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Hier, les #EtatsUnis sont le doigt sur la gâchette si l'#Iran est prouvé coupable de l'#AramcoDroneStrike.
Ce soir, l'#Iran semble coupable mais #Trump ne veut pas la guerre.
Tout et son contraire. Il n'y a aucune position diplomatique constante à attendre de #Trump. #CQFD
2) Véritable problème (re) démontré par cette séquence #Iran d'1 diplomatie où le président #Trump est seul maître à bord, conseillers et ministres dans 1 flot permanent de portes qui claquent étant réduits à la figuration, mais incapable de tenir un cap malgré ses certitudes…
3)...depuis 5 mois, #Trump a voulu frapper l'#Iran puis a renoncé 10 minutes avant, a voulu taxer au maximum les importations de #Chine avant de renoncer pour sauver Noël, a voulu inviter les #Talibans avant de leur faire la guerre à outrance, veut (re)frapper l'Iran puis hésite
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I see no difference. In either case, attacking the Saudi Oil business is Iranian policy, whether directly or via their Houthi surrogates. 2) #distinctionwithoutadifference #Iranianpolicy #proxy #SaudiOilAttacks #surrogates #Houthis
Iran seems to not want to risk is own personnel (after its disastrous war with Iraq years ago) and prefers surrogates --- Hezbollah, the Houthi forces in Yemen and Aden, and others.

It is still all Iran. 3) #IranProxies #Hezbollah #Houthis #Iran
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I'll post updates on the pending US-Saudi-Israeli strike against Iranian targets in this thread.
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sari has issued a warning to foreigners & company employees to leave certain areas in anticipation of potential strikes.
In other words, Donald Trump is waiting for the Khashoggi-murdering, Yemeni baby-genociding Crown Prince MBS (who is also the Saudi Defense Minister) to tell the American Commander in Chief what to do? Trump knows all this is BS. But if fits perfectly into Israel's Iran plans.
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Can't DECLASS if blackops still control nukes.
Maximum pressure sanctions. Ready for Military action?

Order is important.
SA -> NK.
NK -> Armenia.
Armenia -> Iran
Iran ->
Any other rogue nuclear states?

EO modernizing sanctions.Pompeo/Mnuchin
#FreeIran CIA hostages since 1953 with increasing oppression.

March 8, 1979 — 40 years ago,1000s of women march in streets of Tehran protesting the new Hijab Law.

#wellhellzbellz #MandatoryHijab
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-Iranian drones launched from #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militia bases in Iraq carried out attacks on Saudi oil plants
-strikes were in retaliation for earlier Riyadh funded Israeli drone attacks on Iraqi militia…
"... Iranian revenge for the recent Israeli attacks by drones launched from SDF-controlled areas in Syria against pro-Iranian Hashd bases,”
Iraqi intel: The strikes were planned when Saudi Minister of State for Gulf Affairs, Thamer al-Sabhan, visited the SDF in Syria in June.
Iraqi intel official confirmed that the distance between southern Iraq and the Saudi oilfields was about half the distance the drones would have had to fly had they been launched from Houthi bases in northern Yemen.
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Extremely accurate hits on those tanks. Very consistent.
The comment of “why didn’t the #US Patriot (PAC2/3) System stop the attack” has gone out the window with this one. The accuracy on this is incredible.
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Iran in the news!! Let’s take a look back at this Q drop related to Iran!! Why might Iran & the Deep State be so angry?…
#SaudiAramco #Iran #Pompeo

Kennedy was an outsider [assassinated]
Reagan was an outsider [assassination attempt]
POTUS is an outsider [CLAS HIGH]
How much money (CASH) was sent by the FED to Iraq (Iraq War)?

Link in Q2807!!…📁

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#Kuwait is mobilizing its defense and security systems after drones originating from #Iraq, crossed its airspace into #SaudiArabia airspace. It's not a #Houthi affair. It is an Iranian pincer movement.

