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Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 CoinDCX CEO says imposition of TDS a blow to cryptos in India

🗞 Polygon zkEVM Validium upgrade proposed by co-founder Mihailo Bjelic

🗞 WisdomTree and Invesco file for spot Bitcoin ETFs

Details and more🧵
🗞 According to cryptocurrency exchange @CoinDCX, the application of TDS by the government on digital currency is one of the issues that has recently influenced consumers’ activity.
🗞 @DeutscheBankAG has requested for regulatory approval to act as a crypto custodian in Germany, the bank announced.
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Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 Coinbase slams SEC for evading and giving ‘No straight answers’

🗞 Do Kwon denies allegations that he forged passport, blames ‘Chinese’ agency

🗞 JPM says Hinman docs released in Ripple vs SEC case are boosting Ether

Details and more 🧵
🗞 @coinbase has lambasted the United States @SECGov for failing to respond to issues posed in the United States Court of Appeals as part of the ongoing investigation.
🗞 @binance CEO @cz_binance revealed that the company has officially issued a cease and desist letter to the bogus business known as Binance Nigeria Limited.
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🧵Thread Post : 15 @syscoin

Looking at the market pumping again on the hopeful news of @BlackRock #BITCOIN ETF approval, it is an apt time to bring to your notice a hidden Blue 🔵 💎 #syscoin which has been continuously building over the past 9 yrs

Hope you enjoy the 🧵$SYS Image
1.1 What is @syscoin
$SYS is a #cryptocurrency that proposes near zero fee on financial transactions like #BTC & equips businesses with the infra to buy & sell goods,assets, digital certificates & data securely

#Syscoin #SYS #Sysarmy @RolluxL2 Image
1.2 $SYS also supports variety of marketplaces, ranging from #DeFi to #cefi markets.
Acc to @realSidhuJag CTO of Blockchain Foundry & co-founder of #syscoin "@syscoin presents mixture of both #BTC & #ETH with services built to attain more efficient financial computing platform".
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Guys arguing BTC can be classified as a security under Howey test.

1/8: Let's explore why #Bitcoin and similar #cryptocurrencies aren't classified as securities under the Howey Test. This test assesses whether an arrangement involves an investment contract. #Crypto #HoweyTest
2/8: The Howey Test has 4 key points: an investment of money, expectation of profits, a common enterprise, and efforts of a promoter or third party. Let's break these down for Bitcoin. #CryptoRegulation #Bitcoin
3/8: Investment of Money: Yes, Bitcoin miners invest money in hardware and electricity, but they're not buying an investment contract from a third party. They contribute resources to validate transactions & secure the network. #CryptoMining
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1/10 🧵💡 Why is the US cracking down on #cryptocurrencies, causing significant market volatility. Is the global leader overlooking a trend, or is there a deeper reasoning? 🤔🌐💱 Let's take a look: Image
2/10 The reasons behind this crackdown are multifaceted 🧩 Critics suggest the U.S.'s primary concern isn't protecting the average investor, contrary to the claims of the @SECGov. #CryptoMarkets #InvestorProtection
3/10 The blooming crypto market, exceeding $2tn in 2021, is pulling capital away from traditional financial systems 🏦 The U.S., among other regulators worldwide, is amplifying its scrutiny of the industry. #Finance #MoneyTalks Image
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1/14 These critical threads highlight key points on the latest FCA 'Research Note: Cryptoassets consumer research 2023'; revealing a significant increase in #cryptoasset ownership in the #UK, with 9% of adults (4.97m) owning cryptoassets in 2022; highlighting the growing adoption
2/14 The research highlights that 15% of #cryptoasset users have purchased #stablecoins. This indicates that stablecoins, which are designed to minimise price volatility, have gained traction as a popular choice among #crypto investors. #CryptoassetsOwnership
3/14 A noteworthy is that 28% of non-cryptoasset users stated they would be more likely to buy #cryptoassets if the market & activities were regulated. This underscores the potential impact of regulation on consumer behaviour & the importance of creating a regulated environment.
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1/10: This threads critically highlight a few points on the #UK #FCA Proposal on #Cryptoasset Financial Promotions Rule that seeks feedback on how they approach & how firms comply with their requirement of fairness, clarity and not misleading. #CryptoRegulations
2/10: The FCA has introduced new regulations for marketing cryptoassets to #UK consumers. This move requires firms, including those based overseas, to comply with the regime and review the statutory instrument alongside the Policy Statement (PS). #CryptoRegulations
3/10: Firms planning to market to UK consumers must carefully consider the four available routes for lawfully communicating promotions and ensure compliance with the relevant requirements. Seeking professional advice is crucial during this preparation phase. #ComplianceMatters
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#Crypto Roundup: Top #CryptoNews This Week!

