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21 Jul
There’s no more than the usual traffic at Yuen Long Station, but MTR has implemented “crowd management measures” and closed off five exits, on the anniversary of 721, where a mob wielding sticks attacked passengers and press members indiscriminately.
And if you go down the escalator, you will find an army of riot police officers on the ground at the bus station.

Last year, two officers were filmed leaving the scene of the attack, while reinforcement arrived 38 minutes later.
Over a dozen police vehicles at the bus station below Yuen Long MTR station. More scattered around the town centre, broadcasting warnings against unauthorised assembly and violations of social distancing rules.
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13 Jul
The #HongKong government's #coronavirus slogan has gone from "fight virus together" to "Together, We Fight the Virus!" Chief Executive Carrie Lam is expected to meet the press at 8pm.
Lam to announce more stringent social distancing measures amid a new wave of #coronavirus in #HongKong. There were 253 cases in the past 8 days, including 182 local cases and 71 imported cases. 128 involved clusters at restaurants, taxi drivers and elderly centre, said Lam.
New regulations:
-Travellers from countries/cities deemed as high risk areas have to test negative for coronavirus before they are allowed to board the flight.
-More stringent social distancing measures. 12 types of facilities (game arcades, gym etc) to close for 7 days
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3 Jul
“Stop staring, Hong Kong is dead.”
“...I want to look. Whether it’s alive or dead, I want to see.”

Credit: 一起吃早餐
“I love its glory and beauty, but also its grief, hopelessness and flaws...”
“Even if she’s dying, I want to see her struggle till the end.”
“No matter how agonising, I will not look away...”
“The most important thing is we survive.”
“Yes, but...”
“What’s more important is that we live on without forgetting why we started.”
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3 Jul
#HongKong govt declares last night that the slogan “Liberate HK, the Revolution of Our Times” connotes independence and violates national security law. In response, protesters prove that you may outlaw certain words but you cannot ban ideas or thoughts.
There are also these shapes. Perhaps up next, the #HongKong government will have to ban imagination.
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4 Jun
Small, scattered installations and signs in commemoration of the #TiananmenSquareMassacre and a growing crowd outside the Victoria Park, where #HongKong govt has banned the annual vigil on the grounds of public health.
Only before seven, but some have pushed down the gates and urging others to enter the field.
“The govt used ridiculous reasons like this construction sign to prevent citizens from using this sport field, especially on an important day like this one, it should make us angry, says a man, who then pushed down the gates surrounding the field.
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24 May
Teargas fired along Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay, half an hour into an unapproved march.
Earlier, the small squad of riot police were overwhelmed by the huge crowd that have showed up. Scattered objects thrown while they were retreating. Reinforcements have arrived since.
More teargas fired as riot police made a made dash along Hennessy Road. #HongKong people take to the street in this scale for the first time since #coronavirus hit, to protest against its government and the impending national security laws.
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27 Jan
Gabriel Leung, dean of HKU's medical school on #CoronavirusOutbreak: basic reproductive number - secondary cases generated by an index infected case - is 2.13. According to best estimate, case count doubles every six days, in the absence of any public health intervention.
Inferred number of cases is around 25k, while inferred number of infections, i.e. including those who are in incubation stage, is near 44k.
Epidemic curves with or without population quarantine are very similar, so the policy may not have a substantial impact on the course of outcome. In other major Chinese cities, the outbreak will reach its peak in April/May, and die down in June/July, says Leung.
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30 Dec 19
Unorthodox Chinese. Alright, time for a proper rebuttal.
#HongKong govt leaders have often insisted that teaching Chinese in Mandarin in schools can improve students' Chinese - which is not true and not supported by any evidence. For one, Cantonese has a much longer history...
than mandarin (220AD vs Yuan Dynasty in 14th century China). The phonology of Cantonese is more similar to that of Middle Chinese, spoken in ancient China. E.g. Tang/Song poems sound better and rhyme when read in Cantonese, but not Mandarin, which has lost the entering tone.
In terms of vocabulary, it also retains more elements of Classical Chinese than Mandarin, so it's easier for a Cantonese speaker to read Classical Chinese (also given they're written in traditional Chinese characters).
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8 Dec 19
Ain’t sure where head of the procession is, but Hennessy Road and all the side streets are alrdy filled with experienced marchers waiting to cut the queue. Likely another massive turnout for today’s CHRF march, one of the biggest we’ve seen in a while as many woleifei’re back.
