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12 Jun 19
1) The Turkish military secretly boosted the training of rebel militia in Syria in explosives, IEDs. sabotage and other special operations after the US withdrew from the training program but fighters failed to gain traction in the field despite an increase in numbers.
2) According to the classified documents dated June 2016 and signed by Yaşar Güler, the then-deputy chief of genera staff and currently chief of general staff of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), 151 rebels were trained jointly by the US and Turkey until October 9, 2016.
3) Turkey decided to unilaterally continue with the program and equip the project after the US pulled out. Turkish forces had completed the training of 312 rebels as part of the national program by June 2016, when the document was prepared by Güler.
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1 Jun 19
1) A sergeant who had been assigned to Special Operations in the Turkish military and deployed to Iraq after an attack by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on the Turkish Consulate in Mosul revealed how a false flag coup attempt unfolded in Turkey in July 2016.
2) İbrahim Çölkesen, a former sergeant with the elite Special Forces Command (ÖKK), was deployed on several secret missions abroad including the assignment to liberate the Mosul consulate in Iraq after the ISIL attack in 2014.
3) When he received the order to respond to a terror attack in Ankara on the night of the coup attempt in 2016, he saw no reason to question the order and thought it was no different than ones previously issued.
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18 May 19
1) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan secretly ordered the intelligence service to spy on German foundations, according to documents obtained by Nordic Monitor.
2) The order came after Erdoğan, then prime minister, accused an unnamed German foundation of indirectly but legally funneling money to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and slammed the German government for indifference to the situation in 2011.
3) Then-Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu also raised similar claims, stating that charitable foundations were funneling money to the terrorist group and that the government was closely monitoring the situation and taking steps to block the transactions.
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11 May 19
1) The Turkish military discovered systematic failures and troubles with drones that were domestically manufactured by Baykar, whose owners include President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s son-in-law, classified documents reveal.
2) According to a priority message secretly communicated to the General Staff by the 2nd Army command on July 15, 2016, the Bayraktar drone systems produced by Baykar had often been hit with problems, hampering counterterrorism operations in Turkey’s Southeast.
3) The message stated that ground data terminals which are part of the Bayraktar system often malfunction and that the problem resumes shortly after they return to service after repair.
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3 May 19
1) Cooperation between Turkey and Sudan in intelligence and military affairs, spearheaded by ousted Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir, was thrown into limbo when Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a close ally of Bashir, lost his major backer in northeast Africa.
2) Having invested so much stock in al-Bashir, Erdoğan was frustrated to see that his credit may not be as good with the transitional government.
3) Speaking at a ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) convention on April 26, 2019, he described Sudan as the heart of Africa and lamented the interventions in the country. He nonetheless vowed to continue supporting his brothers in Sudan.
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29 Apr 19
1) The alleged suicide of Zaki Y. M. Hasan, a national of the United Arab Emirates who was arrested in Turkey on charges of espionage is the latest in a series of suspicious deaths in Turkish prisons and detention centers where torture & ill-treatment has been widely reported.
2) Hasan was found hanging from a bathroom door in his solitary cell in notorious Silivri prison of Istanbul on Sunday, according to the statement by the Prosecutor's Office. Hasan and another UAE national identified with initials as S.S. were formally arrested on April 19, 2019.
3) In the same prison, İbrahim Halil Özyavuz, a brilliant medical doctor who was jailed in May 2018 as part of the Turkish gov't massive witch hunt campaign targeting members of the Gülen movement, lost his life after he has been subject to heavy torture by officers.
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27 Mar 19
1) A transportation and logistics company that was working with Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in shipping arms to jihadist groups in Syria has been exposed in confidential documents.
2) The cache of documents, obtained and reviewed by Nordic Monitor, identified the Ankara-based tourism, transportation and automotive firm Çalıkıran (Çalıkıran Turizm Taşımacılık Otomotiv Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi) as the company that was used by the intelligence agency.
3) The revelation came when the Turkish government was caught making an illegal arms transfer to jihadist groups in Syria under a scheme that was off the books and unauthorized and in which weapons were secretly transported in a truck by MIT agents.
