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Diplomatie, Austausch und Kooperation – das war die Maxime meiner #China -Reise auf Einladung des Nationalen Volkskongresses.
Es war mir eine große Ehre, als erster ausländischer Gast nach der Pandemie offiziell in der Großen Halle des Volkes in Beijing empfangen zu werden. (1/ Image
Als stv. Vorsitzende der 🇩🇪-🇨🇳 Parlamentariergruppe wurde ich herzlich empfangen von In Songtian, Präs. der Freundschaftsgesellschaft des chinesischen Volkes mit dem Ausland. Über 104 Städtepartnerschaften verbinden 🇩🇪 & 🇨🇳. Es begann 1982 mit meiner Heimatstadt #Duisburg . (2/ Image
Intensives Gespräch mit Wang Yong, Generaldirektor der internationalen Abteilung des Zentralkomitees der KP China, über die deutsch-chinesischen Beziehungen, Friedensinitiativen der Volksrepublik im Nahen Osten wie für ein Ende des Ukraine-Kriegs (3/ Image
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Politburo member & Beijing Party Chief Yin Li met w/ @Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan May 25, inviting him to open more stores in the city.… Image
Politburo member & #Shanghai Party Chief Chen Jining on May 30 met w/ @jpmorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, pledging to provide a better business environment for foreign businesses. Dimon's in town for JP Morgan's "Global China Summit".…
Politburo member & #Shanghai Party Chief Chen Jining on May 30 met w/ #JardineMatheson CEO Benjamin William Keswick.Chen welcomes JM to apply the latest development concepts, techs, business models & consumption stimulation in SH.…
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A stand up comedy company in #China has been fined 14.7 million yuan (USD $2.13 million) after a comedian told a joke said to be making fun of the People's Liberation Army at a #Beijing show. The company Xiaoguo Culture says it has terminated its contract with comedian Li Haoshi.
The joke involved dogs chasing a squirrel which he said reminded him of the expression, "Adopt a good style of work; be able to fight and win battles", a phrase #XiJinping has used to praise the work ethic of #China's military.
Stand up comedians in #China really have to be careful what they say. Eg, When performances started after #Covid they were ordered not to make fun of the #Shanghai lockdown. Some have turned to using English but they also must tread lightly...…
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I spent my day researching $YDF ( @yieldification ) a real yield protocol building on #arbitrum

The protocol offers up to 50% APY

Here's everything you need to know about what they are building 🧵 👇 Image
2/ Short thread covering parts of $ydf:

- Overview
- How it works?
- Key Features
- Tokenomics
- Team
- On-chain Analytics
- Roadmap
3/ Overview

Want to make serious cash? Check out @yieldification ($YDF) - the DeFi protocol that generates sustainable yield with APRs up to 300%.

Inspired by top protocols like $HEX, $OHM, $GMX, and $REFI, it's a reliable system for users. Don't miss out!
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This item at the #Shanghai History Museum intrigued me. It was the 2nd prize in a police cycling race in 1904. When I saw it, many questions ran through my head: What was the 1st prize? Who were the winners? After some digging, I found the answer and more. A thread. 🧵 (1) Image
The #Shanghai Municipal Police held annual sports events soon after its establishment. Bicycle races have always been a key competition. Here is a picture from the 30s. (2) Image
The Police Sports 1904 was held on 15th October. It was a fun event with many exciting competitions, like ‘Throwing the Hammer’ and a ‘Costume Donkey Race.’ Thanks to a local newspaper, we know the final results. Here is the result of the ‘One Mile Bicycle race.’ 👇(3) Image
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The Jintan Conspiracy: Advertising is known to use subliminal messaging, but this banner ad from our collection, tells the incredible story of a brand that not only shaped fashion trends but allegedly paved the way for Japan’s invasion of China in 1937 with a secret code: 🧵1/22 Image
Hiroshi Morishita (1869–1943), founded the Morishita &Co Apothecary in Osaka in 1893. Shortly after in 1895, he was drafted for the Sino-Japanese War & deployed in Taiwan where he observed the locals taking herbal pills to reduce the risk of contracting diseases. Upon his... 2/22 Image
..return to Japan, Hiroshi capitalized on his newfound knowledge to create the brand Jintan (仁丹) in 1905. Known for its silver-coated, pellet-like pills, it was marketed as a cure-all for various ailments & promoted as “pocket medicine” that could easily be carried in a... 3/22 ImageImage
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On March 9, 1936, Charlie Chaplin passed through #Shanghai on his world tour after ‘Modern Times.’ He spent less than 20 hours in the city and one of his big secrets was scooped out. What’s that? A 🧵 to guide you through Chaplin’s ONLY visit to Shanghai.👇 Image
Approx. 1:30 PM, Chaplin arrived onboard SS President Coolidge with Paulette Goddard, leading actress of ‘Modern Times’ and his rumored fiancée. Image
Dozens of reporters boarded the ship the moment it docked. They found Chaplin on the deck. Chaplin promised them an interview around 6 p.m. and quickly ‘sought shelter and solitude aboard a private launch.’ Image
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The long-awaited #Shanghai upgrade is finally on.

