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15 Sep
Just watched the full recording of @CMOH_Alberta's presentation yesterday to Alberta family doctors on the current state of #COVID19AB (still accessible here):
I do appreciate Dr Hinshaw acknowledging her mistake - Thank you.
But issues remain.
🧵 1/
Some of these issues are serious and have already been discussed by other commentators:
I’ll point out some other concerns I still have that may have not yet been expressed, or needs reinforcement.
@CMOH_Alberta is still comparing pediatric COVID with sports injuries.
This is a false comparison:
-Kids can’t spread sports injuries to other kids, or to society at large.
-We’re doing our best to prevent sports injuries (helmets, etc) and are not doing so for COVID.
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5 Jan
@GoAHealth @AHS_media -Please help us understand why there is no standardized method to try to maximize our #COVID19 #vaccine supply? Given how limited vaccine supply is, and how few people we have vaccinated so far in #Alberta, seeing this letter was extremely disheartening. 1/2 Image
Other jurisdictions have made efforts to consistently obtain 6 doses per vaccine vial. Why not Alberta? (2/2)
@GlobalCalgary @CBCCalgary
Also: this @GoAHealth policy is too general and misleading. The @pfizer vaccine and the @moderna_tx vaccine are prepared differently. It is only the Pfizer vaccine that could generate 1 extra dose per vial if prepared precisely. This distinction is key.
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18 Dec 20
Pfizer #COVID19 vaccine instructions from @GoAHealth:
0.45mL/vial pre-dilution + 1.8mL saline added = 2.25mL
2.25 / 0.3 = 7.5 doses (NOT the advertised 5 doses)

Let's use at least 1 more dose per vial?

@picardonhealth @PHAC_GC @CMOH_Alberta

We have ~25,000 doses in AB for December. So that means ~5,000 vials and potentially ~5,000 extra doses. That means 5,000 more people could be vaccinated - the sooner the better!
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