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Just a traveller,guilty of life long learning,wildlife conservation,climate action & spreading humanity.Learning from pandemic,war & revolution.😷🇺🇦🇱🇰💚🇵🇸
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Two days ago an 🇦🇹Austrian acquaintance of mine accused me of being anti semitic.I went to his social media timeline to discover that he was sharing loads of Islamaphobic articles that portrayed all Muslims as terrorists.I asked him politely where I had posted antisemitic stuff. I also asked him why he was sharing Islamaphobic stuff on his timeline. Instead of answering me he blocked me. This acquaintance had been a Trump fan & I am not surprised by his response. This made me wonder about anti semitism. I see the label thrown around a lot.Why was that?2/
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This is Dewmini. She was stolen from her herd when she was a baby & each time she cried she was beaten & stabbed by a bullhook. Is this Buddhism? This is animal abuse.
STOPPeraheraCruelty ⛏🦣 
#PeraheraCruelty 🦣⛓
#KandyEsalaPerahera2023 1/ Dewmini was allegedly captured from wild. Each time we have seen her in perahera she hs appeared highly distressed. Just 2 weeks ago we saw her being mercilessly bull hooked at Bellanwila perahera. This cruelty has to STOP!
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Do you know the 🇫🇮Finnish author Tove Jansson who created the famous Moomins?

She also worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for the Swedish-language satirical magazine Garm from the 1930s to 1953. Did you know she made fun of Hitler, Stalin & fascism in general?

Tove Jansson began her career at Garm in 1929 at the young age of 15 (her mother Signe Hammarsten-Jansson had worked for the publication since it started) and Tove stayed with the magazine until the end in 1953. 2/
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Petition to request to prohibit the performance of 🇱🇰 Sri Lankan Rapper Iraj Weeraratne, organised by 4 civil society groups of Sri Lankans in Australia has passed 5000 signatures.
Iraj is well known for #HateSpeech #Islamaphobia & #Transphobia in #LKA. 1/
Here is a thread on how Iraj the musician helps Iraj the racist.
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Thank you for taking the time to respond to me @DanQayyum. I think you have just cleared the "joke" for many 🇱🇰 Sri Lankans. So you actually never had *Stringhoppers", but it was recommended, you googled the picture & you wrote "How can anyone be excited about this". Oh wow! 1/

I saw several people asking where you got Stringhoppers served w/o curries. You even blocked some like @Goshitha5. SL Twitter called it #StringhopperGate & #StringhopperDan all because they thought you found 'Stringhoppers" unexciting. So you never actually ate it.😂 2/
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There has been recently a discussion on Sri Lankan Rapper Iraj's songs & his racist rhetoric targeting various communities. First of all,I would like to thank everyone who questioned if it was "Hate Speech".It took me by surprise because I have Muslim friends who lived in fear.1/ I liked Iraj's music in early days.Tbh, I think he is a talented musician. It was in the pre-election period of 2018 & 2019 that I started noticing #HateSpeech in social media.I received "Vanda Beheth" (Sterilising medicine) stories in my inbox.I have a lot of Muslim friends. 2/
Jul 5 22 tweets 7 min read
I would like to thank @Nethmini_M for starting a discourse on #HateSpeech & #boycottIraj. I live in the EU where Nazi symbols are banned & where Far Right rhetorics are seriously frowned upon.I assumed the rest of the Western world was like that.
#FreedomOfSpeech 1/ I have seen various discussion with others & it made me realise there is a world beyond the EU bubble. For me, #Hatespeech is not about offending or insulting someone, but about dehumanising, silencing & negating a person or a group’s human rights. 2/
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Recently 🇱🇰Sri Lankans living in 🇦🇺Australia launched a petition requesting Minister of Immigration @andrewjgiles to prohibit the performance of singer Iraj in Australia.

