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🔥 @WSJ article about our prelim injunction against #AB2098

"Judge Shubb’s ruling is a warning to lawmakers in other progressive states contemplating similar legislation...Newsom should have known the law was unconstitutional, but he signed it anyway"…
I am so glad people's eyes are being opened to how utterly non-sensical the text of AB-2098 is. So much of what Judge Shubb said we had in our testimonies and @LauraPowellEsq & I have been pointing out since we started testifying/writing in opposition last spring.
It's scary such a harmful, unconstitutional, even uninterpretable bill that would silence physicians can become law in California .. apparently just because it was democratic & voting for this bill tended to go right down party lines.
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1. News, Newport Beach, CA: Physicians for Informed Consent Successfully Obtains Federal Court Injunction Protecting Freedom of Speech Regarding COVID-19…

Pictured: Rick Jaffe, Esq. attorney for @picphysicians and @cachildrenshd

#AB2098 #PICPhysicians
@cachildrenshd 2. Federal judge bars enforcement of California's COVID-19 "misinformation" law on grounds the new law is unconstitutionally vague.
With lead litigator Richard Jaffe, Esq., Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), a nonprofit educational organization, succeeded this week…
@cachildrenshd 3. …in blocking the enforcement of AB 2098/Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 2270 (2:22-cv-01980-WBS-AC).
The doctor-censorship law targeted supposed COVID-19 "misinformation" spoken to patients. The judge criticized the new law for its vagueness.
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.@Heritage and @freedomcaucus hosted a worthwhile discussion on the topic of Covid-19 accountability last week. Here are some highlights from the portion that addressed the issue of medical censorship. 🧵
"[Censorship resulted in] this illusion of a consensus that never existed on so many topics. We robbed the American people of a true debate, a true discussion… The truth comes from people honestly engaging with the data." @DrJBhattacharya
"There is nothing more harmful, more chilling than these laws like [#AB2098] because patients are going to suffer from this. Patients already have suffered from self-cancellation by doctors who are afraid to say the truth to their patients… " -Dr. Scott Atlas
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I’m suing California and the Medical Board of California for denying my right to free speech as a physician when they passed #AB2098. My name is Azadeh, and it means FREEDOM. We’re taking this to federal court.
#letdoctorsspeak #letpatientshear #AB2098
I was shocked and broken-hearted when @CAgovernor and legislature acted so unwisely and unethically by passing and signing #AB2098. When push came to shove, I had to take a stand. I processed my fear and emerged incredibly clear and strong. Then... I sued California.
Physicians told me they’re afraid to speak, that they feel they’re practicing under “communism”, that the situation is “bizarre”, “crazy” and “ridiculous”. I see self-censoring and fear in the medical community, and #AB2098 law is going to make it much, much worse.
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Two weeks ago, I attended Dr. @dockaurG’s long-awaited appeal of a decision by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (@cpso_ca) to censor her for her advocacy against many of Canada’s draconian covid policies. A longish 🧵on medical Lysenkoism in Canada.
Dr. Gill is a physician-leader with an excellent track record of patient care. She has never had a single patient complaint. She devotes her life to her patients. In 2020, she tweeted against the Canadian lockdowns. For this crime, @cpso_ca is threatening her license.
Dr. Gill’s tweets in early 2020 focused on few themes, supported by scientific literature: (1) the harms of lockdown; (2) the importance of t-cell immunity; (3) the folly of ignoring age-stratification of covid mortality risk; etc. She was prescient & right about it all.
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Another master class from @TracyBethHoeg in @Sensible__Med showing the importance of scientific analysis & inquiry, this on the FL SARS-CoV-2 vaccine safety analysis & recent Science editorial by @hholdenthorp. It's accessible to non-med peeps. 1/6…
IMHO, Tracy's arguments can be applied to a variety of anti-free speech moves in medicine, such as CA Gov Gavin Newsom's law #AB2098 punishing doctors who deviate from the consensus on COVID19. These moves are guaranteed to promote mistrust. 2/6
Such tactics are quite apparent to people outside of public health & medicine. Here is part of a msg sent by a friend who is a registered independent & Ivy-trained attorney. She's no slouch when it comes to intellectual firepower. 3/6
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Meet the Council for National Policy.
$$$ by: @KochIndustries, @NRA, @Heritage, Milwaukee's own @BradleyFdn, Russia(!)

