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Founder & Exec-Director, @project_polis. Barrister, writer & researcher. Prev UNWarCrimesTribunal & #RefugeeLegalAid,Cairo. Book Midnight’s Border(forthcoming)
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25 Oct
Manusmriti, no matter which translation you chose to rely on, is an insidious weapon of oppression that violently robs people of their dignity. You don’t have to read it or debate its relevance. It lives & breathes in our homes. This is what Ambedkar choose to symbolically burn.
I spent the past few days reading everything I could, and the conclusion I am left with is this -Manu’s text is an act of political exclusion that strengthen and supports the edifice is social exclusion. Social inequality is not only cultivated. It is violently upheld.
But Mhd has to be read in confrontation with Ambedkar’s Constitution today. A book that states that we are all equal — that we need a social and political revolution to achieve that equality is being quietly and quickly being remade.
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24 Oct
This is where we are:
Law school asks Shilpa Singh, an assistant professor to explain her method/material of teaching, after members of ABVP,complained that she “promotes socially hateful thoughts about a particular religion, community and group of people”…
The topics ABVP found four topics offensive. 1. ”teachings of Manusmriti”. 2. Rohith Vemula)3. M M Kalburgi and Dabholkar (rationalists and activists who were murdered) 4: ”issues with a response to a particular query on beef” the prof had shared.
”Since Monday, Singh has begun to record her online classes — as they now form “evidence of her style of teaching”

The surveillance logic will now govern everything.
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17 Oct
This is not exceptional — this is normal. If you are racially not white and have a name that isn’t similar to Cody, Karen or Kelly, how you are referred to is also a way of putting you in place.
“In other words, mutilating someone’s name is a tiny act of bigotry. Whether you intend to or not, what you’re communicating is this: Your name is different. Foreign. Weird. It’s not worth my time to get it right. “…
After a febel attempt at pronouncing your name, I hear — ”such a pretty name, what does it mean in your culture.” I don’t know Alison, what does Alison mean in your “culture” 🤷🏽‍♀️. But I am not worried about how my name is pronounced, am worried what happens come to NOV
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17 Oct
I taught a credit course in @NUJSKolkata in 2015 & gave a lecture last year. Even in 2015, some of its male students displayed blatant misogyny. Apart from some rude remarks post lecture, I have seen more of its male student behave this way. Not be returning to this campus again
It is not just this campus— or this boy. The number of young men who disrespect the women in public spaces, especially women they disagree with, is now normalized.
Post lecture, one of the students asked, “ what do you have to say for your self. Imran Khan retweeted you.” — the tone was accusatory, and this was the level of discourse. A bunch of female students jumped at my defense, but still a good reflection of where we are.
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27 Sep
A good time to remember that U.S. journalist, Rukmini Callimachi took thousands of ISIS files out of Iraq, reigniting a bitter dispute over the theft of Iraqi history.

This was flagged by many folks, especially Iraqi scholars. by @MaryamSaleh
“Farhan emailed Callimachi to ask if she got permission from Iraqi government officials to take the documents, and if she got consent from the people named in the files to publish their names.”
“Farhan didn’t hear back, so she worked with two legal scholars to launch a petition calling on the Times to rethink its use of the documents.”
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27 Sep
Here @PieterFriedrich follows the campaign donations and exposes the systematic efforts of affiliates of the RSS & the BJP to influence the perception of Modi & his hyper-nationalistic agenda through what they call “diaspora diplomacy.”… via @project_polish
“In the American political scene, Bhutada and Pallod were the earliest RSS-affiliated campaign donors to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and have kept close association with her — even flying to Hawaii in 2015 to attend her wedding, where they were joined by Ram Madhav of the RSS.”
“Shortly before attending Gabbard’s wedding, Madhav articulated a concept of “diaspora diplomacy.” He argued that the Indian diaspora “can be India’s voice even while being loyal citizens in those countries.”
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27 Sep
A recent thread of podcasts at @project_polis ‘"Capitalist Dreams and Nationalist Designs in India": A conversation with Dr. @rkadelhi Ravinder Kaur’ on #SoundCloud #np…
‘"Everyone Has Been Silenced", UP violence and its aftermath - Conversation with Dr. Sajjad Hassan’ on #SoundCloud #np…
5 Object Podcast | Conversation with philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò’ @OlufemiOTaiwo on…
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24 Sep
Things are going to get infinitely worse. So a few things to think, and consider.
1. Slow everything down. Urgency is not the same as instant reaction. Urgent actions can and must be deliberate. Analyze and assess your immediate reality honestly.
2. Every decision takes away your time and resources. Decide what you will not do. This includes saying no more often than you like.
3. Pick your battles. Seriously !
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20 Sep
Twitter — do you know who this man is ? He and his crew claimed he was a YouTuber,&were filming near union square without a masks. He was ‘acting’ as if he was peeing next to open seating and was filmed. When asked he went on to state multiple times that COVID is a hoax. ImageImage
He came right next to where I was outside Breads Bakery, and his back facing me acted as if he was peeing. He was less than half a feet away. I left disgusted. He repeated this across the street right next to others who were seated.
His crew had 3 people plus two others. Not one of them wore a mask, and said since he was a you-tuber this was his job — to act as if he was peeing next to people who were eating. And repeated again that COVID is a hoax; it’s not true; that he has been out and never got sick.
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18 Sep
When Fiction becomes FIR: Review of Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story…
The thread of Screen Shots referred to in the video Image
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17 Sep
Profiles of Dissent. This new series centers on remarkable voices of dissent and courage, and their personal and political histories, as a way to reclaim our public spaces.

