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I try to offer support to those expressing #MentalHealth struggles, but I can't respond to everyone all of the time. That said, I do see you. You matter and you are valid.

The following thread is a compilation of #Edmonton/#yeg resources.

** Links don't imply endorsement.

Momentum Walk-In #counseling offers FREE drop-in groups and workshops for women, men, teens and first responders. Help is available to those with #anxiety, #depression, and #bipolar disorder.

The Family Centre (@tfcnalberta) offers a series of workshops, groups and classes on #anxiety and #depression, #SelfEsteem, #anger management, #parenting, #grief, #trauma, #relationships, communication skills, and understanding #addiction.

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1/🧵 about global oil demand. Alberta, pay attention.

Peak oil demand is determined by electric vehicles. Full stop.

How fast is global transportation electrifying? Really, really fast. Faster than we ever expected.

@colinmckerrache @BloombergNEF #ableg
2/The internal combustion engine has already peaked, according to BNEF.

Next up, peak oil demand. That happens mid to late 2020s...just a few years from now.

The solid line on the first graph is EXISTING POLICIES. If govts do nothing else.
3/This interview with economist Werner Antweiler is one of the most interesting and important I've ever done.

He explains the economic reasons why the global economy (not just energy) will be disrupted during the 2020s.

Rapid change is coming, #alberta.
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Privatizing the HC system in #Alberta won't matter when no HC workers will live/work in this province. You can't treat people this poorly & expect to recruit/retain them. The staff issues seen b/c of COVID infections is foreshadowing to the next few years as HCW vacancies rise.
When there are long-term staff shortages, delay in care occurs. This means that people wait longer for things like swallow assessments and speech therapy after a stroke and occupational therapy for their child who has fine motor issues. 28 hours on a stretcher in ED hallways.
It means those of us that are stuck here working in it are stretched thinner and thinner while being demoralized daily by threats of wage rollbacks and lay-offs.
Guess what that results in? It results in mental health struggles and leaves of absences.
Know what that means?
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇

Sequence count: 13,079

Updated 6/07/2022
BA.4/5 is rapidly🔥 increasing in the #UnitedStates!

Top5 BA.4/5 hotspots: #SouthAfrica, #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Portugal and #Germany
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇

Sequence count: 11,778


Updated 6/06/2022
BA.4/5 is quickly increasing in #UnitedStates!

Top5 BA.4/5 hotspots: #SouthAfrica, #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Portugal and #Germany
Tracking #BA4/#BA5 in #Asia

BA.4 - #Israel, #Singapore, #Japan, #HongKong, #India
BA.5- #Israel, #Singapore, #India, #Japan,
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇

Sequence count: 10,779


Updated 6/05/2022
BA.4/5 is quickly increasing in #UnitedStates!

Top5 BA.4/5 hotspots: #SouthAfrica, #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Germany and #Portugal
Tracking #BA4/#BA5 in #Asia

BA.4 - #Israel, #Singapore, #Japan, #HongKong, #India
BA.5- #Israel, #Singapore, #India, #Japan,
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Another not-so-fun Sunday morning story. Today, I got chased and harrassed while I was walking my dog… for being Muslim #yeg #ableg 🧵
I’m not Muslim. I was wearing a headband, and the guy clearly wasn’t very smart to understand it wasn’t a hijab. He changed direction after he saw me and started walking after me, yelling things, and the last one I heard before I rushed around the corner was “F*ck you, Muslim”
As a Canadian citizen that came from Latin America, I’ve had my share of racist/xenophobic comments directed at me. People are usually able to tell I’m not white, but don’t quite recognize where I’m from (where to send me back to?) so it’s not as direct or as violent.
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@WinstonPon @jkenney 1) Who left Alberta because of the Jason Kenney UCP Conservative's anti-climate policies and war room ideology?
@WinstonPon @jkenney 2) -Sweden pulled out all their investments from Alberta and moved it to a more environmentally sustainable BC

-Norway abandoned Alberta and has moved their investments to Newfoundland's Bay Du Nord offshore oil project that was approved by the Liberal government.
@WinstonPon @jkenney 3) -BlackRock the largest asset management company in the world (so big in fact, Donald Trump asked them to save the USA economy during the Pandemic) has made the environment the centerpiece of their investment strategy pulled out of anti-climate change Alberta
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I know that breaking the healthcare system is by design in #Alberta. I recognize it is not an accident. I don't know how to fix it. I've written, I've called, I've protested...all to no avail. And I am tired. We all are.
Today we were down 4 colleagues. Again. It isn't sustainable any longer. The toll this is taking on patient care is becoming more and more obvious. Patients waiting longer to get in, patients being sent home way before they should be, families being tasked with providing
care they aren't trained to give. It all comes full circle really and creates more burden on an already dilapidated healthcare system. The Jasons are so caught up in their own greed and ego that they choose not to see the impact on people.
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#Alberta’s ‘Select Special Committee to Examine #SafeSupply’ is a farce. Political theatre with a foregone conclusion.

