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1. #Turkey:
IMO 2016 Russian intel likely cracked crypto ap & saw chatter between Gulanist officers. GRU tipped Erdogan & used the hack to cause actions to start a coup to wipe out opposition to Erdogan and his ISIS/Al-Qaeda allies. The Coup was fake. but purged pro-NATO officers
2. Erogan used the Gullentists as the basis for a country wide purge. US including the @BarackObama administration including @JohnBrennan did nothing to stop it that I could perceive. 2016, Flynn, Erdogan's son in law and I believe Kushner conspired in the NY to kidnap Gulen.
3. Erdogan and his MIT intel agency are ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates. Have given material support to ISIS & Al-Qaeda. @mitchellreports report that @realDonaldTrump admin working to turn Gulen over to Erdogan. If so it is likely because @Trump gets significan money from Istanbul.
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#Khashoggi Revival Attempt: The Canadian FM did not define “It” or “It’s Content.” Whether this was a diplomatic phone conversation intercepted,or,some video-audio of Torture-murder. Because so far all claims of Video of murder-Torture been based on lies; All False 2 be Debunked
#Khashoggi- After Reporting On This Case on the Ground (in #Turkey) for 38 days & nights straight, interviewing & checking with Many sources, I can assure you there are NO videos of any Torture-Murder. Not only that: NO Body, NO Blood or DNA Trace, NO Witnesses. Nothing other ...
... Nothing Other Than “Unnamed Sources,”Debunked iWatch Recording Claims,Debunked Torture Video Claims,Debunked Transporting Body Parts via #Saudi Diplomatic Cars Claims...Complete Disinfo Operation.Including Why #Khashoggi was in #Turkey. Follow the Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds
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#Khashoggi #Breaking!- #France Contradicts #Turkey President #Erdogan: Not Aware Of Any Smoking Gun #Khashoggi Video-Audio Given To Them!!- - ”Le Drian says not aware France has Khashoggi tapes, contradicts Erdogan!” | Article [AMP] | Reuters…
#Fransa Diyor ki: #Türkiye #Erdoğan #Kaşıkçı ile ilgili Bize Video vermiş diyor fakat bize böyle bir video verilmemiş- yok bildiğimiz kadarıyla .... Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
Here’s the video: Les 4 vérités - Jean-Yves Le Drian via @YouTube
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Thread: Olive Oil as victim of #Syria’s War Economy

In spite of very favorable crop for olives that is usually grown in Kurdish areas around Afrin & North, #Aleppo residents are having to pay exorbitant retail prices for Syrian Olive oil as it gets shipped to #Turkey instead =>
2-Healthy harvest usually drives retail prices of Olive oil down. On the street of Afrin, a container of 16.5 Kg of olive oil currently sells for as little as SYP 13,000. #Aleppo (40 km away) residents however, are having to pay SYP 30,000 for the very same Container. Why? ==>
3-Armed groups in control of #Afrin are sending the finished Ollive oil to Turkey first. If any of the olive oil were to make to the residents of #Aleppo , the countless checkpoints along the 40km road collect enough fees to send prices of each container up by nearly
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Turks commemorate the death of a #GREAT leader who saved #Turkey from collapsing. The country was about to fall to Greeks before 1922, but this #BRAVE man formed Free Turkish Army - which was joined by millions of Turks - and stood against the enemy. #WWI #AtaturkMemorialDay 1/3
The first thing he did was to educate the illiterate people of Turkey who were suffering from ignorance of #Ottoman Empire. He refused to use Arabic characters for Turkish language and slowly replaced Arabic words with Western ones. The Turks owe this #INCREDIBLE man 2/3
However, when it comes to Kurdish question, he was the #WORST Turkish leader. He even did not recognize them "Kurds", but "mountainous Turks." He initiated the policy of #assimilation and imprisoned thousands of Kurds for political reasons. In this regard, he was a #DICTATOR 3/3
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Thread 👇triggered many questions:

1-How can Syrian leadership resume relations with #Saudi after its support of the Opp?

2-What about #Iran and will Tehran feel betrayed?

3-What about #Russia and how might this potential shift impact Turkish/Russian relations?

