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For the last few months, students at UBC Climate Justice Research Collaborative worked with us to create a story map that details the major concerns with TMX and charts the fight to stop it.

Here’s a 🧵 with some of what they found 1/8 🧵#NoTMX…
First, it shows the difference between traditional territories and reserve lands. Many nations whose lands the pipeline crosses have never given their consent, even if it has permission from the reserves directly on its route. #NoTMX 2/8 🧵 A map of the west coast sho...A map showing a handful of ...
This map shows the many spills Trans Mountain has had over the years. You can click on each circle to see how much oil was released into the local environment. #NoTMX 3/8 🧵 A map showing the TMX path ...
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transfer of billions of dollars from ordinary Canadians to wealthy oil companies continues unabated.

Trudeau's Pipeline Scandal via @TheTyee #tmx #trudeau @liberal_party 🔥

“challenging terrain and geography.”  & #xWx 💦🔥🌀
#cdnpoli #tmx fraud
Liberals have lost the plot er pipeline 🤑 @liberal_party du Canada #cdnpoli
"Trudeau promised to build #tmx for $7.4 billion. That figure, as Allan warned, soon ballooned to $12.6bn in 2020. Last year it climbed to $21.4 billion. It now stands at $30.9 billion and counting"
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This is disappointing @JustinTrudeau: Trudeau gov rejects climate pension for coal workers #cdnpoli…
I would rather see $31b taxpayer money wasted on #tmx go into early retirement schemes for fossil fuel workers ⚡& transition jobs programs @JonathanWNV come on #spendclimatewise
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The @globeandmail just published an editorial responding to the government's sectoral emissions cap proposal and claiming that reducing oil and gas production in Canada is not an option. It may seem that they're admonishing the liberals here, but it's actually more subtle. 1/
The Liberal government's emissions cap proposal is already deliberately being designed to avoid cutting oil and gas production. Hell, Guilbeault just made a statement about "flexibility" for oil companies and his colleague Jonathan Wilkinson is full steam ahead on new projects 2/
What's happening in this Globe editorial is a deliberate political intervention designed to preclude any discussion of drawing down Cdn oil and gas production. They are relegating a reduction in fossil fuels to the naive and "radical" world of young climate activists 3/
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The federal government’s decision to approve a $10-billion loan guarantee for Trans Mountain isn’t surprising, but @FinanceCanada's refusal to be transparent about TMX is a huge scandal. A🧵on @cafreeland’s claims, #TMX, and the “culture of secrecy” around it
.@cafreeland's assurance TMX will receive no more public $ is "grossly misleading," experts say. This $10-billion loan guarantee puts public $ on the line & @FinanceCanada has so far refused to answer basic questions from @woodsideful and I.…
The available evidence points to TMX being a money-loser. In 2020, the PBO found it was already on the knife's edge of profitability at $12.6B. In Feb @yzgiroux told me the 70% cost increase renders the project "clearly non-profitable" for the federal govt…
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Guess they're talking about Canada & @liberal_party re #BayduNord #TMX #LNGCanada
#oldgrowrh #clearcut 👇
"Ongoing investments in fossil fuel infrastructure & clearing large swaths of forest for agriculture undermine the massive curbs in emissions needed to meet Paris goal"
Such cuts would be hard to achieve without without drastic, economy-wide measures, the panel acknowledged. It’s more likely that the world will pass 1.5C

#JustinTrudeau never had any INTENTION of meeting 2C much less 1.5C target
Many experts say #CCS is UNFEASIBLE with current technologies, & even if it could be done it would be far costlier than preventing the emissions in the first place."

