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I have not done a company deep-dive on Twitter yet, but this is the first time that I feel like there is an opportunity in front of me that could be similar to $TSLA 🚘trading at a $35B marketcap back in 2019

(Beware: this thread is pretty long)👇

(2/31) I will walk through the adoption of cryptocurrencies 🪙, traditional banking and network effects, to show why I currently believe there is a huge opportunity in $SI (Silvergate Capital).

Disclaimer: I currently hold a large chunk of my portfolio in this stock
(3/31) So first off, #cryptocurrencies.
Large volatility even for the big ones like $BTC and $ETH, speculative for most blockchains and cannot be valued on normal company metrics.
For this reason most investors steer clear of this asset class.
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(1/n) @OlympusDAO Ω $OHM is using community-governed monetary policy to reach a lofty goal — Unpegging #DeFi from fiat currencies

How?  A DAO-governed treasury that’s expanding quickly and creating the right participation incentives to keep the gods happy. Thread 👇 Immortality113, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
(2/n) @OlympusDAO gained some traction on social media for a couple reasons:

-High APY

-@mcuban allegedly owns a small stack.…
(3/n) The DAO’s governance manages the monetary policy of @OlympusDAO and its token $OHM, which is a reserve currency backed by a treasury of assets (DAI, FRAX, OHM-DAI SLP, OHM-FRAX LP, and SUSHI rewards from the OHM-DAI SLP)
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
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#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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1 - Everyone’s a genius in a bull market. Real traders can survive and even thrive in bear markets or highly volatile markets.

2 - Don’t be a blind bull. ALL markets are cyclical. Don’t be afraid of pullbacks or market crashes – that’s where you can make the most money.
3 - There’s a big difference between a trade and an investment.

4 - Fully plan your trade before you pull the trigger on the entry.

5 - Entries are important, but risk & money management is where you make or lose money.
6 - Beware of get-rich-quick gurus hopping on the crypto bandwagon over the past year. They will be back.

7 - Decide which types of trade setups or investments you’ll take and ignore everything else.
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But many controversial issues have information ecologies that operate on a higher level.

In this case I think we have a signalling equilibrium - if you're in favor of any form of eugenics (no matter how well-argued or reasonable) you're a bad person.
The information environment we see surrounding eugenics is a result of this game.

The actual truth of the matter is basically sidelined by the signalling game.

What is the truth?

As always, it's messy and complicated and high-dimensional and doesn't fit into a cliche.
The same general rule applies to all controversial subjects. There's a messy/complicated/high-dimensional truth, and then there's a clear-cut, simple, one-dimensional signaling game when you say things to prove what a good person you are.
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As much as they are technologies, #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and other #cryptocurrencies are communities of users and developers. What is the profile and the motivation of cryptocurrency owners? Do they really #hodl? How does education etc. differ across cryptocurrencies? ⬇️[1/7] Image
Answers based on work with @David_III_L:…

#Cryptocurrency investors tend to be young, educated and high-income, are likely to have experience of using digital finance but do not seem motivated by distrust in fiat currencies or regulated finance. [2/7] Image
We look into the role of knowledge acquisition about the technology, finding it has limited impact. For example, in recent years a #GenderGap in crypto ownership has emerged, while knowledge has actually converged. #Cryptocurrencies #Banking #Bitcoin [3/7] Image
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1/How @ElevenFinance got hacked? 🧵

The exploit was possible due to a bug in emergencyBurn() function of ElevenNeverSellVault.

There is a transfer of previously deposited funds during the function call, but there is a lack of burning of Nerve shares to account for the transfer Image
2/ In other words, an attacker could double-spend Nerve shares he acquired during initial deposit to the vault.

emergencyBurn() didn’t burn 11NRV Tokens so an attacker used them in “withdrawAll()” to get additional LP Tokens in return.
3/ He burned LP Tokens on PancakeSwap getting the underlying tokens.

After repaying the FlashSwap, attacker was left with funds from burning second time the 11NRV Tokens.

This was done on multiple vaults on ElevenFinance, marking a total loss of $4.5M.
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China is no longer just conveying warnings that others essentially considered F(false fear)UD over the years. Instead, their massive crackdown on the emerging #cryptocurrencies has resulted in a new drawdown phase that one may or may not consider as #crypto bear market. (1/many)
The drop in worldwide mining capability slowed transaction times from the algorithmically set 10 minutes per block to more than 12 minutes per block, signalling to the market that the crackdown is real and this no longer is a false fear.
It is a fact now that China is full-on anti-#crypto. China is no longer providing lip service, or political theatre like it did in earlier years.
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1/ Why China is cracking down on #Bitcoin? 🧵

Currently many of the Chinese provinces where Bitcoin miners resided, rolled out new policies restricting or banning the #BTC miners.

Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Yunnan and Sichuan banned Bitcoin.
2/ Energy companies were told to stop providing energy to crypto miners due to them using too much electricity.

It became an illegal activity to mine cryptocurrencies. If someone would be found to do so regardless, they would be added to the blacklist of social credit system.
3/ All decision seems to be linked mainly with Energy usage.

China plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 and reducing carbon intensity or the amount of carbon emitted per unit of GDP, by more than 65% by 2030.

Bitcoin mining ban can help with that.
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1/ At this point I've talked to close 1k crypto investors. What almost all of them fail to realize is long term potential. Trading is great if you have the stomach for it & you enjoy it, but its not for everyone.

Long term holding is where the real wealth is generated with
2/ less friction. For me, I trade to increase my long term holdings.

When you look at #vechain, and you analyze the TAM of the markets it's going after, along with its partnerships/alignments/positions to take part of those markets its clearly a worthy INVESTMENT
3/ The crypto market is very young still, and $VET is really just starting its journey. It's growth phase was always 2022+.

To me, I think of this crypto bull run like the dot com boom. There was a lot of garbage, but major tech companies erupted from it (Amazon, eBay, etc.)
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What is a DAO LLC? Your Complete Guide to DAOs

One technology that looks set to revolutionize the way we buy, share, and even hold money is blockchain. A relatively new concept to the world of business, based on this idea, is a DAO LLC. Image
The internet has revolutionized our world and the world of business. Thirty years ago, we could not simply Google our problems, buy things online, or even send a text message. Today, all that is possible, and new technologies are rising.
One technology that looks set to revolutionize the way we buy, share, and even hold money is blockchain.
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I enjoy supporting #crypto with utility because what happens when you set out to accomplish something without purpose or direction? You find yourself years later asking yourself what the point was.
$XRP, revolutionizing cross-border payments with absolute competitive advantage in the "On demand liquidity" sector to which is a term #RIPPLE PATENTED.

Say goodbye to high fees and slow Tx times, billions of dollars saved in rate changes by being a bridge currency.
$VRA Proof of View, ALSO PATENTED, solves a $160 billion dollar issue when it comes to ad monetization and Ad spend from companies. Will revolutionize the way gaming is done allowing players to form their own competition, autonomous from Google and Apple and so much more
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/08/2021…
The Gamification of the Entire Economy: How the New World Is Being Designed…

#gamification #DigitalEconomies #cryptocurrencies
The Predictable Memetic Collapse of Contemporary Journalism…

#journalism #politics #liberalism #populism
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El Salvador recognising #Bitcoin as legal tender is an important milestone.

Here are my personal thoughts on some the potential (including unintended) consequences of this news. Time for a thread!

#BitcoinMiami #BitcoinMiami2021 #cryptocurrencies

Lets not forget that El Salvador has 6.4m ppl with 70% unbanked, 20% living in extreme poverty and 16% of GDP consisting of remittances, mainly the US.

Also, the country uses the U.S. Dollar as its legal currency since 2001 and ⅔ of exports go the US.
Some positives:

1- Bitcoin as a legal tender - this is a world first. Japan came close in 2017 when it recognized it as a means of payment but still treats it as an asset and not as legal tender which has a specific legal definition.
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The RBI on May 31 asked banks not to cite its 2018 order as a reason to deny #banking services to customers who dealt in cryptocurrencies.

What is the future of #cryptocurrency in India and why does it continue to hang in the balance?

Read more in the thread below:

What is the history of #cryptocurrency in India?

Why did the #SupremeCourt overturn the #RBI’s 2018 order to banks?

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Most #cryptocurrencies are scammy or Ponzi schemes or outright pyramid schemes.

#Bitcoin and #Ethereum are exceptions to this; Bitcoin is a (perhaps overvalued right now?) digital alternative to gold.

Ethereum is a bleeding-edge tech stack that could change the world.
Almost everything else is a scam/fraud/ponzi.

Again, there are some exceptions. But the exceptional "good project" cryptos aren't performing well in a bull market that's just chock-full of scams.
There are three paths you can take as an individual: you can dollar-cost-average into Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can try to find good projects at a discount, or you can try to outplay the market on the scams.

All three are valid ways of making/losing money.
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Attending a great session on @Clubhouse moderated by @karanbhasin95 & @SandeepParekh got me thinking about the only aspect of #CryptoCurrencies I understand... possible tax issues!! I don't understand anything else on Cryptos.

