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Karnataka High Court to begin hearing on batch of petitions regarding Covid-19 management in the state.

A division bench of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Aravind Kumar to hear the matter.

Hearing Begins
Cj: As an example we are saying a staff member has died. We have said RTPCR reports should be received within 24-hours. The man did not receive result message till yesterday after taking swab test on May 10.
Tell us what action are you going to take?
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Who said #hesitancy was not a prob? My comorbid wife delayed taking shot by a month. Sr citizen neighbour pastered doctor son against vaccine. #Covaxin was not mocked? It was done till early April. Hesitancy was so common that bengal went slow on covax indent 1/n
Why all health staff, Sr xitizen didn't queue up 4 #vaccine in Feb-March? Centres wr idle. Data proves, Thr ws not equal push from all states either. All rushed 4 vax as #SecondWave struck. As in end April 50% on queue for vax wr above 60. This contributed to overcrowding. 2/n
Yes thr is now a #VaccineShortage. But part of it is perceived. Do we have enough manpower & other necessary infra to inoculate 3 USAs (90cr adult) at one go? V got feb-april. Cud USA vaccinate all in 3 months? On April 18, only 50% Americans wr vaccinated. De started ahead. 3/n
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Thread: An example of why we are struggling in the US to complete #COVIDVaccination of the willing but not yet #vaccinated people. I made appts for my 12-15 yr old kids. Like many busy parents, we’d prefer the predictability of an appt over walking up with an uncertain wait. /1
I tried several sites until i found one with open appts. The vaccine confirmation I received said to make sure I have a full tank of gas due to waits of an hour or more. With an appt. And there’s a gas shortage on the E. coast. Will people risk having no gas to go to work, etc? ImageImage
The confirmation also said “you need to bring your govt-issued identification card to the appt” to #GetVaccinated. These appts are for kids <16. What govt issued ID card is this referring to? And for whom-the kid? The parent? No clue. Who do I ask? 🤷🏻‍♀️Confused parents may no show. Image
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Advisory committee @CDCgov meeting now LIVE…
Regarding use of @pfizer #COVID19 #vaccine in children aged 12-18 years.
Efficacy in kids is 100%.…
"no serious adverse effects were observed" among 12-18 year old @pfizer #vaccine recipients…
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This @NEJM paper did long-term follow-up on 3958 #pregnant ppl who received a #COVID19 #vaccine.

👉🏻 No increased risk of pregnancy-specific adverse events (including #miscarriage).

So why are ppl claiming it shows a 24x increased risk of miscarriage? 🧵

The rate of miscarriages reported in the paper is 12.6%.

But is that higher than we would normally see?

No... 2/ Image
The normal range quoted in the paper, based on these references, is 10 - 26%.

The range is large because lots of things affect miscarriage rate, so it varies a lot between studies.

But note the rate in the vaccinated population is within this normal range. 3/ Image
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Minister Carlos França and the US Trade Representative (@USTradeRep), Ambassador Katherine Tai, spoke on May 7th about economic recovery and international cooperation in response to the pandemic, including the US proposal of a waiver for COVID-19 #vaccine patents at the WTO. Image
They highlighted the role of international organizations like the G20 (@g20org), the @wto and the @OECD in promoting international trade, investment and #sustainabledevelopment.
They pledged to keep close contact regarding these and other issues on the bilateral and international agendas. 🇧🇷🇺🇸
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#MadrasHighCourt to shortly hear suo motu case concerning #COVID19 management in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Matter is before Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy.

Track thread for live updates.
Bench assembles.

AG R Shanmugasundaram: We have filed an additional status report.

843 oxygen beds, govt to create about 12k additional beds, may be ready by May 15th, AG Shanmugasundaram submits.

Govt has written for revising oxygen allocation for Tamil Nadu, has written for increasing allocation to 500 MT oxygen, AG submits.

