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28 Oct
Good thread by the excellent @ElBitcoinCoach on why #Bitcoin is special vs. other #cryptocurrencies

As you may have noticed, there are other projects I'm bullish on. @helium #ThePeoplesNetwork is a prime example

But that's because projects like @helium are finding ways to apply #blockchain usefully to real-word problems. $HNT has value because network bandwidth has value.

The price of $HNT may change because of speculation in the #cryptocurrecy market, but I expect it will never go to zero because the value of the token is backed by the value of the Helium network.

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18 Mar
"Online church is not church"

Your simple and obvious 🔥 take of the day

Which is why my 4 most hated words of the liturgy are

"physically, or by intention"

Church ought to be *last* place the virtual and the Real gets confused.

Yet here we are.

Watching the liturgy on YouTube is *not* the same as participating in the liturgy

Any more than watching the NFL is playing football.

This is especially true for reception of the Eucharist.

You think God becomes flesh and blood so you can *watch on video*?!

"Taste and see that the LORD is good"

"For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink."

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16 Mar
🔥 take from @saifedean

Somewhat agree and disagree

Electric cars are unaffordable for the majority of humanity.

Fact check: TRUE

However, this is also true for gasoline vehicles.

It's only in the affluent West that "everyone must have a vehicle" has been normalized.

The general public has a distorted view of relative affordability of gasoline vs. EV vehicles because of massive subsidies, public and private, into EV development and production.

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12 Mar
@Making_of_a_Mom @tannerguzy Deliberately encourage risk-taking. Especially as a mother, it's important for you to give your children (especially boys!) room to push their boundaries and experience consequences without Mommy swooping in to keep everyone pain-free.
@Making_of_a_Mom @tannerguzy Good martial arts programs are priceless; @tannerguzy and @noufalibrahim already covered that.

Competitive team sports are good.

There's a healthy balance between "participation! yay!" and "WINNING IS EVERYTHING"
@Making_of_a_Mom @tannerguzy @noufalibrahim A good youth coach once told my kid's team

"It's not about the winning and losing. We're out here to have fun as a team.

But... let me tell you, it's a lot more *fun* when you win!"

This is a healthy balance.
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31 Aug 20
"Self-sufficiency is OPTIONALITY"

Powerful summary of good wisdom there.
Example: gardening.

Cue the Adam Smith zealots crying "efficiency!"

And the knee-jerk reaction against the word "subsistence", which everyone treats as meaning "impoverished"
But "subsistence farming" (which is what home gardens are) only means that you're growing for your own use, instead of for market sale
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