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1/ Der Kampf gegen die Braunkohle ist überall und auch im Rheinland werden wir weiter aus dem Hinterhalt eure fossile Infrastruktur lahmlegen!
Gegen die Panikmache der Rechten, für eine Energieversorgung für Alle!
Feuer und Flamme euren Knästen und Repressionen! Einige Menschen halten zwei...Zwei Banner hängen von eine...
2/ Als Zeichen unserer #Solidarität wurde in Aachen gemeinsam ein Banner angebracht, wir fordern die sofortige Freilassung aller Mitglieder der unfreiwilligen Feuerwehr von Jähnschwalde!
3/ Am Montag blockierte die "Unfreiwillige Feuerwehr" das Braunkohlekraftwerk Jähnschwalde in der Lausitz.
2 der 4 Blöcke des Kraftwerkes mussten heruntergefahren werden. Bis jetzt sind noch mehrere der Aktivist*innen gefangen und
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URGENT: Khalil Awawdeh has been on hunger strike for almost 6 months to protest his illegal imprisonment by Israel without charge or trial.

He is on the brink of death. We demand his freedom NOW, as well as the end of Israel's practice of administrative detention.

Staring down the barrel of “administrative detention,” or indefinite incarceration by Israel without due process, Khalil Awawdeh courageously decided to join a long legacy of Palestinian hunger strikers, many of whom successfully achieved their freedom.
For Palestinian prisoners, hunger strikes are the last and only form of resistance.

Though grueling and life-threatening, strikes are also a reclamation of control over their bodies, and a testament to Israel’s failure to break their will and suppress their struggle for freedom.
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“It always seems impossible until it's done.” - Nelson Mandela

Apartheid ended in South Africa, & together we can end Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. On @NelsonMandela International Day we honour a life dedicated to the fight against racism & oppression.

Mandela recognised the similarities between apartheid South Africa & Israel's regime of oppression against Palestinians. He never forgot the pivotal role Israel played in supporting the apartheid regime in South Africa & undermining the global boycott against it.

As a leader of the South African liberation movement that used boycotts & sanctions to undermine the apartheid regime, Mandela helped to establish many of the principles that today guide & inspire the Palestinian-led, global #BDS movement for Palestinian rights.

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VICTORY: Palestinian prisoner Khalil Awawdeh will be released on June 26!

He had been on hunger strike for 111 days to protest his indefinite detention by Israel without charge or trial.

We are overjoyed he will return to his family and moved by his courage and perseverance.
For prisoners, hunger strikes are the last and only available form of resistance.

The process is grueling and life-threatening, but it is also a reclamation of control over their bodies, and a testament to Israel’s failure to break their will and suppress their freedom struggle.
During his strike, Khalil lost over 100lbs, his eyesight weakened to the point of not being able to recognize his lawyer, and his hair almost completely fell out. We wish him a speedy recovery now that he has suspended his protest.
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Y'know not for nothing, but...

Assange Booster Club would have a lot more impact and be a lot more credible if they got basic facts right, like Chelsea didn't get pardoned, and yes the distinction matters especially since they lean on it so much
I'm just saying, the ABC gets a lot wrong. Like "what's in the indictment" wrong. Like "what is part of the established historical record" wrong. Like "that never happened" wrong.

Stop. Mounting. Terrible. Defenses. Of that Awful. Awful. Man.
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Yesterday in Brooklyn, protesters joined the family of #JamelFloyd for a noise demo outside of the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) to show solidarity with people locked up inside & to demand justice for Jamel, who was killed 2 years ago by the guards at MDC. #FreeThemAll
"#FreeThemAll!" Protesters joined #JamelFloyd's family yesterday, 2 years after Jamel was killed by the guards at Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), for a noise demo outside MDC to demand justice for Jamel & to demand that MDC be shut down. #AbolishMDC
Protesters & #JamelFloyd's family held a noise demo outside of Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) yesterday to demand justice for Jamel & that MDC be shut down. As protesters drummed outside, you could hear people locked up inside banging on their windows.
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“It is abhorrent Iranian officials continue to use dual & foreign nationals.. as bargaining chips,” “It is also particularly disappointing British authorities did not do enough to ensure Iran would uphold the conditions they agreed to for Tahbaz’s furlough.” #FreeMorad @trussliz
On February 10, 2018, family of Kavous Seyed Emami, Iranian-Canadian professor, arrested with Tahbaz & other conservationists, reported Seyed died in custody. Iranian authorities claimed he died by suicide, but they have not conducted an impartial investigation into his death.
On several occasions senior Iranian government officials have indicated that they did not find any evidence to suggest that the detained activists are spies.
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@TheJusticeDept 2-28-22
Thanks to our speakers!
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo @nofearcoalition
Kymone Freeman @WeActRadio
Leo Flores @LeonardoEFA @codepink
Peter Brooks, Native American activist
Luci Murphy's BWCC chorus @_ONEDC
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo opens:
“Today…we want to lift up whistleblowers.
We want to lift up our political prisoners
because they have been criminalized by a criminal government…by a government that doesn’t respect human rights.” @nofearcoalition
“Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Julian Assange
they all said ‘NO!’
You can keep your money because I am choosing my conscience...choosing…that I am a human being not a cog in the capitalist system. And for that they are being tortured”
Marsha Coleman-AdeBayo @NoFearCoalition
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Last week was the Black Immigrant Advocacy Day of Action! We joined in celebrating the leadership of Black immigrants in the work to expose + eradicate racism in the immigration system. But fighting for Black Immigrants isn't just a one time event. Here's what we can STILL DO: 👇🏽
Donate to the Black Immigrants Bail Fund to eradicate the mass incarceration of Black immigrants. #FreeThemAll #Act4BlackImms
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1/ Right now, 500 Palestinian political prisoners are undertaking a "mass united resistance movement" against administrative detention through a boycott of Israel's military courts. Read about it in this letter penned from inside Israel's apartheid jails:…
2/ Administrative detention is an Israeli policy by which Palestinians are imprisoned indefinitely, without charge or trial, on secret evidence. It's a form of arbitrary detention, one element of apartheid, as recently described by @amnesty.…
3/ Israel’s use of administrative detention is increasing alongside broader repression of Palestinians, criminalised for calling out injustice, and for raising the call for freedom. NGOs like @Addameer are targeted over human rights work. #StandWithThe6
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500 Palestinian administrative detainees have been boycotting Israeli military courts since Jan 1st.

