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"Nothing happens until something moves"

Translation - nothing changes until.....
something breaks......


What is about to change???

The system is about to break....🤔
The Stock Market is going to tank, loss of faith and confidence in the monetary system
will ensue.
Trillions of $$$ will be 'MOVING'.......
Into cryptos (XRP, BTC and top Alts) gold and silver.

So 'nothing happens until money moves'......
and it's about to move.

Get ready

Bo Polny economic forecast.

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Interesting. #UnsealEpstein

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret - CNN…
#Epstein = 'Voldemort'? 🤔 5:5?
#UnsealEpstein MIT has some 'splaining to do...
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"How #cryptocurrency regulation has evolved in India?
1. 2013: RBI issued a press release cautioning users. 'They are in the process of studying extant regulatory provisions in India'
2. Feb 2017: RBI issued another press release. 'We're cautioning you again' ...
3. April 2017: Ministry of Finance set up an interdisciplinary committee to study cryptocurrency
(before the ban on cryptocurrencies, the govt also considered a digital currency)
4. July'17: Interdiscplinary admits report, not open for public, not available under RTI because ...
'strategic importance'
[@AjeetK: We were there but they had a negative view of it]
contd. 5. Aug'17: Digital Assets + Blockchain Foundation estd.5. First PIL wrt cryptocurrencies filed in SC
6. Dec'17: 3rd press release by @RBI saying cryptocurrenies are akin to Ponzi schemes,...
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1./ #auspol the vacuous & fanciful premise of the Government's Cash Ban Bill (aka Currency Bill) is that we need to ban cash in order to stamp out some supposedly problematic "Black Market" that is plaguing us and is careening out of control @danieltbar @phenrikand @BCAssetsFund
2./ In all the docs provided tho, Govt shows no evidence whatsoever of this supposed Black Market existing in any form that cannot be managed with the powers Govt already has, let alone any evidence that the Black Market is growing at all. For all we know it might be declining!
3./ The main statistical figure the Government presents as evidence of the urgency of this matter is an ABS 2012 point estimate of the "underground production market" of 1.5% of GDP
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1/ The Senate Banking Comm staff reached out last week regarding @Facebook @Libra pursuant to my @ForbesCrypto article. During a conf call they indicated interest in receiving formal testimony from me. Here it is + summary follows 👇:… @DoWithCare
2/ Big takeaway--politicians that weaponize the US banking system (blocking access to disfavored industries/countries) are modern-day Herbert Hoovers bc these barriers block both unlawful & LAWFUL commerce, & these barriers caused the invention of #stablecoins in the first place.
3/ (OK, I didn't actually call them modern-day Herbert Hoovers the testimony, but I digress...) If Congress isn't happy about @facebook @Libra, it can immediately make #stablecoins irrelevant by letting #banks bank the #crypto industry (& I give v specific recommendations here:
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1/ 6 PREDICTIONS about what @Facebook's #cryptocurrency means. Grab the popcorn bc I analyzed publicly disclosed info to make 6 predictions, of which 2 will be controversial (#2 and #6). @ForbesCrypto #Libra #bitcoin…
2/ First prediction: @Facebook's #stablecoin will be a positive force in developing countries. Second: @Facebook will pay #interest to users of its #cryptocurrency, which will eventually lead to populist calls to repeal subsidies at the heart of the US banking system.
3/ It's true that #stablecoin issuers generally pocket the float on the assets backing the coins, but I go out on a limb & predict there's no way @Facebook will be able to pocket these big profits w/o sharing them with users. To be clear I haven't seen @Facebook disclose this.
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One of the key 'real world applications' for us is a mobile #PoS payment system.

To make this a reality there are a few things that need to be true...(thread)
1) The currency should hold consistent value across all territories and can be transferred internationally without cost.

2) For #peer-to-peer payments, it’s free and near instantaneous.

3) Transactions take just seconds compared to hours-to-days with conventional bank accounts.
In contrast to other #cryptocurrencies, our goal is to enable the use of temtum for everyday purchases, for example at major retailers.

It uses the NFC capability on a smartphone interacting with standard POS terminals, which are in widespread use in developed economies.
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One of my favorite interviews I've done over the years in #crypto. A balanced & calm conversation between a #bitcoin minimalist and a crypto VC.… 🙏 @PeterMcCormack
A few too-long-didn't-listen takeaways: many #cryptoassets are shaping up as supply-side focused instruments that'll accrue value for providing suppliers access to "value-flows," similar to how a stock provides access to "cash-flows." Demand-side may not need native token at all.
Such #cryptoassets are more a replacement for equities, than for currencies, and majority of value will be projected via "discounted-value-flow" (DVF) models.

For those that have a demand-side component, there is likely to be an MV = PQ sleeve, requiring sum-of-the parts models
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One of Canada’s biggest #Bitcoin (BTC) exchange – QuadrigaCX – has possibly lost #190Million in #cryptocurrencies after its founder and #CEO DIED SUDDENLY last December in India due to Crohn’s disease.…
#Cotten mostly worked from his #HomeComputer which was #encrypted. The late Cotten’s wife, Jennifer Robertson, stated via an affidavit, that she did not know the #password or recovery key despite hiring a cyber-security expert to attempt #accessing the machine.
Founder (deceased #Cotten) had #SoleAccess to #ColdWallets
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#ETNFacts : #Electroneum ranks pretty well against some of the top #cryptocurrencies in daily transaction volume as well as web traffic by unique users and global page views on Alexa. Take a look at the chart below.