They need to elaborate what they mean by costlier @MarkJCarney @s_guilbeault
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In the Canadian petrostate, climate policies aiming to reduce domestic emissions are adopted time and again in exchange for more oil and gas exports. After all, the emissions when those fossil fuels are burned are not our problem. 🧵
Exhibit 1: Federal approval of #TMX pipeline in 2016 exchange for Alberta’s agreement to raise its carbon price from $30 to $50/tonne (agreement that was later withdrawn but wasn’t constitutionally required anyway.)
Exhibit 2: Never publicly confirmed but likely that federal approval of Pacific NW LNG was either a condition of or at least helped get BC to sign on to the carbon pricing plan in the Pan Canadian Framework.
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Had another interesting exchange with my former gas pipeline engineer friend this morning on #TMX & #CGL. You may recall he has high-level Cdn & internat'l experience designing/building pipelines. He's upset Canada would dump failing #TMX onto First Nations.. #cdnpoli #bcpoli
..Engineer: "First Nations groups are now competing to buy #TMX, but with the “repair” from the recent washout sitting on sharp rock, I assume, since they haven't shown us a new sand bed, the rush is on for the gov’t to get rid of it to the first buyer..." #bcpoli
...Engineer: "The Canadian govt needs a buyer with enough money ($25 billion) and is willing to take on the liability for both pipelines [old pipeline and new larger #TMX twinned line] when they fail... of course, the buyer won’t know that..." #bcpoli #cdpoli
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Understand that Alberta is an oligarchy.

Sure things here might not be quite as bad as Russia or parts of the US, but that doesn’t make the way our petro-state oligarchy runs okay.

#ableg #cdnpoli
Government officials frequently wear hoodies declaring their loyalty to #oilandgas oligarchs.

It’s pathetic how out-in-the-open this is, yet people do nothing. Image
This relationship means hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars are transferred from the public to private hands every year in the name of #oilandgas.

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There are 3 militarized struggles over pipelines unfolding in CAN/US: #CGL, #TMX, #Line3 - all led by Indigenous women. This work is critical to upholding Indigenous law, but also literally saving the planet. Massive legal fees are mounting with arrests. Pls support. Links below.
From @Gidimten: Thanks to a group of matching donors, the first $6,000 today will be matched, so pls donate & share.…

#WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ShutDownCanada #FreeThemAll #FreeSleydo
#TinyHouseWarriors have $50k in legal defense funds they must raise and are currently surrounded by tanks in Secwepemc territory for fighting Canada's pipeline to save their waters and lands: give what you can here -…
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🧵Today, the @IEA released their 2021 World Energy Outlook which, for the first time, includes a scenario where the world actually meets a 1.5ºC climate target.

And, it has some big implications for Canada.
First, at the high level, the new report finds a massive gap between national climate policies and what needs to happen to "keep the door open" to 1.5ºC. At the global level, these pledges "close less than 20% of the gap" between where we are and where we need to be.
That means that across the globe, 2030 emissions targets are way too low, and that high emitting countries like Canada really need be stepping up their game.…
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Today Teal Cedar went back to court in Nanaimo to ask for their injunction against #FairyCreek forest defenders to be extended.

The logging company's lawyer Dean Dalke is really in a tizzy over the tactical abilities of the protesters... (thread)…
In court, the logging company's lawyer said of the land defenders, 'their resistance to being arrested is just shocking!' (This generated some amusement)

Leaving aside what "resistance" means for now, let's just review what's been going on with the RCMP at #FairyCreek...
Recall: the RCMP not only used this injunction to remove forest defenders from the #FairyCreek area, they exceeded their powers, & barred media from witnessing their actions, & more. In August, Judge Thompson (same judge as today) found that:… #bcpoli Image
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One last comparison of the parties’ #climate plans in #elxn44! This time updates based on LPC and NDP platform costing. As with original thread (pasted at end), I haven’t covered everything, incl adaptation, buildings, climate finance, green growth $$ (might do that one yet). /1
Big update for NDP. Platform said NDP “supported” carbon pricing but didn't specify price. This led many (incl me) to question impact and cost of the NDP plan. But budget matches Lib price schedule - $170/tonne in 2030. That will deliver signif and cost-effective reductions. /2
NDP promised to reduce or eliminate unfair industry C pricing “loopholes” but I'm not seeing a new revenue stream for that (open to correction!). So, budget suggests NDP plan will be more effective than previously implied, but obfuscation on price, fairness is disappointing. /3
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Another heatwave grips Washington, Oregon & British Columbia. Climate change - long predicted + denied - is here.

