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@threadreaderapp @HolisticTrader @jack Here are the facts everybody - Michael Watkins theholistictrader is a mentally ill fraudster from North Wales UK.

He has fabricated stories that he was hacked.

Fabricated stories that he is being harassed.

Claimed I am Scott Schink when I am not.
@threadreaderapp @HolisticTrader @jack Michael Watkins holistictrader claims I am a different person each week to suit his harassment narrative.

he has made bogus/vexatious police reports to multiple police forces in 3 countries - they are all used as an intimidation tactic - it hasnt worked.
@threadreaderapp @HolisticTrader @jack I am an investigative blogger based in the UK.

Michael Watkins theholistictrader has subjected me to 9 weeks of sustained harassment, intimidation, abuse, threats, DDOS, doxing.

He has fabricated multiple claims in order to get me shut down.

He is a lunatic.
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UK serial Fraudster Michael Watkins pretending he is being harassed to get me taken offline - he is desperate.

He has not been harassed.

Hes done the bogus "tip off" to the @FBI @FBICharlotte

And multiple vexatious reports to UK Police forces.

All in order to intimidate me
Of course it hasn't worked.
In each case I have contacted the relevant Police department and sent them the blog.

I am none of the people he keeps claiming I am - its a new one each week.

Michael Watkins theholistictrader will say im Scott Schink - no idea who he is.
Each Police force needs to do Michael Watkins for perverting the course of justice.

They also need to get a grip and get a case together for the multiple criminal acts he has carried out against me and others over the last 3 years.

They will uncover a trail of fraud.
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@George1Trader @HolisticTrader George - ignore him. Everything Michael Watkins theholistictrader says is a lie.

Hes a mentally ill fraudster living in North Wales, UK - This is not some whale/pro.…

Michael Watkins the biggest scammer in #btc #bitcoin #crypto #cryptotwitter
@George1Trader @HolisticTrader he started off shilling affiliate sign ups for @SiamKidd thats how he got the idea - siam is called the realistic trader.

hes setup the same business model and failing to sell it.

Hes also partnered with new kids on the blockchain.

Everything he says is a lie.
@George1Trader @HolisticTrader @SiamKidd Michael Watkins has subjected me to 9 weeks of harassment for calling him out as a fraudster -
hes fabricated stories I hacked him and made vexatious reports to multiple uk police forces.

Now contacted the FBI because hes desperate.

Hes a total lunatic.
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Michael Watkins @holistictrader full of shit as usual.

All of this because I wrote correctly that he was fraudulently using the FCA title.

8+ weeks of harassment, intimidation, lies, threats, DDOS etc.
Michael Watkins theholistictrader has carried out multiple criminal acts since correctly writing on my blog that he was fraudulently using the FCA title.

Every single thing he says is a lie.…

#btc #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencynews
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Michael Watkins theholistictrader is a fraud.

I am a finance blogger and uncovered him back in March - I have been under sustained harassment from him since April.…

Hes been harassing multiple people for years

@Crypto_News24x7 @botsfolio @Phantomkiwi
everything he says is a lie, his latest attempt is to paint me as a scammer.

he has accused me of being other people I have no personal or business relation to - Michael Watkins is not only a fraud but mentally ill.…
Michael Watkins has engaged in harassment, intimidation, DDOS attacks, fraud, impersonation, forgery, threats, cyber bullying - it goes on and on and on.

Everything he says is a lie.…
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#DXone_Indicators [14/04/20]: #AroonIndicator

It shows whether the #crypto is #TRENDING.

The indicator comprises of an #AROON_UP (Yellow) and an #AROON_DOWN line (Blue).

Rising AROON-UP+Falling AROON-DOWN = #Uptrend
Falling AROON-UP+Rising AROON-DOWN = #Downtrend
Sign Up at to check out all 68 technical indicators available for the professional traders.

#trading #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews #Crypto #cryptocurrencies #Bitcoin #LearningNeverStops #TuesdayThoughts #bitcoin #cryptotwitter
Analysing #BTC, notice, how the #DOWNTREND shown by the AROON-UP (#Yellow) line crossing and falling below the AROON-DOWN (#Blue) around the 7th of #March could be correlated with a fall in a little over $1000 in #price.
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What started as a health crisis is likely to lead to an economic crisis the likes of which humanity may not have experienced for nearly a century, rivalling the Great Depression.

