?
⚡How to refine your entry-exits? Image
The simplest form of doing trades based on trend alignment is to decide and stick to the decided TIME FRAME.
For Eg.
For deciding HTF structure - Check 1 Hour chart
For developing directional bias - Check 15 Min chart
For refining your entry - exits - Check 5 Min chart
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Termino con este hilo la saga d las Barras Outside. Patrón que principalmente se debe buscar en "segundas entradas" y a ser posible iniciando la formación del patrón "doble suelo/techo", fíjate que digo "iniciándose", no sé si finalmente se quedará en ese patrón o no. 1/13
Este patrón se llama: INSIDE + OUTSIDE + INSIDE = IOI. Se compone de tres velas /barras. La primera su rango está dentro de la siguiente que es la barra outside y a esta le sigue otra vela que está dentro del rango de la outside . Veamos una imagen en el siguiente tuit.2/13
Es importante el matiz a considerar para tenerlo en cuenta como patrón 3/13
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