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During the reign of #Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a famous company called #Enron planned to set up a factory in Dabol, #Maharashtra!... However, this did not happen due to the opposition of the local people. As a result, Enron was angered by the changing circumstances.
38,000 crore compensation case filed against the Indian govt in the #ICJ.
Vajpayee appointed #HarishSalve and #KulbhushanJadhav as advocates for the #GovtofIndia. But, Do you know who was the lawyer for #Eron? None other than #Chidambaram of congress.
The #Vajpayee government #won the case!...
That is, the verdict came in favor of India. Time has passed!
Later, the Vajpayee government ended and the Congress government was formed!#ManmohanSingh is the Prime Minister. Cabinet Minister #Chidambaram. #Enron #appealed the case.
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Nataraj Temple #Chidambaram is also referred as Thillai Nataraj Temple
Cholas considered #Nataraja as their family diety
Chidambaram means "Clothed in wisdom"
Its one of the oldest & amazing Temples of South dedicated to #Space
An architectural & spiritual marvel
Plz read
*The big toe of #Nataraj here is the "Center Point of World's #magneticEquator
Ancient Tamil Scholar #Thirumoolar proved this 5000 yrs ago

*Its based in Humans having 9 enterances to the body

*Roof made of 21600 gold sheets denoting 21600 breaths taken by a human everyday
15 x 60 x 24 = 21600)

*These sheets r fixed on the “Vimanam” (Roof) using 72000 gold nails which denote the total no. of Nadis (Nerves) in the human body

*Ponnambalam ” placed slightly tilted towards left
Represnting Heart
5 steps to reach itcalled “Panchatshara padi ”
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Phalguna sukla Sapthami (26.02.2023) is celebrated as Sri #RaghavendraTheerthara #VardhantiMahotsava, the sacred day Sri #VishnuParivaaraDevata #Shankukarna incarnated as Kamadhenu, Kalpavruksha, Parimalacharya, GuruSaarvabhouma, Poojyaaya, Sri #Raghavendraswamy of #Mantralayam+
श्री नृसिंह पुराणद वचनदंतॆ...

शंखुकर्णाख्य देवस्तु ब्रह्म शापाश्च भूतले।
प्रह्लाद इति विख्यातो भूभार क्षपणे रतः ॥
स एव राघवेंद्राख्य यति रूपेण सर्वदा ।
कलौयुगे रामसेवां कुर्वन् मंत्रालये भवेत् ॥
ಶ್ರೀ ನೃಸಿಂಹ ಪುರಾಣದ ವಚನದಂತೆ...

ಶಂಖುಕರ್ಣಾಖ್ಯ ದೇವಸ್ತು ಬ್ರಹ್ಮ ಶಾಪಾಶ್ಚ ಭೋತಲೇ ।
ಪ್ರಹ್ಲಾದ ಇತಿ ವಿಖ್ಯಾತೋ ಭೂಭಾರ ಕ್ಷಪಣೇ ರತಃ ।।
ಸ ಏವ ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರಾಖ್ಯ ಯತಿ ರೂಪೇಣ ಸರ್ವದಾ ।
ಕಲೌಯುಗೇ ರಾಮಸೇವಾಂ ಕುರ್ವನ್ ಮಂತ್ರಾಲಯೇ ಭವೇತ್ ।।
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Important facts on #Saivism

1. The symbols of Saivism are Vibhuti, Rudraksha and the Namasivaya Mantra

2. Annabhishekam is done during
Aipasi Poornima to Lord Shiva

3. The form in which Shiva is a yogi and bestows wisdom Is #Dakshinamurthy

4. Where is Shiva who represents

the soul?
Thiruperundurai (Avudayarkoil)

5. The place where Easan graces as the Kalasamhara Murthi is

6. The place where Lord Shiva asked Nandi to move to see Gnanasambandar is #Pattiswaram

7. The one who sang a song on Lord Siva once every year is #Thirumoolar
8. The shrine known as Muktivasal is Thiruvengadu (Navagraha Budhan Sthalam, Nagapattinam District)

9. Snanam of Shiva Parvati in Cauvery in the month of Aippasi is known as #Tulasanam

10. Bathing in Cauvery along with all the Gods on the last day of the month of Ippasi in
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This thread is in response to an ex economic advisor who gets all his data from taxi drivers, ex RBI gov who failed miserably & ex FM who successfully did farming worth crores in his kitchen garden, all claiming India is going Sri Lanka way.

