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Aug 13
El que propuso a Salmerón de embajador no fue Ebrard. El que liberó al hijo del Chapo no fue Durazo. El que militarizó la seguridad no fue el general Sandoval. La estrategia de seguridad no la lleva Rosa Icela. La estrategia contra el Covid no es de Gatell.
El culpable de la falta de medicinas no es Alcocer. El culpable de desaparecer el Seguro Popular no fue el director del Insabi. La estrategia contra los medios no es de Jesús Ramírez. Los ataques no son de la señorita de las mentiras.
El que decidió no apoyar con un peso a las empresas ante la crisis de la pandemia no fue Herrera. La mala idea de Dos Bocas no fue de Nahle. La mala idea del Tren Maya no fue de Jiménez Pons. El aeropuerto no lo canceló Rioboó. Quien ideó tomar el CIDE no es Álvarez-Buylla.
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Aug 13
🧵I have to share this with yall. I’m with my mother & I go into the gas station and I see this real old white man walk in. Walking slow and gingerly. I happen to look up at his hat and it said “World War 2 veteran”. I’m like wow. Normally when I see people with veteran hats on
I thank them for their service. And I was going to do that here. But I got distracted, laughing and joking with another customer and I forgot. So as I get back in my car, I see the guy walk back out, slowly, to pump his gas. I pull back around to tell him thank you 4 his service
At first I’m in the car and he can’t hear me, not even looking my way. So I pull over and get out and walk up to him and say “I just want to thank you for your service.” He looks at me, and he says “I want to tell you something. You got a minute?” I say yes sir.
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Aug 14
A Bloomberg subscription costs $24,000 per year.

But you can get nearly 85% of its features for free.

It's through an app called Open Bloomberg (aka OpenBB)

Here's how:

1/ Go to OpenBB website here:

OpenBB Terminal | OpenBB…

Download the installer relevant to your system's OS. Image
2/ Once you install it, open the application.

You should see a terminal like this: Image
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Aug 14
1// Você reparou que, nos últimos meses, apareceu um novo Leite Moça no mercado? A embalagem é marrom e traz uma mudança nos ingredientes usados.

Resolvi apurar o assunto e descobri que esse é apenas um entre vários lácteos modificados que ganharam espaço. Vem comigo nesse 🧶: Image
2// São muitos os exemplos. Leite virou bebida láctea. Creme de leite se transformou em “mistura de creme de leite”. Queijo ralado agora é “mistura alimentícia de queijo ralado”. E até o doce de leite foi substituído por “doce de soro de leite SABOR doce de leite”.
3// Mas o que está por trás do fenômeno? O custo de produção do leite subiu 62% no Brasil durante os últimos dois anos. Com o aumento dos preços, muitos produtores se desfizeram da parte menos produtiva do rebanho. Para piorar, estamos nos meses de entressafra.
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Aug 14
THREAD: Will DOJ charge Donald Trump? How strong of a case do they have against him?
1/ Today I wrote a column in @POLITICOMag discussing whether why DOJ searched Trump's residence, whether they have a strong case against him, and whether they'll charge him.

I can't cover all of that in detail here, but I want to discuss some key points.…
2/ As a starting point, since the search, the #1 question that I've discussed with other former prosecutors and national security professionals is whether the purpose of the search warrant was merely to gain possession of the classified material.
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Aug 14
Web3 is the FUTURE.

If you want to master web3 (in months instead of years), study these in chronological order:

The Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Learn how web3 begins and the thinking behind it. ✔️

Bitcoin by @fredwilson

Learn how prescient thinkers are intrigued by the new tech. ✔️…
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Aug 14
Da mir solche Aussagen die letzte Zeit immer wieder begegnen, heute mal etwas zum Thema Energie und Energieverbrauch/Einsparung allgemein.

Warum Energie ≠ Strom ist, Energiesparlampen & E-Autos kein Widerspruch sind und Streaming nicht so schlimm ist wie Autofahren.

Ein Thread Image
Wir alle kennen wahrscheinlich diese Aussagen und Sharepics mit Stammtisch Aussagen wie
"Wir sollen Energiesparlampen kaufen um Strom zu sparen, aber jetzt will man, dass wir E-Autos kaufen"
"Streaming verursacht so viel CO2 wie X km Autofahren, etc.".
Auch beliebt unter Boomern: "Die Smartphones der ganzen jungen Leute verbrauchen ja so viel Strom, das ist ja überhaupt nicht umweltfreundlich..."

Wie so oft ist an diesen Aussagen natürlich wenig bis gar nichts dran.
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Aug 14
I was just turning 16 when Canada introduced the Social Insurance Number and card. We were assured that it was just for "government services" like the Unemployment Insurance program and was not a "national identity card". 2/
As Canadians know, the SIN became a requirement for everything from filing your taxes to applying for a job to renting an apartment. The private sector was delighted to have a number it could attach to your credit score. 3/
"We'll just do a soft check on your credit," was the refrain from banks to landlords. And for that they needed your SIN. The unintended, but entirely foreseeable, loss of economic privacy was inevitable. 4/
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Aug 14
If Central Banks only print bank reserves, why do they continue to engage in QE?

Because under certain conditions, QE sets up a virtuous cycle for capital flows towards risk assets.

A thread on the very important mechanics behind QE.

QE creates bank reserves, which is money only for commercial banks and not for us common people.

These bank reserves don’t have legal tender, and they can’t be used by the private sector to transact in the real economy.

So why do Central Banks perform QE at all?

Mainly because QE coupled with regulation activates several virtuous cycle that help capital flow towards riskier assets that would otherwise be in trouble.

To understand this, let’s start from what QE does to the balance sheet of a commercial bank.

3/ Image
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Aug 14
MUST READ essay by @DouthatNYT on the CDC

"all I can think is: I can never trust anything these people say again"

As someone who followed admin closely, I agree;
here are 7 pieces where I track NIAID, NIH, CDC & FDA errors, falsehoods & mistakes 🧵…
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Aug 14
Okay so the @scottbix article about Kamala Harris supporters is just as bad as people are saying. Another tone-deaf smear by white male media to paint a predominantly minority political identify as rabid against the backdrop of Republicans threatening violence against the FBI.🧵
The piece is essentially just a gratuitous effort to bash fervent VP supporters as “rabid” and “insane” citing to old articles. ImageImage
The piece DIRECTLY contradicts its premise…acknowledging that Harris supporters “do continue to largely support her.” Image
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Aug 14
The DOJ’s criminal probe into Trump’s classified documents became public knowledge back in April.

By May, it was publicly known that the probe was in the grand jury stage.

This DOJ Trump probe isn’t new or a surprise. The media just spent a long time pretending it didn’t exist.
In April, the House Oversight Committee’s attempt at obtaining evidence in the Trump classified documents probe resulted in the DOJ sending the committee a letter acknowledging it was investigating the matter. The media reported on that letter for a day, then buried the story.
In May, the Washington Post reported that the DOJ’s probe into Trump’s stolen classified documents had reached the grand jury stage. The media once again reported on that for a day. After that, the media (including the Washington Post) buried the story.
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