I have warned months ago that the region was to witness a mass #GameofDrones
I've underlined many times including in OpEds & on FoxNews that #Iran will open a northern front on #Saudi & the Gulf from #Iraq & backed by its presence in #Syria. It's happening. Iranian missiles in Iraq are now the "northern threat to the Gulf
الجبهة الشمالية... سوريا والعراق
ينظر المراقبون في واشنطن إلى ما يُسمى بالجبهة الشمالية لخط التماس بين التحالف الدولي بقيادة الولايات المتحدة والمحور الإيراني، بقيادة الباسدران أو الحرس الثوري الإيراني. الجبهة الشمالية... سوريا والعراق
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Saudi and U.S. officials are investigating the possibility that cruise missiles were launched from Iraq, and not Yemen - Dow Jones
Reports indicate the U.S. has dispatched a number of F-22 Raptors stealth fighter jets from the 407th Air Expeditionary Group to Kuwait's Ahmad al-Jaber Air Force Base.
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @EmadAlmudaifer @cvpayne @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @GaetaSusan #UPDATE
Al-Hadath citing Debka:
"#Iran's IRGC launched the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities from southern Iraq, according to Israeli sources. Dozens of explosive drones were sent from militia bases in southern Iraq, flying around 800 kilometers to their targets."
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@brhodes, the architect of the #Iran “echo chamber,” is working overtime to parrot Tehran’s talking points about Yemen.
Let’s take a look at Tehran’s role in Yemen and how they support the Houthis.
Of course, neither Rhodes nor MSM will ever highlight these facts.
Iran’s regime denies any role in the recent attack.
For those interested about details on the recent attack targeting two important Saudi oil facilities, this thread sheds some light.
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@rlefraim wrote, LET’S FACE IT — IRAN IS FIGHTING A WAR NOW, TODAY, BOTH IN THE ARABIAN PENINSULA AND IN SYRIA AND IRAQ. 1) #Iran #ProxyWar #ArabianPeninsula #Syria #Iraq
And the fact that it does it through surrogates being advised and controlled by Iranian forces does not make it any less an Iranian instigated and commanded war. 2) #IranianProxies #IranianWars #surrogates
So, while the Europeans push to make money from doing business with Iran, trying to convince the Americans to let up on sanctions,...
2) #Europeans #Sanctions #money
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#Iran-backed Houthi militias claim responsibility for a drone attack targeting the world's largest oil field in Buqayq, eastern Saudi Arabia.
Footage of drone attack launched by #Iran-backed Houthis
-Drone attacks overnight on two Aramco factories in Abqaiq & Khurais provinces, fires under control: Saudi interior ministry
-Strikes against oil infrastructure can have massive economic & environmental consequences
This thread provides numerous videos of the drone attack in eastern Saudi Arabia.
#Iran-backed Houthis are claiming responsibility.

Credit: @no_itsmyturn
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#BREAKING: Largest ever attack against Oil facilities #SaudiArabia's #Aramco is carried-out by Loitering drones launched from #Iraq in support of #Houthi rebels in #Yemen. As its result two Aramco's facilities were hit 4 times in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq early morning. Here is the video
#BREAKING: According to a source from Royal #SaudiArabia Air Force, the loitering drones which attacked the Aramco's Oil facilities in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq early morning today are most likely launched from #Iraq & not by #Houthi rebels in #Yemen.It took 3 hours to control the fire👇
#BREAKING: Without the help of #Iran's Islamic Regime & #IRGC it is almost impossible for #Iraq's #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi) or #Yemen's #Houthi rebels to carry-out such a massive attack at #SaudiArabia's Oil industry deep inside the country's territory in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq today.
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#ArabieSaoudite Les installations d'#Aramco sont en feu. L'incendie s'est déclenché à Abqaïq, un des principaux gisements pétroliers dans la province orientale d'ach-Charqiya
La cause est, pour l'instant, inconnue
#SaudiArabia #KSA
#ArabieSaoudite Autre vidéo qui laisse voir et entendre plusieurs explosions à Abqaïq Buqayq
#SaudiArabia #Aramco #SaudiAramco #KSA
#ArabieSaoudite Le site d'#Aramco à Abqaïq Buqayq est en flamme.
La vidéo documente le début de l'événement, on peut entendre des coups de feu (rafales d'armes automatiques ?).
La cause n'est toujours pas connue.
#SaudiArabia #SaudiAramco #KSA
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A shoe drops. A chance to take another look at how university admissions in Iran, for all of its flaws, proves to be resistant to the circle of corruption produced by our "meritocratic" system here in the US, lately exposed by the Varsity Blues investigation
"In a country where access and influence remain open to purchase or violent persuasion, college admission represents one of the very few mechanisms outside the reach of moneyed influence, prestige, or parti bazi."… via @LobeLog #Iran
@LobeLog The point isn't that one system is better than the other, but to encourage those of us who stand present at the elite end of schooling to reconsider how our efforts at rewarding merit (again, "merit") are promoting and perpetuating ill effects in the world
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U.S. Assistant Treasury Secretary Marshall Billingslea:
-Lebanon's gov suffers due to Hezbollah's actions.
-Hezbollah receives money/support from #Iran, which has recently shrunk due to sanctions.
-Efforts will continue to dismantle Hezbollah's financing networks.
-Hezbollah uses Lebanon's banking system to cover up its suspicious actions.
-We will work with allies to stifle Hezbollah, Qods Force & #Iran's regime.
-No separation between Hezbollah's military and political wing.
-We call on the international community to stop buying Iran's oil that finances terrorist organizations & the IRGC Qods Force.
-We must punish anyone who deals with Hezbollah.
-We're working to stop the IRGC Quds Force's funding for the Houthis in Yemen.
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Specially for @Sainaraha @shadiB36079942 @ThoseWhoSaidNo @nedaliberty100 continuing on.
2. Later thru a friend I visited a young gentleman paralyzed by both legs during severe torture in #Iran, for not wanting religious rule. His whole life ruined but willing to pay the price.
3. They are not just 2 persons but tens of families. Our nation still troubled and in threat because, as Montazeri-close to Khomeini said, #MEK represents an ideology that cannot be stopped by killing them. Wanting freedom+peace is only denied by dictators, those who have no...
4. sympathy for #HumanRights. An MEK member once showed me a book with thousands of pictures. It changed me so much and I couldn’t stop crying, the faces of innocent girls and boys of my country. Then I understood the tough battle between us and this regime.
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Here's what BIBI said About America remember this always!!! @realDonaldTrump @TomFitton @EpochTimes @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
BIBI said thst Israel till this day still benefit from #911WasAnInsideJob #911Memorial #911remembered @madmandave1011
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Excelent News 🥳👏🏼👌🏼💯
#Trump fires national security advisor #johnbolton
Finally 🥳👏🏼👌🏼💯
#Trump says disagreed strongly with many of #Bolton's suggestions
#Excelent News 🥳👌🏼👏🏼💯
@realDonaldTrump fires National Security Adviser John #Bolton
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U.S. Treasury Department issues new sanctions on #Iran's IRGC, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda & ISIS.

"Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons Who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism"…
Sanctions follow Executive Order by U.S. President Trump enhancing authorities to target finances of terror groups/leaders to ensure being as robust as possible, said Secretary Steven Mnuchin, in a press conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.…
Pompeo said the designations add “further muscle to US counterterrorism efforts [and] will help to ensure that the deadly attacks of September 11th that occurred 18 years ago this week are never repeated on American soil.”…
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#NewsAlert: A young women Football fan in #Iran who wanted to go and watch a game, has died after she set herself on fire in front of the court building, after she was detained dressed as a man entering the stadium and could serve a 6 month prison sentence.
#Update: World Football organisation #FIFA has put the question on the table of #Iran, who was in violation of basic human rights and vows if this won't stop that the country can be suspended for entering the World Cup and other competitions.
#Update: Flashback "#Iranian Girl Celebrates without her #Hijab in Freedom in #Russia at the #WorldCup Without being prosecuted" #Iran
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U.S. President Donald Trump has fired John Bolton as his national security advisor.

My take:
Bolton's positions on various issues were in high contrast with others in the Trump admin, including the President.
#Iran apologists/lobbyists will be celebrating.
Yet I believe it will be short lived. Never forget that Trump is in charge & Trump is not Obama, no matter who his advisors are.
It is true that U.S. President Donald Trump may be thinking of November 2020 in this decision.
However, if he softens up on #Iran, he can easily be labelled as another Obama. Thus, whoever is appointed as the next White House NSA, Trump's #MaximumPressure policy will continue.
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Sahar, an #Iranian football fan who set herself on fire, has died. She set herself on fire after her trial, for attempting to enter a football stadium disguised as a man, was postponed. #Iran regularly stops women from entering stadiums.… h/t @lacunalingua
Sahar - not her real name - became known as blue girl" - a reference to the colours of her favourite team, Esteqlal of Tehran. She was arrested in March when she tried to enter a football stadium.
Football's governing body Fifa set a deadline of August 31 for #Iran to allow women into stadiums - something the country has not kept.

While the sporting ban is not written into law, it is "ruthlessly enforced says @hrw Human Rights Watch.
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New Thread
I am Redoing my Older Thread For People to see the Truth Behind 911. And Why we are Still being Attacked 18 years later. #240BillionCovert
History that lead up to how 911 Started
#Bush41 #Qanon
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q…
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q The Original Thread I made on 911 and Bushes Involvement along with Iran-Contra, Iran Nuke, Barrick Gold, Enron, Black Eagle, "Boris Yeltsin", GS, Israel, RM, Senator Tower, Bronfman, NXVIM, & more…
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q What If I was to tell you 911 events is not done with us yet? They want their $240 Billion Dollars they lost in Tower 2. ... Big Names
911 Conspiracy No More the Real Truth behind why 911 #240Billion
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