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Shri Hanumathe Namah
#hanumanjanmotsav #HanumanJayanti #Hanuman

Sundara Kandam of Ramayana is considered as the most important section of Ramayana and reading this is supposed to be very beneficial. Whenever possible, and during Navrati, it has been my endeavor to read this.
Reading it twice in a year might sound repetitive but every single reading enables me to refresh certain points about thought processes that, we as individuals, must engage in to have clarity.

As we all know, Bhagawan Hanuman, went to Lanka crossing the sea and landed there.
What did he thereafter? He did not launch himself straightaway into searching for Sita Devi. But, rather he thought through as to what is his mission in Lanka.
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#Thread 🚨: Students at MGM college in Udupi chant #JaiShriRam and #HindustanHindustan, protesting against girls wearing Hijab in college.

@BombayBombil is on the ground #Karnataka #BOOMReports #HijabRow (1/n)👇
Amid heated protests in #Karnataka by some Muslim girls to be allowed to attend classes wearing a hijab, a group of students had marched to their college wearing saffron scarves. Protests in Udupi today. (2/n)
Students of MGM college in Udupi wearing saffron scarves and turbans chant #HijabRow.

Video from the ground from @BombayBombil (3/n)
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Babasaheb's Bogus Constitution of India allows vagabonds like @narendramodi who couldn't even complete schooling to become "Prime" Ministers of India. But the same government rules "framed by the British" do not allow such fools to even become LDC clerks in any government office.
BJP's Party Bye Laws allow such fools not only to become Chief Ministers as he became in 2001, but even Prime Minister of India in 2014. This fool is an insult to Bharatiya Janata Party founded by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani, both well educated and seriously intelligent.
@narendramodi's competence: organizing venues, campaigns by leaders. Perhaps he was found good in getting dais built, arranging loudspeakers, seating, transportation etc. He was made organizer of LK Advani's Rath Yatra. He should've been all India organizer, never PM. @Swamy39
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#HanumanChalisa -a devotional hymn composed by Tulsidas in praise of Hanuman in Awadhi language.

Chalis -Meaning is 40. There are 40 couplets,2 dohas in Hanuman Chalisa.

Tulasidas composed Hanuman Chalisa in 40 days in Jail.

Who jailed Tulasidas&why - See the #story #Thread 👇
Tulasidas was jailed as he refused to bow down to Mughal Ruler Akbar.

Akbar came know from his ministers about the miracle of reviving a dead man by Tulasidas.
So Akbar had summoned Tulsi Das to his court.He was asked to perform a miracle there by Akbar.
Tulasi Das told he doesn't know to perform any miracle,he only knows Bhagwan Shri Ram. So,Akbar imprisoned TulasiDas at Fatehpur Sikhri.He composed Hanuman Chalisa for forty days & on 40th day, suddenly an army of big monkeys descended upon Fatehpur Sikhri.
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Thread on controversial Sita's Agni-Pariskha (Sita's entering in the fire to prove her character or devotion to Ram), what Valmiki Ramayana says
#Ramayana #JaiShriRam
Soon after killing Ravana, Ram meets Sita in Vibhishan's palace and says - O fortunate one ! Having defeated the enemy in battle, you have been won back by me. I have thus achieved what could be accomplished through manliness. I have cleansed the oppression.
When you were alone, you were abducted by Ravana; that was a taint brought about by destiny. As a human, I have vanquished it. If a man doesn't use his energy to cleanse disrespect that has been shown to him, what is point of his manliness? Sita's eyes became full of tears
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When Valmiki completed his Ramayana, Narada wasn't impressed. 'It is good, but Hanuman's is better', he said.

'Hanuman has written the Ramayana too!', Valmiki didn't like this at all, and wondered whose Ramayana was better.

So he set out to find Hanuman.

In Kadali-vana, grove of plantains, he found Ramayana inscribed on seven broad leaves of a banana tree.

He read it and found it to be perfect. The most exquisite choice of grammar and vocabulary, metre and melody. He couldn't help himself. He started to cry.