#ETN #Stellar #BTC #LTC #dash #dgb #xlm #fintech #crypto #news
#ETNFacts : #Electroneum on Alexa ranks #3 in web traffic globally vs other top #cryptocurrencies. Web #Metrics is a strong indicator of popularity, usability & interest in a project. These are Certified Alexa stats which means bot traffic is omitted.

#ETN #crypto #Cryptonews
#ETNFacts: Many #Crypto Enthusiasts only look at #Github commits and categorize a projects' activity. #Electroneum is different in this regards as it is a #Fintech / #Blockchain Hybrid & has a lot of closed source code as well as it open source on GT. See Fact Below:

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I'm at a crypto event with reps from the Bank of England, HM Treasury, FCA, Ripple, and Prime Factor Capital. You think crypto is going away? These people are discussing how to implement it now. #crypto #bitcoin @ripple @bankofengland @TheFCA @hmtreasury
One study shows 43% of investors (mostly asset managers) are invested in crypto. 33% of transactions were in the OTC market. #crypto #investors
Almost all panelists refer to "crypto assets" not cryptocurrencies #cryptoassets #crypto
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0/ Fun fact: plenty of non-#bitcoincashfork-related news went on today!

Here, a thread devoted to a bunch of #crypto-related happenings from the past ~24hrs. Granted, not as entertaining as watching the hash wars play out in real-time, but it deserves your attention nonetheless.
1/ 🍭 #Bitcoin rewards rebate app @TryLolli raised an oversubscribed $2.25M seed round. Investors included @BainCapVC, @VersionOneVC, @ForerunnerVC, @SVAngel, @FJLabs and @DCGco.

Congrats @AlexAdelman, @MattSenter and team! Keen to see #Lolli progress.…
2/ 📢 Aware of the community's increasing level of demand for greater transparency from the @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ], the I.F. issued a detailed write-up addressing their oft lacklustre performance re comms.

Worth reading for those interested in #ICON.…
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Thread: Nobel Jean #Tirole gave a public lecture at UCL tonight: 10 years after the #financialcrisis where do we stand. Key points:
1)#Finance is good if used and regulated properly. We seem to be making the same mistakes of 10 years ago. #Subprimes are up again in US. 1/
2) Its crazy for banks to hold a lot of their nation’s sovereign bonds. It creates a #doomloop. a bank fails>government needs more debt to bail it>brings down sovereign bond prices and more banks under stress> more public money needed. And yes he used Italy as an example.2/
3) #cryptocurrencies are a bubble. Fiat money and central banks have worked quite well in developed economies in the last 30 years. And with cryptocurrencies seignorage goes into private hands and not to the goverment.
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1/ Most neo-gold maximalism is also parroting.

The entire debate of SOV ($BTC) vs. utility ($ETH) #cryptocurrencies relies on the assumption that utility coins can't also be SOV/neo-gold.

But of course--they can!
2/ Many coins share the same fundamental properties of neo-gold. Let's call these "FPs". The exact FPs are not universally agreed upon but typically include the following:

- Censorship-resistant
- Secure
- Fixed supply/immutable monetary policy
- Decentralized
- Self-sovereign
3/ Many cryptos share these FPs so belief in coin X becoming neo-gold then is a bet that:

A) it scores best among these FPs
B) it will always score best
C) other properties--such as utility and on-chain scaling--either don't matter or worse detract from these FPs
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1/ There is a socio-financial transition taking place in the world.
2/ The organisation of our world into nation-states no longer ministers to the needs of humanity.
3/ Humanity yearns to be unified; yet our structures continue to divide us.
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Some great questions from @tpflug on #cryptocurrency that I thought others might also be asking... And, in this thread, I'm going to try to answer them...
Why care about crypto?
What can we do with them?
So much fraud & wasted energy: what am I missing?
Why care about #cryptocurrency?
Crypto-currency is to banking, payments and (soonish with Atomic Swaps) currency exchange – as the internet was to high-street retail, music buying, movie rental and more. It's going to change these industries. It's already beginning to change them
We have to treat cryptocurrency now as we did the internet in the 1990s to early 2000s – a new technology, a new paradigm, a game changer but we're still exploring. Like when the dot-com bubble burst, the entities that survive will be the ones that matter. The ones people trust.
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If there is any truth to this I think I have found the bots MicroChip has been using.
The bots have also participated in the #CatalanElections #ShumerShutdown #ReleaseTheMemo and "New California" trends on twitter.

hese #bots are also promoting #cryptocYfyCdYNlLK
I'm guessing the bots are used to pump up interest in different currencies so the owner can sell them off.
I was going to do a thread for each of the "sets" bots I found while looking at #ShumerShutdown and #ReleaseTheMemo but is turns out:
They are the same bot network.
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