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#MarketAtClose | Govt’s decision to give Emergency Use Authorisation nod to global COVID vaccines, lifts market

Sensex & Nifty regain 40% & Nifty Bank 60% of yesterday's losses.

Midcap index surges nearly 2%; market breadth in favour of advances.
#MarketAtClose | Today's move helps Nifty Bank turn positive for the year again.
All Nifty Bank constituents in the green; ICICI & HDFC Bank top gainers
#MarketAtClose | IT stocks see profit booking after TCS' in-line Q4 earnings. 37 #Nifty stocks close higher; M&M, Bajaj Finserv, TaMo, Bajaj Fin top gainers
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El kirchnerismo sufrió una derrota regional brutal. Habían apoyado al delfín de Rafael Correa, @ecuarauz quien hasta hizo campaña con la promesa de que @alferdez le había prometido vacunas de #SputnikV
Andrés Arauz - quien había logrado una holgada victoria en las elecciones generales- así reconocía su derrota.
Futuro judicial incierto del expresidente Rafael Correa, quien pensaba regresar al Ecuador 🇪🇨 con un triunfo de su delfín chavista @ecuarauz
🗳 Ganó @LassoGuillermo !!!
Como diría @C5N ...... “GANÓ SCIOLI” ✌️🤦‍♂️ Image
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EU member states and the Commission need to take a decision now about whether they’re going to add #SputnikV to the EU joint procurement program. Otherwise some countries look set to follow Hungary and purchase their own.

But there’s a deep division on this among EU countries.
The Commission has gone out of its way to say it’s perfectly fine for Hungary to purchase Sputnik on its own since it isn’t part of EU joint procurement.

But the reality is it’s very complicated for everyone involved, and goes against the spirit of The EU joint strategy.
German MEP @peterliese, health lead for Merkel & VDL’s EPP, said yesterday he thinks the EU EMA is going to approve Sputnik.

If they do, he says, then EU countries should use it without hesitation.
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Que vont devenir les 600.000 personnes <55 ans ayant reçu une injection #AstraZenaca qui sont dans l'attente de la suite de leur programme vaccinal?
Nous le saurons demain, avec la publication des recommandations de la @HAS_sante
Mais il n'y aura pas de surprise (je me spoile👇)
Car il est peu probable que cette deuxième injection soit de type #AstraZenaca, compte tenu des recommandations vaccinales modifiées en Europe et même récemment au RU, avec une cible désormais plus âgée, car moins à risque de thrombose.
Comme il est peu probable que cette dose #AstraZenaca soit "perdue" et que le schéma vaccinale reparte de zéro.
L'Allemagne a d’ailleurs déjà pris une décision en ce sens en validant la stratégie "prime boost" (qui est par exemple utilisée par le #SputnikV)
#AstraZeneca #COVID19
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MEP Peter Liese, health lead for EU's largest political party EPP, had some interesting remarks today about the latest vaccine developments.

He says the main message from yesterday's #AstraZeneca blood clot news should be this: "It's possible to treat, we have a cure" (🧵1/14 )
Now that they've been identified, the blood clot deaths can be prevented.

It's an immune reaction that can be treated with antibodies, he says. That's why patients need to be informed of symptoms.

"What we're talking about is a serious side effect but it’s very rare." (2/14)
"I personally know a patient [who got the blood clots] who came to hospital last week, and she’s about to leave the hospital tomorrow.

"It’s a really serious issue, it’s life-threatening, but when you have the right treatment you can look at it." (3/14)
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RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev held a productive meeting with the Vice Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovič. RDIF remains committed to assisting the people of Slovakia with vaccination by Sputnik V.
Unfortunately, in violation of existing contract and in an act of sabotage the State Institute of Drug Control ensured that Sputnik V tested in a laboratory which is not part of the EU’s Official Medicines Control Laboratory network even though OMCL laboratories were available.
SIDC has launched a disinformation campaign against #SputnikV and plans additional provocations. Statement by SIDC that the batch of Sputnik V delivered to Slovakia does not have the same characteristics as the vaccine described in The Lancet is fake news.
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These are some of our recent factual tweets about the successes of #SputnikV that are making big pharma and political lobby uncomfortable.
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Clarification from #Sputnik V team on 2 fake news today:
1) Report of a special investigation into #SputnikV clinical trials published in FT today is incorrect. Sputnik V team is going through a regular rolling review of EMA, in which good clinical practice (GCP) is a part of the standard procedure for all vaccines.
Sputnik V specifically invited EMA to conduct a rolling review and is showing full transparency. 59 countries already confirmed Sputnik V compliance with GCP and we expect EMA to do so as well.
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#Slovakia update:
▪️ Five weeks ago fmr SK PM bypassed his coalition partners ordering shipments of #SputnikV
▪️ 200k doses delivered then tested by SK Medicine Institute which finds out: Q of #vaccine not identical to those reviewed by @TheLancet 1/2…
Nat'l agency advise: wait for #EMA checks & authorization. Result = stalemate. 🇸🇰 has 200.000 doses ready to distribution, no permission to use it. Reshuffled gov't has to navigate next steps. Perhaps it will offer some to 🇦🇹 @sebastiankurz ?🤔2/2

