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#akleg This is a great rundown by @AK_OK on the fiscal challenges our state is facing. Important for Alaskans to read, absorb and understand these choices we're making:…
Alaska needs to reinstate the income tax we never should have repealed.
Here's my now moldy op-ed from 2016 on this...…
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In the last 24 hours:

1. @GovDunleavy made up a phony excuse for AK not participating in TX v. PA;

2. Lance Pruitt filed an "election contest" lawsuit in which he failed to allege any required elements for an "election contest";
3. GOP #akleg members filed an amicus brief in TX v. PA alleging a Democratic conspiracy & asking SCOTUS to hold a "trial" on the claims;

4. David Nees & Dustin Daden (sic) drafted a complaint against the MOA on an ASD computer.
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BREAKING: Alaska's Rep. David Eastman and Sen. Lora Reinbold have filed an amicus brief in Texas v. Pennsylvania #aklaw
Eastman, Gillham, Kurka, McCabe, McKay, and Rauscher
Alaska's GOP members of #akleg accuse Pennsylvania et al of "ceas[ing] to oeprate under a Republican form of Government."
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Not to be outdone by the stupidity of the 3 Kenai GOP members of #akleg who asked Alaska to intervene in Texas v. Pennsylvania, today Mat-Su Reps. George Rauscher and Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, sent their own undemocratic letter to @GovDunleavy and Acting AG Sniffen #aklaw
"The enormous amount of the election statutes that were disregarded by courtroom after courtroom not just before, but also while the election was already in progress, resulted in countless venues for fraud which will take months to unravel." - what does that even mean?
Seriously, Reps. Rauscher and Sullivan-Leonard are complaining about courts contributing to election uncertainty while encouraging Alaska lawyers (who have ethical responsibilities) to file baseless claims in SCOTUS 🤦‍♀️
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BREAKING: In one of the dumbest and most undemocratic letters ever penned by Alaska officials, 3 Alaska legislators ask Acting AG Sniffen to join a misguided and sanctionable case seeking a ruling from SCOTUS that would invalidate even their own elections #akleg
Apparently @RepVance doesn't even think she was validly reelected to represent HD 31. This is idiotic.
By falsely claiming that Alaska courts lacked constitutional authority to enjoin the absentee witness signature requirement, @RepVance is bringing dangerous, undemocratic lies to Alaska. She should be roundly condemned by every member of #akleg and every Alaskan voter #aklaw
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Alaska has now certified its election results. House Minority Leader Lance Pruitt, R-Anchorage, has lost his race by 13 votes, down from 16 votes in the unofficial results:… #akleg #akelect
Ballot Measure 2, the ranked-choice/election-reform measure, has won by 3,781 votes, or 1.1%. @ltgovmeyer has said he will ask for a hand-count/audit of those results to reassure doubtful Alaskans. #akleg #akelect
The official results include 361,400 ballots, a record high. That's 60.67% of the state's registered voters or 68.76% of the state's estimated voting-eligible population, according to figures from @ElectProject: #akleg #akelect
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It's been 24 hours since 87-year-old Alaska Republican U.S. Rep. Don Young announced on Twitter that he has COVID-19 -- two hours after we asked him whether he had it.

He and his staff have released no information since then:… #AKleg #AKelect
Young's opponent, Alyse Galvin, said she couldn't reach him on the phone to offer a concession today -- she left a voicemail on his wife's phone instead.… #AKleg #AKelect
And now Anchorage GOP Sen. Josh Revak, who attended a dinner party with U.S. Rep. Don Young last week, has tested positive for COVID-19, scoops @AK_OK:…
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U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, says he's tested positive for COVID-19.

He's America's oldest Congressman and the Dean of the House. He was first elected in a special election in 1973:…
Updated: Young was at a recent party for his longtime ad-maker, Art Hackney, according to @MustReadAlaska

Many Alaska GOP figures were present, including US Sen Dan Sullivan's COS, who's awaiting test results but hasn't seen Sullivan since Election Day… Image
Questions that Young's staff has not answered today (1/2):

--When did Young test positive?

--What type of test was it?

--How many members of the Congressman's official and campaign staff have been tested, and how many staff members have tested positive? Any volunteers? #AKleg
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Quick thread on Alaska's U.S. Senate race, since people have been asking about it this morning.

Dem-endorsed independent Al Gross, who's trailing by nearly 60,000 votes put out a memo this morning saying: We still think we're going to win. Here it is #AKleg #AKsen #AKelect (1/x)
Their argument, summarized, is: Only about 200,000 votes have been counted so far, and as many as 150,000 absentee/early/questioned ballots won't be counted until starting next week (more on that delay in a separate story).

Gross: "A question mark on this race should remain"
The campaign of Gross' opponent, incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, sees the math very differently -- as do a number of Dems/progressives I've spoken to.

Gross trails by about 60,000 votes. In theory, he needs to win @ least 70% of the uncounted votes to pull even.
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ALASKA: 29% of precincts:

BIDEN: 38%
TRUMP: 58%

GROSS: 37%

YOUNG: 58%

#AKleg #AKelect #AKsen

Yes on 1 (oil tax increase): 39 percent
No on 1: 61 percent

Yes on 2 (open primaries/ranked choice voting: 47%
No on 2: 53% #AKelect #AKleg #AKsen
One big change now that a second set of results are reporting: Robb Myers (R) takes a 1,600-vote lead over independent Marna Sanford in Fairbanks/North Pole with 8 of 12 precincts reporting. At least 5,000 or so ballots won't be counted til next week.

