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Unter #ploetzlichundunerwartet sammeln Denkpest Infizierte immer wieder Todesfälle ohne jeglichen Zusammenhang zur Impfung für Impf-Panikmache missbrauchen. Nun hat sich Wolfgang Süß die Mühe gemacht, all diese "Fälle" auf einer Webseite zu sammeln
Alleine schon die ersten Fälle auf dieser Seite sind Sportler, die #ploetzlichundunerwartet gestorben sind, bevor überhaupt in dieser Altersklasse geimpft wurde 🤡 Image
Dann noch Fälle wie Katie Mayer, die Selbstmord begangen hat - angeblich auch eine #ploetzlichunderwartet #Impfnebenwirkung? Image
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Te voy a pedir que prestes atencion a cada detalle, fechas, precios, documentos oficiales y sigas hasta el final para conocer la verdad.

Pero sobretodo a que le des RT para que SEPAMOS que paso!

2⃣El 23/12/2020 partia hacia Moscu el primer vuelo de @Aerolineas_AR en busca de las #Sputnik V para regresar a Argentina el 24/12/2020

Traerian las primeras 300mil dosis para el #COVID19 segun informaban las autoridades

@AgenciaTelam daba la noticia🔥…
3⃣El operativo fue de @ginesggarcia y @carlavizzotti y con el aval de @CFKArgentina y @alferdez decidieron pagar 3 veces mas

Hora de pagar. Aqui el documento oficial! @Aerolineas_AR recibia el ingreso a los 60 dias.

Una aventura de 305.250 dolares!🔥🔥…
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
L'Entità che rappresenta il governo sovranazionale vi fa credere che siamo deboli perché ci temono.Nel momento in cui noi ci uniremo, cadranno. Per questo temono il Risveglio dei Popoli
Siamo armati di consapevolezza, il potere oscuro dei media è finito
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
L'Italia supporta l'Askenazita, non Ebreo Zelensky finanziato da S🕸ros e messo nel governo ucraino per gestire gli affari delle Elite mondiali.
L'Italia è nei Bio Laboratori venefici in Ucraina pronti a spargere veleni in Russia con mezzi aerei turchi
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Il file di #Sputnik il sistema non me lo rende disponibile.
I rapporti tra mafia, politica e finanza sono il cuore del sistema corrotto definito Entità dagli stessi Magistrati come Ferraro e Imposimato. L'Entità ci ha ucciso i nostri Magistrati
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Vi ricordate quando i #novax agitavano il feticcio della #Russia che sconfigge #COVID19 con #arbidol e #avigan ma i #noncielodikeno?
Quando #sputnik era un #vaccino ma non "i #vaccini", col 200% di efficacia e #Putin ti insegna a cavalcare gli orsi? Forse non è un caso...
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US Security Adviser #JakeSullivan Can't Confirm Death of American Journalist in #Kiev_Kyiv

#Irpin #Sputnik #Russia #Ukraine #US #BreakingNews
According to reports, which have not been confirmed yet, the journalist died in #Irpen, in the #kiev_Kyiv region.

▪️US Security Adviser #JakeSullivan Can't Confirm Death of American Journalist in Kiev

#Irpin #Sputnik #Russia #Ukraine #US #BreakingNews
German newspaper #BILD publishes video showing evacuation of injured U.S. journalist in Irpin, Ukraine

#BreakingNews #Irpin #Russia #Ukraine #Germany #US
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Reports about a rocket strike near the #US consulate in #Erbil

12 Missiles Fall on U.S. Bases in Erbil
#Iraq #BreakingNews
Local says at least 5 to 6 explosions were heard.

#Erbil #Iraq #Breaking
Multiple Explosions Sound Off Near #US Consulate in Erbil

At the moment, the scale of destruction is not reported & on possible victims and victims. It is also not yet clear what could be the target of the attack.

