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1/ Why #RahulGandhi, #CONgress ecosystem, Lutiyens & Libtards are against Indian Brands but endorse all foreign brands & their #toolkits to build opinion, from #ShaheenBagh to #FarmersAgitation to #BBC to #Adani?
2/Do you know #CocaCola entered India in the 1980s, taking over 11 other Indian soft drink brands, while #Pepsi took over others.
#Amazon hasn't left out any city nor BlueDart, DHL & FedEx.
3/ #Chinese & #Korean mobiles dominate India.
#Nestlé, #Maggi, #ITC, #HUL, #Pepsi etc entered the #FarmSector!
In 4-wheeler industry, #Suzuki, #MG, #Hyundai etc. #Honda dominates the two-wheeler industry,
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Insider Bullet Train: The News You Shouldn't Miss!


👉#Apple Will Need a Concrete Reason to Remove Betting Apps
👉#NDTV placed under surveillance amidst Adani Group Stock surge.

Watch this thread for today's updates!🧵⬇️

➡️Apple: Will Need a Concrete Reason to Remove #Betting Apps

The government banned 232 betting apps in February 2023. To which #iPhone maker Apple responded by asking for a “concrete or legal reason” to take down the betting apps from its phones.

After the #MeitY order to ban apps like Betway, Lotus 365, etc, many are still operating in the open with advertisements on digital platforms and Apple App Store.

Will Apple comply with the government’s clause, or will it take up arms in the court?

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Despite all the hot air about #MakeinIndia, when India needs something important, #Modi has no faith in Indians, even when they have proved themselves.

Our own government organization, #CDAC has made world class supercomputers. They are the #PARAM class of clusters.

(1/) Image
The article in today's Hindu newspaper says that India wanted to get an 18 #petaflop (PF) computer. Well, the fastest computer in India is the #PARAM #Siddhi, located in #IISC Bangalore, with a peak speed of 5.3 PF. Now you want 18 PF.

In 2002, PARAM unveiled its first #teraflop (TF) computer. One PF is 1000 times faster than a TF. By 2020, they had come up with a PF computer. 1000x in 18 years. How long do you think it will take them to go 3x from their existing level?

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Twitter is a place where facts are irrelevant and Google is an enemy! 1. Takes 1 minute to check SEBI board of directors 2. corp governance committee doesn’t influence policy 3. Lawyers have a far bigger influence even without family connections by marriage.They include…
..such lawyers are across the political divide. So results would be no different even if govt changed. 4. For heaven sake neither #SupremeCourt nor #SEBI has given #Adani a clean chit. A SC appointed committee has done it in a jhatphat report that goes far beyond Adani…
While those suggestions and structures feel good- absolutely nothing new if you have read our writings in @MoneylifeIndia ! (Boast fully justified and can be proven line by line) @Moneylifers @MoneylifeF
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Adani-Hindenburg issue

#SupremeCourtOfIndia to hear SEBI's application seeking extension of 6 months to complete its investigation.

#SupremeCourt… Image
Court is told that a rejoinder is filed by SEBI.

Adv Bhushan: Expert Committee has submitted its report. SEBI has been investigating Adani for many years. One was in 2016 and then in 2021. Unless SEBI puts down on record what has happened in those investigations..

CJI: They……
Bhushan: One can see so clearly that they are doing absolutely nothing, if Adani's shares increase tremendously, then alarm bells have to be rung. They have said in parliament that they were investigating Adani.. They have to tell us what has happened in those investigations..……
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Can we put an end to the #FakeNews that Byju’s is raising $1bn at $22bn valuation!? 😓😓

Break the numbers shared below the headlines, and the beans spill out!

The truth 👇 Image
$1bn is what Byju's is reportedly chasing. Though visibility in the media is all about $950m.

