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Syrian media reporting U.S.-led coalition warplanes targeting positions of #Iran-backed pro-Assad militants and Iraqi militias in Al Herri located near Al Bukamal in eastern #Syria.
-Some reports indicate this may have been an Israeli air or missile attack.
-At least 20 Iraqi members of a group linked to the #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) units killed, dozens injured
-One building completely destroyed
-Official sources in Iraq, Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) or the Iraqi media have yet to make any comments or issue any reports in this regard
-Investigations continue & an official statement may come in the next few hours
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WEDNESDAY MORNING: Once again. Too much to explain, so best to sum up.

First off, #OPEC and its rapidly disintegrating deal, and Trump's part in that as well. #OOTT #Iran
As is known, #Trump went out again on oil prices this morning - a week before the #OPEC deal that ratchets up, again, the tensions on whether #OPEC will do anything (which they're likely to do).
But figures we have show Saudi Arabia/Russia are already abandoning - or at least pulling away from - the deal. #OPEC #OOTT

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The Liberal government just voted with the conservatives to abandon their plan to reestablish relations between Canada and Iran. #cdnpoli #cdnFP
The Liberals broke their promise to the Iranian-Canadian community which sent two Liberal MPs to Ottawa in the last election. #Iran #cdnpoli #cdnFP
Both Iranian-Canadian Liberal MPs, @AliEhsassi & @MajidJowhari, were absent during an important motion that could impact hundreds of thousands of their constituents. What could have been more important? #cdnpoli #cdnFP #Iran
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1/ So after a bit of searching I managed to find the joint #TrumpKim declaration. Here's my take:

Nothing terrible happened so that's good. Though as I've argued here, the damage was probably already done when we agreed to a "summit".…
2/ There were four points I will discuss out of order:

First: Commitment to repatriate POW/MIA remains --> Great!
3/ Secondly, the #TrumpKim Joint Declaration also agreed to build a "stable peace regime" on the Korean Peninsula.

No idea what that means but ok that sounds good. At least now it's back in the hands of professional diplomats and generals.
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"I want to thank Chairman Kim for taking the first bold step towards" a bright new future for his people, says @POTUS."We got to know each well."
"We're ready to write a new chapter between our nations."
The war on the Korean peninsula formally "will soon end," declares @POTUS.
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Thread: #KimJongUn can't believe his luck: he's beaten the West. The international credibility denied to his father and grandfather has been handed to him on a plate in return for his attending a bizarre press conference and signing a meaningless piece of paper. #TrumpKimSummit
Look at how many years of effort went into the Paris climate agreement and the Iran nuclear deal. Anyone insisting that this piece of paper signed with Kim after a ten-minute chat over lunch contains anything meaningful is either ignorant or lying. #TrumpKim #TrumpKimSummit
The ***only*** thing that matters to #Trump is that he emulate Obama by getting one of them Nobel whatnots. With no knowledge or understanding whatsoever of the issues and total indifference to the wider consequences, he will have agreed 100% to whatever they proposed. #TrumpKim
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Siah Kuh (Black Mountain) near Oshnavieh, NW #Iran
- 2-hour long clashes reported between Revolutionary Guards units and unknown individuals.
- At least five IRGC members reportedly killed.
These clashes took place from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm Friday night, local time.
At least 9 IRGC members were killed and 17 others regime elements were severely wounded, sources say.
No Kurdish party has accepted any role in these clashes.
Marivan, western #Iran
Reports indicate unknown armed men clashed with IRGC members near the villages of Gushkhani & Nasl.
Time: Saturday, 11 pm to 12:30 am local time
No reports of casualties as of yet.
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Just read Hamid Dabashi's recent piece.…
The more the #Iran apologists camp writes about #IranRegimeChange being "delusional," rest assured the more they are concerned & the more this initiative is gaining support & strengthening.
The more the #Iran apologists camp raises false allegations about the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK - which I believe is dictated by the Iranian regime - the more it proves how this organization poses a very real threat to Tehran's mullahs.
Here's an excellent article by Prof. Raymond Tanter debunking allegations raised against the PMOI/MEK.…
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«HILO» Venezuela-Irán-Argentina

Para los que creen que el anuncio de enriquecimiento de Uranio por parte de #Irán es una mala noticia para el mundo, les aviso que no lo es. De hecho es una de las mejores noticias para los movimientos de EEUU
#Iran es socio comercial de #Venezuela desde los tiempos de Chávez, tienen mas de 270 convenios suscritos de intercambio comercial, donde nuestro país tiene que enviar distintas materias primas a cambio de ???? (No sabemos) pues aquí no rueda ningún carro iraní
Sólo hubo un grupo que vino a construir junto a los rusos edificios en ciudad caribia y otros conjuntos que hoy en día se están cayendo por faltar a las normas COVENIN (mínimas) para la construcción de edificios con propósitos de vivienda
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Assessment of #Iran

1. Several provinces and cities are likely to run out of water this summer. A few cities are already experiencing lack of water. This is likely to lead to greater unrest.