A profile of Sudhir Dhawale…
Other profiles in this series:
You can read #BK12 prisoner Varavara Rao’s profile here :…
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10 Sep
The COVID-19 economic downturn has made it harder for some Americans to pay their monthly bills. Black (48%) and Hispanic adults (44%) were more likely than white adults (26%) to say they “cannot pay some bills or can only make partial payments on some of them this month,” Image
according to the April survey. For Hispanics, this was a considerably greater share than the 28% who said they have trouble paying their bills in a typical month.
These concerns extended to paying cellphone and home broadband bills.
Hispanic and black adults who use these technologies were more likely than white users to say they worry a lot or some about paying bills for these services.
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9 Sep
Part of leaving an organization that is complicit in hate, violence, and further erosion of decency is also acknowledging individual complicity. The act of leaving now doesn't absolve anyone from accountability. That is still something you have to live and grapple with.
This is also where caste, class, and where you are in the hierarchy of things come into play. I know far too many people who had nothing and gave up far too much to just do their job - report the damn fucking truth. Many of them are not on this site.
Also, let's not act as if the Republic is the only villain. How much do these places pay their reporters and writers? And how many of you actually pay them on time.
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7 Sep
The @project_polis's Profiles of Dissent centers on remarkable voices of dissent and courage, and their personal and political histories, as a way to reclaim our public spaces. This week learn about
Rona Wilson, one of the BK12 political prisoners.…
The profile carries the transcription of Rona Wilson's speech, “The history of criminal laws in India”, delivered by Rona Wilson in 2012. Please read. Below is a thread on with excerpts from his speech
"Given the situation that is prevalent in the subcontinent, repression is a necessary condition for the Indian state to perpetuate/ reproduce itself. "
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6 Sep
”In India, Facebook has not merely been negligent- it’s actually hired people who promote hate themselves, & who deliberately undercut their company’s own much-touted content rules.” has @indiacivilwatch petition to Stop Facebook’s Hate Policies in India.
Main asks:
1. Call upon Facebook to explain its conduct in India with reference to the Wall Street Journal report, and to make public records of all internal discussions involving hate speech in India, and in particular relating to action against those in power
2. Call upon Facebook to remove any management personnel who have openly expressed hateful views or propagated hate speech.
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5 Sep
Delhi Riots: 'Is Police Inquiring Into a Conspiracy or Is the Inquiry Itself a Conspiracy?'… via @thewire_in
”Over the past half year, the supporters and participants of these protests continue to be summoned by the police, harassed and subjected to long interrogations.
Several young activists and students also continue to languish in prison under the draconian anti-terror law – UAPA – for almost 6 months now, without any official charges framed against them.
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5 Sep
Delhi violence: Stop coercing false confessions to manufacture evidence, 1,000 citizens tell police… via @scroll_in
The statement added that @UmarKhalidJNU case was part of a larger pattern replicated by the Delhi Police in the case. It referred to a report by the @project_polis that said people have been allegedly coerced into accusing civil rights activists, +
+ particularly those connected to the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests, of instigating the February attacks.
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4 Sep
The Delhi Police is coercing ‘confessional’ statements to manufacture evidence, and falsely implicating people, including @UmarKhalidJNU
On Sept 1, 2020, Umar Khalid sent a letter to the Delhi
Police Commissioner, Shri SN Shrivastava, with shocking evidence of the Delhi Police manufacturing evidence against him, through extorted statements.
The letter reveals that a young man was interrogated by the Delhi Police (Special Cell) and a false confession against
@UmarKhalidJNU Khalid, related to the Delhi riots, was extracted and videotaped. The young man was
threatened that he would be arrested under UAPA if he refused.
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2 Sep
Thread: At Polis, on August 15, we published the Manufacturing Evidence: How the Police framed and arrested Constitutional Rights Defenders in India. The report documents police bias in investigations aimed at targeting peaceful activists.…
The report is an act of act courage and resilience of those who came together to gather evidence, report, write and speak the truth in these times when the State as effectively colonized everything, including our reality. They did so in the face of threats and retaliation.
Numerous human rights defenders are at risk of arrest in the coming weeks and months. As we speak, activists are being interrogated for their crime of exercising their democratic right to protest and hold the state accountable for its unconstitutional acts.
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1 Sep
Finally some good news.

NSA Charges Against Dr. Kafeel Khan Dropped; Allahabad HC Directs Immediate Release [Read Judgment]…
Allahabad High Court, also rules that, ”The extension of the period of detention of Dr Kafeel Khan is also declared illegal.”
Dr Khan spent 8 months in prison
👇🏾the Allahabad High Court has directed the Government to immediately release him.
👇🏾The HC observed that the charges against Dr. Khan were unwarranted as there was no ocassion in his speech that instigated hatred against any community or promoted violence.
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30 Aug
Its been a year since the NRC was published in Assam.

Nearly two million people were left in the precarious position — caught between a state and statelessness.

What has become of them ?
List of essays we published at @project_polis

A Paper Trail to Nowhere: Proving status in Assam and the crisis of citizenship - The Polis Project, Inc…
What does it mean to live under the constant fear of being declared a foreigner in your own country? Personal Notes on Citizenship and Belonging - The Polis Project, Inc… via @project_polis
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