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🔥 I have now analyzed all-cause mortality (acm) from many countries around the world by flu season, and I cannot find any correlation to vaccination!

> Here are the results, starting with 49 countries for which data is available.

1/n 🧵#Covid #Covid #Covid19 #Corona #Vaccine
Same chart with country labels.
> R2=0.0005; p<0.05 stat. sign.
> This means the introduction of vaccination appears to have no significant effect on acm.
> Countries essentially experienced the same level of excess mortality in flu season 21/22 as in 20/21.
Let's look at the US states. Same result.
> R2=0.14, p<0.05 stat. sign.
> Slight increase of acm in the states that have more vaccination.
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🍻New paper published on @BDCC_MDPI, collab. w. @mvitevit and @Fede_Botta:
Cognitive Networks Extract Insights on COVID-19 Vaccines from English and Italian Popular Tweets: Anticipation, Logistics, Conspiracy and Loss of Trust
@BDCC_MDPI @mvitevit @Fede_Botta We investigate almost 5k Popular tweets about #COVID19 and #vaccines from early 2021.
Remember when vaccines were announced?
How did massively read content frame vaccines? With which stances and emotions?
We use #cognitive networks and #machinevision to address these points!
We found #emotional #polarisation in the framing of "vaccines" in English tweets.
Emotions like trust and anticipation co-existed with negative emotions of sadness and anger.
A circumplex model corroborated this dichotomy. These emotions rose from discussions about cases/deaths:
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2 yrs ago, to raise awareness for the #MillionsMissing due to #MECFS, I started a 🧵 on how tragic chronic illness has consumed my life

But I was too sick to finish, & shortly after uninstalled Twitter. Trapped by illness, unable to advocate.

2 surgeries later... 🧵, 🎬 2

2017: I was Prof of #Epidemiology @PublicHealthUGA, researching #HIVprevention and #vaccine prep for emerging epidemics. I directed an epi training program @ICI3D. I loved my work & my amazing colleagues!

I was healthy & active 🚴🏄‍♂️ 🥁

Then, I bought a 🏡 and had it renovated. Jan 2018 I moved to the newly built master bedroom addition, I became sick.

⏩ 2 years to 2020. Water burst thru walls on 2 sides of my bed. Revealing walls, subfloor, crawl space filled with mold due to construction defects

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[THREAD] During the #BudgetVote2022 Minister of Health, Joe Phaahla, confirmed that SA is not where it should be with the vaccine rollout, but he said that the country is still making progress. 35.1-million doses were administered as of yesterday, 9 May.
This accounts for 19,7-million adults, or 49.5% of the adult population. And, 70% of the population has had contact with the virus and therefore have attained some natural immunity, but cases may still increase as people huddle together indoors during winter.
In response to Phaahla’s #BudgetVote2022 @EFFSouthAfrica accused @SAHPRA1 of misleading the public about the quality of #COVID19SA #vaccines. Not so, here’s why.
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🚨Our new review paper 🚨 (with @roozenbot & @Sander_vdLinden) of #inoculationtheory applied to tackling #misinformation is out in the special issue “Threats to #Science” in the ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science!

🧵See 7 major points + link below:
🧵No, #fact-checking or #debunking is NOT enough to combat online misinformation - #fakenews can continue to influence reasoning and beliefs, even after it has been retracted/corrected. (1/7)
🧵Originating in the 60’s as a “vaccine for brainwash”, inoculation theory offers a logical basis for developing a psychological “#vaccine” against misinformation. (2/7)
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Supreme Court to shortly deliver judgment on plea challenging mandatory COVID19 vaccine mandates as unconstitutional
#COVIDvaccine #SupremeCourt @pbhushan1
SC: we hare not inclined to entertain any challenge to maintainability of petition. as far as judicial review of expert opinion wide latitude given to executive

#SupremeCourt #COVIDVaccine #VaccineMandate
SC: court does not have expertise to decide on scientific evidence. we can decide manifest arbitrariness. considering bodily autonomy, bodily integrity is protected under article 21. NO ONE CAN BE FORCED TO GET VACCINATED