2. The economy continues its decline with major capital flight reported.
Additional sanctions are likely to hasten the economy’s death spiral, leading to major unrest.

3. Overall the public mood in #Iran can be described as explosive. Contrary to some analyses, #iranians have not rallied around the flag in response to Trump’s policies.
4. The movement to overthrow the regime is growing. There is no one specific party or group that leads it, but younger Iranians seem to be a big part of it. Lack of centralized leadership has pros & cons but it prevents regime from crushing opposition easily.
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BREAKING: the Trump admin released legal “justification” for its 2018 Syria missile attack.…
Memo claims Trump has limitless power to wage global war - w/out regard to the Constitution. Our take on what Congress should do vs. what it is doing <thread> 1/
Unfathomably, what’s on Senate’s docket hands Congress’s constitutional power OVER to the president. The Senate will mark-up the proposed #CorkerKaineAUMF (SJRes59) by the end of June. Let's unpack this proposal and why we can’t let Senators be fooled by misleading spin. 2/
Sen. Corker and Kaine claim their proposal is better than the status quo, but here’s the reality:

Despite 17 years of global war being an abject failure, these Senators want to give Trump even MORE power to take our country to #endlesswar all over the world. 3/
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The needle shifted a little further into the red zone with concerns over an expanded security vote chest, an import rate hike bound to affect fuel prices, talk of water colonies, and the CBN’s continued fixation on forex.
The glue that holds up the inefficient political system in #Nigeria, and skews it against both the will of the people and a level playing field for better candidates to emerge, is the existence of slush funds that warp campaign funding.
Security votes rank high up in upholding this system.

When the existence of the security votes is taken along with the abysmal security situation across the country, the irony is not lost on observers.
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In their @WashingtonPost piece, @McFaul & @milaniabbas criticize Trump exiting the #IranDeal based on it not bringing calm & peace.…
We probably have to thank #Obama for signing the deal & allowing #Iran further open the gates of hell across the region.
@McFaul & @milaniabbas claim Trump's new #Iran policy is “vague.”
That is because these Iran apologists know that @SecPompeo’s logical 12 conditions will support the Iranian people & the region, while bringing the regime to its knees.
And the two writers aim to prevent that.
@McFaul & @milaniabbas base their entire piece on the old pretext of anything other than the #IranDeal will lead to war.
They, of course, don't care to raise the fact that #Iran actually used the #JCPOA to further its wars & deadly influence in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon & Iraq.
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#Hodeia is last #Houthi controlled coastal city in the #Yemen, city has a large port which it supply line for #Houthi from the #Iran
In last 4 years Iran send huge amounts of money, military advisers which knows the using anti air missile batteries and ballistic missiles.
And #Iran using #Houthis like a weapon. They are hitting their rivals #SaudiArabia with this weapon everyday with ballistic missiles and they are testing missiles and they developing better missiles which they learnt from this war. Also testing the US made Patriots capability
In last 4 years #Iran send huge amounts of money, military advisers which knows the using anti air missile batteries and ballistic missiles. Advisers teach the #Houthis how they can hide and use their missiles and air defences.
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I was eagerly waiting for this comment, @O_Rich_ #Syria #Iran #Russia #israel
.@O_Rich_ made the right reading of @ejmalrai 's article. Some might see conspiracies by Russia, but this is the right reading.
#Russia's most important achievement in #Syria is that it safeguarded the structure of the state and its institutions. And it is through this structure, and through these institutions that the state can reclaim the rest of #Syria. @O_Rich_ @ejmalrai
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🦂1. Know thy enemy - Sun Tzu
#MarkZaid is attacking conservative accounts calling himself a proud member of #TheResistance and defender of Asha Rangappa, both are being praised by the left but Mark is no hero, unless you’re #Iran or the CIA. Meet #JeffreySterling
2. Mark hails himself as a bi-partisan defender of #whistleblowers he defended Sterling against the CIA in a discrimination case (which was lost) and then he snitched on him to the CIA, which Obama’s Justice dept. dusted off to bring charges in 2015.
3. Mark even had two interviews with the FBI about #JeffreySterling he will swing wildly now and tell you 302’s don’t mean anything and that he was subpoenaed by the Grand Jury but facts are facts, Sterling was charged.
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I will share an analyse about upcoming Battle of #Dara
Preparations of the #SAA continue in #Dara region. #SAA #FSA #Syria #ISIS #HTS #Syrianrebels
Huge battle is coming.
The first target of the campaign against opponents will probably be the el #Lajat plateau , which threatens the supply line to the #SAA controlled #Dara city.
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Let's talk about why this is important