#LSD narrative is expected to take off from here.

One of the innovative #LSD projects that should be in your bag is $ASX.

Why @asymetrix_eth?

Let’s dive in 🌊👇 Image
@asymetrix_eth is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol for asymmetric yield distribution generated from staking.

Its innovative approach makes staking more exciting, especially for average holders, by solving significant issues faced in regular ETH staking.
🟢 Why stETH?

Asymetrix chose stETH as the main asset due to its transparency and product-market fit.

stETH is the most dominant token in liquid staking protocols, with a market cap of over $5 billion.

Ethereum is the focus since it generates native yield from staking.
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In 1933, #Shanghai magazine ‘The Young Companion’ featured this lady in a swimsuit on its cover. I want to repeat '1933' for you to feel how extraordinary it was. Who is she? A 🧵 on my avatar 👇 (1)… Image
She is Yeung Sau-King,#China’s first female Olympian swimmer. Born a natural swimmer, she dominated at an early age. (2) Image
I will give you one example: She won all five women's swimming titles at the 5th National Games held in 1933, including the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 200m breaststroke, and the 200m quadruple relay. (3) Image
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Didn't visit the #Shanghai #Autoshow, but here is a list of takeaways somebody wrote that's circulating on social media and getting a lot of nods.
I'll briefly translate.
1. EV are the future, the days of combustion engine vehicles are numbered. Image
2. Brand value of luxury brands such as #Benz and #BMW is the saving grace of combust engine vehicles
3. #Audi is lagging behind Benz and BMW, the conventional acronym of the big 3 lux brands of "BBA" is now "BB"
4. After 3 years of Covid, the latest development of Chinese EVs has shocked many foreign brands
5. Many foreigners are watching domestic brand cars with anxiety on their face
6. Japanese, Korean and French brands have little future in the Chinese market
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In many old #Shanghai photos, you can see this statue standing in the bund. It is not there anymore. Who is she, and what happened to her? A 🧵 👇 (1) Image
Long story short, it's a #WWI memorial erected in 1924. The puppet government took it down during the Japanese occupation in #WWII . Rumor says it was melted for Japanese war purposes. It was not. (2) Image
Prof. Robert Bickers wrote a great article on it if you want to know more in detail.… I want to add a little backstory, not in that article - about how the Angel was found. (3)
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How many of the withdrawn $ETH has been re-staked after the #Shanghai upgrade?

How many were sold off?

We analyze the top $ETH withdrawal addresses and staking addresses.

1. 🧵
Here are some findings. ImageImage

A total of 1,024,099 $ETH ($2.15B) has been withdrawn.

Here are the top 15 withdrawal addresses:👇

- 3 addresses re-staked $ETH after withdrawal, with a total of 19,844 $ETH.

- 3 addresses transferred $ETH to CEX after withdrawal, with a total of 71,444 $ETH. ImageImage

Address"0x08De" withdrew 50,956 $ETH, then transferred 5,572 $ETH($11.8M) to Huobi ETH2 Staking address and transferred 45,000 $ETH($95M)… ImageImage
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1/ 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽 𝗗𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘆 𝗡𝗲𝘄𝘀 🪂

BIG news 🗞️ which should interest you, #airdrop hunters

On program :

1️⃣ New NFT from Consensy
2️⃣ Starknet token / Airdrop
3️⃣ Sui airdrop : a new dAPP
4️⃣ Syncswap Loyality Program
5️⃣ SnarkLaunch.. be carefull

#airdrops #airdrop Image
1️⃣ New NFT from Consensys

To celebrate Ethereum #Shanghai, ConsenSys are launching a #NFT collection, "Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai ''


Get ready to claim your NFT, mint link will pop on @ConsenSys Twitter account

Tuto for Base NFT :
2️⃣ Starknet Airdrop

@myBraavos announce that active users could be rewarded by 9% of Starknet's tokens, destined for an #airdrop

Source :…

If you need an airdrop tutorial for Starknet : ImageImage
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The work to #buidl #Ethereum is going strong & the #web3 community is rallying behind the next upgrade on the Ethereum roadmap—the #Shanghai/Capella upgrade. Here is all you need to know about the milestone and the staked ETH withdrawals it will enable. 🧵
The Shanghai/Capella upgrade is a significant event for Ethereum and will have several implications for #stakers ⚡️, the Ethereum staking ecosystem, and #DeFi more broadly.
The activation of withdrawals is likely to encourage increased participation by validators 🔧, and precipitate further #decentralization and #security of the Ethereum network.
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Total Value Locked of #LSD protocols has surpassed lending protocols! 🙌 🔥

Find out how you can capitalize on this investment opportunity. 👇 🧵 (thread) Image
1/ According to @DefiLlama , the total value locked (TVL) in LSD protocols has reached $14.21 billion, exceeding lending protocols.

