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La hipocresía de los belicistas
con respecto a los #AcuerdosDeAbraham.

🇮🇷 Irán
🇶🇦 Qatar
🇹🇷 Turquía
La Hermandad Musulmana 🏴‍☠️


🇧🇭 Bahrein
🇮🇱 Israel
🇦🇪 Emiratos Árabes Unidos
🇺🇸 Estados Unidos

¿Cómo ha llegado a esto? 🤷‍♂️
Tras los históricos tratados de normalización y paz patrocinados por los EE.UU. entre Israel, los EÁU y Bahrein...

Turquía, #Irán, Qatar y los #HermanosMusulmanes lanzaron una campaña de denuncia y condena de esos acuerdos!
Irónicamente, #Qatar y #Turquía ya habían firmado acuerdos de paz con Israel.

Entonces, ¡¿qué pasó?!
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🛑An Eye Opener Thread🛑


#Qatar, 🇶🇦
#Turkey, 🇹🇷
#MuslimBrotherhood 🏴‍☠️& #Iran 🇮🇷


#AbrahamAccords, #UAE 🇦🇪, #Israel🇮🇱, #Bahrain 🇧🇭and #USA🇺🇸

After the historic normalization and peace treaties sponsored by America between Israel, UAE and Bahrain,

Turkey, Iran, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood launched a denunciation and condemnation campaign for those agreements! But to varying degrees! 🤔
Ironically, it is no secret that Qatar and Turkey preceded the UAE and Bahrain in signing normalization and peace agreements with Israel !!

So, what exactly is happening?
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Thread about #Qatar🇶🇦, #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦, #MuslimBrotherhood and 9/11 Attacks!




Let us start with State of Qatar 🇶🇦,

Qatar is a country located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar's total population was 2.6 million: 313,000 Qatari citizens and 2.3 million expatriates

Qatar has been ruled by the House of Thani since Mohammed bin Thani signed a treaty with the British in 1868 that recognised its separate status.

27 February 1972

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani became the Emir of Qatar
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🛑🛑 Eye Opener Thread🛑🛑


Why @RTErdogan of @Turkey hijacked the Syrian revolution ??
2️⃣ Turkey passed #ISIS Terrorists from its lands to Syria and then supported them with the aim of destabilizing the Syrian revolution! but the question is still standing, Why?

This is the testimony of a Turkish terrorist who is one of the leaders of ISIS👇
3️⃣After the incursion of ISIS and the exodus of many Syrian refugees, who were used by Erdogan as a pressure card on the European Union, the forces of the revolution floundered, dispersed and quarreled with Turkish intervention
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🛑Piece of #Turkey 🇹🇷Terrorism🛑

If you think Turkish goverment relations with Terrorist organizations are limited to #ISIS, you are totally wrong!!!

Let me introduce to you in this thread
@hamzatumeniok, or
Özel Kuvvetler (Special Forces)
Turkey has developed its terrorist plans and projects in order to move from cooperation with terrorist organizations such as ISIS to establish and adopt terrorist organizations, set its policies and plans, and appoint its officials

Keep an eye on the guy in the red circle ⭕️👇
One of the most prominent terrorist criminal projects of the Turkish government is the establishment of Hamza forces in the region of Aleppo bordering Turkey, then depicting it as a Syrian opposition division aiming only to fight the Assad government in Syria & protect Syrians!
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#France #Lebanon
French President @EmmanuelMacron's visit to Lebanon on the 1st of September was scheduled before the harbour's explosion. France did not present a "roadmap" to Lebanon because it has limited influence over the Lebanese politicians +
It is correct to say that #France managed to slow down the #US agressive approach toward #Lebanon but it is wrong to say that Paris and Washington agreed and have the same view on how to approach Lebanon.
The differences are: +
#France supports the participation of #Hezbollah in the future government. The French are more clever than the current US administration even if both support #Israel at the end of the day. Macron informed Hezbollah about his support to see the group in the new government +
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1️⃣Qatar and its cozy alliance with Iranian proxy Hezbollah : Arms dealings, Assassinations, Drug trail and Terrorist training
2️⃣The recent #BeirutBlast in #Lebanon & the recent Fox news reports exposing Qatari ties to #Hezbollah is not new news, in fact many individuals and activists have been kicking and screaming to shed light on the Qatari government and Hezbulla destructive role in the world
3️⃣ #Qatar and #Hezbulla in coordination with the #MuslimBrotherhood, #Turkey and #Iran carried or attempted a series of assassination attempts that targeted the Late Egyptian President Husni Mubarak in 95, carried by the Syrian American AlQaida and Taliban Fighter Enaam Arnaout.
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#Lebanon explosion - "We saw different information come to light" @ChiefPentSpox tells reporters just one day after @EsperDoD said, "Most believe it was an accident, as reported"

"We've reached no definitive case for the explosion" @ChiefPentSpox adds
US aid for #Lebanon now enroute - @ChiefPentSpox says first of 3 C-17 aircraft loaded w/relief supplies has departed from #Qatar and is headed to #Beirut
"I'm not going to discuss our intelligence....we're going to continue to investigate" per @ChiefPentSpox, asked again about the cause of the #Beirut explosion
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#THREAD #RANT on #Turkey foreign policy