A thread on the tax issues.

At the outset, two very important aspects to understand & remember:
1. Despite being called a currency, Cryptos (say #BTC) are an asset or a property (like gold, stocks) for tax purposes
2. Value of BTC or any Crypto is expressed in a fiat currency (mostly US$)

#BTC is treated as an asset. Whenever the holder uses it to buy anything, that transaction is essentially a transaction of ‘barter’ for taxation. So, the BTC holder is selling #BTC & the receiver is providing goods/services.

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So Here is a long thread on why I am bullish on (10set). Warning long post but I’ve included a TLDR at the end.
1.What is Tenset
2.What to expect
3.Team Behind and Partners
4.Social Media
5.What I don’t like
Tenset strives to become a 2nd-generation ETF that will bridge cryptocurrency and the stock market. Their native token, 10set, is an ERC20 token that provides returns on different crypto and real-world stocks by placing your funds in a pool/asset representing multiple projects.
Holding 10set allows you to receive passive income through their burning process per transaction. 2% of the fees are divided into half being burnt and the other half send to each user/holder. The rewards are shared equally no matter how much you hold.
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The best way to grow your wealth is by investing your money. Here are 5 halal investments you could spread your money around.

#equitycrowdfunding #halalinvesting #islamiccrowdfunding
1. Invest via Islamic robo-advisors such as @WahedInvest and @TaqwaLtd.

2. Use #gold as a hedge against inflation as it holds its value despite falling currency.
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Ein paar Anmerkungen zum aktuellen Trubel um #Bitcoin & #cryptocurrencies; vor allem für Leute, die sich vlt sonst nicht so intensiv damit beschäftigen:
In diesem Jahr überstieg der globale Wert aller Kryptowährungen zum ersten Mal den Wert aller im Umlauf befindlichen US-Dollar. Unter dem arroganten Motto "our currency, your problem" nutzen die Amis den Dollar seit Jahrzehnten als Machtinstrument.…
Wir schauen oft auf das Oval Office, die EU-Kommission oder das Kanzleramt. Viele vergessen, welche Macht von Noten-/Zentralbanken ausgeht. Betonung auf ZENTRAL. Kryptowährungen untergraben diese Macht, weil sie DEZENTRAL organisiert sind. Sie sind der effektivste Schutz vor...
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#Cryptocurrencies are rapidly evolving into religions

Saint Saylor's pulpit where he preaches to the faithful $BTC hodlers.

Thoughts and prayers will be needed when BTC.D is in the single digits 🤣
Imagine #Bitcoin at $2000 and him preaching the long-term hodl to the congregation whilst nubile zoomer thots make 1000x gains on ElonCumDoggieStyleCoin in 2 days.
Don't insult #Ethereum, it's sacred. Vitalik will deliver me my Lambo, OK?!

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We see a lot of #cryptocurrencies claiming to be green right now. At the IOTA Foundation, we believe we have a strong case for being one of the greenest. Here are some of the use cases in which #IOTA’s unique, feeless technology is helping to combat #climatechange.
#IOTA is being used to digitize measurement, reporting and verification of sustainability performance (known as @digitalmrv) in Chile, funded by the Canadian government -…
#IOTA is being used by @JaguarLandRover, @EngieLabCrigen & @EntraASA to trace the path of energy from production in solar panels to consumption in electric vehicles in Trondheim, Norway -
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"Step into the light"

Introducing the one #currency which will replace all fiat currencies, the #Lumen. It can be transferred in #seconds for less than the value of a #penny and the supply is capable of scaling to meet the needs of a growing world population.

Continue Thread...
#TheLumen can be defined as the #luminous flux of light produced by a light source. #Lucifer is the bearer of light, the morning star.

Soon we will be sending Lumens using #LiFi, light used to transmit data.
Welcome to the age of #Lucifer.
#Chance is an #illusion It may appear that there are multiple #cryptocurrencies battling to claim top spot, the reality is that only one currency is needed and that one has already been released.
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Exponential Growth: a short thread with pictures

Physicist Albert Allen Bartlett said, referring to overpopulation, "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

It's also the shortcoming of a #crypto trader atm.
So we all saw $ETC's face melting run recently. Look at this disgusting chart. Obviously #cryptocurrencies are all scams, and nothing means anything anymore right?
But have a look at it on Log scale. Log is an exponential scale (same distance between 1 and 10 as it is between 10 and 100).

If crypto follows an adoption cycle, follows Metcalfe's law, then we should expect exponential growth.

This chart looks normal, right?
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