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1. News: “I want money going to the people”: President Trump Slams Pelosi, Schumer for Pushing Bailouts for “Poorly Run” Democrat Cities in their Latest Stimulus Plan - Thread 8.8.20… #Trump #ExecutiveOrder #Relief #Stimulus
2. News: Video: Joe Biden Calls for Citizenship for “11 Million Undocumented Aliens.. uh..uh..”…They “Enrich” Our Communities… ”Essential to Our Economic Strength”… #Biden #Illegals
3. News: CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Smoked After He Whines About President Trump’s “Rally” aka "Peaceful Protest" at the President’s NJ Country Club… #Trump #Acosta #PeacefulProtest
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1. News: Schumer threatens to SUE to stop President Trump from using EO to give Americans RELIEF!

Opposes unemployment benefits & tax relief for U.S. citizens, but supports DACA -Thread 8.7.20… #Schumer #Sue #Trump #Relief
2. News: In Rare Rebuke, Top GOP Senators Write & Accuse Schiff, Pelosi, Warner & Schumer of “KNOWINGLY” Spreading Disinformation on Foreign Intel… #Democrats #Schumer #Pelosi #Schiff
3. News: REMEMBER: Chuck Schumer scrambles to get rid of $22,000 that Jeffrey Epstein donated to his election efforts in the 1990s (8.7.20 Evening thread)… #Schumer #Epstein
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1. News: President Trump Makes Cryptic (?) Remark at Ohio Speech: “I Have a Lot of Enemies…This May Be the Last Time You’ll See Me for a While” – Thread 8.7.20
h/t @bennyjohnson
via @gatewaypundit #Trump #Ohio #Cryptic #Enemies
2. News: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – US Added 1.76 Million New Jobs in July Showing the US Is In Its Greatest Recovery Ever… #Trump #Jobs #Trump2020 #Trump2020Victory
3. News: President Trump is Right – Former Obama DAG Sally Yates Was Either LYING or Incompetent Based on Her Testimony Before the US Senate… #Trump #Yates #perjury @Obamagate
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Hello, it's that time again: live-tweeting from Floyd Light City Park! Or, well, nearby. Let's see what tonight's protest brings

#DefendPDX #portlandprotests #pdxprotest #blacklivesmatter #police #acab #trumpsgestapo #momsarehere #portlandprotest
We have arrived at the East Portland Community Policing Center. Good crowd, maybe 250 people? A wall of yellow-shirted moms at the front leads the crowd in a chant of "Fuck the Police!" Enterprising protesters are at work disabling cameras

I think I'm gonna get my riot gear on
LRAD rolls up. Announces there's criminal activity in the crowd, and encourages peaceful protesters to leave now

The criminal activity: one graffiti and some camera sabotage
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1. News: President Trump Must Investigate How Inflated Our COVID-19 Death Count Is - Thread 8.3.20… #TRUMP #INVESTIGATE #COVID #NUMBERS
2. News: The Lessons from History on Masks: It’s Kabuki Theater All the Way Down… #Masks #HISTORY #LESSONS #COVID Image
3. News: CDC Director Says 'It Is in the Public Health Interest' to Reopen Schools for K-12 Students… #CDC #SCHOOLS #OPEN
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1. News: Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to Persuade Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines… #COVID #TRIALS #Manipulate #Population
2. News: What Coronavirus? THOUSANDS of Leftists March in Chicago Chanting,

“No Justice, No Peace, Defund the Police” (VIDEO)
.… #COVID #Protests #Chicago
3. News: “I’m Not Going to Be Silenced!”

