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Lévy walker of life, trying to have #SkinInTheGame and practicing #antifragility
1 Aug
No, no tenemos la responsabilidad de hacer este mundo un lugar mejor. Ese pensamiento aunque loable choca de frente con la realidad de la complejidad del mundo, que es un sistema que no entendemos, no podemos predecir ni controlar.

Sistematicamente hemos llegado a muchas
catástrofes, injusticias, crisis.. caminando por el camino de las buenas intenciones.
Ls escalas importan... ese espíritu de solidaridad y responsabilidad es correcto pero esta aplicado en la escala equivocada.
Tenemos la responsabilidad de intentar ser las personas más decentes, honorables y útiles que podamos. Ese es el nivel de complejidad que podemos manejar.

A veces podemos entendernos a la familia, al clan, la tribu... mas allá de ahi hay creo yo una transición de escala
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7 Feb
I think those calling complex systems fake and tear their clothes about invoking non-naive paranoic (anticipatory) measurements about #coranovirus bc it lacks, in their opinion, of scientific rigor... Do not really understand how science work. What they want is a Newtonian
Reduccionista approach, and that's ok if you want to publish papers. Wait until pandemics is over take the best epidemiological parameters, build a nice complicated model, test against observation and voila.
This kind of science is useless for real world desicion making under uncertainty. Let us consider a gun with unknown number of Chambers and bullets on them. If you don't play bc you are paranoic about getting your brains against the wall you loose some, also unknown, amout
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12 Jan
@JurchisRazvan @paulportesi Stable regularities in those activities? Not at all, on the contrary a lot of heterogeneity.

Feedback, well you have different time scales feedback. Yes you have an immediate feedback but then you have longer...i.e. do you take a single rope or twin ropes for a climb?
@JurchisRazvan @paulportesi You may find what the repercussions of your choice will imply in hours or days after making it. But if you climb a lot you do develop the intuition if when one option is better that the other. I think the real important think for develop intuition in that the activity force or
@JurchisRazvan @paulportesi Implies having #skininthegame.

In my perspective this activities tend to require that because you have: incomplete information in the input parameters, uncertainty about payoffs, limited time, limited resources ... And ofcourse feedback.. real consecuences.
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11 Dec 19
"emergence happens as a consequence of the system is in criticality" ~ 9:13

now, what is the relation between #criticality and #antifragility? is criticality a consequence of the system being #Antifragile?

or criticality is the underlying mechanism of antifragility?
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3 Aug 19
"..the art of adventuring is not dying"

“Climbing is all about freedom, the freedom to go beyond all the rules and take a chance, to experience something new, to gain insight into human nature… For me, imagination is more important in climbing than muscle or daredevil antics.”

"... anventuring... only if you are on your own, you carry all your responsabilities.."

"..sport is not adventure"

“Adventure has to do with private, personal experiences,”
Adventure implies difficult, dangerous (nature is dangerous) and the most important thing is exposure, you most very far away of any possibility in case of emergency... then you will live as humans beings i million years ago...
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22 Jul 18
Some notes on @nntaleb's #Antifragile: Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility,randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty.. there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile.
This is pretty much a sense of complexity
of much interesting is that aging and chronical diseases (as diabetes) lower your complexity level in physiological time series such as heart rate (working paper)
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