1/ #OKX, a leading crypto platform, is making a bold move by establishing a strong presence in France.

2/ The CEO of #FTX, a prominent #cryptocurrency exchange, has hinted at a significant update called '2.0 Reboot.'

3/ Hong Kong is defying regional crackdowns and embracing #cryptocurrencies.

4/ The #SEC is taking a controversial step by scrutinising #cryptomining equipment.

5/ Troubling allegations surround #Binance Exchange, suggesting the commingling of customer funds and company revenue.

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1/ What is cold storage? 🥶

A thread 🧵
2/ "Cold storage" in the context of #cryptocurrencies refers to keeping a reserve of cryptocurrencies offline.
3/ This is a security measure used to prevent theft or loss due to cyber attacks, as it involves storing private keys, which are used to access and manage digital currencies, in a secure offline environment.
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1/9: A few min ago at the Qatar Economic Forum, Peter Smith, CEO of @blockchain, shared some deep insights on the future of #cryptocurrencies during the panel discussion. #QatarEconomicForum

🧵 Image
2/9: Smith gave us a reality check on the volatile crypto market, saying, “Crypto is still a small market. In 2022 many companies failed. It was the crypto version of the financial crisis. But in crypto we don’t have the Fed.”
3/9: There's a silver lining though. “It is healthy for the system that the companies that are not strong enough, perish. Trust was lost, but trust was gained. We have seen a net client inflow.”
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1/ What is a private key? 🔐

A thread 🧵
2/ A private key is a critical aspect of #cryptocurrencies, acting as a form of secure digital identity.
3/ Definition: In the context of #cryptocurrencies, a private key is a secret, alphanumeric password/number that is used to spend or send your cryptocurrencies to another address.
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Hello Wednesday! 🐫

With the $VIX pricing right at the top of my range, has the sell finally come?

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asia mostly ↘️

$NIKK 30693 -0.85%
$SSEC 3205 -1.3% 🐫
$TWII 16188 +0.05%
$HSI 19077 -1.8%
$KOSPI 2567 unch
$IDX 6732 -0.05%

Australia ↘️
$ASX 7214 -0.65%

India ↘️
$BSE 61913 -0.1%
Europe ↘️↘️

$DAX 15930 -1.4% ⬅️ low end of range
$FTSE 7647 -1.5%
$CAC 7263 -1.6%
$AEX 755 -1.4%
$IBEX 9197 -1.3%
$MIB 26919 -2.05% 🐫
$SMI 11405 -0.7%
$MOEX 2630 -0.45%

$VSTOXX 20.21 🔺🔺

$DAX range = 15935 - 16303 ♉️
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We found ourselves in the midst of another US debt ceiling debate.

A recurrent event that has significant implications for the global economy, including the financial markets.

Let's unpack this complex issue🧵

RT's appreciated!🙏

#economy #crypto #Bitcoin #stocks

The US debt ceiling is a legislative limit on the amount of national debt that can be incurred by the US #Treasury.

It's a cap on how much money the federal government may borrow to pay off the debt it has already borrowed.

Interestingly, the debt ceiling does not directly limit government deficits.

While it can restrain the Treasury from paying for expenditures after the limit has been reached, these are expenditures that have already been approved and appropriated.

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Hello Tuesday!

The $USD 🎳 continues to tick 🔺 vs the $GBP +0.3% an vs. $CNY +0.22% even as #Bitcoin back > 27000

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
The Asian ♉️ takes a hit ↘️

$NIKK 209578 -0.4%
$SSEC 3246 -1.5%
$TWII 16188 +0.05%
$HSI 19416 -1.35%
$KOSPI 2567 +0.4%
$IDX 6746 +0.25%

Australia ↔️
$ASX 7260 -0.05%

India ↗️
$BSE 62187 +0.35%
Europe mostly ↘️ on ↔️ #PMIs

$DAX 16205 -0.1%
$FTSE 7778 +0.1%
$CAC 7416 -0.85%
$AEX 676 -0.05%
$IBEX 9296 -0.1%
$MIB 27245 -0.25%
$SMI 11544 -0.1%
$MOEX 2625 -0.3%

$VSTOXX 16.44 🔺

$DAX range = 15920 - 16380 ♉️
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Hello Monday!