'Is it so bad?' asked Hanuman
'No, it is so good', said Valmiki
'Then why are you crying?' asked Hanuman.

'Because after reading your Ramayana no one will read my Ramayana,' replied Valmiki.

Hearing this Hanuman simply tore up the seven banana leaves stating
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#JaiShriRam Nandini @NandiniVenkate3

Since my early childhood, I was completely aware of how the sound of a temple bell created a transient moment of stillness in me. I did not really know what it was and why? 1/13
We lived close to a Shiva temple, always heard the bell sounding as devotees thronged the temple. Even then, my mind was quite chaotic thoughts of exams, not being fully prepared, etc. But a strong bell sound from the temple would immediately clear my mind for a few moments 2/
So, my mind wafted off to those instances and I started reading a bit about Hindu Temple Bells. Interestingly there is sound science to it too. I surfed the internet and I am trying to present the resulting knowledge 3/13
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Yesterday in a clubhouse room about the state of journalism, I mentioned this increasing trend of a section of Indian media/ commentators and journalists linking #JaiShriRam to violent events. It is nothing but a sinister game to create a parallel between JaiShriRam & Ola-o-Uber!
We all men and women who grew up during 80s and 90s associate #JaiShriRam with Hindu resurgence in political spectrum. Yes it became a rallying point for everyone who wanted to undo the historical wrongs inflicted on us for centuries.
Name of Prabhu ShriRam became a rallying point for Hindu unity & resurgence & #JaiShriRam became synonymous with Hindu ethos.

When state police of @yadavakhilesh ‘s dad sprayed bullets on the chest of unarmed RamBhakts, their only weapon before embracing death was #JaiShriRam
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‘जय श्री राम’ नारा को बदनाम करने का टूलकिट: 17 घटनाएँ, जब झूठ निकला जबरन ‘जय श्री राम’ बुलवाने वाला दावा

‘जय श्री राम’ जैसे पवित्र शब्द को बदनाम करने के लिए कई सालों से कोशिश की जा रही है, खासकर 2014 के बाद एक सुनयोजित अभियान चलाया गया है #JaiShriRam
‘मुस्लिम बुजुर्ग को पीटा-दाढ़ी काटी, बुलवाया जय श्री राम’

आरोप लगाया गया कि यूपी के गाजियाबाद में एक मुस्लिम बुजुर्ग से जबरदस्ती ‘जय श्री राम’ बुलवाया गया, पिटाई और जबरन दाढ़ी शेव कराया गया।

बाद में ये मामला ताबीज को लेकर मारपीट का निकला और आरोपी आरिफ, आदिल और मुशाहिद निकले
मुस्लिमों ने ही मस्जिद की दीवार पर दंगा भड़काने के लिए लिखे ‘जय श्री राम’

तेलंगाना के भैंसा में मस्जिद की दीवारों पर ‘जय श्री राम’ लिखने वाले लोगों की CCTV फुटेज से पहचान की गई। एक की पहचान मोहम्मद अब्दुल कैफ के रूप में हुई और दूसरा नाबालिग निकला

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@UniofOxford it's shameful that a young student from India has been forced to resign because of massive bullying & even her parents have been targeted. Please apologize to @Rashmidvs for the mental suffering caused to her and reinstate her as President of the univ students union.
Studying in Oxford was a dream for this Udupi girl. Within months of going to UK she got elected as President of Oxford Univ Students Union! To victimize this bright girl because her father said #JaiShriRam on social media is nothing short of a racist assault #JusticeForRashmi
If Rashmi had been from any other religion, bullying her would have evoked outrage from every mainstream media. But she is Hindu so her religion, her parents, her entire culture have been targeted by bullies at @UniofOxford & the media is silent.
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Spiritual leader Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi was a great supporter of @VHPDigital. Everyone from Ashok Singhal ji to Vajpayee ji were his devotees. Baba's spiritual successor Madhusudan Sai follows his master's footsteps. Has donated massively to the Ram Mandir construction. 😊
More support for the Ram Mandir! The firey orator Sanyasin Sri Sadhvi Rithambara ji! Who doesn't remember her brilliant speeches! She donated one crore rupees for the Mandir!