Answers ==>
2-On #Saudi : No question that Riyadh/Damascus rapprochement is difficult to foresee. Note that this shift is being led #UAE and not Saudi. Riyadh is expected to follow and yes, reluctantly. Damascus is just as easy about this given Saudi’s early support of the Opp. BUT ==>
3-When discussing Riyadh/Damascus, it’s critical to think about Qatari/Saudi schism. If forced to choose, who should Damascus side with? Answer: #Saudi . Why? #Qatar is ardent supporter of the Moslem Brotherhood (enemy of both Damascus & Riyadh). Doha is also still supporting Opp
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2-This important shift comes on the back of intense and comprehensive meetings that took place recently in Abu Dhabi. The common objective of the parties is to stabilize #Syria and ensure the return of the secular state that existed prior to 2011.
3-There is no doubt that this new shift will create a challenge for Damascus when it comes to its relations with its long ally #Iran. At the same time, this shift will also be a perfect opportunity for Damascus to prove its independence when it comes to Foreign Policy
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Today we release our annual @wiiw_news Autumn #Forecast Report, with macroeconomic projections for #CESEE out to 2020. Below, a thread on the highlights 1/13
#Growth still looks quite good for most, notable upgrades this time for #Poland, #Serbia, #Hungary. But downgrades for several #EU members, plus #Turkey, #Macedonia and #Belarus. 2/13
Over the #forecast period we expect best growth performance in #EUCEE and #WesternBalkans, although both will slow by 2020. Outlook for #CIS & #Ukraine weaker. 3/13
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They all produce video analysis for #Newsbud: Prof. Filip Kovacevic (covering Russia-Balkans-EU), Peter Lee. (China & Koreas & SE Asia), Nation’s Top Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead (Police State USA), Pye Ian (One Of the world’s top Econ/financial analysts), Kurt Nimmo...
Starting Next Week You’ll Find me There ( With several videos podcast shows on #Turkey, Mid East, Central Asia-Caucasus Reports & Analyses. For members only (we have an amazing community there making Ad-Free, Foundation/NGO-Free, independence Possible)
In addition to that I will provide Culture-Food-Travel segments from #Turkey (All over the country), #Greece, #Lebanon, #Italy, #Iran, #Spain ... Fun, Informative ... a kind of mix not found elsewhere.
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Bewildering #Khashoggi DoubleTalk!- How Can They Ask For The “Body” When They Just Released & Disseminated The Latest “SlamDunk” Official Report Stating That The “Entire Khashoggi Body” Was Melted In Acid & Destroyed, Thus There Will be “NO Body”????!!!!!!!!
Bewildering #Khashoggi DoubleTalk!- How Can They Ask For The “Body” When They Just Released & Disseminated The Latest “SlamDunk” Official Report Stating That The “Entire Khashoggi Body” Was Melted In Acid & Destroyed, Thus There Will be “NO Body”????!!!!!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Most Importantly Why In The World I’ve Been The Only One Asking The Questions Needed To Be Asked Loud & Clearly By Every Journalist (Even The Moron Ones) Who’s Been Covering This a Scripted PsOp Case??!! For 4+Weeks I’ve Been Reporting on This Case From #Turkey Debunking Crap!!!
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A former California college student has pleaded guilty to charges of aiding a terrorist organization after earlier arguing he was entitled to immunity because he hooked up with the kind of #Syrian rebels the U.S. has backed ==>
2-Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab admitted in a plea agreement to flying from Chicago to #Turkey in 2013, then traveling to #Syria. The agreement says he joined Ansar Al-Islam, a precursor to the Islamic State group.
3-Al-Jayab told the judge he wanted to fight the Bashar Assad regime, but acknowledged group he was joining engaged in terrorist actions.
He returned to the U.S. in 2014 & settled in California & enrolled at a community college. Agreement calls for prison sentence of up to 15y.
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IMPORTANT Report- #Khashoggi Case. This Report Is Spot In! Accurate!Reporting from #Turkey on this Case & screaming about this for weeks!!- “Khashoggi Case- Analysis of an Information Operation”… via @SecStudiesGrp
Spot “on”- eating & twitting
#Türkiye- #Kaşışçı Hikayesinde O Dediğim Bir İki Gazete Diye Kendini Gösteren Lanetler: İfşa Ediliyorlar. Daha Çok Çıkacak Bunun Gibi- Rezil ve Rezil Edenler.
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#Khashoggi Case: Just Pausing To Check Your Pulse. It’s Been Grueling 26 Days Reporting on This Case From #Turkey Single-Handedly. Do You Want Me To Continue Covering #Khashoggi Case?
I’ll Pause- Wait for YOUR Votes:-)
I’m even letting the #MSM pendejos vote😂😂😂
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This is Khashoggi Case False Narrative. #Khashoggi Relocated to #Turkey. He & his shady Turkish-Pakistani Partner (Arab Spring Operatives with Soros Fubding)With big $$$$$ Set Up NGO-Businesses Here. He bought a lavish flat in #Istanbul. Opened 3 hefty bank accounts. U Selling BS
How Do I Know All This You BS-Seller? I’ve been in #Turkey Reporting on #Khashoggi Case Since Day 1 via Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds (Check It Out). I have Top sources in #Turkey & within #US #Intel Community (Former & Present). And I contacted #Saudi Embassy in DC. You Selling BS
Do You Want A Documented Proof? “Who Financed & Organized the Lavish Conference #Khashoggi Attended (Flying 1st Class from #Istanbul To #London) Just a few days prior to being supposedly sliced-dicedI’m Inviting Everyone 2 Checkout this #DeepState Funded Conference 4 #Terrorists
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Back to #Turkey subject: In addition to all the serious, sometimes grim, serious geopolitical analyses from #Turkey (Covering Mid East, Central Asia-Caucasus), I will also have fun and informative videos on #Turkey food & Culture & Travel. From all different regions here ...
Meanwhile, for all the coming work plans in #Turkey: I am recruiting savvy-expert-experiences cameramen,and, savvy-perfectionist video editors(Expertise: Premier Pro Suit-AfterEffects, Photoshop,etc.).Let me know if you interested in living a good life here in Turkey working W/me
You can DM me CV/resumes here. I’ll reply if possible fit, and we’ll take it from there.
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#Turkey: Did you know, in the small Aegean City Of 170K where I am Based we have 9000 British Expat Families??!!! They moved for: Healthcare, food, natural beauty, climate, people, security/safety .... And Like me,they can’t stop eating!!!
Oh, also schools.
That was supposed to be British “Expats”
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Details on #Khashoggi affair:
News coming out from #Turkey that President @RT_Erdogan is still hot on the affair, presenting a large list of demands to #SaudiArabia and the #USA, including compensation for the devaluation of the Turkish lira and support to #Qatar and #Egypt MB +
#Turkey has received Khaled al-Faysal 4 times and was agreed to invest $30 bn in the country. In addition, there are tens of Fethullah Gülen in #SaudiArabia that #Riyadh will have to "deal with" to please #Ankara.