Administrative detainees are political prisoners held by the israeli regime without charge or trial, indefinitely. So what does a boycott mean? 1/5
As part of the boycott, detainees & their lawyers refuse to attend court proceedings. Admin detainees don't get trials, but they do have judicial reviews where their detention orders are confirmed, upheld, appealed... this is what 500 detainees have boycotted for over a month 2/5
The boycotting detainees are across three Israeli prisons: Ofer, Mejiddo, and Naqab, and we've seen the detainees begin to add other collective actions like refusing food for the day. The boycott is disrupting and challenging the farcical Israeli military judicial system. 3/5
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Moreover, people with serious COVID symptoms who sought medical attention were told they were not permitted to see the nurse or doctor if they had tested positive. Guards are ignoring or denying requests for fever reducers. 6/10
Folks inside are being held on lockdown (23.5 hours/day in cells) and denied showers, calls, and visits (incl. video visits). One report said that C/Os have told folks inside that “phone calls are a privilege, not a right,” which prompted some to go on hunger strike. 7/10
The mental health toll of the pandemic on folks incarcerated in Mt. Sterling has been enormous. The facility has abysmal medical care, now completely overwhelmed by COVID numbers. 8/10
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This NYTimes story about a planned prison closure is the latest public relations success of prison guards, the real estate business, & the Chamber of Commerce to convince us that we should keep people in cages to maintain jobs & real estate values & commerce. 1/
The LATimes ran basically the same story last year: 2/
‘…many people in Susanville, which cherishes its small-town way of life — “we’re not rural, we’re frontier,” said one resident — relied on jobs at the nearby sawmills and on cattle ranches.’ AND many relied on jobs with the state or Fed govts in Forestry or Fish & Wildlife. 3/
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He began a hunger strike 141 days ago to protest his detention by Israel without charge or trial, and will continue striking until he sees the signature of release on his documents.

May he recover fully and swiftly 🙏
We are overjoyed that Hisham will return to his family and moved by his courage and perseverance in the face of unjust detention.

His resistance is testimony to Israel's failure to break Palestinians’ will and to suppress their struggle for freedom and justice.
We will continue to fight for the end of administrative detention and the release of all Palestinian political prisoners. #FreeThemAll
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Israel has been separated from his daughter since '19 & has been a leader w @ResistenciaNW during tht time. When Israel's case was submitted for prosecutorial discretion, ICE denied his request w/o even reading his file!

We demand Israel be #HomeForTheHolidays! #FreeThemAll🧵⬇️
The Seattle ICE Field Office MUST revisit Israel's case!! He has been diagnosed w/ pre-diabetes, a condition he didn't have before being in detention & contracted COVID 19. He needs proper treatment.

EMAIL ICE FIELD DIRECTOR! Tell her to #ReleaseIsrael!
📢 Organizers fought hard for the changes to the prosecutorial discretion memo released by DHS on Nov 29th. STILL, the new guidelines are not being followed by the Seattle ICE Field Office.

