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Periodic reminder:
#Iran's lobbyists have close ties with Biden & Harris.

@NegarMortazavi & @YasmineTaeb, the ladies leading this rally, are linked to Iran lobby group @NIACouncil.

Iran has infiltrated into the U.S. political system
Listen to Negar Mortazavi, a known Iran lobbyist, say she is in "close contact" with Team Biden.

And there’s more.
Why is this issue important?

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray said recently that Iran and Russia are working to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election.…
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#Iran #Teheran #Coronavirus

Although the corona pandemic in Iran claims more victims every day and, according to official information, more than 32,320 of the 562,705 infected have died from or with Covid-19,
a standardized strategy is still not visible in the war against the pandemic. 28 of Iran's 31 provinces have now reached the highest level of alert. One speaks unofficially of the more than 42,000 dead. In an interview,
Health Minister Said Namaki said that if simple new measures are not taken immediately, "corpses must be collected from the streets." The government subsequently criticized his warning as being quite pessimistic.
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Iranian tankers are hiding in Iraqi waters to do their ship-to-ship transfers of crude oil & avoid U.S. sanctions.

U.S. maximum pressure policy targeting #Iran’s regime has been highly effective. Just has a few glitches that need attention.…
Iraq Emerges as New Front for Enforcement of Iran Oil Sanctions

American officials say smugglers are increasingly using Iraqi waters to evade curbs on Tehran’s trade.…
The Iraqi port of Al Faw is one regularly used point of transfer, according to the sources and the documents. There, Iranian tankers offload the crude to other vessels where it is mixed with oil from other sources, such as local crude, to avoid detection.
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#Shaking detected

5.0MWW #Magnitude #Earthquake reported

46 km SW of #Abhar, Alīābād, Ostān-e Qazvīn, #Iran
10Km deep

10/24/2020| 11:34:18 (UTC)
GPS: 35.807, 48.910

reported by @USGS
according to Irans seismological service (in Persian)
This plot shows 1 hour of data from the nearest available seismic station in the Global Seismographic Network.

#Kabul, #Afghanistan (34.5408° N x 69.0432° E)
#Iran #Earthquake
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.@Newsweek is the latest MSM outlet claiming U.S. sanctions deprive #Iran of medicine.

-Iran's Foreign Ministry spox: "... medicine & food, as you know, were not on any sanctions..."
-Iran's state media confirm food/medicine not sanctioned
-Iran rejected int'l aid
Of course, one shouldn't be surprised about such claims in the article when the piece provides a platform for two known #Iran apologists/lobbyists @EllieGeranmayeh & @SinaToossi.

Toosi is a member of @NIACouncil, Iran's disgraced lobby group in the U.S.
For those interested in the truth about U.S. sanctions & #Iran, read this thread citing Iran's own officials & state media literally saying food & medicine have never been sanctioned by the U.S.
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Oct 23—Bandar Mahshahr, SW #Iran
Explosion reported at a petrochemical site.
More footage of petrochemical site blast in #Iran

@JasonMBrodsky: " Would note there have been incidents here before the timeframe of the latest string of explosions & fires. In 2012 a gas leak there killed at least one person and injured a dozen others."
More footage of the aromatic site of the Bandar Mahshahr petrochemical plant in southwest #Iran.
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Below is my prediction for what would happen if #Azerbaijan achieves a complete military victory in #Nagornokarabakh. Tl;dr: there still won’t be #NKPeace (1 of 11)
2. #Azerbaijan will announce that the #Nagornokarabakh Oblast is no more. The idea of autonomy will be gone. Azerbaijan will invite Armenians back to live as Azerbaijani citizens. None will go back. (We’re assuming that the remaining 60k civilians will safely escape to #Armenia)
3. #Armenia will have a #refugeecrisis. 150k + 400k from the 1st war means 550k refugees. The new rhetoric in Armenia will be how #AzerbaijaniAggression took the homes of these 550k people. To Azeris reading this, just think of the rhetoric you’ve heard regarding your IDPs.
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#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells the US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that anyone responsible for so many #COVID19 deaths should not be president
#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that Iran will pay the price for interfering with American sovereignty
#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that @realDonaldTrump is one of the most racist presidents the US has had in modern history
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#USA #Iran #WashingtonDC #Sanctions

