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[City-wide testing by three #China-based laboratories, with one allegedly involved in DNA collections of #Uyghurs]

1/ #Hkgov has just announced a city-wide #Covid19 testing. Without proper tendering procedures, #Carrielam directly granted 150,000,000 HKD for the project.
2/ They project of Hong Kong government invited three mainland-based laboratories: Sunrise Diagnostic Centre, China Dragon Inspection and Certification and Prenetics.
3/ One of the laboratories, Sunrise Diagnostic Centre, is owned by BGI that is subject to #US’s sanction for involving in human rights crackdown in #Xinjiang and collecting DNA data from #Uyghurs.
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"Ein Land, zwei Systeme" 🇭🇰
01.07.1997 -  † 30.06.2020

Mit der Verabschiedung des umstrittenen Sicherheitsgesetz, endet die Autonomie von #Hongkong. Nach unbestätigten Medienberichten soll das Gesetz als Höchststrafe lebenslange Haft vorsehen.

Auch das chinesische Ministerium für Staatssicherheit könnte künftig zum Einsatz kommen.

Weitere Einzelheiten des Gesetzes, sollen erst am Nachmittag Ortszeit in Peking veröffentlicht werden. Bislang war der Text streng geheim gehalten worden.…

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[End of Hong Kong, Beginning of Reign of Terror]

1. #Beijing has just passed the sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw. It marks the end of Hong Kong that the world knew before.
2. From now on, #Hongkong enters a new era of reign of terror, just like #Taiwan’s White Terror period in history, with arbitrary prosecutions, black jails, secret trials, forced confessions, media clampdowns and political censorship.
3. With sweeping powers and ill-defined law, the city will turn into a #secretpolicestate. #HongKongProtesters now face high possibilities of being extradited to China’s courts for trials and life sentences.
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This video has been deleted by Facebook several times. Is it really necessary for around ten policemen to gather to subdue only one armless protestor who had already been lain on the ground? Is it necessary to hit him when he had already been under control?
@arcanum_17 Here comes a better version (without the unrelated background music)🙏🏻🙏🏻
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This video has been deleted by Facebook several times. Is it really necessary for around ten policemen to gather to subdue only one armless protestor who had already been lain on the ground? Is it necessary to hit him when he had already been under control?
please ignore the background music🙏🏻🙏🏻
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1/ Even though causing a spiralling worldwide #CoronavirusPandemic, China has never leant a lesson from its coverups and opaqueness. Even the WHO Representative for China has criticized #Beijing for not being invited to join China’s #coronavirus investigation.
2/ Besides, China now uses its economic clouts to stop people’s search for truth. Recently it blocked #Australia’s beef imports as a punishment to its call for independent coronavirus investigation.
3/ Nothing is more politically hypocritical when China uses its global propaganda campaign to curtail any mentions of #Wuhan as the virus origin, but at the same time, hysterically rejects any calls for probes into origins of disease.
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[#Policebrutality in police stations is beyond our imagination.]

1/ Uncountable arrestees filed their torture complaints to courts since last summer, while 100+ had to stay in hospitals & miss the hearings due to severe injuries eg. concussions, broken bones & vision loss. Image
2/ Yan (medics) said #hkpolice pointed guns at him & smashed him with batons when he was providing the first-aid service during #PolyUSiege. Inspector tried to plant evidence by putting a gas bomb into his bag. Luckily his bag was full at that time so #police’s move was in vain. Image
3/ Yan provided first aid services to #HKers. He said one of the patients suffered from severe brain bleed & concussion during detention. X-rays showed that the wound was made by blunt force. The victim has lost his sense of taste & fails to distinguish hot things & sour taste. Image
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1/ Although #China’s liaison office has been toughening its control on #HK in recent weeks, #Hongkongers do not scare off. Tonight, thousands of #hongkongprotesters sang #GloryToHK at Cityplaza and reminded all #hkers of our cause for democracy. Image
2/ But no matter how peaceful it was, over thousand #hkpolice were deployed to suppress such a non-violent assembly. Police pointed rubber bullet guns at unarmed citizens and tourists. Residents were forcibly pushed into corners. Reporters were humiliated by police with F-words. ImageImageImageImage
3/ #hkpolice abused the 4-person group limit to target political dissents. Days ago, police used the same excuse to ban forthcoming #LabourDay demonstrations. Also, the whole mall was forced to shut down after police interrupted assembly. Clearly, police escalated the situation. Image
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1/ Today #HK court ruled that #hkpolice can go through the arrested's phone without a warrant. More importantly, it is the first time that #hkpolice has admitted using software provided by Cellebrite @Cellebrite_UFED and MSAB @MSAB_XRY to crack my iPhone without my consent.
2/ From the evidence submitted by #hkpolice, police's digital forensic branch used Israel-based firm Cellebrite's UFED Physical Analyzer and Swedish MSAB XRY to hack my #iPhoneXR, both my passcode and all my personal photos.
3/ When phone-cracking companies go hand in hand with #China authoritarian regime, this is more than just an infringement of civil liberties, but also a digital crackdown of political dissidence. #Hongkongprotesters
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At the Oslo City Hall, protesters posed in the hall where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year. Norwegian MP @gurimelby nominated #hongkongprotesters for the prize. Image
@civicpartyhk lawyer Jessica Leung, Norway MP @gurimelby, ex @chrf_hk vice-convenor Wong Yik-mo, activist Lester Shum & lawmaker @tedhuichifung speaking at a mini-hearing attended by several MPs. Image
The delegation shook hands with @SVparti leader @audunlysbakken and MP @kariekas at the party’s annual general meeting. Image
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#HongKongProtests 🇭🇰—
Rebuild #LennonWall Day!