In 48 hours the petition has gathered 3000+ signatures. @SenatorWong 1/
Image 👉🏻Australia #BoycottItaj
"singer" Iraj Weeraratne is pushing a political agenda promoting hate towards community groups based on race, ethnicity, religion & gender. 2/
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Congratulations to the Prime Minister of 🇮🇸Iceland @katrinjak for this appointment on #WellbeingEconomyInitiative for @WHO_Europe. This is such great news.
#wellbeing #substanceabuse @ScholaEuropaea @Kari_Kivinen 1/ I have been fascinated with Iceland's wellbeing model since I heard about the success with the reduction of substance abuse use. Looking forward to seeing what she will do.… 2/
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Wow. "The Minister said that when a few people in a village have dengue that news is splashed as the lead in some newspapers.
He said that such news reports are also published in the international media & it discourages foreign tourists from visiting the country."
#DengueFever 1/ Let's do some fact checking on Manisha's claims.
Is it a few people in a village that have Dengue? Manusha sounds like the president of Eritrea saying it's all fake news.
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Pathum wrote:
"Don't be a critic & be a feedback giver. Don't be a judge, be a guide. Be a force rather than a hindrance. That's how a growing country runs. That is how we can contribute to the country's journey as individual citizens."
#Democracy 1/ Image Unfortunately Pathum Kerner doesn't seem to understand what "constructive criticism"is. He says don't be a "critic" & give "feedback". I wonder what he means by feedback. If he says "Covid is over" & we cite @WHO & virologists to say Covid is not over, is that being a critic? 2/
Jun 2 11 tweets 4 min read
Manneken Pis is Brussels most beloved little guy and Belgium’s biggest tourist attraction. Just like the Eiffel Tower is to Paris & the Statue of Liberty is to New York City, Manneken Pis is to Brussels its most precious possession. It is the symbol of 🇧🇪Belgium.1/
#BelgianHumour Image When a capital city chooses such a symbol to display to the rest of the world, they must either have a strange cultural heritage or a great sense of humour,or both.For Brussels citizens and all previous generations who have lived in Brussels, Manneken Pis is a symbol of Zwanze.2/ Image
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Congratulations @Jamz5251. You have made it clear by this time that you have a specific political opinion & agenda. Great power comes with great responsibility. I hope that you will reflect how you can steer #SriLanka away from a nationalist agenda spiced with toxic racism. 1/ Integrity will be remembered in history more than the temporary Adrenaline kick you can obtain from a sense of power. I have often reflected on the success of the Nazi propaganda newspaper Der Stürmer. How will the @Dailymirror_SL be remembered in history? 2/ ImageImageImage
Jun 1 15 tweets 8 min read
It's been 42 years since they burnt down the #JaffnaLibrary.I decided to write a thread to acknowledge these #CrimesAgainstHumanity.As a Sri Lankan from the South,as a Bibliophile & as someone who strongly believes in justice, accountability & human dignity,I ask for discourse.1/ Every year as we commemorate this now passing 42 years, why is justice delayed? Surely there must be witnesses. 👇🏾
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Dear @rickygervais,Don't break my 💔.
We are a #LandLikeNoOther.Come experience the splendour of our political wisdom,abundance of guidance,our religious tolerance,our democracy,all enshrined & ordained in our living, breathing,225 sages in the #WonderofAsia #visitsrilanka2023 1/ Image Here's the epic moment when @rickygervais gave a moment of "Joie de Vivre" to #LandLikeNoOther my #SriLanka.
You shoot me down in flames
You make me laugh a lot
You put me down a lot
But I`m giving you my 💔.
Art work @RandyChrizP
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Dear @Davud_Akh,
Today you tweeted about a tourist taking a selfie at Nine Arch Bridge wearing a fish net bikini. You asked locals to call the police if someone is shirtless.Some of us responded.A few hours later I noted that you deleted your tweet. Here's a glimpse of it. 1/ ImageImageImage After deleting your tweet, you tweeted the following. I replied with the following message. Then I discovered that you had blocked me. Now this is interesting. I gave you a different view & you seem to be intolerant of dissident views. That's a pity.
2/ ImageImage
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@welikalaa I am surprised that you refer to recycling clothes as "trying to make #SriLanka a hippie commune" while living in the West. Aren't you familiar with "thrift stores", "charity shops" and Green philosophy like of @GretaThunberg promoting a less consumerist culture. 1/ @welikalaa @GretaThunberg I live in Belgium & it's completely normal here to share baby clothes & pass on hand me downs. Children grow so quickly. Our kids clothes have been handed down by older cousins sometimes fifth or sixth hand.Our ones have gone further down.Students in now buy in thrift stores. 2/
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Translation: "In battles with Portuguese, Dutch & English there were Sinhalese who betrayed the Sinhalese.They are the ones who are reborn & are raising black flags now." By Anushka Perera
#racism #Hypocrisy #stupidity
1/ Grateful to Ms Perera for posting. It summarises topics for reflection for #SriLanka. First,she refers to #Sinhalese as the only ones who have a claim on #IndependenceDay.If she would have studied history she would know that Tamils,Muslims,Malays etc were part of this struggle.2/
Feb 3 34 tweets 41 min read
Thugs are attacking peaceful participants of a non violent civic action #satyagraha in Maradana. Where are the police & military? Gathering by thousands in the area while thugs attack peaceful protesters. Shame on you Ranil!
Are we truly free?…
#SriLanka #SriLanka's police & drunken mobs are attacking peaceful protesters who were sitting with peaceful action #Satyagraha. See lawyer #NuwanBopege with activists. Are the diplomatic missions aware how such a simple peaceful action is being attacke? 2/
Dec 1, 2022 15 tweets 10 min read
I agree with @husnipasha. I was just preparing a tweet on the topic. Yesterday I saw this video being distributed on Fb & Twitter to condemn the JVP/NPP. I
was shocked at the hypocrisy of those who distribute it while condemning the use of children for political gain. 1/ First of all, I disagree with the use of a child in this campaign. Those who compare this to @GretaThunberg are wrong. Greta was 15 y/o and she started #FridaysForFuture all by herself. I knew Greta before she became famous. Please don't buy into far right campaigns. 2/