#SupremeCourt #COVIDVaccine #VaccineMandate
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#DelhiHighCourt to shortly hear a plea wherein #AIIMS had sought for release of funds from the Centre for the treatment of children with rare diseases. The central is expected to reply today.
ASG: We are very alive to the sensitivity of the matter. We are not at all considering it adversarial. I have spoken to the Chief Secretary.
ASG: A similar matter was listed before the Karnataka HC, the HC said as an interim measure asking the Central and State to contribute, the matter went to #SupremeCourt . The apex court had passed a speaking order.
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There's another 🌊 of #COVID19, y'all. I have gotten more texts since Mon asking questions about monoclonal antibodies, about Paxlovid, about rapid tests, & on & on than I have in the whole month preceding. Be aware. All these folks tested at home & are uncounted in tallies.
This is anecdotal, but a pattern recently: people staying pos longer on rapid test. Here's an older pt, 4 doses Moderna #COVID19 #vaccine, mono Ab on d1, feels 100% now, & still quickly/strongly pos (ie very contagious) on d10. Had he not retested, he might be infecting others.
@CDCgov shortened isolation to 5d in Jan b/c they were concerned society may fail to function w/ huge #s of essential workers out for 10d in #Omicron surge. This has to be changed. People are leaving at d5 w/o masking or testing. They need to rapid test to exit or isolate longer.
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Short thread to make #Hindutva wingers aware of a latest Congressi fraud.

I note some RW people promoting Aryavartha Express newspaper, just because some liberal Congressis att@cked it. LOL. 😂😂

Read this #thread to know the reality.
Prashant Goenka is the editor of the Aryavartha Express newspaper. Let's see his Twitter profile.
Uh Ohh!
It turns out that Prashant Goenka, the editor of Aryavartha Express, is a big fan of:

#Congress politics,
Arfa Khanum Sherwani,
Rakesh Tikait and
Rajdeep Sardesai!
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Below Prof Bob Langer (MIT), cofounder of Moderna, talks about origins of mRNA (cameo for video adaptation of Loonshots)

Short 🧵on lessons from innovation that matters 1/8

#mRNA #vaccine #covid
"My first 9 grant applications were rejected ... I couldn't get a job. People told us that angiogenesis couldn't work ... that mRNA couldn't work.

That was on the front page of the Boston Globe.

They were all wrong." 2/8
Bob mentions Judah Folkman, who came up with treating cancer by blocking blood vessels feeding tumors - angiogenesis.

Seems like vastly different problems. But not really

The biggest breakthroughs come from … 3/8
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#14aprile #vaccine

#nessunacorrelazione compilation

Parte 1
Parte 2
Parte 3
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Debunk on the #pfizerdocuments . They mean nothing. I’ll tell you why. But first here is the link to the original paper:…
If you read them, You will find 42.086 #notifications concerning possible side-effects and a checklist of possible adverse-effects which #Pfizer looks for in the trials (starts page 30)
These adverse-effects are different then side-effects. They haven’t happened, are only mentioned as things to look out for and prove that #Pfizer is thorough in their #testing and #research.
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🔊Heads up, at 11am PST we'll look at the new BA.2 #Covid variant, which now accounts for more than 50% of new infections in New York/New England, and almost 35% in California. Join us here @EthnicMediaSvc or via FB @LcacNews @StanfordChild
Welcome to today's briefing, "The BA.2 #Variant Gains Ground: Are We Heading Back to the Future?"
You can follow the discussion on Twitter @EthnicMediaSvc or via FB Live
A question from our moderator @sunita37 on how the BA.2 #variant emerged. "BA.2 is similar to #omicron that shares a common ancestor with #omicron but it is an ancestor that we do not know," says @DrBenNeuman
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📡📶𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙉𝙀𝙒𝙎 5𝙂🔥

"Un ancien responsable des télécommunications révèle à quel point la « 5G » est la clé de voûte mondialiste du « contrôle social total »

FoxNews : 𝟬𝟰/𝟬𝟰/𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮 🇺🇲
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"The Viral Delusion: The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 and the Madness of Modern Virology (1 of 5) - Behin"

#pandemic #pfizer #pfizerdocuments #mrna #vaccine #covid19 #virologists
How can anyone trust the science, if the science cannot be questioned?

