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Today I literally sat down and cried. I literally bawled my eyes out and cried until there were no more tears left to cry.

You see, I had just spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon helping Harvest Hills Cares Calgary talk to individuals and families who have been dealt the most terrible of blows. 2/?
The families and individuals that I talked to were begging and pleading for help. Begging and Pleading for help because they had no where else to turn and they were asking @HarvestHillsYYC to put them in touch with @Hell_Berta so they could ask @Hell_Berta for help.

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As physicians, we take the privilege of practicing medicine and our responsibility to our patients seriously. We also understand our ethical responsibility to speak up if situations arise that endanger quality care or access for our patients.… /1
We are not only stewards of #healthcare, but function as part of an early warning system to protect the public. This is our social contract. It exists with our patients, both individually and collectively. /2
The Canada Health Act clearly states provinces are required to support a health care system that meets principles of accessibility, comprehensiveness, universality & portability. It must provide reasonable compensation for insured health services rendered by med. practitioners./3
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Looks like @kinsellawarren doesn’t like getting called out for dirty deeds.

Thanks for the subtweet, I guess.

So here’s a thread about some of the actions of Kinsella and his “Daisy Group” over the past while.

For starters, here's the tweet that he blocked me over.

I referenced his company's meetings with Jody Wilson-Raybould prior to her turning on her own party.

Notice that in his tweet he didn't refute this?
He just attacked and blocked.

The link I'm referencing is an excellent bit of research by Amy MacPherson.

I've never met Ms. MacPherson, but Kinsella thinks we might be pals, so hi @MsAmyMacPherson! I'm a fan.

Everything I've ever seen by her has been top quality!…
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Dear diary,
I know no matter what, I must put my feelings aside and never be aggressive to a person. It's part of being a service dog.
But right now I wish I was allowed to take a big crap on the steps of the #AlbertaLegislature to show my disgust. The humans ... 1/9
that have the privilege to represent #Alberta citizens are preaching #inclusion and promising to tear down #barriers and tackle systemic #discrimination are the same people that let my mistress slip through the cracks and are why we live in nearly complete #segregation from...2/9
our community. They claim to promote #inclusion and #independence of the disabled with their tax payer funded program to provide essential #mobility equipment, like the power wheelchair my mistress needs so we can leave our home without human assistance. More than a year...3/9
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Wanted to take a moment to address something that came up on the show yesterday & it's about speech language pathologists (SLPs) in #Alberta. There has been some chatter on social media about what September is going to bring for kids who need 'em. So I dug a bit into it... #ABleg
I have seen a few posts about potential layoffs for SLPs within @yyCBEdu. So I went to them to get some clarity on whether the layoffs were happening & to what extent. Here's the statement I received from the #YYCBE about what's on the horizon. #ABleg
In an effort to further understand the move, I reached out to a few organizations & stumbled upon the Alberta Speech Language Association of Private Practitioners. So we had Simone Rambaransingh on & she had some very insightful comments about what this could mean. #ABleg
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1. Be VERY clear, Jason Kenney is lying through his teeth about this.

Withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan would cost Alberta $133 Billion.…

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #calgary #edmonton #yyc #yeg #yql
2. That’s TRIPLE the current provincial debt. Alberta would go from having the lowest debt to among the highest.

Why so much? Because doing so requires approval of 2/3 of the provinces. #ableg #abpoli #alberta #calgary #edmonton #yyc #yeg #yql
3. The cost to those provinces of losing AB’s younger population to the remaining CPP fund is $133B.

Kenney hid this report. He didn’t want it out. He doesn’t like what it says because it shows how dangerous his plan is. #ableg #abpoli #alberta #calgary #edmonton #yyc #yeg #yql
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@CMOH_Alberta Can you please comment on this Undercover Nurse Video tomorrow at your press #COVID19AB conference...

I have transmitted this video very publicly, so no plausible deniability here.

Sincerely #AlbertansStandTogether #Alberta #Canada #Cdnpoli #coronavirus
@CMOH_Alberta Then I was also wondering why we are'nt exploring the mystery of the use of a completely remarkable off-the-shelf Therapeutic like #Hydroxychloroquine, especially when the FDA has retracted the false narrative that its a killer drug! And POTUS took it!…
@CMOH_Alberta Yes @Crackedlens and @CMOH_Alberta

CC: @jkenney MUST SEE Thread here!

You have not been forthright with this information and its implications.
Why do we need to lockdown with a powerful therapeutic readily available?