We know it's time to transition off fossil fuels.

And, all year, @invw's Decarbonizing #Cascadia series is exploring how we can.…
We launched in January explaining how a region w/ official goals to slash emissions and the means to do it just keeps getting dirtier. @invw analyzed the latest data, showing that Washington, Oregon and BC's emissions rose by 5, 6 and 7% b/w 2013 & 2018.…
We also profiled #Cascadia's activists, such as the @youthvgov litigants suing govts for the right to a livable future and campaigners eroding Big Oil, Gas and Coal's political power. @robertmcclure showed how activists bottled up fossil export proposals.…
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#Cascadia's climate activists have had global impact, yet emissions keep rising here in #Washington #Oregon & #BC.

2021 opens with renewed hope for a real transition, as documented in Part 3 of @INVW's year-long Getting to Zero #decarbonization project.…
#BritishColumbia set the pace when #Cascadia's govts set initial climate targets >10yrs ago. In 2021 #Washington and @JayInslee step way out with a 95%/net-zero target for 2050, tough interim goals, and a detailed strategy to get there.…
#Washington's strategy is backed by sophisticated modeling from Seattle-based CETI and SF-based EER.

Note: EER's EnergyPATHWAYS tool underpins the recent multi-path US #decarbonization visions 👇from @JesseJenkins et al @Princeton's @AndlingerCenter.…
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@kurtisbaute 1. Pipelines are the safest way to transport the oil/gas that we all rely on, including yourself.

2. Standing in the way of this project only helps countries with weaker standards for human rights.

3. #TMX has overwhelming support from #Indigenous communities, which you ignore.
@kurtisbaute 4. #TransMountain has been studied and reviewed for years, and it won approval according to our stringent regulatory and legal processes.

5. Canada is a global leader in resource governance, ranking 4th overall and leading top oil exporting jurisdictions.
@kurtisbaute 6. There are 6,000+ women and men working on this project, who want to support their families. Who are you to tell them they can’t?

7. Canada has been the only top oil exporter to the USA and global top oil reserve holder with carbon pricing, since 2007.
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This year, two of the MDs whose scholarly work on #climate I most admire, Dr Robin Stott (who wrote about his arrest in @TheLancet), & @SFU's @ttakaro, have engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience to protest our unconscionable lack of action to protect the health of children.
Dr @ttakaro took to the trees to block construction of #TMX after yrs of writing reports re the lack of a proper health impact assessment on #Transmountain Pipeline.
++ support by MD leaders on panel.
How did he decide to do this? Framework at link. @UBC…
❤️@margotparkes' slide showing a key shift: from an egocentric approach to humanity's relationship with the rest of the natural world, to one where we are in relationship with the rest of the ecosystem.
#ecohealth @planetaryhealth @TheLancetPlanet @UBCFamPractice
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Let's do NDP highlights, starting with:
When NDP took power they kept a right-wing, BC Lib-appointed top bureaucrat in the Energy Ministry, conspiracy theory fan Dave Nikolesjin. Recently they replaced him with more far-right Fazil Mihlar of the Fraser Institute. #BCElection2020
..Next up, & related: NDP give us 79% increase in fossil fuel subsidies over BC Lib levels, a significant rise in fracking (incl right near #SiteC & other dams), & signing off on a militarized raid on #Wetsuweten to protect #CoastalGasLink in a climate crisis. #bcelxn2020 #bcpoli
.."Natural gas" is fracked methane, the potent GHG. Also on NDP's gas file, the #LNGCanada project, an uneconomic house of cards in which we forego royalties but are left paying for the damage & transmission lines etc. "LNG is a Losing Bet":… #bcelxn2020
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Come on, @globeandmail. This claptrap was not fact-checked & should *never* have been printed. It gives the false impression the #SiteC dam received proper enviro review. It was NEVER subjected to proper regulatory approval.. .1/x #bcpoli #cdnpoli…
@globeandmail ..It's hard to know where to start with the false, misleading & inaccurate statements in it but let's start with this bit of fiction. The #SiteC dam is a political project that was passed only via *bypassing the BCUC regulator*! The govt wrote legislation to ram it past review! Image
..Not to mention that as a friend says, "enviro reviews of major projects in BC & Canada over the past 10+ yrs have just been a means to arrive at the conditions of approval rather than a determination of whether approval is in the best interests of the jurisdiction." #SiteC #TMX
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In 5 minutes, @sarahcox_bc talking about the #SiteC fiasco on Co-Op Radio #bcpoli