Jai Shri Ram! 😊🙏😊 Image
OMG! This veteran devotee gave her life savings of Rs 2100 and passed away soon after! It was as if she was meant to do this in her Karma! God bless her!

Atma Shanti! 🙏 Image
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Dear Tweeps,
I think it's ok to blow my own trumpet today! I just got some stats about my podcast...

Your podcast Semma Story - Tamil Story Ramayanam, Deivathin Kural has good performance in Apple Podcasts rankings (last 30 days):
Position 2 in the category Hinduism (Norway)
Position 2 in the category Hinduism (Singapore)
Position 4 in the category Hinduism (Malaysia)
Position 5 in the category Hinduism (Australia)
Position 10 in the category Hinduism (United Arab Emirates)
Position 18 in the category Hinduism (Germany)
Position 21 in the category Hinduism (United States)
Position 27 in the category Hinduism (India)
Position 77 in the category Religion & Spirituality (Singapore)
Position 114 in the category Religion & Spirituality (India)
This data is provided by
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सच्चिदानन्दरूपाय विश्वोत्पत्त्यादिहेतवे।
तापत्रयविनाशाय श्रीकृष्णाय वयं नुमः॥

सच्चिदानन्दस्वरूप भगवान् श्रीकृष्णको हम नमस्कार करते हैं, जो जगत् की उत्पत्ति, स्थिति और विनाशके हेतु तथा आध्यात्मिक, आधिदैविक और आधिभौतिक~ तीनों प्रकारके तापोंका नाश करनेवाले हैं॥१!!#जयश्रीकृष्ण Image
यं प्रव्रजन्तमनुपेतमपेतकृत्यं
द्वैपायनो विरहकातर आजुहाव।
पुत्रेति तन्मयतया तरवोऽभिनेदु-
स्तं सर्वभूतहृदयं मुनिमानतोऽस्मि॥

जिस समय शुकदेवजीका बिना यज्ञोपवीत-संस्कार हुए संन्यासके लिए जाते देखकर पिता व्यासजी पुकारने लगे~बेटा!कहां जारहे हो?उस समय वृक्षोंने उत्तर दिया था॥२!!🙏 ImageImage
नैमिषे सूतमासीनमभिवाद्य महामतिम्।
कथामृतरसास्वादकुशलः शौनकोऽब्रवीत्॥

एक बार भगवत्कथामृतका रसास्वादन करनेमें कुशल मुनिवर शौनकजीने नैमिषारण्य क्षेत्रमें विराजमान महामति सूतजीको नमस्कार करके उनसे पूछा॥३!!

#Shri_Bhagavat_Bhagwat_Seva_Sansthanam Image
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🕉 #Thread Today is Famous #TriprayarEkadasi observed as 14 day Festival in Ancient Triprayar SriRama Temple,Thrissur,Kerala-Only Deity of Lord Rama worshiped by Lord Krishna in Dwaraka.After conclusion of Lord Krishna's lilas in this world,this Deity was submerged in sea🚩1/3
🕉 2. Later, it was found by some fishermen near Kerala a & a local ruler Vakkayil Kaimal constructed a temple & installed the Deity. Sri Ramachandra's Deity here resembles the Chaturbhuja Narayana form, holding Shankha, Chakra a bow, and a garland
🕉 3. An Architectural Marvel, The temple is designed with wood, copper & gold. The circular sanctum has depictions of Ramayana & beautiful mural paintings. One of the Famous Nalambalam Temple Groups-4 temples dedicated to 4 brothers-Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata & Shatrughna🚩
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Why we Hindus should visit Temples? Our temples are chakra energizing centres.

This is an article on Prana Prathista of Deity Souls.