Key Names:
-Steve Bannon
-Ginni Thomas
-And now, Dr. Simone Gold

For more on the CNP, see here.…
@EXPOSEDbyCMD tied Koch Industries financing to the "die for the economy" "mass infection strategy" known as the Great Barrington Declaration and its spin offs like the Brownstone Institute.…
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I demand that Senator @DrPanMD immediately take down his uncalled-for, slanderous assault against @DrJBhattacharya whose only crime has been to successfully challenge Senator/Dr Pan. Pan is frustrated that even with #AB2098, he can’t silence Prof. B because no license to revoke!
Senator @DrPanMD I respectfully ask you to engage in a 1:1 debate against Prof. @DrJBhattacharya, in person, on the science and rationale behind your policy proposals. You hold great power and with it comes immense responsibility to defend policies and LISTEN to dissenting voices
Moreover, Sen. @DrPanMD: we live in a democracy where we have a protected right to speak and participate in the process. There is no requirement to have an active license to comment on the ethics/illegality of a law. You vote on non-medical issues, don’t you?
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They are muzzling us. #AB2098 muzzles doctors by threatening their medical license & livelihood if they don’t follow consensus opinion. In their fear & reactivity, the CA Legislature is creating a Ministry of Truth at @MedBoardOfCA to silence doctors who don't agree with them.
#ab2098 THE MEDICAL MUZZLE BILL is NOT about following scientific facts--it attacks critical thinking, healthy debate and transparency. The public has already lost trust in medical care. #AB2098 turns doctoring and doing sound science into a dystopian nightmare.
Doctors are afraid to voice true opinions about medical care, lockdowns & mandates. They are shackled by self-censorship. Instead of true critical thinking and advocacy from their doctors, patients are getting "flight, freeze or fawn" mode (cuz most are afraid to fight). #AB2098
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🧵 In a shocking/unbelievable move, @CASenateDems @AssemblyDems are about to pass #AB2098 & send to @GavinNewsom to sign into law. Would take away any doc’s medical license for “COVID misinformation” as defined by THEM (not necessarily scientific fact).… ImageImageImageImage
Please read the full text of #AB2098 at the link. I have pasted and highlighted most of the text. Senators @DrPanMD @Scott_Wiener with support from @CMAdocs want to silence MDs by threatening to end careers of any doc who doesn’t follow COVID “standard of care” ie what THEY say. Image
“Standard of care” is a legal term that doesn’t mean what is scientifically/medically factual or correct but rather what many/most MDs in that particular community practice (even if it’s wrong or imperfect). It allows #AB2098 to destroy MDs who speak the TRUTH by defining truth.
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Yesterday the CA Senate held a hearing on “Lessons Learned From Covid,” with politicians screaming about misinformation and public health officials lamenting their credibility issues.

But they made a mistake. They invited Michael Osterholm.

Osterholm made several points that public health officials don’t like to hear:

“The 3 most important words I own today are ‘I don’t know.’”

“We have far too often felt the need to have all the answers.”

Remember the last time a PH official said THAT? Yeah, me neither.

When he expressed concern in Jan 2021 that new variants might evade immunity and prolong the pandemic, he was “taken to the woodshed” by colleagues and canceled by the media who didn’t like his message (remember this is when Biden promised to “defeat” covid in 100 days).

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Today I voiced my opposition to CA's #AB2098, which could lead to doctors facing disciplinary action if accused of spreading covid mis/disinformation. As I discuss here, repeatedly what was considered misinformation has turned out to be true. This bill is a threat to all of us🧵
I think it must require a lot of hubris to write a bill, which suggests a small group of doctors can always know the truth (1984's Ministry of Truth?) In fact, I discussed 1 example of a scientific statement in the actual bill text that was misleading.
Medicine requires humility.
I'm a person who ardently tries not to take sides because I believe in my heart of hearts we are all in this together, but
1. this bill has a very accusatory tone, suggesting there are many physicians who are intentionally trying to harm &
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“Hey! Check it out! I need everybody to follow the f***ing rules!” yells @AsmMarcBerman at the Assembly Business & Professions Committee hearing.

He was upset after a handful of witnesses opposing #AB2098 said a few extra words at the end of their testimony.
“Speaking personally as a life-long Democrat and a civil rights attorney, I am dismayed that Democrats are bringing forward bills that undermine civil liberties.”

Great #AB2098 opposition testimony from @ca4governance! 👏
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