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#ETReports | #NSDL has frozen the accounts of three foreign funds - Albula Investment Fund, Cresta Fund and APMS Investment Fund — which together own over Rs 43,500 crore worth of shares in four #Adani Group companies.

@AdaniOnline @gautam_adani @NSDLeGovernance
NSDL freezes accounts of 3 FPIs owning Adani Group shares worth Rs 43,500 cr

@AdaniOnline @gautam_adani @NSDLeGovernance…
#MarketsWithETNOW | Adani Group stocks down in trade. Check it out

@AdaniOnline @gautam_adani @adaniports
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#CNBCTV18Market | Citi maintains BUY call on #Adani Ports, target at Rs 935/Sh Image
#CNBCTV18Market | CLSA has a BUY call on Dr Reddy's, target price at Rs 5,830/Sh Image
#CNBCTV18Market | CLSA says the proposed US corporate tax rate hike is unlikely to affect demand Image
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#THREAD MEDIA RELEASE: New report by @theACIJ @JusticeMyanmar exposes Adani Ports' commercial ties to #Myanmar military company #MEC, led by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing- accused war criminal & coup leader. We call on investors to #divest #StopAdani…
Yadanar Maung, @JusticeMyanmar:"We therefore call on Adani Ports' #shareholders and #creditors to uphold their human rights responsibilities by cutting ties with #AdaniPorts for its continued business with the criminal junta. Stand with the people of #Myanmar." #StopAdani #Divest
Ahsan Haque from @BRCA_Australia: "It's time to hold such businesses accountable in the same light. We call on investors to immediately divest from #AdaniPorts."
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Why a certain power is trying their best to ruin the image of Adani Group Reliance Industries Limited??

#Adani is testing #Chinese financial authority in #Australia and #SriLanka by stowing enormous agreements in Force, Mining and Infra area.

#Ambani is contracting space for American Enterprises in India by engaging in organizations like 5G and Retail.

#ModiGovernment has made it practically incomprehensible for front associations Ford Foundation, Greenpeace, Amnesty and so forth of CIA to work without any potential repercussions.

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Friends here is my thread on Adani and his works..

"When Modi took office, he flew from Gujarat to the capital New Delhi in Mr Adani’s private jet — an open display of friendship that symbolised their concurrent rise to power @KTRTRS…
Records show details of several wire transfers totaling $14.46 million being received by the #Adani firm from this Seychelles entity.
FinCEN Files — In alert on shell firms, NY bank flags transfers to Adani from Seychelles…
Not only does the Adani group borrow directly from banks, it also uses a part of that money to buy equity in subsidiaries – and then pledges those shares to raise further borrowings…
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✍️IND's Renewable Energy sector is world's 4th most attractive RE Mkt
✍️Globally, Cost to generate Solar & Wind Energy dropped by 90% & 70% in past 10 yrs
✍️Costs almost at par with NG
✍️RE is estimated to comprise ~60% of IND’s installed power capacity by 2030 (~24% at present)
✍️Global Investments in RE: $282 Bn in 2019
✍️45% cming frm China, who aims to get 62% energy via RE in nxt 3 yrs
✍️By 2040, IND aims to generate ~49% of total Electricity frm RE
✍️FDI inflow in the Indian non-conventional “energy sector” stood at $9.22B in last 10 years
✍️More than $42B has been invested in IND’s “RE” sector since 2014
✍️Estimated to attract investment ~$80B in nxt 4 yrs
✍️The past 9 months have slowed the Solar Energy installations by 80% v/s 2019 due to Covid
✍️2020-Cumulative solar capacity is ~37 GW
✍️2022-Tgt is 100 GW
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Mitron, there is no corruption in BJP!

"When Mr Modi took office, he flew from Gujarat to the capital New Delhi in Mr Adani’s private jet — an open display of friendship that symbolised their concurrent rise to power."
Records show details of several wire transfers totaling $14.46 million being received by the #Adani firm from this Seychelles entity.
#FinCEN Files — In alert on shell firms, NY bank flags transfers to Adani from Seychelles

Not only does the Adani group borrow directly from banks, it also uses a part of that money to buy equity in subsidiaries – and then pledges those shares to raise further borrowings...
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So a decade ago @Gautam_Adani invested $1bn in a HALE thermal #coal deposit 400km from anywhere in the Galilee.

At the same time Mr Adani invested $40m in a 40MW #solar project.