In the US, 17m unemployment claims in the last 3 weeks, the highest in history, looks like this: Image
Closer to home, I was speaking to @VALRdotcom's accountants who serve hundreds of clients in SA and the CEO said "People don't understand what's coming. March was fine because companies just made payroll. But wait til April, 80% of my clients are going to have difficulty.
You may have heard the call of @GrantPattison (CEO of Edcon, one of Southern Africa's largest retailers) to suppliers saying he can't pay them. If not, listen to @brucebusiness's clip from March 26:…
And this was before the SA lockdown even started.
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What are the major #cryptocurrencies up to these days? DXone peeks under the hood to help #cryptoinvestors make #informed_decisions.

You could also sign up at to have all of this information and more at your tips when trading on the #crypto-#superhighway

@IOHK_Charles recently announced the launch of their #Shelley mainnet moving ahead from their #Byron era. Considered the most scientific of all #DLTs, Cardano took a little around 18 months to reach this far.

#IoT solution @NodleTeam recently made the switch from @StellarOrg to @ParityTech's #substrate.

But, in a big win in 2020, @Bitbond received #BaFin nod to launch #tokenized_securities on the #Stellar protocol.
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#Top10 #cryptocurrencies [by #MarketVolume] on the 3rd of April, 2020 according to Dxone Exchange.
Number 10:

#OKB token by @OKEx

It is an #ERC20 token with a market cap of 1,221 Million #USD. It's key utility is discounts on #trading fees, voting rights, ability to invest in #incubated projects and #sharing_revenue.

(Source:…) via @crypto_briefing
Number 9:

#BNB by @binance

@cz_binance's brainchild, the BNB #token powers everything in the Binance ecosystem. What was once just a #cryptocoin for exchange is a full-fledged #Ethereum competitor and sits at 1,917 Million USD market cap
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Because of the highly increased volatility my way to scalp changed. Most experience this volatility for first time, so I would like to give out some tips and Ideas on how to manage this.

However, I dont know how long this series will be yet.
#BTC #cryptocurrencies #trading
Part [1/?] "Big Wicks, Flash Dumps/Pumps and Orderbook Wipes"

As a scalper you are usually looking for predictable move that you wanna take out a bit of. !!Your are not!! trying to catch whole move from the bottom to the top. When market is free falling, you let it fall!
Part [2/?]

High Volatility means, every single Level you see on 1/15/60 or daily means nothing. If a market is approaching a high timeframe Level without any volatility drop, you know no body respects it, dont fade it.

As a scalper you scalp a move and do not initiate it!
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The Bank of England @bankofengland just issued an excellent paper on retail Central Bank Digital Currencies and proposes a new form of money which would enable to make electronic payments using central bank money.

If you just have 1 minute, this is what you need to know:
1. BofE proposes to issue a UK CBDC, a digital pound sterling and allow anyone to hold an electronic form of central bank money - similar to a digital banknote. This would be a risk-free asset as does not involve any counterparty risk to traditional banks.
2. The CBDC would be recorded as a liability on the BofE’s balance sheet (just like bank notes and reserves) and matched with assets held by the BofE.
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#JustIn | Supreme Court allows trading in #cryptocurrency, cancels 2018 ban imposed by RBI: news agency IANS.
#Cryptocurrency trading can restart in India after top court removes RBI ban calling it 'unconstitutional' - by @pabsgill…
@pabsgill The Supreme Court of India today (March 4) quashed an order by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that had banned banks from trading in #cryptocurrency in 2018. In an order today, the apex court called RBI’s move “unconstitutional” and has lifted the ban.
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1/ Why I'm betting on #Chainlink instead of other #cryptocurrencies, reason 1/100: It's the main infrastructure for smart contracts, the data layer. Whats the other main part? A blockchain. Whats the main blockchain platform for smart contracts right now? Ethereum. Will it stay?
2/ I have no idea! Maybe another #blockchain becomes no #1 because #Ethereum won't be able to scale. Maybe PoS won't work. Maybe Solidity is not the fitting language for smart contracts. When I came into the DLT space, my bet was purely on smart contract platforms, mainly ETH.
3/ Now, 3 years later with a ton of knowledge and overview, I stopped betting on a single platform, but rather invest in the data layer of the smart contract systems. I have no idea which platform will be king in 5 or 10 years, but I do know that the leading platform depends on
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For our content kings and queens, these were the top 5 most read blogs on our community content page ( this year (thread):
5) Dividents & Compound Interest by @Leon_WayWay
Covering stocks and ETFs, this blog delves into the principles of making money on top of money in the markets:….
@Leon_WayWay 4) US stocks forex solution: how to use EasyFX