Slow start to the week with 🇯🇵 machine tool orders -3.5% as the debt ceiling drama continues in the background

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asia ↗️ with 🗾 breaking to multi-year highs

$NIKK 31086 +0.9%
$SSEC 3296 +0.4%
$TWII 16181 +0.05%
$HSI 19722 +1.4%
$KOSPI 2557 +0.75%
$IDX 6741 +0.6%

Australia ↘️
$ASX 7263 -0.2%

India ↗️
$BSE 61895 +0.25%
Europe ↔️ with $DAX failing at 16300

$DAX 16241 -0.2%
$FTSE 7777 +0.25%
$CAC 7484 -0.1%
$AEX 768 +0.1%
$IBEX 9290 +0.4%
$MIB 27369 -0.55%
$SMI 11558 -0.1%
$MOEX 2645 +0.75%

$VSTOXX 16.22 🔺

$DAX range = 15880 - 16324 ♉️🔝
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🚨 China and Hong Kong Crypto Narrative is Back:

Here are 5 Coins to Watch 🚀 Image
➡️ June is the month of the Hong Kong and China #cryptocurrency narrative, which has captured the attention of the #crypto community and sparked lively discussions.
Hong Kong's Crypto Decision

➡️ Hong Kong is embracing cryptocurrency with its upcoming VASP framework, allowing certified professional investors exclusive access to cryptocurrency exchanges.
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Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 India based WazirX says Binance has maintained control over WRX token

🗞 Bankrupt Voyager will now be able to pay back creditors

🗞 Bitcoin mining difficulty rises 3.2%, a new all time high

Details and more🧵
🗞 As the conflict between @WazirXIndia and @binance continues, @WazirXIndia has emphasised Binance’s current supremacy over the WRX token.
🗞 The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York has allowed the bankrupt @investvoyager to begin repaying its creditors.
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Hello Thursday!

The lure 🎣 of the #opex flows 🌊 are generating a massive #FOMO 🚨

All aboard the equity 🚊!

Meanwhile, the $USD quietly ticks ↗️ into neutral territory…

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
$NIKK ♉️ led Asian equities ↗️

$NIKK 30574 +1.6%
$SSEC 3297 +0.4%
$TWII 16102 +1.1%
$HSI 19705 +0.75%
$KOSPI 2515 +0.85%
$IDX 6663 -0.2%

Australia ↗️
$ASX 7237 +0.5%

India ↗️
$BSE 61653 +0.15%
Europe ↗️♉️

$DAX 16182 +1.45%
$FTSE 7772 +0.65%
$CAC 7466 +0.9%
$AEX 763 +0.55%
$IBEX 9262 +0.55%
$MIB 2754 +1.15%
$SMI 11438 -0.7% ⬅️
$MOEX 2654 +0.75%

$VSTOXX 16.18 🔻 ⬅️ no worries!

$DAX range = 15732 - 16103 over the 🔝 ⬅️
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Hello Wednesday! 🐫

$NIKK > 30,000 for the 1st time since Nov '21
#Bitcoin back < 27,000
#Copper eviscerated
$WTIC teetering at 70
$USD firm at 102.69

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asian democracies ↗️

$NIKK 30094 +0.85% ⬅️♉️
$SSEC 3284 -0.2%
$TWII 15925 +1.6%
$HSI 19529 -2.25%
$KOSPI 2495 +0.6%
$IDX 6672 -0.05%

Australia ↘️
$ASX 7199 -0.5%

India ↘️
$BSE 61393 -0.85%
Europe treading water ↔️

$DAX 15953 +0.35%
$FTSE 7749 -0.05%
$CAC 7397 -0.1%
$AEX 756 -0.05%
$IBEX 9183 -0.05%
$MIB 27130 -0.25%
$SMI 11488 -0.3%
$MOEX 2626 -0.3%

$VSTOXX 16.90
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Tại sao nhà cái lại có thể thao túng tâm lý của thị trường dễ dàng:

Đẩy giá khi không còn ai muốn mua

Dump vào đầu khi thị trường tham lam và DCA liên tục

Anh em nên hiểu điều này

#cryptocurrencies Image
Về cơ bản họ không chỉ thao túng tâm lý thị trường mà họ thao túng nguồn cung và liên tục đưa ra những bài test để xem đó có phải là thời điểm thích hợp để đẩy giá lên thu hút thanh khoản hay chưa

Nếu gần như 100% tổng cung lưu hành trong tay họ thì moon
Khi thị trường đã hưng phấn và tham lam cực độ ai cũng muốn làm diamond hand thì số lượng token trong tay nhà cái không cần nhiều vẫn có thể đẩy giá xnxx được.
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Hell Thursday!

Ahead of today's Q1 🇺🇸 GDP report, the @AtlantaFed has reduced its projected growth by a whopping -140 bps to only +1.1% 😮

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asia closed broadly ↗️

$NIKK 28458 +0.15%
$SSEC 3286 +0.65%
$TWII 15412 +0.25%
$HSI 19812 +0.3%
$KOSPI 2496 +0.45%
$IDX 6942 +0.45%

Australia ↘️
$ASX 7293 -0.3%

India ↗️
$BSE 60500 +0.35%
Europe trying to muster a bid ↔️

$DAX 15804 +0.05%
$FTSE 7854 unch
$CAC 7497 +0.4%
$AEX 749 -0.15%
$IBEX 9308 +0.15%
$MIB 27166 +0.2%
$SMI 11395 +0.25%
$MOEX 2631 +0.4%

$VSTOXX 18.33 🔻

$DAX range = 15680 - 16066 ♉️
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Hello Wednesday!

The ongoing divergence between $IWM and $RSP on one side and the $SPX and $QQQ on the other is the setup for the 🐫

Rising interest rate vol is also a good place to look with MOVE to 137

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asia closed ↔️

$NIKK 28416 -0.7%
$SSEC 3264 unch
$TWII 15375 +0.05%
$HSI 19791 +0.9%
$KOSPI 2485 -0.15%
$IDX 6863 +0.55%

Australia ↔️
$ASX 7316 -0.1%

India ↔️
$BSE 60194 +0.1%
Europe under pressure ↘️

$DAX 15764 -0.7%
$FTSE 7862 -0.35%
$CAC 7470 -0.8%
$AEX 749 -0.85%
$IBEX 9248 -0.45%
$MIB 27007 -0.9%
$SMI 11428 -0.75%
$MOEX 2628 +0.05%

$VSTOXX 19.91 🔺 🐫

$DAX range = 15646 - 16097 ♉️
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Hello Tuesday

Have you noticed the now almost daily $VIX pop in the overnight, providing bait 🎣 for vol 🌊 sellers?

Let's dig into the market 🧮!
Asia mostly ↘️

$NIKK 28620 +0.1%
$SSEC 3265 -0.3%
$TWII 15371 -1.65%
$HSI 19618 -1.7%
$KOSPI 2489 -1.35%
$IDX holiday 🕌

Australia ↔️
$ASX 7322 -0.1%

India ↗️
$BSE 60243 +0.3%
Europe decidedly ↘️

$DAX 15835 -0.2%
$FTSE 7890 -0.3%
$CAC 7521 -0.7%
$AEX 757 -0.75%
$IBEX 9282 -1.3%
$MIB 27239 -1.1%
$SMI 11489 +0.2% ⬅️
$MOEX 2632 -0.15%

$VSTOXX 17.80 🔺

$DAX range = 15600 - 16129 ♉️
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This past week, #SEC Chair Gary Gensler testified before Congress on cryptocurrency policy. The hearing was contentious, with both sides raising strong arguments and concerns.

Read on for a breakdown of the arguments and issues raised by both sides, a thread 🧵: Image
1/ Congressional Republicans criticized Gensler's approach to cryptocurrency regulation, calling it overbearing and stifling innovation.

They expressed concerns that Gensler's policies could harm small businesses and investors.📉 Image
2/ During the hearing, Gensler declined to say whether Ether / $ETH is a security. 📜

This is a major issue for the cryptocurrency industry, as it could have significant implications for how the asset is regulated. Image
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