Listen online here
@sarahcox_bc .."Expert Harvey Elwin said he had never seen as much secrecy around a dam project in his 50 years of working on dams around the world - including the Three Gorges Dam in China - as he had seen around the #SiteC dam." What does that signal to British Columbians? #bcpoli
@sarahcox_bc Other tidbits from @sarahcox_bc radio interview: If the deadline for the #SiteC river diversion is missed this Sept, that's another $billion down the drain on top of all the other overruns. The diversion tunnels may be finished, but other elements needed for the diversion aren't.
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Here is the Federal Court of Appeal ruling that was upheld today, when the SCC refused leave to appeal on the #TMX go-ahead:…
The significance of this ruling is that it decides the argument whether the federal govt’s duty to consult First Nations requires their consent.

It does not, as a matter of law.
But this is the legal resolution, not the political one.

Having the SCC rule against them will not end First Nations political action or resolve deeper political problems.

There is still much more work to be done.
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For anyone interested in issues of fracking, LNG plants in the Lower Mainland, oil and gas generally and climate change, this Wed. June 24 webinar has excellent presenters from top orgs... #bcpoli #fracking #vanpoli
Lynn Armstrong: Council of Canadians
Peter McCartney: Wilderness Cttee
Dr Warren Bell: Canadian Ass'n of Physicians for the Environment
Marc Lee: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Eoin Finn: My Sea to Sky
Anna Barford:
Tracey Saxby: My Sea to Sky
BC's general public needs to question why it becomes more fired up about the #TMX pipeline than BC's fracked gas pipelines and LNG plants which are just as bad if not worse as #TMX. It makes no sense. #bcpoli #CoastalGasLink #WoodfibreLNG #TilburyLNG #fracking
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The TransMountain pipeline, which we all own against our will, has leaked 190,000 litres of crude oil over an aquifer in Abbotsford, BC. ca/news/canada/british-columbia/trans-mountain-pipeline-spill-abbotsford-150000-190000-litres-1.5611973 #bcpoli #cdnpoli
I realize the news is overwhelming at the moment, with critical issues like #BlackLivesMatter, #policebrutality & #Covid19 but it seems important to keep watching oil & gas & the stealth deforestation of BC that races ahead while we look elsewhere #bcpoli
..Engineer friend on the #TMX spill: "Just disgusted to see that #TransMountain leak over an aquifer at Abbotsford. Even more disgusted at Trudeau and Morneau for buying that pipeline, which was already past its shelf life..." #bcpoli #cdnpoli
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ICYMI, there's a hidden driver behind the fracking of gas in NE BC & the associated #CoastalGasLink pipeline being pushed through #Wetsuweten territory. It's condensate, a fracking by-product, & the Alberta tar sands need it for diluting bitumen:… #bcpoli
In that 2018 article on condensate by @BenParfittCCPA in @thenarwhalca, Parfitt points out that mainstream media doesn't cover the key issue of condensate. That's still as true today in 2020 as it was in 2018.
@BenParfittCCPA @thenarwhalca In a thread a month ago I tried to quickly show the intimate link between BC fracking, #CoastalGasLink, #SiteC, #LNGCanada and the #TMX pipeline, but this time I'll focus more on the condensate. #bpcoli #LNGCanada #Wetsuweten #cdnpoli
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