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27 May 19
$BTC vs $USD pairs

How to play?

BTC Up-Trend = Play USD Pairs

BTC Down Trend = Play BTC Pairs

BTC sideways = Play Both

BTC indecisive = Be selective & be prepared to jump either ways on short notice

This is relevant if #Bitcoin Dominance is high & rising up

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If #Bitcoin dominance is diminishing & on its way down, we can play:

$BTC Up-Trend = Up-Trending ALTs with stronger trends than BTC can offer higher profits in USD terms. You get the benefit from BTC up trend + ALTs uptrend

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If #Bitcoin dominance is diminishing

#BTC down trend = Play BTC paired ALTs with strong up-trends. This will help you to beat negative BTC returns & accumulate more #Bitcoins

#BTC sideways = Play whatever is trending

#BTC indecisive = Be prepared to jump either ways

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14 May 19
ALTs update

#USD paired ALTs are pumping, mostly thx to $BTC pump against #USD

$BTC paired ALTs continued to struggle but are showing bottoming process for last few days

Here is how to play ALTs:

Check the Thread /2
If you are into $BTC you may flip your #BTC position for ALTs for next few days if #Bitcoin struggles against key resistance & can’t post higher highs in next few days

Which ALTs to choose ?

2 setups

Trend Continuation
Trend Reversal

I prefer 1st one, let’s discuss both /3
Trend Continuation is relevant for those ALTs which are still trending up against $BTC

There aren’t many, but handful of them like #LTC #BNB are taking a breather against $BTC But May find a support & eventually pump again

What about Trend Reversal? /4
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19 Nov 18
Regarding new traders asking for “when big reversal”, here are some scenarios

#Bitcoin spent considerable time in 6000-6500 range. Most key indicators did suggest we will have downside break eventually & we have that now

It can’t do 180 degree turn & reverse all the way /2
/2 Here are some Scenarios

There is a strong support around 4500+/- 10%, First we need to find the bottom and post a large upside wick in an hourly candle to find the bottom

5700-5850 will offer strong upside resistance followed by 6100 area


Price will most lively stop at 5700-5750 & 6100 in the topside And come back down, all the way to retest the double bottom area

Some consolidation on the bottom before an attempt to break the topside resistance above 6100

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