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researcher, writer, organizer. settler, bagel eater, author of Grounded Authority. assistant prof, criminology. on leave from @Yellowhead_
Nov 23, 2021 9 tweets 3 min read
Maybe a niche thread, but picking up from the @Yellowhead_ work I led on injunctions, I've been back at the dataset & want to show you how the "irreparable harm" you have to prove to "win" is weighted towards financial loss, rarely recognizing or valuing Indigenous economies. Going back to '74, the court told the Cree: "It is imp to note at the start that hydro-electricity is the only primary energy resource possessed by the province of QC... this resource has become of a capital importance to ensure the economic future & well-being of the citizens.”
Nov 22, 2021 4 tweets 4 min read
There are 3 militarized struggles over pipelines unfolding in CAN/US: #CGL, #TMX, #Line3 - all led by Indigenous women. This work is critical to upholding Indigenous law, but also literally saving the planet. Massive legal fees are mounting with arrests. Pls support. Links below. From @Gidimten: Thanks to a group of matching donors, the first $6,000 today will be matched, so pls donate & share.…

#WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ShutDownCanada #FreeThemAll #FreeSleydo
Jan 10, 2019 8 tweets 3 min read
This is for Art Manuel who I've been thinking about everyday. As I lay sick in bed watching #wetsuwetenstrong unfold, I was sorting thru hundreds of pages of FOIs from BC that clock internal responses to the Delgamuukw decision in the years immediately following the SCC decision. As Art pointed out, Ab title scared the hell out of industry & govts seeking certainty. BC pushed hard for modern treaties. See this letter from INAC to his BC counterpart: “I believe that our best response to the Delgamuukw decision may be to get offers on the table sooner."