@jkenney and the #UCP are in the business of manufacturing consent and sentencing people who use drugs to death by toxic policy.


The authors of the unfortunately titled “A Public Supply of Addictive Drugs” need to be held accountable for their actions.

Their overt bias jeopardizes current and prospective #SafeSupply programming across the country and internationally.…
But what else would you expect from a government that vilifies science?

This gem from #Alberta’s ‘Minister of Mental Health and Addictions’ @MikeEllisUCP is embarrassing and all you need to know about #UCP public policy.

Shout out to @JanisIrwin for calling out this bullshit.
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BA.2.12.1 is the top circulating lineage in the #UnitedStates

It has significant growth advantage over other circulating lineages in #USA

Cov-spectrum predicts a 47% growth advantage over BA.2* (over last three months)

Get #Boosted and #MaskUp!
Tracking Spike #L452Q mutation over time

Current Hotspot: #USA
Emerging Hotspot: #Canada

Tracking the rise of Spike L452Q mutation in #Canada

Hotspots: #BritishColumbia, #Alberta

Note: Many BA.2.12 (534 sequences) with Spike L452Q & Spike S704L (should have been designated as BA.2.12.1)
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Dear @Alberta_UCP voters registering in the thousands for the leadership vote, heed my warning: Kicking out @jkenney will not save this province. Replacing him w/@BrianJeanAB will not undo the damage of the last 3yrs.

If you vote UCP again, there will be dire consequences. 1/7
I watched excellent doctors leave in 2020 due to the UCP fight w/doctors. But these were only the docs who were given opportunities to leave & weren't easily tied to this province. The rest of us stayed behind and fought b/c leaving wasn't so simple & we hoped for change 2/7
However, every doctor I've spoken to, from the wealthiest specialist to the part time Family Doc, has said they have discussed/thought of an exit plan from this province if this govt remains in power. We are too demoralized by how the UCP handled this pandemic & we are done 3/7
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Since I posted my SLP rant, I've enjoyed a shit ton of unsolicited DMs telling me I am a) a bitch b) can't manage my money c) am paid too much (among other things that don't need to be said)
So allow me to be 100% transparent as to why life is a struggle
for a professional single parent in #Alberta.
I put MYSELF thru 7 years post secondary. Yes I had a family that supported me in terms of living in my undergrad. Priveleged for sure. Then they left the country. I decided to work and then go to grad school in an unrelated field.
I have a great job! And most days I love the WORK I get to do, though I fear these days are limited under @UCPCaucus and the @jkenney reign of uselessness. That's when I am allowed to do the job I put myself thru grad school for and not repurposed to swab or do nursing care
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CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill @RoryGillAB is speaking today to the annual CUPE AB convention. This thread will capture his comments in real time. #alberta #ableg #abpoli #canlab
@RoryGillAB 2. No matter what challenge the last two years have thrown at our members they overcome and so has our union. The proudest statement that I can make is that I am CUPE member.
3. At our last convention, I and many of you, believed that the vaccines that were beginning to be rolled out would provide an end to the pandemic and the public health protections.
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#RomanaDidulo's convoy team speaks out. These next days will be critical to see how she navigates the loss of following and challenged leadership. I hope the authorities are also paying attention.
The fall of #RomanaDidulo has it all.
Dildos, death threats, previous employees dropping receipts, and a little story of Romana nearly burning down the RV.
Her new Admins seem to be MIA. Her Admin chat is 98 percent dildos.The other pages look mostly like this.
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A thread on toxic "activists"
A sector of the #Alberta activist community are known toxic bullies. If a new Activist or a woman is being bullied you can bet with accuracy it will be a known clique in Alberta. 1/6
They get someone from their group to publically shame an activist that they believe is getting too much traction outside their clique then send their lap dogs to attack that account publically and via DM. 2/6
These people all seem to run websites that they want to drive traffic to. Popular content creators outside of their funnel are seen as taking clicks and ad revenue away from them. 3/6
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It's been a while since I've written an #ABleg 🧵. To be honest, I've just grown tired of it all. After a while, it starts to feel like yelling into the abyss. Realistically, it's all noise in what's become a really noisy space, where nuance & reason are foreign ideas. #Alberta
That being said, I did wanna put pen to paper on something that I've been thinking a lot about lately. I hate that we've reached the point where it feels like we're cheering against ourselves. Even when good news comes, it feels like it's bad. And that's not healthy. #ABleg
This has been going on for a while. I remember how Alison Redford could say the sky was blue & Danielle Smith would hold a news conference to say the sky was red. That's how ridiculous the divide in this province seemed to be. It continued with the NDP & now continues with UCP.
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Thread: A bad budget from a bad government.