Censored Science:
#Fauci #Evil #Science #Censorship #NIH #Pfizer #Polio #Covid #AIDS #VAED #BigPharma #Microbiology #Biology #MSM #Journalism
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1. Relating to the approval/start of emergency #COVID19 vaccine dose - 4th #dose and vaccinating lower age groups of children:

Is there any #emergency now?

Global #Deaths are now all-time low since the start of mass #vaccination. #Cases are also not rising. (plots attached) ImageImage
2. For #India #COVID19 Deaths and Cases are now all-time low since beginning of #pandemic (plot)! Hence not at all an #emergency; instead, heading towards normalcy after two years.

There is indeed not an emergency for US too (plot).

Then why any emergency approval/#rollout? ImageImageImage
3. Israel began vaccinating 5–11 years old in Nov, 2021 and initiated the fourth #dose during Jan, 2022. Israel in fact is leading/ guiding the vaccine rollout strategy.

For #Israel, the recent peak not only in Cases but also for Deaths reached an all-time high (plot). Image
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*updated super thread*

#VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)

Feb 2020:
#Indian Scientists Discover #Coronavirus Engineered With #HIV Like Insertions…
Feb 2020:
#Coronavirus far more likely than #SARS to bond to human cells due to #HIV-like "mutation"…
Mar 2020:
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1/The @US_FDA and @CDCgov yesterday authorized 2nd #COVID19 #booster shots for certain individuals.

Here's a summary of who is eligible and what it all means.
2/A second booster of either the @pfizer or @moderna_tx vaccine is available for individuals 50 years and older at least 4 months after their first booster.…
3/Also, a second booster of the @pfizer vaccine may be given to those 12 and older who are immunocompromised at least 4 months after the first booster.…
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A US Marine refuses the anthrax vaccination, this is his legal battle.
(Note: The military shut down the #anthrax vaccination program temporarily prior to 1998 citing concerns about outdated versions of the shot) video
Who received the anthrax vaccine before going to #Iraq have developed serious illnesses
Despite the illnesses, Walter Reed officials contend that more than 1.3 million military and civilian personnel have received the #Anthrax #vaccine since 1998.…
Who are those fellow investors? Well, another part of BioPort is owned by the Carlyle Group. That's George H. W. #Bush's current occupation. Yet another portion is owned by (you had better sit down), the #BinLaden family!…
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Victorian biomedical science and innovation come of age. #mRNA #Protein #Vaccine

A somewhat long thread:

Our #mRNA vaccine was conceptualised, invented, developed and manufactured (mostly) right here in #Australia. And has now reached #clinical trials.…
2/ To say the least: It has been a thrilling journey.

All I want is to say a few words about innovating a new class of medicine and mention some of the important people and events related to the #mRNA vaccine.

This is my short and personal tribute to them and the events
To translate a product from bench to clinic in two years is not easy- but to do that with a completely new entity that has never been manufactured or developed in the history of Australia - mRNA vaccines- is even more challenging. But our team was up to the challenge.
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Thread of anecdotal experiences March/April 2022
'West Coast has 10 players this week unavailable because of Covid positive or close contact🤦‍♂️ #AFL'
posted by
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Remember when #Sweden advocated a "herd immunity" approach to #COVIOD19 -- no lockdowns, just let the virus spread. And Sweden's epidemic was the deadliest per capita in northern Europe. Here is a stunning account of how this happened.
2/ "The Public Health Agcy labelled advice from national scientists & intl authorities as extreme positions, resulting in media & political bodies to accept their own policy instead. The Swedish people were kept in ignorance of basic facts such as the airborne #SARSCoV2..."
3/ "...transmission, that asymptomatic individuals can be contagious & that face masks protect both the carrier & others. Mandatory legislation was seldom used; recommendations relying upon personal responsibility & w/out any sanctions were the norm."
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#SupremeCourt to hear plea seeking disclosure of data related to vaccine trials and restraining coercive action on not taking #vaccines #COVID19 Image
Earlier, The SG while referring to a gamut of foreign judgments argued that “it is not enough that someone creates a doubt in the mind of the public with regard to vaccination, they should also try and dispel it.”…
Counsel appearing for the State of Tamil Nadu submits that the State is empowered to make mandates, like those who are not vaccinated will not be able to access the public places.
I have statutory power.
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