Let us review key parameters…1/12
of Bharat’s economic health during times of double global crisis of Pandemic & War!

Inflation: At 7%, Bharat is much better than the west. US at 9.1% and UK at 8.6% have their highest inflation in last 4 decades while India is much lower than the double digit inflation…2/12
during UPA regime. Global factors like rise in global commodity prices, oil price & supply chain issues r main reasons for rise in inflation globally. Another key reason was most nations, especially west, splurged in the name of stimulus packages during pandemic leading to…3/12
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The #BjpGovt machinery has become a pawn in the hands of #Modi and the #RSS. Remember, just to get revenge, #Amit_Shah forced #Chidambaram to go to jail. Even now, with the names of two ministers on charges of #corruption in #WestBengal, the politics of...

revenge by #Bjp is once again momentum.If you take a stand against the #ModiGovt, then #CBI, #CID, #ED will follow you. Those who say "Wah Modi ji wah" are exempted from this system and those who challenge the incumbents are questioned. However, these..

actions have eroded the credibility of the govt machinery.The tendency to form a #BjpGovt on the strength of the majority and to use these #institutions to conspire is detrimental to #democracy.
If the accusation is proved, the concerned should be punished;..

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Did You Know ?
Significance of Chidambaram Temple design, layout & architecture of the temple is replete with philosophical meanings.
Let's go thru a small Thread -
1. The 9 gateways signify the 9 orifices in the human body.
2. The Ponnambalam, the sanctum sanctorum represents the heart which is reached by a flight of 5 stairs called the Panchaatchara padi - pancha meaning 5, achhara – indestructible syllables – "SI VA YA NA MA", from a raised anterior dias - the Kanakasabai.
3. The access to the Sabha is through the sides of the stage (not from the front as in most temples).
The Sanctum sanctorum is held by 28 pillars – representing the 28 agamas or set of methodologies for the worship of Bhagwan Shiva.
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#Thread My heart and mind are lost in the thoughts of the great temple of #Chidambaram. For Shiva devotees of TN, this is THE kovil, just like for devotees of Shri Vishnu, Srirangam is THE kovil. This is also one of the few temples in India that is managed by hereditary priests.
The temple has 4 Rajgopurams in 4 cardinal directions, built at different times and yet, all 4 Gopurams are uniform in size, structure and form. All are 7-storeyed and 135 feet tall. All have 13 Copper Kalashas on them.
Belief is that temple of Chidambaram IS Lord Shiva. The gold-roofed garbhgriha has d Lord manifested in 3 forms:
-  Murti of Lord Natarajar, as the Sakala form
-   semi-form Crystal lingam, as the Sakala nishkala form
-   formless - the empty Space known as Chidambara Rahasyam.
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40 ஏக்கர் பரப்பில் பரந்து விளங்கும் நடராஜர் கோயிலிலிருந்து உபரிநீரை வெளியேற்ற பூமிக்கடியில் சுரங்க நீர்வடிகால்பாதை அமைக்கப்பட்டு உள்ளதை இப்போது பார்ப்போம்


#Chidambaram #Natrajatemple

👇 கீழே படியுங்கள் 👇
சிதம்பரம் ஸ்ரீநடராஜர் கோயிலில் மழைக் காலங்களில் வரும் அதிகப்படியான உபரி நீரினை வெளியேற்றுவதற்காக கிபி 10-13 நூற்றாண்டில் பூமிக்கடியில் கால்வாய் அமைத்து சுமார் 1200 மீட்ட தூரத்திற்கு அப்பால் நீரினை கொண்டு சென்று வெளியேற்றி உள்ளனர் என அண்ணாமலைப் பல்கலைக்கழக வரலாற்று ஆய்வாளர்கள்
ஆய்வில் தெரிவித்துள்ளனர்.