So fast forward to 2020: which investment is doing better?
So @AdaniAustralia's Carmichael coal remains a stranded HALE coal deposit with zero revenues, nets debts of A$2.1bn and negative A$786m shareholders "equity" (plus a royalty holiday for the rest of this decade, thanks to @AnnastaciaMP & @glencore's @mattjcan).
In contrast, #Adani Green Energy - with a US$15bn market capitalisation - is by value now the largest energy firm in India, by a mile (having overtaken the 65GW @ntpclimited giant last month)! 🇮🇳✅
Mr Adani owns 75% worth US$11bn!
And zero subsidies, emissions or pollution.
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Marsh (world's biggest insurance broker) to adopt climate policy requiring Paris compliance. Bad news for client #Adani Mining, good news for planet… (paywalled)
Market will be a duopoly once Aon and Willis Towers merge. If they follow suit, coal will be essentially uninsurable
Similar picture in finance. Soon Chinese government will be only significant source of funding for coal mines and power stations. If Xi pulls the plug, he could save the planet. If not ....
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Indian electricity demand has dropped 21% in absolute terms since the start of March 2020. As the high marginal cost source of power, coal-fired power generation is down 28%. @RajKSinghIndia, a key lesson for us is that #coal has worn 99% of curtailment in 🇮🇳.
And India ended FY2020 with record high coal stockpiles.
Analysis by @CWorringham. With domestic coal production increasing, and coal generation declining, the inevitable is lower imports of thermal coal over 2020.
Coal imports down 27% year-on-year in March 2020 to 15.7Mt, a reflection of things to come over 2020 after three years of coal import growth. An interesting dilemma for @Gautam_Adani's #Adani Carmichael HALE #coal proposal.…
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More good news. #Adani Abbot Point bonds downgraded to junk, with negative watch by S&P, Fitch. Capital refinancing postponed……
Fitch also noted that AAPT's financing options are *limited by lenders' increasing concerns over coal assets*, compounding the refinancing risk of its bullet debt maturities.
As with Carmichael mine, Adani Group proposes to use own funds to repay debt. But Gautam Adani has taken big hit to personal wealth. When will he pull the plug on this disastrous venture?
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Climate change will likely lead to:
1. Food and water shortages
2. Pandemic disease
3. Disputes over refugees
4. Disputes over resources
5. Destruction by natural disaster.

So wrote @DeptofDefense in 2014.

This is Australia in 2020.

A thread 👇

#auspol #insiders #CCINOz
1. Water shortages ✅
Towns in WA out of water.
I note that rural towns in North Central NSW are also on the brink.

WA Water Minister warns of 'unprecedented' shortages as drinking water trucked in… via @ABCNews
2. Pandemic disease ✅
Who from Australia is travelling to #China.
Oh yeah.

Australia declares #coronavirus will become a *pandemic* as it extends China travel ban.…
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India’s electricity sector transition continues to progress. #RenewableEnergy has been the least cost source of new generation capacity since 2017 at <Rs3/kWh, 20% below existing domestic coal power at Rs3.60. RE is over two-thirds of all new installs in 2019/20.
Indian electricity demand grew just 0.7% year-on-year in CY2019, a dramatic slowdown on the >6% CAGR this decade.
In the ten months to Jan’2020, India’s #coal fired power generation is down 26TWh. Not the peak, but definitely a clear sign of the technology transition underway.
And key players driving this technology driven transition like @AzurePowerSolar continue to power ahead!…
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While our focus has understandably been on the #AustraliaBushfires and the #Adani #coal project, another huge mine is due to be built soon, right on top of @BimbleboxNR…
@BimbleboxNR This project has been granted State and Federal environmental approval, largely on the proviso of that impacts on @BimbleboxNR and its biodiversity will be "offset". I've described these issues here:
Apart from the issues with #offsets, can I just remind you that @BimbleboxNR is a privately owned and managed protected area, that the Queensland Government formally recognised for its biodiversity values…
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An rambling, soul-searching letter by Siemens's CEO defending his decision to go through with an #Adani coal rail contract is almost more troubling than the decision itself:…
You really should read the letter itself to get a full sense of how strange it is:…

It's almost twice as long as "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", and almost as filled with stream-of-consciousness yearning, regret, assertion and indecision.
What's so strange about this is that Siemens is one of a handful of companies that *built* the fossil-fired electricity industry.

Along with GE and Mitsubishi, its coal and gas turbines powered the 20th century.
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#Siemens-Chef @JoeKaeser verkündet nach Gespräch mit @Luisamneubauer Prüfung des bestehenden Vertrages zum Bau der australischen Kohlemine Adani #FridaysForFuture
"Wir werden prüfen wie wir mit der konfliktären Interessenlage zwischen Stakeholdern und Verantwortung für Nachhaltigkeit umgehen."
Eine "bewusstere Haltung" habe bei der Entscheidung für #Adani gefehlt. Zukünftig soll ein neues sustainability board klimaschadliche Entscheidungen stoppen können. Klimaneutralität will Siemens evtl schon 2025 erreichen, statt 2030
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A #FixTheWEO *THREAD* on how the @IEA is still boosting fossil fuels & acting as an obstacle on #climate with #WEO19.