#CIA Director didn't listen to the Saudi conversation between the consulate & MBS head office but it seems MBS was also present and his voice seems clear in the taped conversation. Saoud al-Kahtani denied MBS's presence during #Khashoggi's interrogation

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1) President Trump does politics.
I have to get to the truth.

Orange juice evening thread, #JamalKhashoggi
October 23, 2018.
2) This Khashoggi thing has become important for another reason.

I am here to get to the truth - I don't want a Deep State secretly running our lives.

That means: Not here to defend Trump - defend the government - defend the Jewish people or Israel - sell books.

3) I am also not here to explain Trump - explain the government - explain the Jewish people or Israel - explain my motives.

If you don't want to read my stuff, that's fine.
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Erdogan: -some Consulate employee went to Saudi Arabia to prepare for the crime
-one team went to Belgrade forest after coming from airport
#SaudiArabia #Turkey #Jamal_Khashoggi
-hard disk were removed then contacted Khashoogi who came from London directly to Istanbul
-at 5:50 Hatice contacted Turkish consulate saying she fears Jamal went missing then police started investigation
-on 14th October i talked with Saudi king and presented him evidences and we agreed to form one combined investigation team
-the Consul refused to let Turkish police inside just the investigators and i expressed my displeasure with this to the king
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1/ Just watched UN Special Rapporteur @davidakaye present his report on AI and freedom of expression via #UNGA live stream and I’m here to report that in addition to incredible substance it was a real geopolitical thriller. Thread:
@davidakaye 2/ First, the Russian delegate held no punches in reversing the narrative to attack western media as the culprit of disinformation.
@davidakaye 3/ According to Russia, the material we label as “fake news” is actually the “better information” (the interpreter’s words, but telling) that we attempt to hide. Here, you can see the direct alignment between the Russian agenda to destabilize democracy and Trump's media playbook.
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It is night time here in #Turkey and in #SaudiArabia. “Things” May Begin to Unfold Prior to Pres. #Erdogan’s Scheduled Speech Tomorrow.
For savvy #aviation experts: Pls keep track of flights in To & out of #SaudiArabia, And Share your findings with me here.
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Who will lead the Islamic World in the future? #Turkey has no choice but to tell the truth about #Khashoggi tomorrow and take the lead of the Islamic World from #SaudiArabia.
No World leader is willing to save Mohammad Bin Salman. Even if honesty and dignity have left the Whitehouse since Trump is ruling, still @realDonaldTrump is not able to save the #SaudiArabia, Crown Prince.

During MBS era, #SaudiArabia sold Palestine & the Palestinians to Trump. No Saudi leader ever dared to go so far.

MBS destroyed #Yemen under the impotent world's eyes and didn't blink an eye.

One single crime, #KhashoggiMurder, is MBS worse nightmare.

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The systematic cover up on torture and ill-treatment in #Turkey's detention and prisons where victims denied reports and examinations was officially exposed:
Turkish Council of Forensic Medicine examined only 22 such cases in 2017 out of 316,619 total examinations it conducted.
In Ankara, #Turkey's capital, Forensic examiners investigated 33,607 cases in 2017 but not a single one is releated with torture or ill-treatment. Yet the torture allegations are widespread in the province where intelligence agency abducts people and torture for days and weeks.
In Istanbul where police headquarters in Vatan is notorious for torture cells and so many victim accounts verified widespread practices of ill-treatment, not a single case was examined by Forensic authority which reviewed 112,870 cases in 2017.
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Crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman lied when he said Khashoggi left the consulate.

He also lied when he said Khashoggi died from a kind of "Karaté fight" with 15 men.

It all depends on #Turkey and only #Ankara : will Erdogan bring out the truth or plays along the Saudi lie?
I believe #Turkey President Erdogan won't sell out his own reputation and will have to unravel the truth with solid proof in #KhashoggiMurder . Not an easy choice.

Nothing and nobody can remove MBS from his throne except the #USA .... or a coup d'etat.

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