– Houston Doctor Stella Immanuel Doubles Down

– When Was the Last Time Fauci Saw a Patient? (VIDEO)
.… #Doctor #Stella
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I remember when 10:30 was bedtime. Now it's time to walk down to the Justice Center so I can live-tweet whatever fresh hell tonight has in store

#DefendPDX #blacklivesmatter #portland #oregon #blm #acab #PortlandProtest #PDXprotest #Feds #MomsAreHere #police #FedsGoHome
Not a bad crowd for a Wednesday. Diffuse, mostly gathered in front of the District Courthouse, where two enormlus floodlights illuminate the street and already threaten me with a headache
Bizarro Riot Ribs is feeding people, offering haircuts, supplying medical necessities. I wish I could feel wholesome about it like I used to

"Guillotine" by the Coup is playing--probably my favorite protest jam
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DULUTH MN: DPD grabs man by the neck and pulls forward while another officer kneels on his legs. The officer uses his knee on the man’s head and neck. July 25
from video: officer’s hands around the man’s neck, officer’s knee on his neck. it’s the officer standing center in the 3rd pic. 4th pic shows seatbelt marks where the man was still buckled into the car
On July 23, Duluth Chief of Police Mike Tusken spoke with mayor Emily Larson about the movement to defund the police. Quote from Tusken: “the things we’re doing are best practices”

Neck restraints have been banned for 20 years.…
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“Our people, we know what it’s like to be snatched and grabbed. We see our women disappear and become hashtags, #MMIW.”

Gabriel Black Elk speaks in #Minneapolis on behalf of #NativeLivesMatter re: what the #UnitedStates fed govt has perpetrated over the centuries.
“Politicians on both sides of the aisle will not protect working-class people & protesters here in this country so it’s gonna be US: #WorkingClass ppl standing shoulder-to-shoulder when fed troops come.”

We’re covering a rally in #Minneapolis in solidarity w #PortlandProtests.
Legal observer speaks about CBP officers as people who don’t qualify to be regular #police and who specifically seek employment as border patrol officers because they enjoy the lawlessness of it.

“The only thing these cowards understand is the power of the people.”
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So some sly tweets and shades thrown at me for calling out the anti-science part of conducting Puri #rathajatraJatra this year. Official inconsistencies about the positive cases notwithstanding, some basic science education for the smarter-by-the-half folks. #Odisha
Firstly, one can start spread of #coronavirus 3 days prior to showing symptoms, in fact maximally infective a day prior to appearance of symptoms. Both asymptomatic & pre-symptomatic can spread. 4-32% in results by WHO. #rathajatra #COVID19
China & Singapore data shows pre-symptomatic spread accounts for 50 to 75% of the spread. Asymptomatic infection has been shown to be be from 4-32% in studies reported by WHO. #covidscience #Odisha
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Here’s a breakdown of how you can prepare for federal intervention in your city and how you can you support Portland right now. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
(3/3) ImageImage
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Hello, @1misanthrophile here coming at you from the Justice Center, where all the people who aren't taking it to the cops up north are taking it to the sexiest fence I have ever seen

#portlandprotest #pdxprotest #blacklivesmatter #police #acab #PortlandKidnappings #Portland
All fences must die

So much work this morning and all for nothing. Look upon the fed's works, ye mighty, and despair

A line forms before the district courthouse as more and more fence falls to the talented hands of the enterprising protesters

Chant: "leave our kids alone!"

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We received over a thousand reports/complaints from highways across Nigeria this week, all bordering on the criminal activities of @PoliceNG officers who have surpassed the threats of armed robbers and kidnappers on our highways. These reports have been corroborated by operators.
The increase in harassment of road travelers by some members of the #Police force and SARS (tactical squads generally) team. Buses are indiscriminately stopped on the highway, commuters are asked to step down for a prolonged search & privacy violated with illegal phone searches.
Some passengers are detained if not abducted while the driver is advised to proceed on the journey. This act has become too rampant and poses a SECURITY threat on travelers. This illegality has now become a culture & rights of rogue police officers.
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Hi, it's @1misanthrophile live from the Justice Center! Switching from live-tweeting on my own account to tweeting over here. As the sun sets and the fences go down, the mood begins to change. What does tonight have in store?