TL;DR: It fails the biggest test – charting an energy road map to staying within 1.5°C, when that is a key to survival for millions of people. 1/
@IEA First things first: Why care? As Andrew Logan @CeresNews put it: "The @IEA is effectively creating its own reality. They project ever-increasing demand for fossil fuels, which in turn justifies greater investments in supply." 2/…
@IEA @CeresNews When the world's 'gold standard' of energy analysis gives central billing to a 3°C scenario, @IEA normalizes a path we can't afford to take rather than focusing attention on the path we urgently need to pursue ➡️ below 1.5°C. 3/…
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The approval of #Adani’s groundwater plans is a disgrace and shows that the whole system is rigged and broken. This is not about any specific allegation of corruption, but the rules of the whole system being unfit for purpose. Here’s a thread on a few ways the system is rigged:
QC @StephenKeim1 has said that: “the default position of mining law in Queensland is that mining should proceed because exploiting the earth is ordained.” The existing system fails to adequately consider the climate damage impacts of a proposed project.
Notoriously there is legal approval that asks directly “given that we are in a state of climate emergency, should this project proceed?” Logically, it is impossible to justify the Adani mine in the face of climate emergency.
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💥 we're kicking off the #KooyongVotes candidates forum!


MC'd by #BarryJones

i'll be live-tweeting here… tune in below.

@LiteFootPrints #AusVotes19
the good people of @LiteFootPrints — the organisers — are live-streaming tonight's event on facebook live:…
questions will be taken using 'slido' — head over to and enter s916 to join in.

add a question, or up-vote others. (i've submitted 2 questions. hint hint!)
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1. OK, Hanson lied through her teeth. Ashby & Dickson solicited donations from the NRA & the Koch operation, and discussed how to hide it so voters didn’t know. They KNOW what they’re doing is wrong. They promise potential donors to weaken gun laws. #howtosellamassacre
2. Hanson calls Ashby in the US about what they’re doing. He tells her they must ‘keep everything out of writing’ and use a private email account. She KNEW. Of course she knew. #howtokillamassacre.
3. PH dines with Muller AFTER foreign donations banned, says didn’t go to US b/c ‘not a politically smart thing for me to do.’ She discusses foreign loans & ‘baby steps’ to weaken gun laws. Ashby says he’ll return to USA with her after #ausvotes. SHE KNEW. #howtokillamassacre
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So @AdaniAustralia's low quality means they would only receive half the #coal benchmark price, even if they use a huge amount of Townsville's drinking water for washing to make it saleable. A stranded asset the @IPCC_CH says we can't afford. @mattjcan…
Is @ScottMorrisonMP proposing a $200m upgrade of Townsville's water supply to offset the free upstream of Townsville water being gifted by @DrAnthonyLynham to a foreign tax haven based billionaire to export yet more low quality thermal coal the world can't afford to burn?
South Korean Government SOEs rule out any financing nor EPC involvement in @AdaniAustralia's proposed Carmichael #coal mine.… by @kabira_tweeting
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@climatecurtis @MarkRuffalo @100isNow @ChrisEvans @chrishemsworth @TurnbullMalcolm @AnnastaciaMP @stopadani @AYCC @ShoebridgeMLC @algore @climatecouncil @LeoDiCaprio @GladysB @billshortenmp @POTUS @EPAScottPruitt @Shell @exxonmobil @Chevron @SantosLtd @gautam_adani @bp_plc @AndyVesey_AGL @LockTheGate @aycc_wollongong @DanielAndrewsMP @NatashaFyles @ABarrMLA @theresa_may @jacindaardern @MarkMcGowanMP @JayWeatherill @NicolaSturgeon @EmmanuelMacron @markrutte @AngelaMerkeICDU @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @campaignforleo @GetUp @PaoloGentiloni @narendramodi @MayorofLondon @Lagarde @AbeShinzo @350 @erna_solberg @COP23 @elonmusk #Adani
The Article 'Adani urges miners to fight activists or Hunter Valley will be next' appears to allude to articles regarding bigger & worse mines in NSW. Lock The Gate has a ongoing campaign re: new mining in nsw & organising a gathering on 24.03.18 in Sydney re: Time2Choose Image
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