This sum can be broken down into 2 parts 👉
1️⃣ A 3yr $250m convertible debt from Davidson Kempner Capital Management (DKCM) which is not known to invest in startups, but in financially distressed companies against significant equity & big interest rates

Like it bought #Adani bonds when they had crashed after #hindenburg
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Mauritius Financial Services Minister Debunks Hindenburg's Adani Claims; Hindenburg Reaps Profits Amidst Dubious Report: A Call for Indian Politicians to Rethink Their Stance


Mauritian Financial Services Minister, Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, has dismissed… ImageImageImageImage
“No Shell Companies in Mauritius”

In response to a parliamentary question, Minister Seeruttun clarified that Mauritian law does not permit the operation of shell companies. All global business companies licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) are required to meet…… ImageImage
Minister Seeruttun outlined the stringent criteria for companies registering in Mauritius. Companies must conduct their core income-generating activities in or from Mauritius, be managed and controlled from the country, maintain a principal bank account in Mauritius, and keep……
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داستان #عرب_مد

اینجا حیفا بزرگترین بندر اسرائیل است.؛ جایی که تل‌آویو بندرگاه آن را به شرکت هندی #Adani به ارزش ۱.۲ میلیارد $ واگذار کرده‌. این شرکت متعلق به #گواتام_آدانی، دومین ثروتمند آسیا (۵۵ میلیارد $) و متحد نزدیک #ناراندرا_مودی نخست‌وزیر هند است. اما این همه داستان نیست. ImageImage
هند کوشیده تا حضور خود در بندر یونانی #پیرائوس را نیز گسترش دهد؛ بندری که توسط کمپانی چینی #COSCO، سومین شرکت حمل‌ونقل دریایی جهان، اداره می‌شود. دهلی‌نو همزمان در امارات نیز فعال بوده. پیامد نهایی این همکاری راه‌اندازی کریدور #عرب_مد از هند تا یونان از راه امارات و اسرائیل است. Image
هند با #عرب_مد می‌تواند کالاهای خود را از مومبای در ده روز (۴۰٪ صرفه‌جویی زمانی) به پیرائوس برساند. راه‌اندازی راه‌آهن در دست ساخت در کرانه جنوبی خلیج فارس به طول ۲۱۷۷ km و سرمایه‌گذاری کلان (بین ۱۰۰ تا ۲۵۰ میلیارد $) امارات و عربستان بنیان شکل‌گیری این کریدور خواهد‌بود. Image
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1/6 Incredible timing. #Adani sells Yangon port just hours after being exposed for continuing their business partnership with the #Myanmar military & seeking new coal business deals with them. Amazing achievement by @JusticeMyanmar & others. But serious questions must be asked.🧵 Image
2/6 How did #Adani suddenly find a buyer for its Yangon port just hours after the release of highly damaging leaked documents, when they’ve spent the last 2 years dragging their feet and privately cosying up to sanctioned military generals? #Myanmar…
3/6 #Adani have sold their #Myanmar port to a mysterious company named Solar Energy Ltd for $30M. Who is this company and where are they based? Who is the ultimate beneficial owner of Solar Energy Ltd? What, if any, human rights due diligence has Adani conducted on this company?
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Huge breaking story on @abcnews from @jrojourno. #Adani sought new coal business ventures with sanctioned #Myanmar military entities on the very same day that it was telling the world it was exiting the country. Key points below🧵…
"leaked documents obtained by a Myanmar human rights group & shared with ABC Investigations reveal #Adani, on the same day it flagged its exit from the port, lodged an "expression of interest" to export coal from #Myanmar... that would help fund the brutal regime.
"In a letter to a US-sanctioned junta minister, an #Adani exec said the group was also negotiating a related electricity supply deal with the regime." Image
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BREAKING: Leaked documents expose #Adani continuing its business partnership and even seeking new coal business deals with the murderous Myanmar military, which is ramping up its campaign of terror against the people of #Myanmar. #StopAdani… Image
#Adani sought new coal business deals with the #Myanmar military at the same time it was telling the world it was exiting the country. Adani's investors could be funding war crimes and genocide. @JusticeMyanmar @theACIJ are calling for investors & ratings agencies to #StopAdani "But leaked documents ...
The #Myanmar military recently bombed a large gathering of innocent civilians, killing at least 165 people, including many children. #Adani is enabling these atrocities by doing business with the Myanmar military. Adani’s investors are complicit & must divest immediately. In a letter to a US-sanctio...
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Long Thread:

China's “Pearl of Strings" Vs Bharat's “Diamond Necklace"!

Modern day wars are not to conquer Land Parcels, but to control Trade & Economies!

