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🇨🇳 #China | On the positive side, there are signs that activity has bottomed out and will improve progressively.
*Then, in 3Q, a partial catch up is likely supported by huge fiscal spending (the government has accumulated a lot of reserves YTD).

🇨🇳 #China | According to Airportia data, air traffic bottomed out and reached the highest since Mar. 20th.
🇨🇳 #China | #Shanghai aims for return to normal life from June 1 - Reuters…
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Retail sales -11.1% y/y [Est.-6.1%, Prev.-3.5%]
Industrial value-added -2.9% y/y [Est.+0.4%, Prev.+5.0%]
Jan-Apr Urban fixed investment +6.8% y/y [Est.+7.0% Prev.+9.3%]
Urban surveyed unemployment rate +6.1%[Est.+5.8% Prev.+6.0%]
#China #EconTwitter 🇨🇳 1/n
In April, #China's total retail sales were recorded at 2.95 trillion yuan, down 11.1%y/y or down 0.69% m/m.
Among them, retail sales of goods were 2.69 trillion yuan, which declined by 9.7% y/y; The total revenue for the catering industry was 260.9 billion yuan, down 22.7%.
2/n ImageImage
#China's January-April #realestate development investment fell by 2.7% y/y to 3.9154 trillion yuan.
Residential housing sales areas dropped by 20.9% y/y to 397 million square meters, and the total sales dropped 29.5% y/y to 3.7789 trillion yuan. 3/n ImageImage
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"#China’s leaders can see in their neighbours a Covid situation that they fear could be their fate if the virus takes hold and they have responded with a lockdown in #Shanghai that has lasted seven weeks and shows no immediate signs of ending."…
"As locals stay confined to their homes, drones fly near apartment blocks, intoning the phrase: “Control your soul’s desire for freedom.” China can still argue that in absolute terms its “zero-Covid” policy has had remarkable success in preventing deaths."
"But it has come at a price; there is no clear policy for how China can reopen its borders to live with a virus that scientists expect to become endemic, or how to deal with it, other than with repeated lockdowns that harm the fragile economy and have led to increased panic ...
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An Australian family's departure from #Shanghai: "We were lucky to be able to leave, but so many people are not in [that] position. I feel like we abandoned our neighbours… they were really happy that we were able to go, but I felt terrible leaving them."…
"Last month, the family decided to return to Australia after seeing increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in their neighbourhood and due to fear of the government separating infected children from their parents."
"People have been taken away in the middle of the night from our lane. Screaming. It was awful," Vivian said.
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"But pressure is mounting for a change to the zero-Covid strategy that has left #Shanghai at a standstill since March, kept hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens under lockdown nationwide and is now threatening to bring #Beijing to a halt."…
"Fearing any dissent during a politically important year for Mr. Xi, China’s censors have moved quickly to muffle calls for a change in course on Covid-19."
"The head of the World Health Organization, whose recommendations China once held up as a model, was silenced this week when he called on the country to rethink its strategy."
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From @shenlulushen and @yifanxie: "More than two years of border restrictions and a protracted lockdown of #Shanghai are prompting some Chinese citizens to contemplate emigration, a prospect once unthinkable for many of them."…
One Shanghai resident was close to securing a coveted Shanghai residency permit. But the citywide lockdown, which has lasted more than six weeks, has shaken her and left her looking for a way out. She is now planning to emigrate to the U.S., where her employer is based.
Another Shanghai resident, Chester Yu, first began forming plans to leave China in early 2020 when the initial outbreak swept across China. “I felt like I was in jail. I could sense where China was heading back then,” he said.
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The world today🧵
The US is a bankrupt liberal arts college being run into the ground by sophomore, social studies snowflakes while the frat boys have broken into the arms locker and are shooting up the neighboutrhood, The Dean, meanwhile, can't remember where he put his glasses.
Europe: a weird mix of eager Bonapartism & a Judaean suicide cult from the 'Life of Brian'.
Worsula Fonda-Lyin' as Agrippina: Verhofstadt as Saint Just.

Gutting its own economy but now presuming to re-order the Pacific as well as poking the Bear on its (ever-expanding) borders
China: Seemingly gripped with #ZeroCovid insanity but with what hidden motives? A way of disguising credit bubble implosion? #Xi's battle with #Jiang's #Shanghai Gang? A hybrid war ploy to weaken a West lining it up in the crosshairs, post-#Putin?