The Hardesty event has wrapped up and the crowd shifts. Some of the less regular participants--the families in jeans and t-shirts--mill about. Some of them leave

An activist begs them to stay. "When you leave, you put me at risk!"

They're not wrong

As hip hop plays I've the speakers by the JC, the activist leads people in chanting the names by the ex-Elk

Meanwhile, a tiny fire in Chapman keeps us warm while the sun sets

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This is my Friday night Portland Protest coverage thread. Just arrived at the Justice Center. #blacklivesmatter #protest #pdx #portland #oregon #blm #acab #PortlandProtest #PDXprotest #justicecenter #Feds
A street preacher is here harassing the crowd of protesters. He is being lead away from the big group. #blacklivesmatter #protest #pdx #portland #oregon #blm #acab #PortlandProtest #PDXprotest #justicecenter #Feds
The fence around Lownsdale Square is being taken down and relocated by a few demonstrators. #blacklivesmatter #protest #pdx #portland #oregon #blm #acab #PortlandProtest #PDXprotest #justicecenter #Feds
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The @CityofCleveland Mental Health Response Advisory Committee met hours before @cory_shaffer's story was published about how @CLEpolice officers were disciplined in the Tanisha Anderson case. Nobody from the @cle_monitorteam or @USAttyHerdman's office told us about this.
The City of Cleveland Mental Health Response Advisory Committee (MHRAC) was created in 2015 as a mandate of the consent decree between @TheJusticeDept & @CityofCleveland. Nothing #MHRAC does remotely resembles oversight. We have not had a single discussion about Tanisha Anderson.
I have brought up Tanisha Anderson's death numerous times in an effort to prevent future tragedies. But the subject is off-limits. You have to ask why the #Cleveland #police department doesn't want to prevent a potential future in-custody death. #SayHerName #TanishaAnderson
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I think it’s time for the truth to come out... dirty secrets are not my burden to carry.
I’ll start by saying up until a few years ago, I was fully indoctrinated into toxic police culture. I fully bought into it. If I heard anything like my story I wouldn’t believe it. I’d hold popular opinion that she’s crazy/incompetent/vindictive/lying/slutty and a bitch.
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#LIVE Keystone, South Dakota: #Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land At Anti-Trump Protest…
#NEW post — learn more about today's event here

Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land At Anti-Trump Protest…
"Even natives have been extracted from their own sacred land."

A young #Indigenous woman who's been protesting since she's a baby heatedly explains the situation.…

We are #live in Keystone, South Dakota
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1/n Thoughts on #mentalhealth in #Police. A few years ago I collapsed (twice) during morning meetings. I was a Response Sgt and these were panic attacks, right in front of ALL my senior officers 🤔. It promoted me to address ‘some issues’ which were: severe depression/
2/n bolemia/ anxiety/ rage. So I was a mess! Through TVP’s excellent OHU, I was able to separate these issues. I had PTSD, I was also suffering effects of childhood trauma. ‘TVP’ agreed to ‘fix’ the PTSD as it was caused by ‘the job’, albeit whilst in GMP. I would
3/n fix the rest. The PTSD was very easy to sort, literally a few sessions with a therapist. For the rest, I began a merry-go-round of CBT, GP prescribed meds: did not get worse, but no better. I then realised that my CBT was ‘scripted’ and realised that my GP
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Well, it’s that time again! Time to educate and advocate. Ever wonder what #Ontario #SpecialConstables are?
What they do?
Why they do it?
How they do it?
This is the thread for you!
#TOpoli #partnersinpublicsafety 1/12
#DYK #SpecialConstables are sworn Peace Officers, defined in s.2 of the Criminal Code of Canada.… SPC appointments are approved by the local police services boards with only federal, provincial and municipal authorities needed to fulfil their function 2/12
#DYK #SpecialConstables are employed by 1) Police Services and 2) Non-Police employers such as Housing, Transit and Universities. They are not security and not police. A Special Constable is a Special Constable. 3/12
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