#Erbil #Iraq #Sputnik #BreakingNews
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The #Kremlin again accused #Ukraine, without evidence, of developing dirty bombs and biological weapons. Meanwhile #TikTok will ban Russian users from uploading content and #Telegram’s founder speaks out. This and more in today’s #RussianWarReport🇷🇺 🧵⬇️:…
.@mfa_russia claimed that Ukrainian forces "mined a reactor at an experimental nuclear facility” in order to “accuse #Russia of creating an ecological catastrophe” and that it had obtained proof that #Ukraine and the US had collaborated to develop biological weapons. Image
@mfa_russia The #Kremlin has repeatedly used forged documents, including false signatures, as part of previous influence operations, notably a campaign that @DFRLab referred to as Operation Secondary Infektion in its 2019 investigation of Russian influence activities.…
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 11) - Un nuevo día y, tristemente, un nuevo #hilo 🧵 sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

Gracias a todos por estar ahí.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 11) - Hay reportes (cautela) sobre el supuesto traslado de carros de combate de las escuelas de entrenamiento del Ejército rusos trasladados hacia Ucrania, lo que significaría que tienen problemas para cubrir las pérdidas.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 11) - Medios rusos hablan sobre la posibilidad de que Ucrania esté construyendo "bombas sucias" basadas en plutonio, como alternativa a las armas nucleares:

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⚠️⚠️List of Sanctions on #Russia⚠️⚠️
The following companies have decided to limit or suspend operations:

@apple Pay — full lock;
@apple — complete exit from the market;
@adidas — refusal to work with the Russian national #football team;
@AudiOfficial — exit from the market;
@AMD — ban on the supply of #microchips & soon ban on the supply of #videocards;
@amazon — CEO pledges to help in logistics, cybersecurity;
@Adobe — turned off their services;
@BALENCIAGA — removed all posts from its @instagram page, leaving only a post with the #Ukrainian flag and words of support;
@bp_plc -withdrew 19.75% of shares from Rosneft;
@BMW — closes plants, blocks supplies;
@boltapp — €5M in assistance to #Ukraine;
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[ 🇺🇳 #AIEA 🔸🇷🇺RUSSIE🔸 UKRAINE🇺🇦🔸 CENTRALE NUCLÉAIRE #Zaporizhzhia ☢️ ]

📣📢 |•• Le régulateur ukrainien déclare à l'#AIEA qu'aucun changement n'a été signalé dans les niveaux de rayonnement sur le site de la centrale nucléaire de #Zaporizhzhia.

[ 🇺🇳l'Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique🔸🇷🇺RUSSIE🔸 UKRAINE🇺🇦🔸 CENTRALE NUCLÉAIRE #Zaporizhzhia ☢️ ]

📣📢 |•• L'essentiel des équipements de la centrale nucléaire ne sont pas touchés par l'incendie, selon l'#AIEA.


📣📢 |•• Il y a un incendie à l'extérieur de la centrale nucléaire dans un bâtiment d'entraînement suite aux combats.
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#RECAP ⎮ From an important resolution and show of unity at the #UN 🇺🇳 to updated sanctions, discover the latest on how #France 🇫🇷 shows its support to #Ukraine ⤵️
#UN 🇺🇳⎮ #France 🇫🇷 co-sponsored the General Assembly resolution on #Russian 🇷🇺 aggression against #Ukraine 🇺🇦.

@franceonu urged all states to vote to defend the @UN 🇺🇳 Charter and to uphold Ukraine's sovereignty with this resolution 👇 Image
@franceonu @UN @francediplo @francediplo_EN @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron @Europe2022FR #UN 🇺🇳⎮ 🗳️ The @UN #GeneralAssembly adopted the resolution condemning this #resolution with 141 member states voting in favor.

Per @franceonu, this is an urgent call on #Russia to stop this unjustifiable #invasion.

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.@Google, @Meta, and @Twitter all took action against Russian state-owned media accounts to limit the spread of harmful info online. Meanwhile, #Russia has continued to escalate its crackdown on independent media. New #RussianHybridWarReport🇷🇺 out now🧵⬇️…
@Google @Meta @Twitter .@Google, @Meta, and @Twitter took action against Russian state-owned media accounts, restricting or blocking several Kremlin-owned media organizations. @Facebook and @instagram prohibited ads wile @YouTube blocked #RT and #Sputnik’s channels across Europe.
@Google @Meta @Twitter @Facebook @instagram @YouTube #Russia’s #Duma chairman approved a proposal that would introduce criminal liability for sharing “fake” content about Russia’s armed forces. Currently a draft, the punishment outlined would be 15 yrs in prison and could intimidate Russian internet users.…
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On #refugees, 🇪🇺President @VonDerLeyen says she is proud of the Europeans who have travelled to the border to help the arrivals.

