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Founder & Exec-Director, @project_polis. Barrister, writer & researcher. Prev UNWarCrimesTribunal & #RefugeeLegalAid,Cairo. Book Midnight’s Border(forthcoming)
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21 Aug
No one is afraid @KapilMishra_IND
You used hatespeech to incite violence & it’s been widely documented.
Used Twitter to gather people & “prevent another #ShaheenBagh” protest from taking place. The tweet was taken down by for violating its policies. Linking reports below
Manufacturing Evidence: How the Police is framing and arresting constitutional rights defenders in India - The Polis Project, Inc… via @project_polis
An Account of Fear & Impunity - A Preliminary Fact Finding Report on Communally-Targeted Violence in NE Delhi, February 2020 - The Polis Project, Inc… via @project_polis
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19 Aug
"RSS Start Funding the US’s @SriPKulkarni " is an important story, by @FriedrichPieter. The following thread quotes the highlights of the story he broke. Link to the original story.…

Thread bellow
1. "Ramesh Bhutada, Vice-President of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA — the American wing of India’s fascist RSS paramilitary — as well as President of the HSS’s Southwest Division, is a key donor, fundraiser, and campaigner for Kulkarni."
2. " @SriPKulkarni describe one of the RSS’s top men in America as “like my father.” And the $50,000+ donated to his campaign by the Bhutada family over two election cycles obviously indicates that they have a huge financial interest in seeing him elected."
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27 Jun
Police custodial deaths are the norm not an exception. There are scholars and local activists who have been reading, researching and fighting this for years. When “hashtag for justice” ends there are families that will need the help and a system that needs to be remade.
I hope the brutal deaths of these men is not reduced to a media circus that will move on to the next tragedy. Defer to those who have been fighting and studying this for years. There is much to educate ourselves. I will use this thread to add resources. Please suggest others.
The @detsolnet has curated some important conversations. Please follow their work.
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10 Jun
India is systematicaly wiping out resistance. It’s going after local leaders—students, community leaders who emerged during protests, activists and almost anyone who still has a spine. This is also connected to the recent increase violence targeted against local Dalit leaders.
While we are constantly left on the defensive , look at the larger pattern that has emerged. They have gone after the older established thinkers , activist and organisers, and the younger emerging leaders. Violence is being specifically targeted against communities that resist.
Lynching is about majoritarian power, the unchecked authority of the majority.This violence is also linked the set of arbitrary legal rulings, denial of bails, and use of UAPA. It also represents the ultimate control over the body of another, through the mere whim of the other.
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27 May
Trolls descended on my timeline calling me a "rice bag" convert which is a casteist slur. The backlash was in response to a tweet that is critical of UP CM.
I am thankful for many of you who challenged this. But the reality is this, I am still a UC woman with immense privilege.
While being born to parents of mixed caste, and class - I am still the beneficiary of being born Hindu, whose family has had access to education for at least three generations.
This means these slurs don't affect me in the way it would -- when weaponized against others. It also means that it's our job to constantly challenge these bigots, every single day. Hindus, especially educated ones practice caste in the most insidious ways.
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19 May
Indian diaspora that can critique the American society through the lens of race, fails colossally when it comes to the question of caste. Upper castes who migrated here still refuse to see or even acknowledge the immense privilege of caste they carry.
While we can critique Appu’s fake accent, we are unable to see the toxic ways in which caste manifests itself. Or how this inherently enables “chic” acceptable forms of “islamaphobia” and reinforces deeply accepted ideas inequalities.
Why are we unable to look inside and offer scathing critique is our behavior ? How valid is our analysis of race, when we refuse to engage the question of caste, and privilege. Especially when India is ruled by hate speech spewing leaders invested in the project of violence.
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28 Apr
This is the first time since 2004 that #USCIRF recommends #India as a Country of Particular Concern #USCIRFAnnualReport2020 — Key findings on the thread below.
1. In 2018, religious freedom conditions in India continued a downward trend. India has a long history as a secular democ- racy where religious communities of every faith have thrived.
2. (Long) history of religious freedom has come under attack in recent years with the growth of exclusionary extremist narratives—including, at times, the government’s allowance and encouragement of mob violence against religious minorities +
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13 Apr
List as shared —

1. @IndianExpress and BusinessStandard have asked staff to take salary cuts
2. @Outlookindia has stopped print publication.
3. NewsNation terminated 16 English digital employees
4. @timesofindia sacked the entire Sunday mag team
5. About half of the Quint team has been asked to go on leave without pay

6. India Today has prepared a list of 46 reporters, 6 cameramen and 17 producers who are being removed due to losses right away
7. Hamara Mahanagar, Hindi newspaper from Mumbai, shut down on March 18 citing 'poor business viability'.

8. Kasturi, news channel from Karnataka, shut down. It's 1pm news broadcast today was it's last bulletin.
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15 Mar
40 Republicans voted against “free virus testing for those who lack insurance, paid sick leave, family and medical leave programs, enhanced unemployment benefits, additional food aid and federal funds for Medicaid.” — here are their names
The list