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From @cnmediaproject: "Days before her death on May 4, #Shanghai journalist Tong Weijing was kept busy writing from lockdown for one of the city's leading state-run daily. State media have responded with silence to the tragic news of her passing."…
"Among the first to report the news of Tong’s death was the WeChat public account “Media Daily” (传媒见闻). In its post on May 5, the account quoted a colleague of Tong’s as saying: ...
... 'Confined for too long [under lockdown], the girl had heart problems the past few days, and perhaps was depressed. Her parents are devastated.'"
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"Right now, expats who want to escape #Shanghai typically need consular assistance, approval from community leaders to get extra non-government Covid tests, a registered driver to take them to the airport, and a ticket on a rare flight out."…
"The few people out on the streets were mostly dressed in hazmat suits, police included. Checkpoints lined the route to the airport, and when my driver was stopped, officers spent several minutes inspecting our documents: flight confirmation emails, ...
... negative Covid tests, even a letter from the US Embassy. As we pulled up outside the terminal, I realized there were no other cars or passengers in sight -- and for a fleeting second I feared my flight had been canceled."
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Couples in #Shanghai refused to be shipped to quarantine camps. An official threatened: “You would be taken away by force, which will be marked in your record and affect your next 3 generations.” The young man said: “We’re the last generation. Thanks.” He was applauded…
…by many young netizens, who started a #LastGeneration movement online.
“…an ultimate declaration. Either such a life ends in our generation, or we are ended by this life.”
“(Student protester in) 1989: ‘This is my duty.’
“2022: ‘We are the last generation.’”
#LastGeneration hashtag was soon banned on Weibo.
But its fierce defiance has encouraged many young people.
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In #Shanghai sind derzeit 500000 Menschen in Quarantäne-Lagern. Seit #Lockdown sind dort 535 Menschen an (oder mit) #Corona gestorben. Trotzdem gelangen Studien von Forschern im Dienst der KP in internationale Wissenschaftsmagazine und werden von deutschen Medien amplifiziert.
Für den Fall, dass jemand noch nicht mitbekommen hat, wie die Zustände dort nach bald 45 Tagen Lockdown sind, ein paar Beispiele:
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"Tensions between #Shanghai residents and #China’s Covid enforcers are on the rise again, amid a new push to end infections outside quarantine zones to meet President Xi Jinping’s demand for achieving 'dynamic zero-Covid'."…
Videos shared on #China’s social media platforms showed suspected Covid-positive patients forcibly quarantined in central facilities. In some neighbourhoods a single positive case could lead to residents in the entire apartment building be sent for quarantine.
Over the weekend, residents in at least four of Shanghai’s 16 districts reported receiving notices that told them they would no longer be able to receive food deliveries or leave their homes, prompting numerous complaints on social media.
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THREAD: Going to the supermarket used to be part of the rhythm of daily life — so mundane that it was taken for granted. But after weeks of #lockdown in #Shanghai, shopping in a store is a new-found luxury… (1)
In some areas of the city where new cases of COVID are near or at zero, residents are being allowed out of their compounds on a limited basis to go to designated supermarkets.

"It's been far too long since I've been able to go out and shop,” one man said. (2)
“We can finally get out of our compound!" one woman said. "It was such a pleasure to shop again..."

But that "pleasure" is not without its own set of protocols.