#China was lucky to be given a Free Hand by #UPA govt of CONgress which literally slept over Strategic Issues.

#China increased it's presence in Indian Ocean rampantly till 2014 through its Debt Trap Diplomacy to suit it's #StringsOfPearls strategy to contain Bharat's hold in Indian Ocean.

It created a ring around Bharat through strategically placed Nations.

How was it being done?

Via debt-trap policy! China lured strategically located nations around #Bharat to borrow Infra Loans. Once indebted, #China pressurized them to support its Geostrategic interests. This way, China got Control over Chittagong
(Bangladesh),Karachi &Gwadar Port(Pakistan) and...

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Campaign against #Adani sets dangerous precedent for public accountability and foreign investment in India and challenges India's Global Credibility:

A tweet thread🧵 Image
The campaign is driven by presumptions of Modi's proximity to Adani and perceived loss of public money invested in Adani Group of companies.
The campaign treats the Hindenburg report as an absolute truth without questioning its veracity or intention.
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"Adani Group Two Months Post-Hindenburg: Standing at $116 Billion Value Loss"

A Look at 9 Companies Under Adani Group🧵👇

1) Adani Ent

🔶Share price ~ 50% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~194,489 Cr($ 23.7B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 69% drop from 321 to 101

#Adanigroup #Hindenburg #Adani Image

ATGL stands for Adani Total Gas Limited which operates in the natural gas distribution and marketing sector in India.

🔶Share price ~ 74% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~318,175 Cr($38.8B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 75% drop from 884 to 221
3) Adani Green

The company operates and develops renewable power projects in India, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power plants.

🔶Share price ~ 45% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~138,912 Cr($16.9B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 53% drop from 558 to 264
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I have said many times before that democracy is being attacked in the country. We are seeing examples of this each day. I asked questions in the Parliament regarding the relationship between PM Modi and #Adani: #Congress leader #RahulGandhi
My speech made in Parliament was expunged, and later I wrote a detailed reply to the Lok Sabha Speaker. Some ministers lied about me, that I sought help from foreign powers. But there is no such thing I have done: #Congress leader #RahulGandhi day after his disqualification as MP
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The political nature of the "criminal defamation" case against @RahulGandhi should be obvious to anyone who followed the timeline of the legal proceeding.
The plaintiff in tghis case, Mr Purnesh Modi, sought, and won, a High Court ordered stay in the case for 11 months.
April 16, 2019: case first filed
June 24, 2021: Rahul Gandhi appeared in Court to record his statement before Chief Judicial magistrate AN Dave
March 2022 CJM insists that both sides commence arguments immediately, the Plaintiff applies to the High Court for a stay
March 7, 2022. High Court grants such Stay.
Case in abeyance for 11 months.
Feb 16, 2023, plaintiff goes back to High Court to vacate the Stay.
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1. There are a few opinions w.r.t #adaniscam

i. It doesn’t matter to common ppl
ii. It’s similar to Rafale

I believe these are misplaced. Why, I’ll try to answer below,

a. Adani scam is of concern to every Indian. Adani controls businesses that matter to us - gas, fuel,
2. infrastructure, energy. Like the Tata of yore, there is some or other Adani services that have become integral to our daily lives
b. Now imagine, a single company owning all these. You’ve been paying higher & increasing prices for all these ESSENTIALS, thanks to #Adani
c. #adaniscam is not just a corruption deal. It’s a sell-off of an entire ctry. It’s crony capitalism at its worst manifestation
d. It shows that one man was systematically favoured at the expense of other DESERVING companies by the PM of India for the last 9yrs
e. Should that
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If #Adani wants to prove it can do business differently it should start by halting:
🚮Carmichael coal mine
🚮 11 new coal mines destroying communities & forest across 🇮🇳
🚮12GWs of new coal power…
"#Adani is seeking to sell a part of its stake in Ambuja Cement to reduce its debt & restore the flagging confidence of investors... This would be the group’s first asset sale after it was hammered by allegations by #Hindenburg..."…
#Adani has pledged more shares from Adani Green as collateral for loans to Adani Enterprises - which is developing more new coal than any other company on Earth besides Coal India. @MSCI_Inc @MoodysInvSvc @SPGlobalRatings @Barclays @TIAA @BlackRock…
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💸"Potential Benefits of Prepaying Loans: Adani Group Recently Paid 7000+ Cr Share-Backed Loan"


Mainly 2 Reasons:

1) Adani can avoid the possibility of margin calls on pledged shares and mitigate additional selling pressure in the market.