Did you know that investors on our platform can invest in offshore stocks like Facebook, Apple, and others. Our future billionaire and rich aunt @Dowsky26 has the juice on it all:….
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.@repfranklucas makes the obvious point that one of the issue with people being "underbanked" is lack of institutional trust. He asks Zuck why people who are distrustful of banks would trust FB. Zuck - in contradiction of earlier media statements - basically says people trust FB.
@RepFrankLucas .@RepGregoryMeeks asks Zuckerberg if FB has worked with any minority-development depository institutions, given that he cares about the "unbanked" so much.

Zuckerberg admits he has no idea if FB has done this.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
@RepFrankLucas @RepGregoryMeeks #Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

Stop it.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
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"Nothing happens until something moves"

Translation - nothing changes until.....
something breaks......


What is about to change???

The system is about to break....🤔
The Stock Market is going to tank, loss of faith and confidence in the monetary system
will ensue.
Trillions of $$$ will be 'MOVING'.......
Into cryptos (XRP, BTC and top Alts) gold and silver.

So 'nothing happens until money moves'......
and it's about to move.

Get ready

Bo Polny economic forecast.

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Interesting. #UnsealEpstein

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret - CNN…
#Epstein = 'Voldemort'? 🤔 5:5?
#UnsealEpstein MIT has some 'splaining to do...
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"How #cryptocurrency regulation has evolved in India?
1. 2013: RBI issued a press release cautioning users. 'They are in the process of studying extant regulatory provisions in India'
2. Feb 2017: RBI issued another press release. 'We're cautioning you again' ...
3. April 2017: Ministry of Finance set up an interdisciplinary committee to study cryptocurrency
(before the ban on cryptocurrencies, the govt also considered a digital currency)
4. July'17: Interdiscplinary admits report, not open for public, not available under RTI because ...
'strategic importance'
[@AjeetK: We were there but they had a negative view of it]
contd. 5. Aug'17: Digital Assets + Blockchain Foundation estd.5. First PIL wrt cryptocurrencies filed in SC
6. Dec'17: 3rd press release by @RBI saying cryptocurrenies are akin to Ponzi schemes,...
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1./ #auspol the vacuous & fanciful premise of the Government's Cash Ban Bill (aka Currency Bill) is that we need to ban cash in order to stamp out some supposedly problematic "Black Market" that is plaguing us and is careening out of control @danieltbar @phenrikand @BCAssetsFund
2./ In all the docs provided tho, Govt shows no evidence whatsoever of this supposed Black Market existing in any form that cannot be managed with the powers Govt already has, let alone any evidence that the Black Market is growing at all. For all we know it might be declining!
3./ The main statistical figure the Government presents as evidence of the urgency of this matter is an ABS 2012 point estimate of the "underground production market" of 1.5% of GDP
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1/ The Senate Banking Comm staff reached out last week regarding @Facebook @Libra pursuant to my @ForbesCrypto article. During a conf call they indicated interest in receiving formal testimony from me. Here it is + summary follows 👇:… @DoWithCare
2/ Big takeaway--politicians that weaponize the US banking system (blocking access to disfavored industries/countries) are modern-day Herbert Hoovers bc these barriers block both unlawful & LAWFUL commerce, & these barriers caused the invention of #stablecoins in the first place.
3/ (OK, I didn't actually call them modern-day Herbert Hoovers the testimony, but I digress...) If Congress isn't happy about @facebook @Libra, it can immediately make #stablecoins irrelevant by letting #banks bank the #crypto industry (& I give v specific recommendations here:
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1/ 6 PREDICTIONS about what @Facebook's #cryptocurrency means. Grab the popcorn bc I analyzed publicly disclosed info to make 6 predictions, of which 2 will be controversial (#2 and #6). @ForbesCrypto #Libra #bitcoin…
2/ First prediction: @Facebook's #stablecoin will be a positive force in developing countries. Second: @Facebook will pay #interest to users of its #cryptocurrency, which will eventually lead to populist calls to repeal subsidies at the heart of the US banking system.
3/ It's true that #stablecoin issuers generally pocket the float on the assets backing the coins, but I go out on a limb & predict there's no way @Facebook will be able to pocket these big profits w/o sharing them with users. To be clear I haven't seen @Facebook disclose this.
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