Today is a BIG day for #democracy! Apart from #TaiwanElection, #HongKong is also rebuilding our Protest Spirit 💪🏻

This thread will show you #HongKongers’ creativity & our unique #ProtestArt! #StandWithHongKong Image
#LennonWall 2.0 in #HongKong
— the Protest elevator 😍

#HongKongProtesters’ creativity is just boundless & unlimited!


#StandWithHongKong 🇭🇰
#HongKong stands with #Taiwan!
@iingwen 蔡英文總統 is on #HongKong’s Lennon Wall!

#回家投票 #全城連儂日
#Taiwan2020 #TaiwanElections
Photos credit: #studioincendo ImageImageImage
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(1/n) THREAD: Setting the stage for the #TaiwanElection—happening right now!

By the #s: The big race is between Tsai Ing-wen (bottom bar) & Han Kuo-yu (middle bar)

Red: Unify w/ #China
Green: Independence
Light grey: Status Quo
Dark grey: Depends
Black: Don‘t Know

Source later
(2/n) For #Taiwan2020 the most important issue people are voting on is how #Taiwan is to relate to mainland #China.

The top bar in this graph is overall sentiment of the Taiwanese people. As you can see, the vast, vast majority favor either Status Quo or Independence from China
(3/n) You can also see that the positions of the two presidential candidates are *dramatically* different.

And as you'll learn if you watch this remarkable election primer with Lev Nachman @lnachman32, the political reality is also a lot more nuanced.
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The Sound of #HongKong in 2019
#GloryToHongKong 🇭🇰

Within days of release, the song was performed #EVERYWHERE, in the streets, shopping malls, football stadium..!

Credit: @BBCNewshour
#世上只有我們是香港人 #HongKongers #2019Memories
In the #Football stadium..
we sang #GloryToHongKong

— We march in blood, our martyrs along. May #Freedom glow in #HongKong! 🇭🇰
#GloryToHongKong has rooted in EVERY #HONGKONGERS’ heart
— 🇭🇰🖐🏻man or woman, young or old..

#5DemandsNot1Less #香港デモ
#HongKong #HongKongProtesters
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Merry Christmas Everyone!
Love from #HongKongers ❤️🎅🏻

(Check out this thread to know each of the character🇭🇰😉)

#ChristmasIsComing #HongKong

Credit: @appledaily_hk
— Office Lady in “Lunch with You” Rally, Central, #HongKong’s CBD.

Photo by @StandNewsHK Image
— The Silver Hair 👵🏻🧓🏻👵🏻🧓🏻

73-yr-old #Grandpa Protester Uncle Chan, went on a 12-day hunger strike, hoping to talk to #CarrieLam but was refused.

82-yr-old Uncle Wong is ALWAYS seen in #frontlines to avoid #HKPoliceBrutality.

#好人一生平安 @StandNewsHK ImageImage
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#HongKong Police have arrested 4 people from Spark Alliance HK (#星火同盟) for money laundering, HK$70 million been frozen.

Spark Alliance HK is a non-profit platform which crowdfunds to support #HongKongProtesters’ legal expenses.

#政治問題司法解決 #香港デモ ImageImage
“Spark Alliance #HongKong has received HK$80 million in past 6 months. Huge amount of capital influx show money laundering.” #HKPolice said.

This is NOT #RuleOfLaw;
but Systemic Political #Oppression with an aim to FREEZE the legal aid for #HongKongProtesters.

#香港人退無可退 ImageImage
Every businessmen in #HongKong shall, from now on, OBEY #HKgov’s political views or your money assets will be FROZEN.

#HongKong shall no longer enjoy special status as a “distinct economic entity” in the #US-#HK Policy Act.

#全面攬炒 #美國香港政策法
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#MerryChristmas — Who ever say #HongKong🇭🇰 is a cultural desert must be disappointed!

Check out this thread for all the AMAZING #Christmas Cards designed by #HongKongProtesters!

Thanks Friends from #FreeWorld & our great HK designers❤️🎄
Personal favourite — the same “Flag Raising” but this time we are wishing you a #MerryChristmas! 🎅🏻🎄

#5DemandsNot1Less! #聖誕快樂

Thanks you #HongKong designers! You guys are the BEST!
#StandWithHongKong 🇭🇰
#freehkxmascard #Christmas #ChristmasGift #Christmas2019 ImageImage
Second fav — a Heart created by #HongKongProtesters’ umbrellas in a rally. They chanted “#Love is more powerful than #Violence. STOP #policebrutalityhk!”