Start of thread 1/3

#Hindu #SabarimalaTemple #Kerala #JaiHind #SanatanDharma
#spiritualawakening ImageImage
Thread continues 2/3 heirarchy of souls are based on karma.
Angel souls and Deity souls are different.
#Hinduism #Hindu #SanatanDharma #JaiHind
#JaiShreeKrishna #JaiShriRam ImageImageImage
It is important that we Sanatanis do not forget our duty towards dharma and our deities bcoz they're guarding us spiritually in this material realm.

All hindus must visit temples.

#SabarimalaTemple #Kerala #AgamaShastras
Thread 3/3 END. ImageImage
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Darshan of Hanuman ji with 10 hands & 3eyes.Each hands holds special weapons of each God and goddess as Trinethra Dasabuja Anjaneyar.
Shree Veerapathira Dhasapuja Anjaneyar Temple, Ananthamangalam,TN
There is a story behind this roopa of Anjaneya.
#story #Thread -After war in Lanka - Rama,Sita were returning to Ayodhya along with Lakshmana & Hanuman.On his way,he was warmly welcomed by Bharadwaja Rishi to his ashram.While he was eating,Narada Rishi came there to meet Rama.Narada Rishi told abt few asuras
While all the rakshasas of Lanka were killed in war, two of them - Raktha Bindu &Raktha Rakkadhan - survived the war &wanted to avenge killings of their people by destroying Sri Rama &his army. They both have taken a severe penance at the bottom of Ocean to acquire spl powers.
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The #Ramayana is one of the two great epics of Hinduism. It is not just a story of good and evil. There are very important teachings that we need to learn from the great epic. It describes that materialistic and sensual pleasures are a natural part of human life. Image
But at the same time, Dharma must not be compromised in any way in order to attain these other pleasures. It puts great emphasis on the ideal of Dharma or righteousness; an ideal that each person must practice in their lives. Image
It teaches us the importance of morality and justice. The Ramayana also depicts the duties of relationships, portraying ideal characters like the ideal father, son, husband, brother, friend and the king. The character of #LordRama is a perfect example of these qualities. Image
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India has created a golden chapter on 5th August 2020. This marks the culmination of years of resolve, dedication, and struggle.
From Bodh Gaya to Sarnath, from Amritsar to Patna Sahib, from Lakshadweep to Leh, the entire country is praying to Lord Ram. The call of Jai Shri Ram is also resonating across the world.
via NaMo App
August 15th is a symbol of untiring tenacity, millions of sacrifices, and the fervent desire for freedom. Similarly, August 5th is a symbol of tenacity, sacrifice, and determination of many generations in rendering justice to Lord Ram in his own country.
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Remembering G.Pulla Reddy Garu’s contribution (via WA)

ముందుగా రామజన్మ భూమి ఉద్యమ వీరులందరికి మనస్ఫూర్తిగా క్షమాపణ చెబుతున్నాను..🙏🏼

ఎందుకంటే!? ఈ అద్భుతమైన ఆనంద సమయంలో ..రామ జన్మభూమి ..ఇవ్వాళ మన సొంత మవడానికి కారనమైన ఒక మహానుభావుణ్ణి స్మరించుకోవడం మరిచి పోయాం... అందుకని.
అతడు ఎవరో కాదు మన పుల్లారెడ్డి స్వీట్స్ పుల్లారెడ్డి గారు 🙏🏼

ఒకసారి వారి గురించిన క్లుప్తంగా తెలుసుకొని పునీతులవండి..

అయోధ్య రామ జన్మభూమి ఆందోళన అని మాట పలికితే దాని వెనుక మరొక అవి స్మరణీయ దిగ్గజం.....స్వర్గీయ పుల్లారెడ్డి గారు...
ఆ రోజుల్లో కోర్టులో కేసు వాదించడానికి రోజుకు లక్షల్లో ఖర్చు వస్తున్నందున...

ఢిల్లీ VHP కార్యాలయంలో ఆర్థిక సంకటం ఏర్పడింది.

కోశాధికారిగా ఉన్న పుల్లారెడ్డి గారి దగ్గరికి అశోక్ సింగల్ గారు వచ్చారు .