The U.S. Treasury Department said on Friday it was imposing sanctions on six Iranian entities foe being “complicit in foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.”
These included the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Nabil Kaouk and Hassan Baghdadi, two Lebanese Hezbollah leaders.
Iraj Masjedi, Iran's Ambassador to Iraq, has been blacklisted by the United States, alleging he has for years overseen the training and funding of Iraqi paramilitary groups responsible for attacks on U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq.
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Débat Trump/Biden (thread)

Ça commence avec la #COVID; la présentatrice dit que seuls 40% des américains accepteraient de se faire piquer, si ce vaccin est proposé par le gouvernement. 🚮

Sinon #Trump et #Biden blablatent pour ne rien dire ...

Trump (parlant de Biden) : "lui il aime se cacher dans un sous-sol. 99% des gens se rétablissent. On ne peut pas fermer le pays".

Biden: "Trump n'a rien fait. On en meurt. On va perdre 200000 personnes de plus".

#Biden: "c'est l'inaction de Trump qui a forcé la fermeture des entreprises. Les écoles ont besoin de beaucoup d'argent, de nouveaux systèmes de ventilation ...".

#Trump : "les gouverneurs démocrates ont tout fermé, tout confiné, et les gens meurent".

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#LIVE: So with all the changes made to the protocols for this #PresidentialDebate, here's hoping we have a slightly more civilized affair from the first debate between #Trump and #Biden earlier this month...

Follow live here:
#LIVE: The two men are on the stage, so we're ready to go in the #PresidentialDebate - #Trump v. #Biden all over again...

Follow live:
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Read my investigation into #Iran's Me Too:

Sexual abuse allegations surfaced against more than 100 men on social media, the most prominent an internationally famous artist Aydin Aghdashloo.

2/ Iran’s MeToo movement is one of the most important and difficult stories I’ve reported in years.
3/ Thank you to the dozens of Iranian women who agreed to talk to me. Speaking about sexual abuse requires courage, especially in Iran’s conservative society where discussing sex is culturally and socially prohibited. When things go wrong, women are often blamed.
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🚨BREAKING: over recent days, #Russia🇷🇺has hacked into state and local computer networks in US voting infrastructure.

US intel agencies say Russia plans to interfere in the election in its final days or immediately after the election to *help Trump*.🤬…
US intel says there is “no evidence that the Russians have changed any vote tallies or voter registration information.” US officials expect that if the race is not called on election night, Russians sow chaos and doubts about the integrity of the results.🤬

‼️The Russian hackers got inside some election administrators’ systems and had access to voting information. What alarmed officials was the targets, the timing—the attacks began 2 months ago—and the adversary.
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1)3rd Thread on #Iran-#Iraq war.
In the last 2 threads,we discussed who was responsible for the devastating war&the consequences of the war for Iran. Here are the links if you missed them.

On this thread, let's discuss #MEK's role
2)As the #Iran-#Iraq War erupted,#MEK publicly condemned the occupation of Iranian territory &Independent of forces organized by the regime, MEK members and supporters rushed to the southern &western fronts to fight against the invaders.
3)A large number of #MEK members &supporters were killed or taken prisoner by #Iraqi troops. The MEK was also locked in a political struggle against the mullahs as it called for a democratic outcome of the revolution while the mullahs sought to instill a theocratic dictatorship.
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BREAKING: @CISAgov confirms #Russia-linked actor - known as #BerserkBear - has compromised US state and local government targets