பூமிக்கடியில் கால்வாய் அமைப்பு: சிதம்பரம் நடராஜர் கோயிலில் உள்ள யானைக்கால் மண்டபத்தின் மேற்கு பகுதியில் இருந்து நிலவறை கால்வாய் வழியாக மழைக் காலங்களில் வரும் உபரிநீரினை கோயிலின் நேர் வடக்கே அமைந்துள்ள தில்லைக் காளிக்கோயில் சிவப்பிரியை குளத்தை
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Train No.12027 - Shadabdhi Express

Train No.12027 - Shadabdhi Express from Chennai MGR Central to KSR Bangalore will shortly depart from Platform No.7.

I was sitting in the window seat allotted to me. The whole train looked almost half empty.
My seat was in the middle of the coach wherein a wooden table is fixed for the passengers' use. You'll not be able to fold the same as in other seats.

As the train was nearing Basin Bridge station, a man, aged about late 30s, walked in & occupied the aisle seat.
On the other side in the same row, 2 girls (youngsters) (probably IT employees working in Bangalore) were sitting.

Please don't mistake me. Nowadays, I observe people around me to know about people's characteristics.
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With huge thanks to #UshaLaxman & #SrinivasLaxman, sharing a threat on #Scam1992 through #RKLaxman 's eyes. Hopefully few will be educated on how everybody was covered. But be patient.. will update only one a day

@yogtoday Image
This is when #chidambaram resigned over #Fairgrowth and there was a media frenzy. Eventually only #shankaranand really bowed out of politics. Every other neta escaped as always! Image
Nothing captures the madness better than this #scam1992 the Special Court continues to hear scam cases 28 yrs later and the Custodian has become a permanent body!! National Embarrassment -- continues in DHFL, PMC, IL&FS ... eventual action meaningless! @Moneylifers Image
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Who is the real culprit behind the crimes committed by Vijay Mallya? Shame on #ManmohanSingh and #Chidambaram to be named by the British court as being behind the fraud committed by Mallya. Hearing the Mallya case on Friday, Justice Emma Arbaughnott stated in clear terms that,
that, "Indian banks had grossly violated their own rules and regulations in lending to Mallya's airline company Kingfisher. This can be seen 'with closed eyes' she stated. The above remarks were with reference to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister
Chidambaram ordering the loan to Mallya, despite the bank's objection. On Friday Judge Emma Arbhannot of the Westminster Magistrate Court of London has openly exposed the malpractices and corruption committed by Indian banks in giving loans to Vijay Mallya. "Does any bank officer
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#Chidambaram #Temple
Significance of the temple #design
The layout & #architecture of the temple is replete with philosophical meanings.
The 9 gateways signify the 9 orifices in the #human body. @sattology @Itishree001 @almightykarthik @sd1733 @drmudita Image
The Ponnambalam, the sanctum sanctorum represents the heart which is reached by a flight of 5 stairs called the Panchaatchara padi - pancha meaning 5, achhara – indestructible syllables – "SI VA YA NA MA", from a raised anterior dias - the Kanakasabai.
@Vaidyvoice @artist_rama Image
The access to the Sabha is through the sides of the stage (not from the front as in most temples).
The Sanctum sanctorum is held by 28 pillars – representing the 28 agamas or set methodologies for the worship of Bhagwan Shiva. @sfeksk @kalpavirksha @RajiIndustani @rightwingchora Image
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#Karana means 'action' and in the context of dance it indicates a coordinated action of the body, the hands and the feet. There are 108 karanas out of which i am depicting "lalata tilakam" which is the 50th karana

Out of this dancer is depicting #Lalatatilakam - Image
ललाटे तिलकं कुर्याल्ललाटतिलकं तु तत् ।
पृष्ठतः कुञ्चितं कृत्वा व्यतिक्रान्तक्रमं ततः ॥