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Dear @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA #India is now manufacturing between 80-100Mn doses of #vaccine monthly or some 3Mn daily.
Would request to see if at least 30Mn-40Mn can be preferntially allotted to the 10 biggest cities by end May.
Will bring down positivity & caseload massively.
I've left 70Mn doses for all the other regions . Also consider that the majority of cases are concentrated in cities by simply vaccinating at least 50% of top ten cities we can control the number of cases quickly .
If we want to win this optics will have to be put aside .
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🧵Ce thread est destiné à mettre en lumière les personnes décédées peu de temps après leur Vaccination pour le Covid-19 et a donner matière a réflexion a ceux qui hésitent encore
#Covid19 #Vaccin #JohnsonJohnson
#Pfizer #AstraZeneca #Death #Died #Moderna #Vaccination
#After Image
👩 Annie VanGeest (35 Year)
📍Ionia County (USA)
💉 Johnson & Johnson
☠️ 2 Weeks After
#Covid19 #Vaccin #JohnsonJohnson #Death
#Died #VanGeest…
👦🏻 Jerome Niessen (40 Year)
🇧🇪 Ans (Belgium)
💉 Pfizer
☠️ 2 Weeks After
#Covid19 #Vaccin #Pfizer
#Death #Died
#After ImageImage
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Question is what would #India spend on?
Did we have a successful vaccine ready prior to December 2020?
Answer is no.
The #USA gambled $16Bn on 7 vaccines in June 2020 . 3 succeeded, one in trials & 3 failed.
The #USA essentially lost $6-7Bn in the gamble.
Acceptable odds for us?
You make the mistake of thinking BB was successful in the first try . Dr Krishna Ella tried & rejected two prior vaccine designs before settling on Covaxin . Also covaxin needs BSL4 & BSL3 facilities so cannot be made everywhere.
Also other older facilities are being upgraded to BSL3/4 for Covaxin but these will come online in a few months from now , not before. Haffkine in Mumbai should produce Covaxin from December 2021, a facility in Odisha from June 2022 .
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Was a privilege to address the High-level Emergency Meeting of African Health Ministers on #COVID19. @WHO will keep partnering with @_AfricanUnion nations to strengthen public health services & build capacity to generate vaccine supply to end the pandemic
The shocking disparity in global distribution of #COVID19 vaccines is a moral outrage, & economically & epidemiologically self-defeating. Of vaccines administered globally, just 2% have occurred in Africa compared to 80% in high & upper middle-income countries.
The pandemic has shown that #Africa cannot rely on #vaccine imports & must boost its own production capacities. @WHO will continue supporting the @_AfricanUnion to establish the African Medicines Agency to strengthen regulatory capacity and stimulate local production.
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Fact is the #CentralVista residence will be smaller than the 10 bungalows the lok kalyan marg residence uses in terms of sqft.
Fact also is the shifting of residence has more to do with security recommendations than anything else.
That said propaganda walo ko kaun samjhaye.
Today the official residences are scattered all over #lutyensdelhi . By concentrating the PM , President & VP in a close area within easy reach of all govt offices & the parliament the #CentralVistaProject will reduce security & logistics cost manifold saving well over it's cost.
Apart from that most have no idea that the total project cost of the #CentralVista is divided over a decade with no more than $150mn or ₹1050cr being the outlay in 2021-22.
This project actually began a few years ago & is necessitated by earthquake & fire norms.
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Canada's #vaccine status May 7
400,489 doses administered today, a new record.
More on provinces ⤵️ Image
44.7% of 16+ have now had a first dose. Image
48.6 total doses per 100 aged 16+ Image
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„Vaccination Campaign in Israel 🇮🇱

[Impfkampagne in Israel: „Katastrophale Ergebnisse auf allen Ebenen“
Alarmierender Bericht führender Gesundheitsexperten]…
Which MSM journalists reported this?
No one?
Why not??
If not, WHY would you source ALL your news ONLY from them?
Do NOT enable MSM by solely relying on them.

Support journalists/bloggers who are:
For eg, support:

@pfmayer at (in German)
@reitschuster (in German)

Please add more here.
GoogleTranslate if necessary

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My father is currently bedridden with a spinal fracture and needs to get his second dose of #covid #vaccine within the next 10 days. Could someone help with finding a vaccine centre in #Gurgaon where they could come to the car to administer the dose? Grateful for any leads 🙏
My father cannot currently sit up so we can’t use a wheelchair.
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Anyone who promotes, supports, condones, normalizes, or stays silent on a global experiment on children is a monster. It's that simple - & that grotesque. To serve capital, #biotech/#EmergingMarkets, rather than protecting the most vulnerable of society, is unforgivable. #ethics
This Nov 19 2020 thread explored the #UN [Share] Verified Guide to COVID-19 #Vaccine Communications (released Nov 18).