@POTUS took it! He has good Drs!…
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One of the most odious aspects of Mr @jkenney's draconian, authoritarian #Bill1 (Critical Infrastructure Defence Act) is it criminalizes peaceful public protests/marches down city streets–like the #BLM protests in #YYC yesterday
I explain how dangerous this is below– #THREAD 1/12
#Bill1 defines as "essential infrastructure" a highway as defined in the Traffic Safety Act––thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, driveway, viaduct, lane, alley, square, bridge, causeway, trestleway [public or private, incl *SIDEWALKS*, ditches, ROWs]

#ableg 2/12
#Bill1 also defines as "essential infrastructure" a prov'l highway, transport. facility, transport. system or urban rail transit system as defined in the Hwys Devel'pmnt & Protection Act––which is also incredibly broad & includes *anything* Cabinet designates as such!
#ableg 3/12
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The #Alberta #UCP attack on supervised consumption services and #HarmReduction resumed yet again yesterday during the #ABLeg Question Period.

@jasonluan88 serves up another batch of canned messages and word salad.

Start video at 1:21:20 👇👇

The scripted lobbing of questions from #RedDeer MLA Jason Stephan (so many Jasons) serves to reintroduce the now-infamous #SCSReview panel report.

You know, that one that was based on zero scientific analysis?

From the panel with zero experience working in or using an SCS?
Here’s criminologist @dr_jdlivingston breaking down significant flaws in the so-called robust SCS Review Report.
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1/ A thread about postsecondary education and remote delivery in the time of COVID-19 restrictions, especially in #Alberta. No agenda here, just being infomative (I hope). This has political overtones because #abpse is shaped by provincial policy, but it applies across Canada.
2/ In March, the COVID-19 crisis meant postsecondary institutions were faced with moving most courses to remote delivery to finish the term.

"Remote delivery" didn't mean the course became an online course. It only meant the term would be finished using electronic means where
3/ possible. It made sense: converting a course to being an online course generally takes more than a year. The principles can be quite different, and the role of the instructor/tutor can be different too. If an instructor is in the middle of a term and teaching 4 courses, they
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Thread: Dump bad equations. They lead to bad decisions.

On May 10, Mr. @BorisJohnson proposed a simple equation to determine #COVID Alert Level. He then explained how the reopening policy could be shaped based on this "Threat Level".

In this thread, I will explain why this equation is not only wrong, but is also completely unnecessary — especially when we have clear alternative measures that can guide #COVID policies and decisions.

* Fast forward to tweet # 11 if you already know Dimensional Analysis.

One of the first subjects in physics is "Dimensional Analysis". It needs to be emphasized more in high school and college physics courses.

See this @wikipedia article for a technical description:…

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Here are some of the SCAMS by fake agents in Nigeria and in Canada about Canadian Work Permit.
•Offering of jobs as security guards, cashiers, cleaners in Canada. We are not looking for these groups of workers in #Canada.
Beware of such job offer from the fake agent. e.g. Job offer from WALMART
•Offering of caregiver jobs with fake contract or job offer with the promise that you do not need IELTS and ECA report.For this role IELTS and ECA are mandatory. Caregiver is LMIA exempt.
•Offering of executive or lower skilled jobs with mouth watering offer of $4,000 per week with the job duties that do not match the offer.
•Social media advertisement of paying for job offers by victims from provinces or employers from Canada. e.g.
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Canadian Work Permit Scam in #Nigeria
For you to work in Canada, you must have authorization to do so as per R196 and restrictions as per R196.1(a) and (b).
My focus will be on types of work permit,how to obtain work permit,role of employer and employee in work permit processing,how to identify fake job offer,and jobs that are exempted from #LMIA and work permit.
There are 2 types of work permits in Canada:Open work permits and Employer-specific work permits. An open work permit allows you to work for ANY EMPLOYER in Canada,except for an employer who have failed to comply with conditions & those that offer striptease and erotic dances.
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OK. goes another #JoeRants because I can't keep it to myself. I used to think of myself as a fiscal conservative but I'm not really that. I've since shifted to "fiscal responsibilitarian." I know it's not a word, but I'm rolling with it for now. Anyways... #ABleg
We live in a province (#Alberta) where we have been the benefactors of good oil prices & good revenues for a long, long time. We SHOULD have been using those revenues to save for a rainy day. They should never have entered the convo in paying off operating expenses. Why? #ABleg
Because it buffered us from the real cost of doing business. We just assumed it was going to last forever & so we threw money at everything. Houses are more expensive here. Health care's more expensive. Press secretaries are more expensive. We were living the high life. #ABleg
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#COVID19 #ONTARIO Apr 20 projection slides🚨:
ICU usage much better than expected with significant remaining capacity!