WE DEMAND OUR GENTE BE #HomeForTheHolidays!✊@ICEgovSeattle #ReleaseIsrael TODAY!
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There are 3 militarized struggles over pipelines unfolding in CAN/US: #CGL, #TMX, #Line3 - all led by Indigenous women. This work is critical to upholding Indigenous law, but also literally saving the planet. Massive legal fees are mounting with arrests. Pls support. Links below.
From @Gidimten: Thanks to a group of matching donors, the first $6,000 today will be matched, so pls donate & share.…

#WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ShutDownCanada #FreeThemAll #FreeSleydo
#TinyHouseWarriors have $50k in legal defense funds they must raise and are currently surrounded by tanks in Secwepemc territory for fighting Canada's pipeline to save their waters and lands: give what you can here -…
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Yesterday, after a rally in front of the Queens Criminal Court, #FreePrakash protesters walked over to Queens DA Melinda Katz’s office to demand that she #DropTheCharges against Prakash Churaman. NYPD cops soon arrived to repress the protest & move protesters back.
Here’s some pics as well as info on Prakash Churaman’s case: ImageImageImageImage
Yesterday, at around 11:30am, #FreePrakash protesters held a rally in support of Prakash Churaman outside of Queens Criminal Court. Prakash was supposed to appear in court at 12pm but then at the last minute, the judge pushed the appearance to 2pm.
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Six brave Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike protesting their illegal detention without charge or trial.

Kayed Fasfous, 114 days
Meqdad Qawasmeh, 107 days
Alaa Al Araj, 89 days
Hisham Abu Hawash, 80 days
Ayyad Hraimi, 44 days
Loay Al-Ashqar, 26 days

Many of these prisoners are in critical condition. The Israeli military continues to violently neglect their health and renew their baseless detention orders, as it did with Meqdad Qawasmeh on his 105th day of hunger strike 2 days ago.
These prisoners join many thousands of unjustly detained Palestinians over decades for whom hunger strikes have been the only available form of resistance. Their strike is testimony to Israel’s failure to break Palestinians’ will and suppress their struggle for freedom.
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Extracting false confessions on non-existent crimes by torturing Palestinians, including kids has always been the zionist occupation standard.
You can watch a decent documentary on the subject in the link below.…
Deranged, yet unsurprising.
The problem has NEVER been the government, which zios especially liberal ones claim.
It is in fact the people themselves.
As the "israeli" president admitted
“It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is sick”

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In protest of being held indefinitely without charge or trial, 6 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons are on hunger strike. Their lives are in grave danger. Media, politicians, so-called rights defenders, etc. must act fast. #FreeThemAll
Kayed Fasfous, who is on his NINETY-FIRST day of hunger strike, recently had his appeal to be released rejected by an Israeli occupation court.…
"Israel’s widely condemned policy of administrative detention allows the detention of Palestinians without charge or trial for renewable intervals of six months based on undisclosed evidence that even a detainee’s lawyer is barred from viewing." #FreeThemAll
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There are so many other things wrong with this that i should start with but the music catapults the whole thing from a bad joke to a surreal journey into incipient madness
This is not something that needs to "improve." Fortunately there's such an easy answer to all of this though: #FreeThemAll and end all U. S. immigration detention
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Palestinians rose up for liberty & justice this past May & June - now they're facing insurmountable legal fees after being incarcerated by the Israeli gov

Support the Dignity + Hope Fund & spread this urgent call for solidarity far and wide:

“What we've seen in the last few days is repression and brutality against the bodies of young Palestinian detainees…” The words of Palestinian lawyer Soheir Asaaad describing the aftermath of May protests against Israel’s occupation #FreeThemAll
Israel acted swiftly and violently to quell these mass mobilizations. The widespread participation of Palestinians citizens of Israel triggered Israel’s brutal response. 2000+ Palestinians who participated in May protests were arrested. 200 were indicted—85 of them under 18
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Solidarity with these brave and steadfast Palestinian hunger strikers!

To protest their collective punishment after last week’s escapes, 1,380 prisoners (1/4 of the entire Palestinian prisoner population!) have chosen a time-honored form of struggle: the hunger strike.

This past week, in an attempt to deflect the blows to its illusion of invincibility and stop the momentum of Palestinian resistance, the Israeli prison service has intentionally made the lives of Palestinian prisoners miserable.
Israeli prisons have raided Palestinians' cells, physically abused them, denied them basic necessities, closed canteens and laundry rooms, moved prisoners to solitary confinement, cancelled all family visits and phone calls, and more.
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U.S. & Israeli empire tremble against Palestinians armed only with sheer determination to be free, & a spoon.

@palyouthmvmt protested powerfully at the Israeli embassy to #FreeThemAll, demonstrating against carceral violence & for steadfast solidarity with Palestinians.
"One day all the prisons that have stood in Palestine will fall, & in their place our people will live lives painted by the colors of freedom & dignity."
6 Palestinian prisoners—Mahmoud Arda, Mohammed Arda, Yacoub Qadri, Ayham Kamamji, Zakaria al-Zubaidi, Monadel Naifat—who freed themselves make us hopeful.

District 8 for Justice organizer & USCPR advocacy & organizing fellow Alex reminded us that prisoner should be free.
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