Alberta’s 22-23 budget is a master class of deception & gaslighting. It pretends to have a lot of good news, but page after page signals hardship for the province.

#alberta #ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #edmonton #calgary #yql
2. The UCP are claiming this is a good news budget because it forecasts a small surplus for the coming fiscal year. The surplus is 100% based on high gas & oil prices, which are not in the control of any government.
#alberta #ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #edmonton #calgary #yql
A balanced budget does not equal a healthy economy. Alberta has a 9% unemployment rate. Calgary has the highest unemployment rate among major cities.

#alberta #ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #edmonton #calgary #yql
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Time for follow up on the thread re: La Crete Chamber sending a bus to #Ottawa on February 13 well after it was known the protest was not peaceful or lawful, with plans to meet with their MP @ArnoldViersen


#freedomconvoy22 #RamRanchResistance
Andrew F, who was on the bus, updated the Chamber's posts about their timeline and also the group had a "very good meeting" with MP @ArnoldViersen. This was on Feb. 17, after #Ontario declared a state of emergency and the #EmergenciesAct was in place.

#OttawaOccupation #Ottawa
Their MP wasn't the only "famous face" they met; Barbie H, who appears to also be part of the La Crete Chamber group from her posts on the Mackenzie County Freedom Rally 2022 Facebook Group, is pictured here with #OttawaSiege organizers Danny Bulford and Chris Barber.

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Does a municipal government have the authority and legality to do this? What about companies with mandatory drug/alcohol testing? @CBCEdmonton @ctvedmonton @CityNewsYEG @edmontonjournal @globeandmail @GlobalEdmonton you might want to look into this
Cc: @ABmunis @RuralMA
@Mitchell_AB @KikkiPlanet @TheBreakdownAB @duncankinney -
Know anyone who may be able to answer if a Municipality can institute such a “rule”?
Just to follow this up, this County and some of it’s small towns are among the lowest vaccination rates in Alberta.

And while this area also claims to be untouched by covid, the statistics don’t lie.

#covid19AB #abpoli #ableg #RamRanchResisitance #ottawa #cndpoli
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Let's talk about the hatred towards Trudeau a little bit here. I doubt this Tweet will get much attention but I want to air this frustration I have, particularly with #Albertans over the age of 50 who are triggered into rage everytime you say "Trudeau".

TLDR: Get over it

🧵 1/x
I grew up in a conservative home, surrounded by those who worked in O&G and saw the fall out of the National Energy Program. I have heard the stories over & over of the economic collapse it created in Alberta.

I have been raised with the dogma that Trudeau = Satan

Justin Trudeau arrived and this man was doomed from Day 1 in Alberta. How many times have I heard "he's a draaammmma teacher 🙄", and yet these same people voted in a Bible college dropout?

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When I first started at the Glenrose, I had no idea it was the LARGEST rehab. hospital in North America

No idea it was BETTER KNOWN AROUND THE GLOBE than it is right here in #yeg

No idea about the incredible patient journeys

I know now. More Edmontonian's should know too...
I now know that applied innovations and health technology are driving exceptional outcomes at the Glenrose.

These outcomes help get your son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, and grandma back to living their fullest lives possible...
I now know the Glenrose is an ideal incubator site, well-positioned to inform health technology transformation projects across the entire Alberta healthcare system.

But what does transformation even mean?

The word has become cliché, used mainly as a euphemism for "change."
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1/6. The CBC released names of the 11 armed people arrested in #Coutts Mon night:

One of them is Joanne Person of Coutts, whose FB page includes multiple Islamophobic posts. #FreedomConvoy

They're so numerous I can hardly keep up. Here's a sampling:
2/6. Another example is pushing the idea that the Trudeau Liberals are working with Islamists trying to take over Canada.

Or, as Person would have it, working for the Nation of Islam.
3/6. She also pushes a common anti-Muslim idea about Islam being a political ideology masquerading as a religion.

And other old school hits such as the CBC is working for Islamists, part of an "Islamic Conquest" of Canada.
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HIV Edmonton would like to address the comment made by Premier Jason Kennedy during his announcement of the removal of COVID-19 restrictions in the province, where he drew parallels between what some might refer to as anti-vaccination stigma and HIV stigma, which has since been
followed by an apology from him.

First, we’d like to thank everyone who reached out to us and showed solidarity; we appreciate everyone. Over the course of last night and today, HIV Edmonton has connected with a number of our community members and other
AIDS serving organizations and we have seen the need to hold an information session, to enlighten the general public, and correct some narratives.

HIV Edmonton is inviting the Premier and members of the general public to a “lunch n learn” session at 12pm on Friday the 11th of
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