BradleyByrne Ala. @RepByrne
Andy Biggs Ariz. @andybiggs4az
Debbie Lesko Ariz. @DebbieLesko
Tom McClintock Calif. @tommcclintock
Ken Buck Colo. @RepKenBuck
Michael Waltz Fla. @RepMichaelWaltz
Greg Steube Fla. @gregsteube
Jody B. Hice Ga. @JodyHice
Barry Loudermilk Ga. @standwithbarry
Steve King Iowa @steveking
Russ Fulcher Idaho @RussFulcher
Jim Banks Ind. @RepJimBanks
Tom Emmer Minn. @tomemmer
Billy Long Mo. @USRepLong
Jason Smith Mo. @JasonSmithMO
Dan Bishop N.C. @RepDanBishop
Ted Budd N.C. @RepTedBudd
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4 Mar
The @USCIRF hearing — USCIRF Chair @tperkins at Hearing on Citizenship Laws and Religious Freedom: “The right to a nationality is a fundamental human right and serves as a bedrock for accompanying political and civil rights.”
USCIRF Chair @tperkins at Hearing on Citizenship Laws and Religious Freedom: “the denial of citizenship can be a key predictor for mass atrocities.”
USCIRF Vice Chair @g_manchin: “We have recently seen a dramatic uptick in hate speech and disinformation on social media, particularly exacerbating the impact on religious minority communities.”
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9 Feb
A quick thread on all the work we produced through January at the @project_polis with @kiccovich
Jamel - Where Right-wing Extremism and Resistance Meet - by @kaqibb via @project_polis
Young, bold and queer: India's LGBTQIA+ young generation fighting for their rights - via @project_polis Text by: Maria Tavernini

Photos by: Andrea de Franciscis
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30 Jan
The #JamiaViolence is a result of journalists like Arnab and his @republic TV

Hate speech was prosecuted as a war crime in the tribunal for Rwanda.The judgment declared that the way the journalists had acted constituted “journalism as genocide”.…
Between 2014 — 2016 I analyzed witness testimonies from the Nuremberg, Yugoslavia and Rwanda trials, two things become increasingly clear. #JamiaViolence
First, truthful reporting of facts, analytical investigation of issues, and a stand against violence by journalists in all these instances could have both changed the behavior of the perpetrators, and in some instance even prevented the slaughter. #JamiaGunViolence #JamiaViolence
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21 Dec 19
BJP + RSS + its ilk are nothing more than a toxic pit of hate and the institutions of law and order that they now command are a consolation of xenophobic nationalism in the structure of a state.
To preserve this state, violence is a necessity, and violence is the law.
I quoting from Kristian Williams’s Book:

“In Uprooting Racism, Paul Kivel makes a useful comparison between the rhetoric abusive men employ to justify beating up their girlfriends, wives, or children and the publicly traded justifications for widespread racism.”
These tactics are listed below in the rough order that men employ them — also applies to the strategies BJP and others have employed.
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8 Sep 19
Few things to repeat, and remember.
We are on day 37 of the #Kashmirsiege.

What is happening is barbaric, illegal, and inhumane.

Indian state actions now amount to Crimes Against Humanity.

Journalist and reporters matter. The consistent reporting by journalists (not the state's useful idiots who claim "normalcy") is the reason why the Indian Govt through the MEA is on a diplomatic blitz on #Kashmir
“According to one survey, more than 80% of the news coverage on Jammu and Kashmir has been “critical” of the government’s moves."

👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽This matters.
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27 Jul 19
Lynchings destroy the notion of community. Each act of violence renders the subsequent act of violence inevitable&more heinous. We should be worried about these events, & not relegate them to ‘apolitical’ acts of disciplinary violence aimed at ‘alleged criminals’. #StopLynchings
Acts of collective public violence do not occur in isolation. These seemingly independent events are linked to broader social, economic, and political forces. #StopLynchings
Framing these acts as “disciplinary violence” against an “errant” individual out of “righteous anger” or “anxiety” does great harm and disservice to understanding and preventing what is now an everyday enactment of grotesque violence. #StopLynchings
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9 Jun 19
Thread — what does freedom mean in the “world’s largest democracy” if its journalists are picked up for social media tweets and activists just disappear ?
: @nehadixit123 writes “Four journalists arrested over three days: Prashant Kanojia, Ishita Singh, Anuj Shukla, and Rupesh Kumar. What does it say about the world's largest democracy? #ReleasePrashantNow #PressFreedomInIndia
But this is also a good time to ask “#WhereisMugilan” . @Red_Pastures asks some important questions about the silence and apathy that has gone hand in hand. You can read the entire essay here…
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7 Jun 19
My first edition, 1936 copy of Indian Cooking by EP Veeraswamy.
As early as 1936 "Indian" cook books incorporated #beef dishes that were prepared & served in the Madras Presidency.
While this is the oldest cook book I have in my possession, over the years collected multiple first edition regional and local cooks books - Indian Jewish cooking both the Calcutta and the Kerala versions, Malabar Muslims, and others.
Beef was and remains a staple for many in India. To make it a political harbinger and edifying it with nationalism is ridiculous.
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5 Jun 19
Thread — This is an analysis of the data from #EVM ‘s using ONLY the data officially released by the Election Commission of India as final by @Vidyut you can read the entire analysis here…
Data of total EVM votes counted in each constituency has been painstakingly compiled from the official Election Commissions result page.
”While this data is not adequate to investigate mismatches on a constituency level, it is indeed sufficient to establish that the EVMs do not represent the votes cast correctly.”
This is no about who won or who lost. It’s about transparent, free and fair elections.
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26 May 19
What Constitutes A Stolen Election? ( notes and a thread)
Stealing an election is more like fixing a deck of cards, where one player is guaranteed to come out on top. (Bertell Ollman) wrote soon after the Elections that made Bush the President.
I have been thinking about “stolen elections”, and the social conditions that make this possible since @ChandraUday first raised it
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9 Mar 19
I remember reading an interview of Prof. GN Saibaba, where he said his favourite author was Ngugi Wa Thiong'o whom he met at a seminar.
After one of many raids in his house, his wife said, "When the police returned the photos, those of Sai with Ngugi weren't there," she says. "They probably thought Ngugi's a Maoist," jokes Saibaba. The loss of the three hard discs is less funny.
One had personal photos; another video of protests; the third three manuscripts he's been working on." (Times of India 2013)

Two year ago in 2017 GN Saibaba was "sentenced to life ".
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