@swheaton @dgapev @valasekt
More details: SK Institute for Drug Control says it can't conclusively asses #SputnikV for a) lack of data from the producer b) inconsistency of medical forms c) not being able to compare vaccine batches w/ various studies
R/T @matisaksk
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Falls 🇷🇺 in den nächsten Tagen tatsächlich erneut eine Offensive gegen die 🇺🇦 startet, werden sich einige deutsche Medien & Politiker a) überrascht zeigen und b) auf die „Mitverantwortung“ der #Ukraine verweisen. Warum beides gefährlicher Quatsch ist:👇1/7…
Die Neutralitätsdoktrin als Problem: „The otherwise admirable commitment to [journalistic] objectivity is rendered absurd when one side bases its entire strategy on deceit. Put simply, there can be no meaningful middle ground between deliberate 🇷🇺 disinformation and reality.“ 2/7
In 🇩🇪/🇪🇺 reden wir gerne von notwendiger #Resilienz der Gesellschaft. Aber viele Politiker, Medien, „Experten“ & Influencer erkennen die eigene Verantwortung dabei nicht. Sicher nicht alle in böswilliger Absicht, aber zumindest naiv, singen sie Stücke von #Putin​s Liedblatt. 3/7
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A finales del 2017 ya se veía venir algo de lo que podían llegar a hacer, pero nadie sospechó que fuese algo a semejante escala. Se fue labrando. Causa efecto. De aquellos polvos, estos lodos #COVID19 y ademá,s culpo a China con todo mi #CinismoImperial
Ingresada en Mieres (Asturias) una mujer de 55 años con TROMBOSIS CEREBRAL tras recibir la vacuna de AstraZeneca… Image
Los Medios y todos los papagallos repartidos por la red con millones de cuentas dirán "¡Buena noticia! Un grupo de científicos señala la posible causa y TRATAMIENTO de los trombos relacionados con AstraZeneca" La buena noticia sería que Astrazeneca ES RETIRADA y fuera tratamiento Image
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Respecto a las últimas noticias sobre el test positivo del presidente Alberto Fernández @alferdez desde @ciencianuestra queremos hacer algunas aclaraciones intentando evitar el pánico y aprovechando el momento para concientizar (recomendamos leer hasta el final!):
El test de antígenos (Ag) no es confirmatorio de diagnóstico. Debe realizarse una PCR para esto. Sin embargo, queremos aclarar que el estar vacunado NO es razón para que el resultado del test de antígenos sea positivo.
Mediante las vacunas contra COVID-19 que utilizan adenovirus como la Sputnik V sólo se generan antígenos ("pedacitos" del virus) en la zona de aplicación de la misma. No llegan al tracto respiratorio dónde se realiza el hisopado!
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The company approved to ship in and sell #SputnikV Covid-19 vaccines from Russia at a hefty price is owned by individuals who have benefited from some of the most lucrative medical deals in Kenya’s recent history - @NationAfrica
On Wednesday, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) announced it had granted Emergency Use Approval to a private pharmacy in Kenya for the Russian-made Covid-19 vaccine, #SputnikV.
The vaccine, which has a 92% efficacy rate, is Kenya’s first private vaccine consignment and can be received by those willing to cough up Sh8,000 per shot, according to various reports.
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Ich hab ja schon mehrfach vor #Propaganda aus #Russland gewarnt. Hier ist eine tolle Analyse zum #SputnikV #Impfstoff!
Ergänzen möchte ich den Hinweis, dass laut Bericht des European External Action Service, DE "Hauptziel russischer Desinformation" ist.
So sollen Desinformationen insbes. über deutschsprachige russische Staatsmedien wie RT "Unsicherheit schaffen und Zwietracht säen". So würde ein Bild geschaffen von "irrationaler Russophobie". Uns in der Sipol-Bubble ist das bewusst. Ich erinnere an den Fall Lisa. /2
Aber: PolitikerInnen u dt Medien müssen begreifen,wie Desinformation funktioniert u dass RUS nicht Opfer ist ,sondern sich selbst durch Propaganda zum Opfer stilisiert. Zudem ist Desinformation kein isoliertes sicherheitspolitisches Thema mehr,sondern umspannt alle Bereiche/3
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As the scramble for Covid-19 vaccine jab intensifies in the country due to a deadly third wave, #SputnikV, the controversial Russian vaccine has found its way in the country. - @NationAfrica
.@MOH_Kenya however insists it is not part of any agreement allowing distribution and sale of the Russian vaccine to Kenyans at a cost of Sh11,000 per jab.
Dr Willis Akhwale, who is Kenya's vaccine advisory taskforce chairman said that he is not privy to any discussions with anyone that arrived at such a decision at the ministry.
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Los periodistas Peniley Ramírez y Gerardo Reyes publicaron en #Univisión, una nota en la que señalan que el Gobierno mexicano liberó a los implicados en el supuesto contrabando de vacunas rusas, #SputnikV contra el #COVID19 #AzucenaxFórmula