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26 Mar 19
1) The Turkish government secretly investigated the family members of lawyers who are perceived to be critical of the regime including their spouses and children, documents obtained by Nordic Monitor have revealed.
2) The targeting of family members of critical lawyers and human rights defenders is part of a deliberate and systematic campaign of intimidation conducted by the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
3) The escalation of the government witch-hunt targeting lawyers’ spouses and their children shows the extent and intensity of the ongoing crackdown on the legal profession and by extension the right to legal counsel & access to lawyers for tens of thousands of victims in Turkey.
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28 Jan 19
1) Turkish government’s jihadist imam trained killer of Russian ambassador…
2) A jihadist imam on the Turkish government payroll played an instrumental role in the radicalization and training of an al-Qaeda-linked police officer who assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey in Ankara in December 2016.
3) Yet, the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did not bother to investigate this radical imam and kept him running a mosque in the Turkish capital.
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22 Jan 19
1) Nordic Monitor has investigated how #Erdogan rushed to gift Turkey’s multibillion dollar tank factory to cronies, #Qatar. Quite interesting facts came out.…
2) The documents reviewed conclude Erdoğan rushed a bilateral financial agreement between Turkey and Qatar through Parliament for approval ahead of his decision to turn over a $20 billion tank and pallet factory to a company run jointly by his associates and the Qatari army.
3) The deal, the avoidance of double taxation agreement, came just in the nick of time before govt presented national tank factory on a silver platter to Turkish-Qatari armored vehicle manufacturer #BMC, a company run by Ethem Sancak, a member of #Erdogan's ruling party politburo
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19 Jan 19
Nordic Monitor talked to a senior gov't insider in #Turkey and reveals how Turkish intelligence used former special ops officers to train & arm jihadists…
2) After the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011 during the Arab revolutions, a special desk was set up in Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) for the purpose of toppling Assad and replacing his regime with an Islamist gov't under the secret orders of #Erdogan .
3) According to a confidential source who spoke to Nordic Monitor on condition of anonymity, one of the first things MIT did was to recall all former police officers, ex-military members and special operations figures who had trouble with the law in the past.
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18 Jan 19
1) Nordic Monitor take the lid off a stealthy pro-Iranian radical group #Malatyalılar that wields considerable influence in #Turkey’s governance…
2) The group is closely connected to Turkish intelligence agency MİT, has been busy in penetrating into the security and foreign policy apparatus of the Turkish government, shaping policies that nurture jihadist views and transforming Turkey into a rogue nation.
3) The Malatyalılar, reorganized in 1992 under an illegal structure called Türkiye Islam Hareketi (TİH, Turkey Islamic Movement) with cells established for armed conflict and weapons stockpiled for a future battle, is led by an extremist figure named Zekeriya Şengöz
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16 Jan 19
1) Another exposé by Nordic Monitor: Operative of #Turkey’s spy agency MİT sent $600,000 to al-Shabab in #Somalia…
2) Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT), led by a pro-Iranian Islamist figure Hakan Fidan, delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars to the al-Shabab terrorist organization in Somalia through a former Gitmo detainee.
3) The transfer of the funds was picked up by the US government, which alerted Turkish authorities and asked for an investigation into the network that enabled the funding of al-Shabab.
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15 Jan 19
1) More than 500 intelligence officers purged and/or jailed by Erdogan gov’t in #Turkey in an unprecedented move to turn the nation's spy agency into an abusive & intrusive tool at the hands of repressive regime…
2) This amounts to 7 percent of intelligence officers #Erdogan has purged and/or jailed from the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) since 2013, when he and his family members were incriminated in a graft probe that involved Iranian and Saudi nationals.
3) According to a secret document obtained by Nordic Monitor, the agency revealed that 558 MİT employees have been dismissed from the spy agency, corresponding to some 7 percent of its total workforce.
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14 Jan 19
1) Nordic Monitor reveals how Turkish intelligence agency MIT worked with a cutthroat jihadist in Syria who killed Christian clerics…
2) A jihadist militant who killed two priests and beheaded many innocent people in Syria has long worked with Turkey’s intelligence agency MIT, which helped him get away with lesser charges when he was caught in an al-Qaeda sweep by Turkish police.