This creative❤️ is echoing HK Gov’s propaganda:

#HongKongProtest #HongKong ImageImage
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#LIVE: A normal pre-Christmas shopping in Hong Kong has become not so normal as police have suddenly stormed into New Town Plaza, a shopping mall turned protest hotspot after July. At least 2 people have been captured. Tensions have also rapidly been escalated. #HongKongProtests
#LIVE: It is reported that a middle-aged woman has been sprayed with black paint in her face after a scuffle at the mall. Since then, protesters have been parading at the mall chanting #antiLEAB slogans and vandalising facilities and shops inside the mall. #HongKongProtests
#LIVE: The police’s sudden entry has led to a large-scale escape of customers there using the metro and the nearby bus terminus as pepper spray and smoke cakes have been added to the tense situation. #HongKongProtests
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Mainland netizens have created a series of propaganda, demonising #HongKongProtesters and vocal supporters of the movement and even journalist. Purely in terms of efforts, it's an upgrade from the works we've seen in the past...
Whoever did this has also followed the news closely and thus able to identify different roles within protesters and inside jokes such as "freedom high". They even made up poems to accompany each character.
A lot of ppl note how this one, supposedly the "renovators" that vandalize mainland-friendly shops, looks far more like a police officer...
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ATL🇺🇸 in #HongKong: THREAD 1/n

Today SO MUCH in one short video:

* Melee of press, #police, protesters & tourists
* #HongKongProtester being arrested
* UK tourist watching atop the silver sculpture
* Sound of pepper spray being sprayed (fountain-style)
* Tear gas being shot
#HongKong THREAD 2/n

I'm not here to be at the front lines (this guy👇👇👇 is), but to visit with some #HongKongers & their supporters involved.

Think of it as American Thought Leaders🇺🇸, #HongKong Edition, & why not ATL🇺🇸—it's been said that this resembles, in some ways, 1776.
#HongKongProtests THREAD 3/n

Meet conflict reporter @Michael_Yon (with gas mask & orange vest) & #HongKong videographer Eric Fok @RazvenHK (donning mask).

Ok, before you meet them, meet the rather assertive #HongKongPolice. Big blue sign means "this protest is unauthorized."
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#LIVE: A brief hurray after nearly half a year of the #antiELAB movement as democrats become the majority of the Hong Kong District Council. Dozens of councillors-elect have now gathered in Tsim Sha Tsui rallying to rescue protesters stranded at @HongKongPolyU. #HongKongProtests
“Today we must bring them home,” chants Ng Kin-wai, a district councillor-elect representing Yuen Long at the Urban Council Centenary Garden, which is near the @HongKongPolyU. “Save our compatriots! Bring them home!” Image
#LIVE: Following the democrats’ overwhelming victory yesterday in the District Council, about a hundred have occupied streets near @HongKongPolyU to press the police to free those staying on the campus. Police outside the campus are surprisingly restrained. #HongKongProtests
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At 3:50 a.m. local time, 4 individuals dressed in black and wielding batons entered the print shop and warehouse of the #HongKong edition of @EpochTimes and set a fire.

This is our response. (Thread 👇)…
The telescopic batons carried by the thugs in the video are similar to those used by the #HongKongPolice. Two of the thugs who carried out the attack were dressed in black with masks, like the #HongKongProtesters.

This was apparently done in an effort to confuse…
…the situation, as this tactic fits a pattern we have seen in #HongKong. Police and thugs have pretended to be protesters, journalists, and citizens, and committed violence, including beatings and arson, then blamed the protesters in an attempt to discredit them.
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4 masked intruders dressed in black set a fire at the printing press of the #HongKong edition of @EpochTimes in the early hours of Nov. 19, marking the 4th attack to the facility since its opening more than a decade ago. (Thread 👇)…
The incident took place around 3:40AM, as the staff there were about to send off newly printed newspapers to the stands.

Moments after staff opened the factory door, 4 masked men walked into the facility and pointed batons towards the workers, shouting: “all of you don’t move!”
Surveillance footage shows 2 of the men dressed in all black carrying batons, while one of them holds newspapers, and another carries two containers containing a flammable liquid, which he poured onto the factory machines and newspapers.
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An hour past the “deadline”. This looks to be the final stand—entrance to #PolyU. Intermittent chants by remaining protestors & heckling@police. No idea what’s going on inside campus. But there are ppl who wanna leave but are trapped & afraid to try. #HongKongProtests #HongKong
Water cannon, TG deployed 5-10mins ago, and more TG now as protestors start hurling petrol bombs towards the Chatham Rd intersection. Protestor line holding. #HongKong #HongKongProtesters
Protestor being treated and helped into campus. The frontline has grown 200-300, w/ppl ferrying supplies in and out of campus. Another line guarding Science Museum Rd. #HongKong #PolyU #HongKongProtesters
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