The actor "successfully compromised network infrastructure, & as of October 1, 2020, exfiltrated data from at least two victim servers"
"The #Russia|n-sponsored APT actor is obtaining user & administrator credentials to establish initial access, enable lateral movement once inside the network, & locate high value assets in order to exfiltrate data" per @CISAgov
"To date, the @FBI & CISA have no information to indicate this [#Russia|n] APT actor has intentionally disrupted any aviation, education, elections, or government operations" per @CISAgov "However, the actor may be seeking access to obtain future disruption options"
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Iran Regime’s Terrorism in Europe
EU Obligations
#Iran #ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists #DisbandIRGC…
Farzin Hashemi from NCRI: Despite the EU has acknowledged the role of #Iran regime, they have so far refrained from taking concrete action. We hope they will take a more firm policy toward the Iranian regime. #ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists…
.@BourdonWilliam2: This is an unprecedented trial for 2 reasons. The bomb plot could have been devastating. Also, we know that the direct implication of the Iranian state in this disgusting crime is now established. #Iran #ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists…
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Top 4 nation-state threats to US: #China #NorthKorea #Iran & #Russia, @TheJusticeDept Asst AG John Demers tells @CSIS
US has prosecuted 13-14 cases vs #NorthKorea over the past 2 years - both criminal prosecutions, seizures/going after property & #cyber, per Demers
#DPRK activity being drive by need for hard currency - "A lot of it is getting money, getting cash" especially on the #cyber side, per @TheJusticeDept's Demers
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#Iran is continuing its terror-supporting campaign across Europe. The European Union has obligations to live up to.

@BehzadNaziri outlines today's conference highlighting #Iran's terrorism initiatives in Europe.

Renowned lawyer William Bourdon
This is an unprecedented trial. The bomb plot could have been devastating. Also, we know that the direct implication of the Iranian state in this disgusting crime is now established.
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#BREAKING: #Russia reports 15,971 new #coronavirus cases and 290 deaths in past 24 hours
#BREAKING: #Coronavirus situation in #Germany 'very serious': health institute
#BREAKING: #Malaysia confirms 847 new #COVID19 infections, 5 deaths
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#Pakistan #Iran #Quetta #TradeAgreement

Mandana Zangane, Deputy Governor for Economic Affairs of Sistan and Baluchistan, said Pakistan and Iran had agreed to form committees to further enhance barter trade and transport cooperation.
"In the eighth annual meeting of the Pakistani-Iranian Joint Border Trade Committee in Quetta", Zangane said, Improved trade relations between the two countries are in the interest of both parties as they guarantee the economic prosperity of the neighboring countries.
In order to achieve the objectives set by the two countries, the deputy governor maintained that it was important to resolve difficulties in bilateral trade.
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Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray announced Wednesday that #Iran and Russia are working to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election.…
Iran & Russia got their hands on U.S. voter registration information, enabling the foreign adversaries to send false information to registered voters as a means to sow chaos & confusion & undermine the public’s confidence in America’s electoral process.
The foreign nations aren’t the only disseminators of false information. American groups including Never Trump operation the Lincoln Project served as #Iran’s American digital foot soldiers, buying into the disinformation & amplifying it.
The Lincoln Project deleted this tweet.
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@FoxNews just verified computer store owner who had #HunterBidensLaptop TESTIFIED in #Delaware court 12/9/19👈🏼

12/9 = Li 🤔
The same time these👇🏼things happened?

▪️#Horowitz Report dropped

▪️#Pelosi announces Abuse of Power #impeachment

▪️#Pelosi son audiotapes of illegal👇🏼
..activity w #HunterBiden & #Ukraine

▪️Youtube changes policy to remove videos

▪️Horowitz Report exposes #FBI

So #impeachment ABUSE OF POWER = Distraction frm computer store owner’s testimony

THEN Pelosi timed RELEASE of #ArticlesOfImpeachment w 1st #COVID19 case?
💁🏼‍♀️Well that explains #Wray’s RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA #FBIpressconference 2 hrs ago!!

🏌🏼‍♂️He hit all the key points!!

✔️Not #China

#TheSwamp #Wray #Radcliffe #DHS #Ukraine
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