#Lalatatilakam images show #Shiva (not in the image) lifting his right leg straight upwards parallel to his torso and one of his left arms go up and the hand touches the crown.
One of the right arms of Shiva winds his lifted leg and makes the #abhaya gesture. Some of the earliest of these images are found at #kanchipuram , while some of the later figures of this dance form are from #Chidambaram ,
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The outcome of today's CWC meeting would not have surprised even the most politically naive. But, no fan of the dynasty myself, I'm happy that status-quo has been maintained because the country can't afford unnecessary drama and instability during #COVID19 crisis. #SoniaGandhi
2/n Having said that, today's "gingerly dissent" different from previous charades. It revealed hitherto hidden fault lines. The cracks will widen as #SoniaGandhi's grip weakens. Old retainers won't play ball with #RahulGandhi and his own baba-log coterie will be out of depth 3/n
3/n either #RahulGandhi will have to take help of new power brokers or the old guard may decide to back #PriyankaGandhi - who is made more in her mother's mould. While the 23 musketeers were in the limelight - stalwarts like #Chidambaram were silent. Picture abhi bhi baaki hain.
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Vaitheeswaran Koil: Main Deity : Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy (Lord Shiva)
Consort: Sri Thaiyal Nayagi
Other Deities : Panchamoorthys, Muthukumaraswami (Lord Muruga), Angaraga (planet Mars), Dhanvanthri, Jatayu, Badrakali, 63 Nayanmars.
Holy Water : SiddhamirthaTheertham Vaitheeswaran Koil: Main Deity : Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy (Lord
Sthala Vruksha : Neem (Vembu). It is located 235 kilometers from Chennai, 27 km from #Chidambaram, The holy waters of the Siddhamirtham tank within the temple complex contains nectar, and a holy dip is believed to cure all diseases. The temple is revered by the Tevaram hymns
of 7th-century Saiva nayanars - Tamil saint poets and is also classified as a Paadam Petra Sthalam (temple revered by the nayanars). During the #Ramayana period, Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Saptarishi have worshiped the deity in this place.
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This Thread is on who is Maridhas??

Maridhas about salem express way Politics.

Maridhas about Periyarism.

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Important day for #PChidambaram as well as CBI & ED in the #INXMediaCase: Kapil Sibal mentions before Justice R Banumathi that the new petition against CBI's remand hasn't been listed so far.
Justice Banumathi says that necessary orders could not be obtained from the #CJI over the weekend. Registry has been asked against to do the needful.
SG Tushar Mehta says he has no objections if #PChidambaram's legal team wants to argue against the custody order too.
A lot is at stake for #PChidambaram as well as for the #CBI and the #EnforcementDirectorate when the #SupremeCourt takes up the former union finance minister’s petitions today. Here's why and how:…
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Action begins at Delhi's Rouse Avenue court where #PChidambaram is going to be produced by the #CBI following his arrest last night.

Wife Nalini Chidambaram and son #KartiChidambaram have reached court no.502, presided over by special judge Ajay K Kuhar.
Senior lawyers Kapil Sibal, AM Singhvi, Vivek Tankha are also in the court complex.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta and senior lawyer Sonia Mathur are expected to appear as special public prosecutors for the #CBI.
#PChidambaram being taken to the court room where remand proceedings in the #INXMediaCase
will commence shortly.
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"Kingpin of InxMedia" Scam Delhi HC Order (very scathing)
#Chidambaram had given FDI clearances to INX Media grp for receiving overseas funds up-to 305 crore in his capacity as a Finance Minister.

What does that speak about Congress Party.

#ChidambaramFacesJail ImageImage
Pick up any major scams in last 30 years you will find #PChidamabaram somehow involved in it.
Anyone remembers #Fairgrowth (Co associated with Scamster Harshad Mehta) Scam where Chidambarams owned up to holding 15000 shares .

#ChiddiBhagModiAaya ImageImage
Sonia led Cong party, HM #PChidambaram used entire political machinery to target Modi and incarcerate Amit Shah but both these leaders stood their ground and faced the law of the land compare them to absconding Chiddu and response of Cong party & coitrie
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