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Sputnik V is the world’s first registered COVID-19 vaccine with over 91.6% efficacy, developed by Gamaleya Inst. Authorized in 64 countries.
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27 Apr
Os atrasos da Anvisa na aprovação do Sputnik V são, infelizmente, de natureza política e não têm nada a ver com acesso à informação ou ciência.
O Departamento de Saúde dos Estados Unidos, em seu relatório anual de 2020 há vários meses declarou publicamente que o adido de saúde dos Estados Unidos “persuadiu o Brasil a rejeitar a vacina russa COVID-19”.
O povo brasileiro aguarda a decisão do Supremo Tribunal Federal.
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23 Apr
BREAKING: #SputnikV study shows that there are significantly more deaths following vaccination with Pfizer than with AstraZeneca vaccine per 1mn administered doses, based on official publicly available data by 13 international health regulators. Image
The causes of such major discrepancies in the number of death cases among different vaccines should be the focus of honest scientific and public discussion.
Death rates are below average in population due to selection criteria for vaccinations. Regulators didn't find connection between vaccinations & deaths. Instead of being silent on death number discrepancies among vaccines, the media should be covering facts and avoiding biases. Image
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8 Apr
RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev held a productive meeting with the Vice Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovič. RDIF remains committed to assisting the people of Slovakia with vaccination by Sputnik V.
Unfortunately, in violation of existing contract and in an act of sabotage the State Institute of Drug Control ensured that Sputnik V tested in a laboratory which is not part of the EU’s Official Medicines Control Laboratory network even though OMCL laboratories were available.
SIDC has launched a disinformation campaign against #SputnikV and plans additional provocations. Statement by SIDC that the batch of Sputnik V delivered to Slovakia does not have the same characteristics as the vaccine described in The Lancet is fake news.
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7 Apr
These are some of our recent factual tweets about the successes of #SputnikV that are making big pharma and political lobby uncomfortable.
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7 Apr
Clarification from #Sputnik V team on 2 fake news today:
1) Report of a special investigation into #SputnikV clinical trials published in FT today is incorrect. Sputnik V team is going through a regular rolling review of EMA, in which good clinical practice (GCP) is a part of the standard procedure for all vaccines.
Sputnik V specifically invited EMA to conduct a rolling review and is showing full transparency. 59 countries already confirmed Sputnik V compliance with GCP and we expect EMA to do so as well.
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18 Mar
RDIF thanks the Mexican government, its customs and Armed Forces for seizing an illegal shipment of a fake Sputnik V vaccine.
Russian official warned last week of possible provocations against #SputnikV vaccine. Mexican government stopped and prevented what could have been one such provocation possibly aimed at discrediting the Sputnik V vaccine.
This is a comparison of the legal and official Sputnik V with the fake Sputnik V that was seized.
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16 Mar
Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Gamaleya Center, in a radio interview with Sputnik News Kazakhstan: No severe side effects have been recorded during the mass Sputnik V vaccination campaign.
Alexander Gintsburg: All batches of Sputnik V are undergoing strict quality control at the Gamaleya Center. The high quality of the vaccine is guaranteed.
Alexander Gintsburg: Sputnik V vaccine fully protects from the UK variant of COVID-19, studies on other variants are ongoing, results will be available in about one to several weeks.
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20 Feb
#SputnikV team believes that AstraZeneca research that 3 months interval between their shots works better than 3 weeks one shows:

1. Immunity created by the first AZ shot prevents the second shot from being effective (overall efficacy of only 55%) unless there is a wait of 3 months
2. Sputnik V solves this elegantly through heterogeneous boosting (using a different second shot)

3. Using Sputnik V shot as a second shot for AZ vaccine will eliminate the need to wait for 3 months. Clinical trials of this approach have already started.
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17 Feb
In response to EU leadership question on why #SputnikV vaccine is offered to EU while vaccination in Russia is not yet complete:
1. Mass doses of Sputnik V for Europeans have been offered after EMA approval and after mass vaccination in Russia is complete in June, 2021. This timeline can be accelerated by engaging EU production facilities that are waiting for EMA approval.
2. In the meantime, Russia will supply doses to Hungary and some other EU nations that decided to order Sputnik V directly
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2 Feb
#SputnikV Phase 3 Results have received enthusiastic reviews from the science community across the globe. See what the experts have to say.
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7 Dec 20
7 facts about the mass scale #SputnikV vaccination in light of publication of many misinformed articles that have been appearing in the media since the start of mass scale vaccination in Russia.
[1/7] Currently, there are only 4 vaccines in the world that published phase 3 results in this order: Pfizer, Sputnik V, Moderna, AstraZeneca. #SputnikV has significant advantages in Safety, Efficacy, Price and Logistics.
[2/7] As of now, Russia, China and UAE are the only three countries in the world that vaccinate people outside of clinical trials.
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