#COVID19ON #COVIDontario #COVID19Ontario
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Hi, we’re Kerry Koepping and Andrea Sparrow, some of the executive team members of the Arctic Arts Project. We’re part of a network of photographers, working in the #Arctic, who try to bring home an understanding of #climatechange through our work. #SciArt #gueSTAAR
We’re on a mission to provide visual storytelling that helps people understand the evolution of our warming world. We want to generate impactful imagery that is given context by current science. #seethingsdifferently #BenElkins
That’s why Kerry is an affiliate of @INSTAAR--we work closely with scientists because we need to get it right. We want to embed climate science into compelling stories. @KKoepping #BenElkins
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1/ Dear Albertans:

The international price of oil is NOT an attack on #Alberta. It is a fight between the big players, and we are collateral damage. We are not significant to those players in part because we produce a comparatively small amount AND because

#abpoli #ableg
2/ the bulk of it goes to our nearest neighbor. So we are of zero consequence to the Russia/KSA contest.

When our leaders say it's an attack on AB, it's a lie.

It definitely hurts us, but we have no clout to stop it. We can't compete for the markets, and the pipelines
3/ don't make much of a difference to that big picture. We'd have to multiply our production massively before we break into the Russia/China/US club, and even then we don't have the ease of market access. Our main market remains our biggest competitor.
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.@babylonhealth is definitely NOT compliant with PIPEDA in Canada, HIPAA in the US nor GDPR. Appalling that the @shandro and the @Alberta_UCP would recommend that Canadians use a service that breaks Canadian privacy law. They clearly didn't look at the privacy policy.
For GDPR they should be identifying who their data processors are and in which country. They also should identify which data specifically they store.
Let's retain EVERYTHING!!! Including all the details of all your children for 25 years after your LAST born child. This is worse than @facebook. @BrittanyKaiser1 and @Snowden have you seen this?!
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What we've learned today? @jkenney @shandro are #Gaslighting bullies who continue to rob all of #Alberta to feed #UCPcorruption while crying when someone questions their ethics or lack thereof #ableg #abpoli

Oh &
@Albertadoctors want every one to be nice #abhealth
Guess what, MLA letters & petitions aren't stopping the dismantling of this Province.

The only one who can stop it is
Her Honour Lois Mitchell.

Your Honour I'm asking you will you use #RoyalAssent to stand up for democracy & justice?… #ableg #abpoli
So much for nice today, for all those in DMs no I'm not an #ndp staffer.

Here's a little history lesson #AbLeg

My parents were in #healthcare my entire childhood spent in #yqr #sask

My mom was a chapter leader for @SUNnurses in 1988.
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Lawyer and #legaltech friends in #Alberta. There isn't a lot of good news right now, with #coronavirus or anything else. But there may be an opportunity to do something, and I'd like your help.

Courts are busy places. Social distancing is often not a possibility.
Staying away from court will be a part of good social distancing practice. But staying away from court when you have a date on which you are obliged to appear can exacerbate your existing problems, especially for self-represented litigants.

If a self-represented litigant has a court date that they would prefer to adjourn because they are ill, or because they have young children, or live or work with elderly people, or whyever, the Court would likely be sympathetic.

Judges don't want to get sick, either.

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Hear ye, hear ye!

Ye old #Alberta government has released its FLAWED, and GASLIT #SCS review report.

Associate Minister @jasonluan88 promised an unbiased perspective.

The only ones who look stupid here, are those of us who believed him.
Before we dive into the report, let’s talk about the Associate Minister and his esteemed panel for a moment.

Not a single member who has worked at or accessed an SCS; surely criminologists and retired cops will present an unbiased approach. 😒…
Next, let’s see what the Ass. Minister has had to say about SCS and #harmreduction.

Surely his beliefs about Big Pharma funding research for harm reduction, and that #naloxone is an enabler couldn’t have impacted the committees viewpoints?
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What's at stake? Only a generation of young physicians!

The government has introduced legislation that will allow it to restrict entry to Alberta. The conditions for entry will be managed by Alberta Health: where the doctor practices, with whom and how. #physiciansupply 1/6
Because there is no contract, healthcare decisions are being made solely by politicians & not #healthcare practitioners. A torn up contract means there are no limits on what conditions the Minister can put in place for doctors, clinics & patients. @shandro @jkenney 2/6
Because of #Bill21 & this legislation #Albertamedicalstudents no longer want to practice in #Alberta - a direct result of govt actions.

The vast majority had seen their future in Alberta (over 80%). Now over 75% feel they need to plan for practice elsewhere. #albertajobs 3/6
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Time for me to ask a really awkward question (and likely one that will get me roasted here) but here it goes: is it possible that #Alberta is taken for granted in federal politics because we are almost always a guaranteed conservative vote? Let me explain. #cdnpoli
I said it during the last federal election: the CPC could run a cactus here & it would likely get voted in. Conservative candidates didn't have to campaign here because they didn't have to earn anything. Trudeau barely visited because it was ROI-negative to come here. #cdnpoli
The other parties are essentially an afterthought here (sorry but it is true). The Conservative blue vote is so engrained here that it is working against us. Even when we had "our party" in power, they didn't have to work for Alberta. They had nothing to prove because "we won."
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