Most people don't seem to understand just how dangerous MS-13 is-

Think La Cosa Nostra (Italian Mafia) of the 1980s-

#MS13 makes them look like a small fry organization-

Why? MS-13 is similar- Most leadership is outside of USA
Earlier this year there was a case where an American was found Stabbed 100 Times, Decapitated, and has his heart cut out lying in a shallow grave in Maryland
Most Democrats wanted to hide it because it gives the Trump Administration’s War on MS-13 credence…
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By using the words “fringe” & “extremists,” it’s obvious, and a shame, that @OARichardEngel has been dictated quite precisely by #Iran apologists & maybe even received money from Tehran.
This is an insult to journalism.
On @OARichardEngel’s claim of the PMOI/MEK killing Americans, here’s an investigation by @LBJunior debunking his lies.
On @OARichardEngel’s remarks about the PMOI/MEK being a terrorist organization, here’s the LA Times citing a senior Clinton administration official back in 1997.…
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1) #UraniumOne - Fitting the Pieces Together. Research Thread and Timeline
2) 1950 - #Iran launches it’s nuclear program with the help of the United States.

1979 - Iranian Revolution, the Shah of Iran is toppled and most international nuclear cooperation with Iran comes to a halt.
3) 1981 - Iran begins nuclear negotiations with France and Argentina.

1990 - #Russia forms a joint nuclear research program with Iran, providing them with Russian nuclear experts and technical information.
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Next up: we’re examining how @AmbJohnBolton and @RudyGiuliani were paid to speak for the MEK, a fringe Iranian opposition group with an extremist past.
The MEK, short for Mojahedin-e Khalq, means “Holy Warriors of the People.” It fought against the Shah & killed 6 Americans in the 1970s. And in 1979 it participated in the storming of the US Embassy in Tehran, where 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days. #OnAssignment
All that earned the MEK a spot on the @StateDept’s list of terrorist organizations in 1997. It was removed only in 2012.
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Next up: Black Cube — the Israeli private security firm that made headlines for targeting accusers of #HarveyWeinstein — is back in the news. Last yr it tried to dig up dirt on former Obama officials who had worked on the #Iran nuclear — in an effort to discredit the deal itself.
One of those former Obama officials was @ColinKahl. Black Cube tried to get to him through his wife, @RebeccaKahl, a stay-at-home mom. An operative emailed her a year ago about donating to their daughter’s DC public school.…
.@RebeccaKahl says the outreach felt strange, and after a brief exchange, she stopped responding. #OnAssignment
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Join & Support the democratic alternative
Iranians To Hold Annual Gathering In #Paris Calling For #RegimeChange for a #FreeIran.
30 June 2018 villepinte Paris
#FreeIran2018 #IranProtest #MaryamRajavi…
100,000 Iranians and their supporters are expected to attend #FreeIran2018 Grand Gathering for a #FreeIran, and support #IranProtests in Paris on June 30th. Please join us
#IranRegimechang #IranProtests
Join the #FreeIran2018 campaign✌️

Be the voice of Iranians for a free & democratic #Iran…
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Humanitarian Wars for democracy and freedom are false and lying - 13

The so-called "moderate rebels"

#Syria #WarCrimes #FakeNews #lies #terrorism #aggression #Hypocrisy #FalseFlag #bastards #IillegalWar #Criminals #CriminalDamage #DoubleStandard #ModerateRebels
What was the UN created for?
What was the United Nations charter created for?
What were human rights associations created for?
What was the International Criminal Court created for?

Enough of double standars and hypocrisy. Enough is enough.
If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth.”
- Julian Assange -
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