A learning thread on soft power #manipulation, coupled w/ the leveraging of #regret, #fear, & #conditioning:

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But look at all these terrible deaths on #VAERS, #TuckerCarlson says? Not so fast! Look at the disclaimer, first. Just because it was reported does not mean #vaccines were the cause!
First of all, let's emphasize that #VAERS is a useful tool, but not for folks looking to confirm their worst fears about #vaccines. It's mostly for the nerds in public health to detect super, super, super rare side effects as early as possible.
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We're now be told we must obey 'The Science' - as if it were a new authoritative religious state institution. But is it really science? #COVID19 #vaccine #Lockdown

⚡️Matthew B. Crawford: How ‘The Science’ Has Become Corrupted⚡️…
The bogus computer-modeled #Scientism of Covid/lockdowns should now wake up intelligent people to the exact same system used to hype up fears of man-made global warming. Gov-Media, academia and corporations have gamed both 'crisis' campaigns, both designed to consolidate power.
Calling all #Moderna and #Pfizer corporate #vaccine troll Brigade to join this discussion.

Please, bring us your scripted talking points from head office....
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📡Live Now 📡

So you become #COVID Positive, What's Next?

For answers, watch our webinar and post if you have any other questions/doubts on #COVID19 here👉
I think there is a greater responsibility on patients too.

Doctors say, 80% effort has to be from patients. If a patient does not follow #COVID19 protocols/instructions given by Doctor, panics then it will be more difficult

- Prof. Raghuram, BITS Goa
#StayHome, do not go outside unless absolutely necessary, do not challenge the administration - it is one of the social service which we can do during this time

- Prof. Raghuram, BITS Goa

Live Now :
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Sorry to say, why are you playing with your own people. How often would I turn around to vaccinate for my mother? Such a disgusting issue. As I'm not an eminent person, your officers haven't taken any responsibility. Who does this & how it's possible?
Thanks a lot. God bless you.
Look at the situation. This place is very close to my house. This is the 3rd time of my return given the crowded circumstances. From some source I've come to know that only 100 no. #Vaccines are available & there're about 200 people. People were here to get it from 4 A.M.........
Before today, I had been there 2 times, but unfortunately there was no #Vaccine available. When I went for the #Vaccination again today, I got a situation like this near the hospital.
Look at the queue.........
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May 5, 2021, Canada: "BREAKING - Health Canada says #Pfizer #vaccine can now be given to kids aged 12 and older"

"Typically, the #vaccine submission review process can take much longer, but because of an emergency order, #HealthCanada has been able to expedite the authorization process."

The vaccine is an #mRNA vaccine.

July 5 2020: "This is the greatest science #experiment in vaccinology that's ever been done"

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Three important @CDCgov studies just released, about the future of the U.S. #COVID19 epidemic.
First, CDC assembled 6 independent modeling teams to forecast the May to July epidemic, w/various assumptions about #vaccine uptake, mask use, opening up…
MORE Image
2/ All 6 see the US epidemic peaking in May, and then steadily declining over the summer. What differs dramatically is the RATE of decline, hinging on vaccination rates & social distancing relaxations.…
2b/ “These scenarios show ongoing efforts to ^ #vaccination coverage & maintain physical distancing, masking, isolation & quarantine are warranted. As the #COVID19 #pandemic evolves & more data become available, future projections can provide improved publ hlth response.”
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1/6 Pro-#Kremlin #disinfo continues to spread after #Czech officials accused #Russian military intelligence of involvement in a deadly munitions-depot explosion in the Czech town of #Vrbětice in 2014. @frankvrabel1 @mlrchtr

Key findings from May 4 report:…
2/6 #Czech #disinfo sources are pushing pro-#Kremlin coverage of the #GRU scandal to benefit Czech political actors and parties advocating populist, pro-Kremlin positions, "like the far-right SPD, the Communist Party (KSČM), and the #Putin-friendly Czech president, Miloš Zeman.”
3/6 #Czech #disinformation media have pushed a number of false narratives in response to the allegations of #GRU involvement, including that it is “a ploy to escalate the conflict between #Russia and the West, instigated by the United States.”
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.@RBI will continue to monitor the emerging #COVID19 situation and will deploy all resources and instruments at its command especially for the citizens, business entities, and institutions beleaguered by the 2nd wave: RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta
@RBI @DasShaktikanta #LIVE | The devastating speed with which the virus affects must be matched by swift, wide-ranging actions that are sequenced, calibrated and well-timed so as to reach out to various sections including the most vulnerable: @RBI Guv
LATEST on #Coronavirus:
@RBI @DasShaktikanta On tap liquidity window of Rs 50,000 cr with tenor of 3 years being opened till March 31, 2022, for fresh lending support to #vaccine manufacturers: @RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta
LATEST on #Coronavirus:
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