Another article (not surprisingly on Al Jazeera) trying to convince us that #Ankara is the victim and Turkish foreign policy is on the defence. The approach is superficial at best and ignores a number of facts >>…
That Turkey unofficially abandoned regime change in #Syria is not the point: same author, in 2013 Hinnebusch & Tur book wrote "Turkey saw an opportunity to bring abt regime change in Damascus at Iran's was a matter of geopolitical competition between Ankara & Tehran"
Regime change was an unprecedented policy for Ankara to adopt & a revisionist one; by the author's admission, for the purpose of regional power. 4 interventions later it's inaccurate to say that "Turkey's ability to influence the course of the conflict was reduced to a minimum"
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⬇️Thread. Ref @ClaudiaGazzini quote. In reality, HOR/LNA has no issue with revenue sharing but w/ plundering of CBL by #Turkey-backed militias. LNA twice freed the oil crescent from militias and handed its control to #Libya's NOC @mck_beth @patrickwintour…
1) 2016: Jadhran who for years controlled the terminals and blocked exports was forced out by the LNA.
2018: Jadhran (terror org Benghazi Defense Brigades loyal to S. Ghariani who is banned from UK+Istanbul based) attack Ras Lanuf, LNA recaptures.#Libya…
2)▶️Background on BDP (Jamestown Foundation):
▶️On Ghariani UK ban (Guardian):
▶️On militia capture of #Tripoli+its institutions (SWP):
▶️On militias plundering #Libya's banks (MEE):
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🔥🇨🇳#Truth ⬇️
"...born of our innate optimism and by the experience of our triumph over Soviet Communism unfortunately it turned out to be very naive we could not have been more wrong and this miscalculation was the ➡️greatest failure of American foreign policy since the 1930's."
"We did not pay heed to the CCP's ideology instead of listening to what CCP leaders were saying instead of reading. What they wrote in their key documents we closed our eyes and our ears..."

*Not just with China... 🦃MB #Libya #Syria #Qatar
"...these ideas remain as fundamental to the
Chinese Communist Party as the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights do
to us as Americans the Chinese Communist
Party seeks total control ...
it means 😳thought control in classical Chinese
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Working on a project the last couple of months about the history of #Al_Qaeda and where it is now. A big takeaway: there has probably never been a moment when the group is so manipulated, influenced, and even controlled in places by state powers.
The role of state intelligence services in manipulating and using terrorist groups for their own ends remains nearly absent in Terrorism Studies; most people even think it's all "conspiracy theory" talk. But it's such a massive operational factor that this is weird.
.@ReuelMGerecht once wrote that the 'nonstate' actor ... designation [of Al-Qaeda] was always more myth than fact". If he overstated, it wasn't by much.…
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#Turkey is a terror state
#Qatar is a terror state

Qatar population is by 88% foreigners and only 300k are natives.

Qatar spends only 1% of her GDP for defence while she is depending on

❗USA military base(10k troops)-AUAB
❗Turkey's base(5k troops)

👇🇹🇷s mil. bases Image
#Qatar instead uses #AlJazeera as a weapon to deal with her enemies, constantly reporting against #Israel and #KSA
while there is no mention of #Qatar bloody actions.

Supporting #MB is a key element between open cooperation betweel #Qatar and #Turkey Image
Another "weapon" #Qatar uses is the @BrookingsInst think tank by supporting it financially(24 milllion $) by arguing for #MuslimBrotherhood

So by taking example of how #Qatar "works", keep in mind what @bellingcat does by using propaganda, they try to blame #Greece .
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In #Lebanon, two people committed suicide to highlight their hunger & the economic pitfall.
Another man stormed a pharmacy waving a gun for a box of diapers.
As of Sunday, #Lebanon is expected to descend into a nationwide blackout, as fuel shortages all but halt electricity.
.2/ With no electricity or extensive power cuts, fridges will cease to function & food will spoil.
With no power, internet will halt; fuel, pharmaceuticals, clean water & even the airport will all be impacted.
No power means no ACs or fans.
Private generators will not cope.
.3/ #Lebanon is not at the point of collapse, it has already disintegrated.
Many families are on the brink of starvation, the situation is beyond grim.
Help us secure relief to families in dire need.
If you can, please donate today. Even a £5 will help.
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In conversations allegedly secretly taped by the late #Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, former #Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim reportedly said that the #AlJazeera news organisation is controlled by the #MuslimBrotherhood.. 1/
...and was heard discussing how to direct the network’s coverage with the country’s former emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.

The unverified recordings were posted on social media by a Qatari opposition activist.
The #MuslimBrotherhood is of course the oldest and most pervasive #Islamist group in the #MiddleEast, using both violent and non-violent means to attempt to impose a version of #politicisedIslam as the government on all regional nations.
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#Turkey's "Government of National Accord" in #Libya endorsed by #Iran's #Hezbollah.…
5 days ago: "The paper reported that Qatar’s regime offered G. €750,000 in exchange for remaining silent about his knowledge of #Qatar’s financing of #Hezbollah."
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The intra-jihadi dynamic in #Idlib is rapidly intensifying, as #HTS is seeking to re-assert itself vis-a-vis (1) the opposition, (2) local civil society, (3) #Turkey & (4) increasingly exasperated #AlQaeda-leaning factions.

In doing so, it's revealing its multiple identities.
In recent weeks, we've seen escalatory events:

1. Khaled al-Aruri's death in a US drone strike

2. Formation of the #AlQaeda-leaning 'Stand Firm' ops room

3. #HTS arrest of:
- Sirajideen Makhtarov (Abu Saloh al-Uzbeki)
- Jamal Hassan Zayniya (Abu Malik al-Talli)
- Tauqir Sharif
Weeks ago, #HTS was attempting to [re-]build bridges with #Idlib civil society & now it's cracking down on divisive #AlQaeda loyalists & defecting critics.

Hard not to see the drivers involved here:

- Protect internal unity & regional primacy
- Undermine #AQ
- Message #Turkey
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