Dos fuentes militares de alto rango en el ejército mexicano dijeron al canal que la orden de liberación provenía de la @SRE_mx

Estoy conversando con @penileyramirez, periodista de #Univisión #AzucenaxFórmula
"Tenemos entendido que la avioneta viajaba desde #Chiapas y que había dos personas detenidas, incluso las autoridades aseguraron que habían sido remitidos": @penileyramirez, periodista de #Univisión #AzucenaxFórmula
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📢Alerta: incautan vacunas #SputnikV fraudulentas

La Administración de Aduanas en México decomisó un contenedor frío con 5.775 supuestas dosis de la vacuna Sputnik V que pretendían llevarse hacia Honduras camufladas entre refrescos y golosinas. 🧵[1/4]
Al respecto, el Fondo Ruso de Inversión Directa (RDIF) señaló que las vacunas son falsas. "El análisis de las fotos y diseño de las marcas sugieren que no tienen nada que ver con la vacuna original", indicó en un comunicado emitido este jueves. [2/4]
El hallazgo ocurrió al revisar una aeronave privada en el aeropuerto internacional de Campeche, previo a su partida con destino en el aeropuerto de San Pedro Sula, en Honduras.

La nave quedó en garantía y la tripulación y pasajeros serán puestos a la orden de la Fiscalía. [3/4]
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RDIF thanks the Mexican government, its customs and Armed Forces for seizing an illegal shipment of a fake Sputnik V vaccine.
Russian official warned last week of possible provocations against #SputnikV vaccine. Mexican government stopped and prevented what could have been one such provocation possibly aimed at discrediting the Sputnik V vaccine.
This is a comparison of the legal and official Sputnik V with the fake Sputnik V that was seized.
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¡Al aire! Conéctate a esta edición especial de #NotiCocuyo, @LuzMelyReyes y @nanasouquett analizarán el impacto de #COVID19 en Venezuela, tras #UnAñoDePandemia
#Ahora #NotiCocuyo @LuzMelyReyes y la periodista @nanasouquett analizarán el impacto de #COVID19 en Venezuela, tras #UnAñoDePandemia en Venezuela.
#Ahora #NotiCocuyo "Al empezar la pandemia los mismos médicos alertaron que los hospitales no estaban capacitados para tratar la enfermedad", dice la periodista @nanasouquett #UnAñoDePandemia
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️h|💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | El secretario de @SSalud_mx, Jorge Alcocer, informó que México cumple 7 semanas de disminución de casos activos de #COVID19, y llamó a no "confiarse" para evitar una tercera ola. Además, recordó que se ha avanzado en la vacunación de adultos mayores.
#ConferenciaPresidente | Jorge Alcocer, secretario de @SSalud_mx, adelantó que el @GobiernoMX, el Grupo Asesor Científico y la @SEP_mx, "afinan la estrategia de apertura de las escuelas", con algunas consideraciones como la disminución del número de alumnos por grupo.
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Kirill Dmitriev, RDIF CEO: Together with China, the US, India and Israel, Russia is in the top 5 countries globally in terms of coronavirus vaccination with both components. Russia is ahead of all European countries in terms of coronavirus vaccination with both components.
Kirill Dmitriev, RDIF CEO: Already 3.5 mln people received both doses of #SputnikV. Great Britain, often mentioned as an example of quick vaccination, has given 2 vaccine doses to fewer than half of such people in Russia.
Kirill Dmitriev, RDIF CEO: The vaccination indicator is often interpreted as a total number of shots administered, whereas Russia uses a more conservative method based on full vaccination with two components.
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#Russia, #US,and the fight over #SputnikV
#Putin made interesting comments that are important to understand how #Russia reads the situation with promotion of #vaccines
1. #Putin: "Global market for #COVID19 vaccines is worth $100 billion. We see how competitors of our producers behave: they enter a country [that is in need for vaccines],sell a small batch of vaccines on a discounted price but condition the sale with that...
2. "...the country will only purchase that vaccine from that producer in the future. So, there’s a real fight for the markets".
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | El presidente @lopezobrador_ dijo que hoy se informará sobre el Plan Nacional de Vacunación, el cual va avanzando bien, pues ayer, 10 de marzo, es posiblemente el día que más vacunas se aplicaron a adultos mayores desde que comenzó el Plan.
#ConferenciaPresidente | El presidente @lopezobrador_ destacó "que ha sido ejemplar la organización de la aplicación de la vacuna en general, pero en especial en la #CDMX, por el apoyo que se recibe del gobierno de la Ciudad".
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