One of the targeted assets, $SSV, has seen tremendous growth in February 2023, reaching $45, up by 4.5 times from its January low.
2/ As a common investor, how can you leverage this impressive rise in Liquid Staking Derivates?
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La #Cina ha pubblicato l' "Iniziativa di sicurezza globale", elaborando concetti e principi fondamentali innovativi, sostenendo fermamente una struttura di governance guidata dalle Nazioni Unite e il ruolo delle Nazioni Unite.

Ecco alcuni punti fondamentali:
Piattaforme e meccanismi di cooperazione

1. Impegnarsi in discussioni e comunicazioni ad ampio raggio sulla pace e la sicurezza presso l'Assemblea Generale,i Comitati UN competenti,il Consiglio di Sicurezza per avanzare iniziative e proposte per affrontare le sfide di sicurezza.
2. Sfruttare i ruoli dell'Organizzazione per la Cooperazione di #Shanghai, cooperazione #BRICS, Conferenza sull'interazione e sulle misure di rafforzamento della fiducia in Asia, del meccanismo "Cina+Asia centrale" e dei relativi meccanismi di cooperazione dell'Asia orientale.
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Based on the 2022 province #GDP numbers, today's piece offers a window into how several aspects of #China's #economic development have performed over the previous year, which could provide them an advantage in the post-#pandemic recovery. 🧵(1/12):…
1) South China’s Guangdong Province and east China’s Jiangsu Province still led the way, remaining as the only two major economic powerhouses with their gross domestic product (GDP) exceeding 10 trillion yuan (about 1.47 trillion U.S. dollars). (2/12)
Guangdong has ranked first for 34 consecutive years, while Jiangsu has come second for 30 years in a row. (3/12)
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Fud này có hợp thức hóa việc MM kill market thêm 1 lần nữa trước thềm Shanghai?

Thread đọc phần dưới

#BTC #BNB #ETH #Shanghai #Altcoin #CZ #Futures #Fud #Gemini #Geminiearn #DCG #Greyscale
1, Gemini earn ( GE ) => users tham gia để earn với APY 8% => Gemini đem cho Genesistrading vay 1.7B => Đem cho DCG => Greyscale vay => Buy the dip BTC, 3AC => Khoản nợ chưa thể thu hồi => GUSD ( Gemini USD) => Gemini ngừng nạp rút => Yêu cầu Genesistrading trả nợ
2, Genesis cắt giảm nhân sự lên đến 30%, và đang có nguy cơ phá sản cao. Việc nguy cơ phá sản sẽ công bố sau vụ kiện. Nếu không đủ khả năng chi trả thì sẽ có đệ đơn phá sản Chappter 11
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6. Top 10 Ethereum & L1 trends

While #L222 season is behind us, don't fade mother nature and its cousins !

Copyrights @MessariCrypto #crypto theses 2023!
In 2022 the #ethereum blockain saw a major milestone: #themerge: move from POW to POS

And together with the implementation of EIP 1559 (burn mechanism), $ETH supply shrinked significantly & even went deflationist

Check this website for such data
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Tracking XBB.1.5* lineage over time | 12/30/2022

Total Sequence Count - Global: 2,719
Total Sequence Count - USA: 2,426

Earliest sample collection date: 10/22/22 (NY, USA)*


* [excluding samples with date errors]
Tracking XBB.1.5* in Asia over time | 12/20/2022

3 new XBB.1.5^^ sequences uploaded from #Shanghai, #China [metadata indicates - baseline surveillance]

^^ will closely look at these sequences for some epi clues
Tracking XBB.1.5* in North America over time | 12/30/2022

#Ontario, #Canada is an emerging hotspot

New entrant: #PuertoRico
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Tesla decision extends production slowdown in shanghai that began in December: RTRS
$Tesla $TSLA #Shanghai
$TSLA extends premarket losses to more than 2%. #Tesla
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🔴 #COVID19 : "La #Chine 🇨🇳 a estimé une augmentation de l'incidence du coronavirus - 37 millions de personnes sont infectées par jour" : #Bloomberg rapporte qu'une catastrophe est en #Chine - le virus s'est libéré après trois ans de confinement et une politique "zéro covid" 🔽
et contre le contexte d'un manque d'immunité dû à des verrouillages sévères "fauche" les gens à gauche et à droite.

« Selon la plus haute autorité sanitaire du gouvernement, près de 37 millions de personnes en Chine ont probablement contracté le #Covid19 en une seule 🔽
journée cette semaine, faisant de l’épidémie du pays de loin la plus importante au monde. Cette information du procès-verbal de la réunion interne de la Commission nationale de la santé de Chine a été confirmée par les participants aux discussions. Dans les 20 premiers 🔽
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