"We welcome with open arms those Ukrainians who have to flee from Putin's bombs"

The EU will send assistance to the Eastern member states to help.
@JosepBorrellF, who will chair a meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers starting now expected to last all night, says "Ukrainian forces are fiercely fighting back and showing a heroic resistance to this invasion"

Ukraine asked for #SWIFT & arms he says, and now 🇪🇺 is doing both
"This afternoon #Putin has announced that he's putting Russian nuclear deterrent forces on high alert," says Borrell.

G7 foreign ministers just had an emergency meeting on this.
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EU-Kommissionspräsidentin vion der #Leyen hat soeben mitgeteilt, dass Werkzeuge entwickelt werden sollen, die Medienmaschinerie #Russland's (z.B. #Sputnik und #RussiaToday) zu stoppen. /TN #Ukraine…
#vonderLeyen will #RussiaToday & #Sputnik verbieten. Endlich. Diese Propagandaschleudern hätten schon vor Jahren bekämpft werden müssen. /MS
ich persönlich sehe es wie Mario.
Die #BILD ist Rügenmeister. Wir haben Compact. Wir haben die Falun-Gong-Sekte. Wir haben noch viele weiterer solcher Medien.

Ein Eingriff in die #Pressefreiheit sollte stets vermieden werden. /TN
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🇪🇺President @VonDerLeyen and High Rep @JosepBorrellF announce, "for the first time ever, the European Union will finance purchase and deliver military equipment to a country that is under attack."

"This is a watershed moment."
President @VonDerLeyen also announces that *all* EU airspace is being closed to all Russian airlines. Any plane: chartered or commercial.

"Our airspace will be closed to every Russian plane, and that includes the private jets of oligarchs."
Third - the EU is banning Russian state propaganda TV channel #RussiaToday and #Sputnik.

"They will no longer be able to spread their lies to justify #Putin's war and to sew division in our union."
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La guerre en #Ukraine par la #colo d'@_artek.
Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas l'histoire des #colos @_artek a été LA #colo du parti communiste soviétique inauguré en 1925 et se trouve en Crimée.
Furent accueillis à @_artek les enfants des dirigeants commnistes
1/15 ImageImage
...du monde entier et des enfants issus du bloc soviétique choisis comme étant les futurs dirigeants communistes.
Les icônes soviétiques y passent : Gagarine mais aussi Samantha Smith en 83…
2/15 Image
Jsq'aux 90's, @_artek donnera à voir aux enfants qui y vivent l'illusion que l'URSS était un monde idéal.
Le fils Thorez écornera l'image dans '"les enfants modèles".…
3/15 Image
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Étant d'origine Russe, ayant de la famille sur place, j'en ai plus que marre du #RussianBashing des médias français, et des occidentaux moralisateurs en général. Que dirait les USA si la Russie allait installer des bases opérationnelle avancées au Mexique et à Cuba ? 1/2
De plus, n'oublions pas que les accords de Minsk ne concerne que les territoires de la Crimée et du Donbass. Les termes était l'arrêt de l'avancée des pro-russes au-delà de ces territoires. C'est ce qui a été fait. Poutine ne fait que reconnaître une république qui a déjà 8 ans.
Biden et les représentants de L'OTAN n'ont qu'à arrêter de prendre les gens pour des cons. N'avaient ils pas promis en 1989 de ne pas s'étendre en direction des frontières Russe ? Qui sème le vent, récolte la tempête.

#Ukraine #RussiaUkraineCrisis #Russia #UkraineCrisis #Donetsk
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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Holds Briefing

Watch a live broadcast from Washington, DC as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing on Friday, 11 February.
#Sputniklive #Breaking @PressSec…
This comes a day after President @JoeBiden said in an interview with #NBC that all American citizens living in Ukraine "should leave now" amid ongoing tensions on the #Russia-#Ukraine border.
#Sputnik #US @PressSec
Russian attack on Ukraine "likely to begin with aerial bombing," according to #WhiteHouse

#US citizens should leave #Ukraine "in the next 24 to 48 hours," the White House says
#AFP #BreakingNews #Russia @PressSec
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#FreedomConvoy: nearly 7,200 police & gendarmes mobilized over three days to enforce the ban on demonstrations

