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Good thread by the excellent @ElBitcoinCoach on why #Bitcoin is special vs. other #cryptocurrencies

As you may have noticed, there are other projects I'm bullish on. @helium #ThePeoplesNetwork is a prime example

But that's because projects like @helium are finding ways to apply #blockchain usefully to real-word problems. $HNT has value because network bandwidth has value.

The price of $HNT may change because of speculation in the #cryptocurrecy market, but I expect it will never go to zero because the value of the token is backed by the value of the Helium network.

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Helium Explains: The @helium Token Image
The @helium Network connects #IoT (and soon 5G) devices in ways never before possible and at a fraction of the cost of cellular, without users needing to deploy and maintain wireless infrastructure. Image
The Network's range is optimized for devices running on @helium #LongFi, a combination of #LoRaWAN and the Helium Blockchain. This opens up a number of use cases including asset tracking, supply chain logistics, agricultural #tech, & more, up to 10 miles+ from nearby Hotspots. Image
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Let’s talk about incentives and how they are driving real world performance on @Helium #ThePeoplesNetwork. A thread:
1/ A few days ago, I was explaining to my 15y/o brother about how @Helium created a self-optimizing global #IoT network. It all starts with incentives...
2/ At the time, I happened to be driving over to set-up a hotspot with a former colleague that worked on the network design team at my old company, one of the leading global players in industrial #IoT. It got me thinking...
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Helium Explains: The @helium Token Image
The @helium Token is the native cryptocurrency and protocol token of the Helium Blockchain. Its symbol is $HNT. The first $HNT was produced on July 29th, 2019 at 09:43pm UTC as part of the Network's genesis block. Prior to this date, there was no premine of $HNT. Image
The @helium Token is designed to serve the needs of two primary parties on #ThePeoplesNetwork:
1. Hotspot owners, who mine $HNT for providing and maintaining coverage.
2. Enterprises and developers, who connect #IoT devices and applications to the Network using Data Credits. Image
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Mini thread on why
@helium #ThePeoplesNetwork is shaking the foundations of the #wireless #telecommunication industry.

1/ As a professional #IoT product marketer, I used to spend years selling networks to cities and utilities...
2/ Those networks might take another few years to design and deploy before they could be fully operational. We had teams of network designers whose full-time job was to design the ideal #meshnetwork topology for a specific geographic deployment...
3/ then we had more teams of customer deployment reps and lawyers who had to negotiate access to limited pole mounting infrastructure. On the other side of the table, we had customers that were getting pitched on multiple competitive #wirelessnetwork technologies...
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I get a kick out of the long term price predictions for $HNT (@helium) that I see all over the web. In short, they're bogus.

Thread on why HNT (currently ~$4) is either going to be a 3 to 4 digit token or worth zero👇 #cryptocurrency
The predictions will be like $30 or $40 or whatever in 10 years, but that completely ignores the one or zero nature of the platform. If helium 'works' the market is massive. Like many billions of $ of IoT data transfer spend massive. /2
To simplify the Burn-to-Mint Equilibrium (BME) that drives the economics of HNT, the long term price of the token MUST be $20 per $1 M per month of data transfer spend on the network. If it's not, BME will deflate the currency circulation until the relationship is restored. /3
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One of the more unique aspects of the @Helium Network is the Consensus Protocol. Proof-of-Coverage (#PoC) is used for sybil resistance and to periodically select a new #HoneyBadgerBFT group.
Ask any Hotspot host and they will tell you how they dream of joining the coveted Consensus Group - a small group of Hotspots on #ThePeoplesNetwork that receives 6% of all $HNT mined per epoch.
Let’s take a walk back in time, shall we? We first read @socrates1024 #HoneyBadgerBFT paper in 2018. Our implementation was similar to @ethereum, using the GHOST protocol and @bitcoin #NakamotoConsensus to select a winner for each block.
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Following our thread on the work of a Challenger in Proof-of-Coverage (PoC), it’s only fair we take a look at the Challengees who are key to successfully transferring packets, completing PoC challenges and earning $HNT!
The role of the Challengee is to prove to the Challenger that they are actually creating network coverage that #LongFi devices can use. For successfully responding to these challenges, the Challengee is rewarded in newly minted $HNT.
Challengees receive encrypted multi-layer packets wirelessly, via RF. Each layer of the packet is encrypted for specific Challengees in a sequential path. When a Challengee receives a packet and can decrypt it, they send their proof back to the Challenger via the #p2p network.
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