3) His name is Maghomed Maghomedzakirovich Abdurkhmanov (aka Abu Banat), a Russian national who travelled to Syria through Turkey in 2012 to join jihadists and had led the Jamaat Abu Banat terrorist group, later part of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
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11 Jan 19
1) Nordic Monitor reveals another case of how #Turkey hushed up the case of intelligence agency MIT arming jihadists in Syria…
2) The Turkish government dropped an investigation launched in November 2013 into arms shipments to jihadist group when police seized 931 empty mortar shells and 10 metal tubes for launchers from a truck in Adana near the Syrian border.
3) The arms transfers were done under the auspices of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), and the man who coordinated the entire setup, from manufacturing in machinist shops in Turkey to transport to Syria, was an operative of the Turkish spy agency.
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10 Jan 19
1) Nordic Monitor reveals secret documents showing how Turkish intelligence agency MIT moved busloads of jihadists into Syria as reinforcements along the broder line… via @nordicmonitor
2) Exactly four years ago today, Turkey’s intelligence agency secretly transported jihadist fighters on two busses across the Turkish-Syrian border to influence the fate of the conflict in the neighboring country.
3) The secret operation was exposed when local police units were called in to search for two busses used to shuttle armed jihadist fighters from one point on the Syrian border to another in order to change the dynamics on the ground on the Syrian side.
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9 Jan 19
1) Offsets are not the only problem in the sale of American Patriot missiles to Turkey…
2) The major stumbling block between Turkey and the US on the finalization of the sale of $3.5 billion worth of Patriot missiles, whose purchase awaits approval by the US Congress, has always been the issue of offsets. But that is not the only problem in the proposed sale.
3) Judging from the wording in the notification @StateDept sent to Congress on Dec. 18, 2018, this issue remains undecided. “The purchaser requested offsets. At this time offset agreements are undetermined and will be defined in negotiations between the purchaser and contractors"
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8 Jan 19
1) @nordicmonitor reveals the full text of implementation deal for military agreement between #Turkey & #Qatar that allowed Turkey to set up a base in Doha. The agreement is full of loopholes and vague terms that appear to have been deliberately inserted.…
2) The bilateral agreement would allow Turkish President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan to use Turkish air, land and naval assets to promote his own ideological and personal interests in the Gulf and beyond by using the hard power of the NATO military alliance’s second largest army.
3) The agreement carries huge risks of escalation of Turkey’s involvement in conflicts that may have nothing to do with protecting or promoting Turkey’s national interests. The vagueness in the deal were deliberate & systematic to allow Erdogan to use them as he sees fit.
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7 Jan 19
1) Hayrettin Karaman, an 84-year-old leading theologian & chief fatwa (religious edict) giver for the repressive regime in Turkey, is a hired ideologue who offered his services in exchange for financial benefit, courtesy of his client, Turkish President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan.
2) In November 2018 Karaman was elected vice president of the Qatar-based International Association of Muslim Scholars (IAMS), a Muslim Brotherhood outfit that was listed as a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf nations.
3) The IAMS had been administrated by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a man who endorsed suicide bombing and armed jihad, who is the supreme ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qaradawi is an ardent supporter of Erdoğan, and he describes him as the leader of all Muslims.
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3 Jan 19
1) Militants of a Turkish al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group have been operating under the auspices of the country’s ruling party AKP gov-t, arming themselves for what they claim to be a defensive move to protect #Turkey from the attack of western crusaders, Jews and Russians.
2) We studied one such militant who has been used by the AKP to attack journalists & critics and investigated his profile in depth to uncover a worrying pattern of radicalization among AKP supporters. The trend is not unique, and the case is definitely not an isolated one.
3) His name is Murat Özdemir, and he is one of too many faithful of Erdogan's followers. He and his family connected to a Turkish al-Qaeda group which was calling for armed jihad. Seen here posing with Turkish president son Necmettin Bilal Erdogan.
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