The police headquarters unveiled the device which will be deployed in the capital when the protestors arrive
#ConvoidelaLiberte #Paris #France
Since Wed, several convoys of vehicles mixing #YellowVests, refractory to the vaccine pass, or opponents of the govt have left Bayonne, Perpignan, Lyon, Lille, or Strasbourg to end up in the capital
#ConvoidelaLiberte #Paris #France
#TruckersConvoy #Canada
The #Paris police HQ recalls that the organizers of demos banned by the authorities can be punished by 6 months in prison & a fine of 7,500 euros. The participants themselves are likely to be fined a fourth class fine, 135 euros
#ConvoidelaLiberte #France
#TruckersConvoy #Canada
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BREAKING [Thread] @sahpra1 has registered the Chinese #COVID19 jab of #Sinopharm 4 people of 18+:

1. Internationally, the jab = known as Sinopharm/ BBIBP
2. It was originally developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products
3. It’s given as 2 injections, 2-4 weeks apart
2. Who applied for @sahpra1 approval?
1. International companies can’t apply directly to Sahpra 4 authorisation. They have to use a local company
2. #Sinopharm (a Chinese state-owned company) partnered with MC Pharma, a SA pharmaceutical company
3. Don’t get confused: Two local companies have applied with @sahpra1 for authorisation use of #Sinopharm’s #COVID19 vaccine:
1. MC Pharma (this is the application that’s been approved)
2. LHC Pharmaceuticals (this application has not yet been approved)
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JUST IN [Thread] 1. @SAHPRA1 is reviewing 6 #COVID19 #vaccine applications for emergency use authorisation (called Section 21 approval), including new applications for #Sputnik Lite (1 shot of the 2-shot #Sputnik V jab) and #Novavax.
2. Four of the 6 #COVID19 #vaccine applications are for 2 of the same jabs. So different companies applied 4 approval 4 the same vaccines:
1. #Sputnik (Dr Reddy's Labs, Lamar International)
2. #Sinopharm (MC Pharma, Lamar International; Lamar also applied for Sputnik Lite)
3. On 18 Oct @SAHPRA1 rejected Lamar International's application 4 #Sputnik because of concerns that it might increase HIV negative people's risk of #HIV infection. The application remains open. Lamar needs to submit data to prove the jab is safe.

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Few observations about reader preferences with Russia analysis. So, we @RiddleRussia @RidlRussia posted most read articles of the year with: #Riddletop10_2021 and #Riddle_топ_2021. We have about same amount of people reading us in English and in Russian.
Out of 10 most read
articles only two made it to both lists, Vladimir Gelman on #Sputnik "success story"… and Igor Gretskiy on Russia - NATO relations in 1990s…;
Topics of most interest to English speaking readers: simply foreign policy - Russia and
Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, China, Central Asia, Libya and Russian military. Among a few exceptions is @fa_burkhardt's piece on PM Mishustin's ambitions…;
For Russian speakers it is much more diverse list: elections (Smart Voting efficiency -
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Si son transparentes @DrCKambourian y @ZinClaudio hagan videos sobre caso #MaddiedeGaray ocultada en #Pfizergate publicado en @bmj_latest

18853 muertos oficiales, testimonios de #efectosadversos de

#ConLosNinosNo experimenten!
El caso #MaddiedeGaray es emblemático y destapa la ocultación de datos en ensayos clínicos.

Arroben comunicadores, medios y médicos para que hablen de este tema porque #ConlosNinos no se experimenta! Para ver info completa y organizada accedan aqui…
Dra.Cirujana Lida Obregón - Video 1/5 - Vacunas en niños ¿Para qué? Las publicaciones científicas y datos estadísticos confirman que los niños no desarrollan #COVID19 grave y que la inmunidad innata de los niños es robusta - #rtav1 #pfizergate #efectosadversos #conloschicosno
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Merci (sincèrement) pour vos remarques. Certaines me paraissent fondées ; d'autres méritent d'être discutées ; d'autres ne correspondent pas à ce qui a été écrit dans @DeskRussie (pas par moi au demeurant et le directeur de la publication ne relit pas tout avant parution).
Sur le think tank influent, oui je pense que c'est une erreur que de l'avoir écrit - dont acte.
Sur certains passages critiqués (appel à l'armée russe), j'ai compris cela comme du second degré.
L'article de @DeskRussie ne dit pas que le type en question serait LE candidat... 2/14
Je précise que @DeskRussie n'est pas #RussiaToday ou #Sputnik à l'envers : il n'y a pas de système de contrôle de "conformité" au-delà d'un minimum (v. infra). Nous avons des points de vue souvent différents et parfois des oppositions entre nous. C'est normal et souhaitable.
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