Customers are required to show special passes, "invitation cards" from the store and negative PCR test results. (3)
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By @LiYuan6: “Both the #Xinjiang crackdown and the #Shanghai lockdown are political campaigns that can be explained only through the governing rationale of the ruling Communist Party: Do whatever it takes to achieve the leadership's goal.”…
“The political slogans in the government’s zero-Covid campaign echo those in the Xinjiang crackdowns. Residents in both places are subject to social control and surveillance.
Instead of re-education camps in Xinjiang, about half a million Shanghai residents who tested positive were sent to quarantine camps.”
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People in #Shanghai are flooding social media with content documenting the widespread backlash towards the city's strict lockdown. Censors have been unable to keep up. My latest with insights from @tingguowrites, @Dali_Yang and @EricLiu_USA:…
Under China's strict "zero-COVID" policy, most of Shanghai's population of 26 million remains under a strict lockdown, with people depending on government deliveries of food and supplies.
As residents express their discontent with the government, more and more images and videos of Shanghai's lockdown are making it past Chinese censors, depicting the frustration of people who have been confined to their homes for weeks.
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"#Shanghai-based rights activist Ji Xiaolong, who was recently released on bail by police, vowed on Tuesday to keep speaking out against rights abuses in the city, much of which remains under tight restrictions amid renewed rounds of mass testing."…
Ji, who was incommunicado for two days after tweeting "The police are here looking for me" on Saturday. He told RFA late on Monday that he had been taken to the local police station for questioning.
Police clad in full PPE started knocking on the door of his apartment in Yanlord Riverside City, Pudong New District at 3.00 p.m. on April 30, before breaking down the door and grabbing him and his wife.
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#China #Corona retirement home #Shanghai
Supposedly dead wakes up in a body bag
Shanghai Suicide
Corona dictatorship Shanghai
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"So I had to look for a new place to sleep. Sleeping under a bridge just comes naturally to us delivery riders - it can block out the wind and rain. I usually fall asleep immediately after lying down - I feel so tired by then!" #Shanghai…
"But after two nights there, around 2am, policemen on patrol saw me and chased me away. They said I should go to a homeless shelter. But I've tried and it's not open. Nobody was there, not even security guards."
"In the beginning I survived on dry instant noodles. Later a group of delivery riders found a restaurant that opened secretly and now we go there to buy takeaways."
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From @xinwenfan: "On Saturday, locals in one district found a government storage site full of vegetables that had rotted rather than being delivered to hungry families and smashed them in the street." #Shanghai…
"In a western suburb, dozens of residents took to the streets twice over the weekend to protest continuing shortages of food. Across the city, many residents staged small, personal protests by refusing to line up for the repeated, compulsory Covid-19 tests."
"Food shortages have been one of the major complaints during the lockdown in Shanghai, one of China’s wealthiest cities.
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"Five district officials in #Shanghai are being held accountable, after a nursing home resident was transferred to a funeral parlor while alive."…
In a viral video on Sunday, a body can be seen being retrieved from a funeral home car parked at the entrance of #Shanghai Xinchangzheng Welfare Hospital, a local senior nursing home.
A voiceover from what appears to be a witness can be heard saying that funeral home staff returned the senior resident to the nursing home, as the elderly person was found to be still alive.
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"Nor are #China’s angry voices accusing party chiefs of having made a mistake by pursuing a zero-covid strategy until now. Rather, most are expressing disappointment at how badly it is working in #Shanghai and other cities,…
... and alarm at its spiralling economic and social costs."
"This draconian response was an own goal, as even relatively sheltered, apolitical netizens across the country were given a glimpse of censorship at work in real time."
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💥Après 29 jours d'enfermement à #Shanghai, 2 personnes sont testées positives au #Covid19 dans ma résidence. Chaque jour, une liste révèle les adresses des nouveaux cas dans la ville. Comment peut-on en arriver là après un mois de confinement ? ⤵️1/…
Depuis le 1er avril, les tests sont quasi quotidiens. Jamais aucun cas positif jusqu'à jeudi chez nous. Mes 2 voisins (un couple d'octogénaires) ne sont jamais sortis, hormis pour effectuer les tests PCR exigés. Des tests effectués dans notre ruelle. 2/ #COVID19
Ces tests sont de plus en plus jugés à risque par les habitants, dénonçant le manque de précautions nécessaires face à #Omicron (distanciation sociale, désinfection, gestion des déchets médicaux etc) 3/
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Exciting! My article for @AIS_1967 “Performative Diplomacy: Iran–Republic of China Relations, 1920–1949” has been published.

It’s OpenAccess!

Wonder what Chiang Kai-shek thought of Reza Shah?

Read on…

#iran #china #history #twitterstorians…
So what can you expect from this article? It fill a gap in the literature by sketching a narrative of RoC-#Iran relations between 1920 and 1949, by analyzing the factors behind #Sino-Iranian cooperation and competition in the #tea and #silk trades and at the League of Nations.
What did I find? Unofficial commercial interests, including Iranian merchants in Shanghai, played a large role in driving Sino-Iranian relations. Iranian companies were well established in China and Hong Kong, mostly shipping tea. See for example this advert in an expat paper.
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Despite the Chinese government's efforts to censor information as #Shanghai’s lockdown enters a fourth week, some citizens are finding ways to broadcast human rights violations by the authorities. My latest:…
As Shanghai‘s Covid lockdown enters its fourth week, complaints from frustrated citizens and stark accounts of human rights violations continue to dominate the headlines.
For many residents in China’s biggest and most affluent city, the last month feels like the accelerated decline of a metropolis that has long been viewed by many as perhaps the most liberal place in a country that has a notorious reputation globally over its human rights record.
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