అప్పటికి ఇరవైఐదు లక్షలు సమీకరించాలి .
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Shri Ram – The One and Only Purushottam


As you all know, the most awaited temple is being built in Ayodhya after a long battle in and out of courts. Ram Janma Bhumi might be just three words for many or just a place but for billions, it is the ray of hope, as a Image

place of reverence and pride, a place to bow down the head and forget your being in front of the divine presence.

This day did not come without efforts and sacrifices. Countless people fought the battle in and outside of various courts. Mothers and wives lost their

support as many brave souls sacrificed their lives for this day, they made an ultimate sacrifice so that you can get a chance to bow your head in the temple and light a Diya.

The age-old temple at Shri Ram’s birthplace was destroyed by Babur in 1528 and replaced with a
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Ramayana is a timeless epic celebrated across the world. Each & every personage from the epic teaches priceless values to us.

1. Be like Rama - righteous, composed, compassionate & much more

#LessonsFromRamayana #JaiShriRam #RamMandir
2. Be like Sita - independent, courageous, humble and more..

#LessonsFromRamayana #JaiShriRam #RamMandir
3. Be like Lakshmana - obedient, responsible, vigilant and brave!

#LessonsFromRamayana #JaiShriRam #RamMandir
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True #secularism-defined as the separation of State and its agencies from any, and every, religion-never really took hold in India. When #PrimeMinisterModi places a silver brick in the ground as part of a #Bhoomipujan for #RamMandir, he might as well be burying the Secular Ideal.
The tragedy, of course, is that more than any other group, it was the majority Hindus who would really have benefited from a truly #secular Government. #Secularism in India was maliciously painted as #AntiHindu and as #MuslimAppeasement; it is neither.
The philosophical opposite of #Secularism is #Hindutva. It is a creed that sees every policy, every law, every administrative decision through the lens of Hindu-Muslim division. It negates the freedoms and liberties that common citizens need to thrive and prosper.
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They taught me - "Taj Mahal is the Symbol of Love".

I showed them "Ram Setu" The True Symbol of Love...❤️

#Thread on रामसेतु 🙏
RT & Spread 🙏

और आप सबको फिर से दीपावली की शुभकामनाएं! 🪔 #JaiShriRam #RamMandir #RamMandirAyodhya
Book VI : Yuddha Kanda -Chapter 22

athovaaca raghushreShThaH saagaram daaruNam vacaH |
adya tvaam shoShayiShyaami sapaataalam mahaarNava ||

Then, Rama spoke these harsh words to the ocean: "O, ocean! I will make you dry up now along with your nethermost subterranean region." Image
braahmeNaastreNa samyojya brahmadaNDanibham sharam|
samyojya dhanuShi shre ShThe vicakarSha mahaabalaH||

"Fixing an arrow resembling the Rod of Brahma charged with a missile presided over by Brahama to his excellent bow,the exceedingly powerful Rama stretched it towards the sea" Image
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#राम कलयुग में भी मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम हैं।

(पढ़िए आज के भूमि पूजन के परिप्रेक्ष्य में)

रघुकुल चंदन दशरथ नंदन, रखते कितना संयम हैं।
राम हमारे अवध दुलारे, मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम हैं।। 1/n
ध्वस्त हुआ था घर जब उनका, क्रोध न उनको था आया।
था चुपचाप सहा उस पल को, धैर्य मार्ग ही अपनाया।।
सदियाँ और पीढ़ियाँ बीतीं, भक्त आपके व्याकुल थे।
फिर भी राम शांत अविचल थे, मर्यादा में ही घुल के ।। 2/n
रघुकुल चंदन दशरथ नंदन, राघव ही सर्वोत्तम हैं।
राम हमारे अवध दुलारे, मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम हैं।

जैसा काल व्यवस्था जैसी, रहे उसी सीमा भीतर।
किये प्रतीक्षा विधि निर्णय की, स्वयं आप प्रभु जगदीश्वर।
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