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31 May 20
Thread: here’s praying nobody has to look for a hospital bed in Mumbai. Spent the last hour trying to do that despite help from a ‘group’ of hospitals! Also help people dial 1916. Our @mybmc babus have made it the 1St BIGGEST hurdle for admission @IqbalSinghChah2 @CMOMaharashtra
Don’t get carried away by aggressive TV interviews about more lines. Try 1916! Nothing like trying & sharing what happens when a COVID suspect needs help. Only God can help then! Bureaucracy kills! @sardesairajdeep @sanjaynagral @hegde_aparna @SonaliVaid @d_s_thakur
Mumbai is running out of hospital beds, life saving drugs, ambulances etc. But @mybmc busybissuing fatwas. Even the 7 hills facility they was working well is now under ‘administrators’. And they and babus are NOT accountable. Won’t reply to messages @UghadeSharad @AshwiniBhide
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18 May 20
There are young doctors out there risking their lives in the battle against #COVID but there are also a lot of questions about govt hospitals and sr. doctors that need to be asked NOW. Request @mybmc @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT @PawarSpeaks @prithvrj to help get facts: do read on
@mybmc @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT @PawarSpeaks @prithvrj How many senior doctors, HODs have not turned up to work since the lockdown began. A count is required. Those who have been working, in all depts. including optal, gynac, etc need increments. Those who ran away need pay-cuts. lets be fair and reward those who worked, not others!
@mybmc @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT @PawarSpeaks @prithvrj There is a kind of 'burking' going on about number of beds available. While hospitals like #Sion have a unique tradition of NEVER saying no to patients, many of our top hospitals are turning away patients using many excuses. A bit like police refusing to register complaints!
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9 May 20
Really worrying feedback from young doctors in Mumbai. #ThinkAboutIt they say. No leader or sr bureaucrat wants to visit COVID hospitals in PPE. Even the investigation into #SionHospital episode will happen on Zoom or video conference! @d_s_thakur @sardesairajdeep @sanjaynagral
The doctors at #SionHospital , especially residents who do the heavy lifting are utterly demoralised at the transfer of a hard-working Dean who was desperately trying to cope in trying conditions! Insensitive Govt.
Doctors say the pressure to suppress Covid19 positive cases is enormous and the solution is NOT testing. They cite specific cases where even exposed doctors are not allowed tests under instructions from “seniors “. Morale dipping badly, cases rising rapidly. All want #BodyBags
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28 Apr 20
Good morning. Think about this. Most countries have begun to open up carefully!China is importing steel. Italy with 40K deaths is not shut like us. We are dragging our feet because bureaucrats &netas enjoy power of lockdown! Damn the economy or poverty! Back to pre1990 privilege
For those born in 2000 if you think Govt and bureaucracy gives a damn about shortages, queues, ban on imports, no foreign travel- you are in cuckoo land. The netas and babus will enjoy power. Our industry will rip off every kind of stimulus and stash it abroad! ...
Even the aspirational middle class will desperately seek greener pastures (green cards). The poor in india will get poorer. We will do bhajan and bang thalis. And no Congress or NCP are not alternatives. Waking up people to demand rights is what we need! #WakeUpIndia
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23 Oct 19
WARNING: Anyone planning a holiday on a pre-booked @oyorooms better watch out. A friend who with a paid booking in Tirupati has been shown the door by a hotel, since OYO has not paid hotels in 4 months!! @DeptConsumerAff Hope you are paying attention!!
@oyorooms @DeptConsumerAff what is even more outrageous is that this is a single woman who is left stranded. There should be some action against @oyorooms and their financier
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9 Aug 19
Dear @TVMohandasPai Thanks for speaking out about tax terrorism. Here’s something you make know. Successful professionals have had 8-10 yr old tax returns pulled out & served prosecuted for tiny delays/mistakes, which they rectified and paid fines on 8-10yrs ago 1/n @amitabhk87
A banker today says she paid Rs12 Lakhs because she and her CA inadvertently missed a small part of other income, less than 1% She voluntarily disclosed it. Paid the dues. This was 10 years ago. In June she was slapped a prosecution notice with jail term. ...
She met the chief income tax commissioner in shock at the unfair demand. She was told: we apologise. I agree it is unfair but nothing I can do. I asked why she didn’t contest. She said: between the judiciary and expensive lawyers, I will be further harassed and humiliated...
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13 Feb 19
Dear @RahulGandhi please make it clear to your lawyer colleagues that being in politics is at least a presence of public service. So @KapilSibal must choose between legal fees firm AnilAmbani and attaching him over #RafaleDeal ...if @INCIndia wants to look credible!
Similarly, please come clean on your stand on @aadhar which involves surveillance, makes citizens vulnerable on financial transactions and sends out data abroad! @RahulGandhi we need answers!
Finally- the single biggest achievement of UPA was empowering citizens through #RightToInformation. Please pledge to make it stronger and to make regulatory institutions accountable!
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21 Oct 17
Hilarious things happening on #aadhar under Govt pressure! @RBI opens office on a holiday to clarify its #RTI answers to @MoneylifeIndia
Its favourite paper @EconomicTimes added masala to the non-clarification!…
Then @indiatvnews decides to cover the issue and asked me for a sound bite. Since I was clueless about clarification I spoke about our RTI
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