You know things are about to start...when luxury shops are pulling down their shutters.
Quite a delay in uploading videos. Connection is bad. But hey, here’s Pepe crossover Sesame Street?
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2 Dec 19
Mainland netizens have created a series of propaganda, demonising #HongKongProtesters and vocal supporters of the movement and even journalist. Purely in terms of efforts, it's an upgrade from the works we've seen in the past...
Whoever did this has also followed the news closely and thus able to identify different roles within protesters and inside jokes such as "freedom high". They even made up poems to accompany each character.
A lot of ppl note how this one, supposedly the "renovators" that vandalize mainland-friendly shops, looks far more like a police officer...
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1 Dec 19
The march from Tsim Sha Tsui to Coliseum begins. Theme of this protest is 毋忘初心, despite pro-democracy candidates winning majority of district council seats, #HongKong people continue to take to the streets in huge number as their demands remain unmet.
A stark contrast in atmosphere outside the newly reopened Museum of Art, where people are dancing to music at an outdoor concert (which, surprisingly, isn’t cancelled...?)
Okay. The procession is moving along Avenue of Stars, but apparently this is not the approved route. So people are heading back to Salisbury Road.
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24 Nov 19
There are scattered posts on Weibo, following the results of #HKDCElection and pan-dem’s landslide victory. Here are some comments:
- the public opinion is shown through their votes, not through certain tv stations.
- since it’s one country two systems, we have to accept..
the public opinion of Hong Kong people and let their society decide their own path. If it works, perhaps we should follow.
- the brain of those writing the script at state media must be splitting
- this happens when ppl can vote and is why HK can’t implement universal suffrage
- if pro-establishment wins, the silent majority spoke; if they lose, blame it on foreign interference
- a short but telling “hoho”
There are also comments urging Chinese authorities to send in the tanks instead and abolish 1C2S, and some who cannot understand the results.
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17 Nov 19
Battle at the PolyU now happening along Cheong Wan Road above the cross harbour tunnel, while on the other end of the road near the intersection of Chatham Road S where the water cannon was at, things remain in a standstill.
Entered the school for a tour, where all sorts of materials and utilities are being put to use, such as the gymnasium mat.
People have donated all sorts of supplies as wel. Here’s a first-aider finding water boots of the right size. Raincoats, gas masks and other protective gear were being handed out. One makes announcement remaining press not to livestream on campus.
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27 Oct 19
#HongKongPolice are stationed on every block along Nathan Road, starting from St.Andrew’s Church. And some look incredibly bored. Someone on my bus commented “what a nice job, stand here, do nothing and you earn OT.”
Riot police advancing from Cultural Centre now clearing protesters from Salisbury Road. “Blame the protesters,” an officer told civilians, who asked why they had to leave.
Unsure where riot police want protesters to go, pushing them from the sidewalk on Salisbury Road has only forced them onto the road. Now police officers are blocking the traffic themselves. Also note that most protesters here are not wearing any gear.
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5 Oct 19
I don’t know why this made me cry. It reminds me of the teens I met after a long day of battle in Tin Shui Wai, the first major boycott on Aug 5. They asked me how they could become reporters? Like your typical Asian parents, for a long time, #HongKong has a very narrow...
definition of success and kids are told to study medicine, law, accounting, engineer and so forth. And global business, of course. Think how much u can earn in i-bank. It is thus so encouraging to see kids not subscribing to the same measure of value and imagining another future,
where their stake in the society isn’t measured by their salary, where they find a purpose beyond themselves, where they can be so much more. It’s also why it’s so painful, knowing they are putting their future at risk by participating in the protests, that instead they could be
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4 Oct 19
#CarrieLam's explanation for #AntiMaskLaw: a lot of people in the society support it. Other countries have similar legislation. It's not an easy decision, but it's a necessary one.
Doesn't imply the city has declared state of emergency. Purpose of the law is to restore order. #AntiMaskLaw makes exemptions for others who need to wear masks for necessary reasons. "This is a regulation and a subsidiary legislation." Law to be tabled at LegCo on 16th Oct.
Masks are banned in three situations:
1. March of >5 ppl or rally of >3 ppl approved under Public Order Ordinance
2. Unapproved rallies, illegal assemblies
3. Riots
Masks refer to anything that fully or partially cover the face and prevents identification, including paint.
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