#AdaniGroups #Adani
Margin Call: When a company's shares go down below a preset value that can cover the bank's loan value, the bank will ask for more money or shares as a guarantee that the loan will be paid back.
If the business owner is unable to meet the bank's request for additional funds or collateral, the bank has the authority to sell the pledged shares on the stock market to secure repayment of the loan.

This can create a cycle of more selling.
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The #AdaniGroups Saga- For Naive #Investors. A thread

I, Mr A(#Adani) have 100 chips. By #Law, I cannot own more than 75, so I hav 73 chips. 27 chips r sold in d market. Anther 15 Chips: My uncle buys them by pretending to b normal people. This is illegal, bt who will catch me?
So there are 12 chips left in the market. Out of these, #Funds like #LIC buys 9 chips. 3 chips are now left on the open market.

My #media, #political and PR management and #connections are excellent. There are whispers that I am related to the #king and #Government.
My uncle, disguised as a common man, #buys and #sells chips again, creating an impression of great demand. A plastic chip worth Rs 2 is given for Rs 10.
People compete to buy at Rs 12, 13. Then my uncle increases price and buys chips fr Rs 100 making me one of Investors Fav scrip
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Slight reprieve for #Adani this week due to a baffling $1.9B from @GQGPartners-who apparently❤️fossil fuels > due diligence. Aside from that it’s been a total binfire for the rapidly unraveling coal giant. Here’s another round up of bad news for Adani’s destructive coal empire🧵
#Adani Group’s complex debt structure and weak transparency, evidenced by the use of Adani Green Energy shares to support its coal unit, could further increase ESG concerns and hinder funding access.” @MSCI_Inc @MoodysInvSvc @FitchRatings @SPGlobal…
"Over time, the group (#Adani) has emerged as India’s biggest coal MDO — currently, it has nine MDO contracts for blocks holding more than 2,800 million tonnes of coal." @MSCI_Inc @MoodysInvSvc @FitchRatings @SPGlobal @Barclays @BlackRock @TIAA…
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Comments from Rajiv Jain, founder of GQG which has put in > Rs.15k cr into Adani cos yesterday.

Source - Australian Financial Review

On Hindenburg - “They have their view & we have our view, & we happen to disagree, but that’s what makes a market"


On Adani assets -

“fantastic,” “irreplaceable”

“About 25% of India’s air traffic passes through their airports & 25-40% of India’s cargo volume goes through their ports. The biggest competitors are actually the Indian govt, not the fastest running horse in the race.”

On Adani Green -

“Adani Green Energy is by far the fastest & largest pvt sector, green energy co in India. They’re rolling out almost 3 GW annually. So, so I think some of their assets are fantastic. Countries like India need to make the energy transition"


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1 THREAD on the SC’s order today constituting an expert committee to enquire into the #Hindenburg allegations. The supreme irony is that #SEBI gets away scot-free. Crucially, invoking the holy grail of “investor protection” is how #SEBI escapes court criticism/scrutiny
2 It is important to reiterate that crux of the Hindenburg allegations rest on the claim that the ownership of the #Adani Group Cos is concentrated above SEBI-set levels through entities not at arms length from the promoters. The rest of the allegations stem from this central one
3 The overvaluation of group company stocks and therefore of the companies is made possible because of the low “free float” - implying scope for manipulation - which then enables the #Adani Group to leverage even greater volumes of debt
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Hindenburg report on Adani: Supreme Court to pronounce judgment at 10.30 AM today.

Track this thread for live updates.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia #HindenburgReport #AdaniEnterprises
Read more about the petitions before Supreme Court on Adani-Hindenburg issue here.

#SupremeCourt #HindenburgReport #AdaniEnterprises…
The Supreme Court had earlier rejected sealed cover suggestions by Central government.

#SupremeCourt #HindenburgReport…
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