#AKleg #AKelect
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The House State Affairs Committee is underway with a hearing with a former procurement officer. They're talking about some MORE fishy contracts inked by Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka.

And no it's not the one @DermotMCole has been digging into.

Speaking now, I believe, is Barry Jackson, Retired State Procurement Officer, who's looking at a contract Tshibaka is the project manager on. He's pointing out that the prior experience requirements are biased.

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APOC is now back after a break. They have voted 3-2 to hear the issue of the Defend Alaska Elections' disclosure on an expedited basis.

They will likely take it up at some time on Wednesday. Figuring out precise timing now.

Yes on 2's Gottstein says anytime on Wednesday works for him.

Is Lee Baxter good with that? ....

Oh, he's not on the phone.

They're literally just waiting for him to call in.


"Mr. Baxter, is that you? .... No.... We will continue to wait."

Ah, now he's on.

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The APOC hearing between Yes on 2 for Better Elections v. Defend Alaska Elections, alleging that Defend Alaska Elections has been constantly violating campaign finance law on several different levels, is underway.

#akleg #akelect
The main topic of today's case before APOC is whether APOC should take up the complaints on an expedited basis.

Yes on 2 has brought three different claims against Defend Alaska Elections but is focusing in on a complaint about how DAE has been violating the three biggest contributors.

"It has never been correct," argues attorney Samuel Gottstein.

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With all the concern about slow mail delivery and slow absentee ballots this year, I checked to see whether this year's ballots were slower than normal. The answer? No. (thread)… #akelect #akleg
This year's absentee ballots arrived at the Division of Elections proportionally *earlier* than they did in the 2016 and 2018 primaries. #akelect #akleg
The folks at @ak_elections record ballot arrival dates and the dates they sent them out (and the date that a request for an absentee ballot was received), making this analysis possible. #akelect #akleg
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1. @GovDunleavy pretended Tuesday that he learned of Kevin Clarkson’s pursuit of a young, low-level state employee that day. He said Clarkson did the right thing to quit. #akleg
2. But Dunleavy knew about this “deeply disappointing” behavior for months. Clarkson was suspended without pay starting Aug.1, which Dunleavy kept secret from state employees and the public. Clarkson was due back Sept. 1.
3. Had Anchorage Daily News reporter @kylehopkinsAK not kept asking questions, leading to publication Tuesday, Dunleavy would probably have been content with the secret one-month suspension, making a lie of the “high expectations” prattle. #akleg…
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The House HSS and State Affairs committees are meeting on COVID-19 safety in high-risk state facilities.

It'd be REALLY interesting given state's plan to open Pioneer Homes to visitors but it looks like the administration is a no-show.

#akleg #akgov…
First up was testimony from Marvin Jones, the president of Unite Here, who says hotel workers need better protections, saying there's "a financial pressure to work."

That some hotels have no safety and no training in place to deal with it.

Then they play a video from Unite Here of a call between an employee and someone with the Anchorage Hilton, where the supervisor appears to say if they're asymptomatic that they're fine to come in.

The employee said they had some symptoms and got tested.

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Woo! A busy #akleg day!

Up first is the H. Finance, which will hear an updated fiscal outlook and an update on federal CARES $. It sounds like they're still in a digesting stage on Dunleavy's proposal from last night.

Leg. Fin. Director Pat Pitney going over the state's spring revenue forecast that estimated oil would drop by $20 per barrel and production would be down ~4K barrels.

"We believe that both the price estimate and the production estimate could be very optimistic."

And if oil revenue wasn't bad enough, Pitney says if the COVID-19 market crash lasts ONLY one year that the long-term impact on the state's POMV draw would be a $300M hit. And that's IF it returns to 7% returns.

That's because the draw is a rolling five-year average.

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HAPPENING NOW: The House Finance Committee is hearing an update on how funding approved through the federal CARES Act can be spent to help Alaskans impacted by COVID-19.

This document is the basis of today's presentation by the Legislative Finance Division and provides a summary of funding available to Alaskans through the CARES Act:… #akleg
And here's a copy of Legislative Finance Director Pat Pitney's presentation:… #akleg
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A few observations from reporting this week on the new crisis state of Alaska's budget. (thread)

(The situation was summarized by multiple sources familiar with the matter as: "We are f***ed.) #AKleg
The first and most striking fact: Even if oil prices recover to $35/barrel next year (and they're at $23/barrel now), Alaska still will not have enough cash to pay another year's bills -- even without any Permanent Fund dividend whatsoever.
Putting this another way: Alaska has $1.4 billion in its main savings account. It's going to spend $1 billion of that in the next fiscal year. Then we'll have a $500 million deficit and only $400 million to pay for it. (Again, this is if and only if oil prices recover.)
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(1/x) Some folks have asked why someone infected with coronavirus in Washington state and who died in Washington state is being counted as Alaska's first death from the disease. It's because of how epidemiological statistics work. #akleg #akgov
(2/x) From what I understand, folks who track vital statistics at various states use driver's licenses (and occasionally family claims or voting records) to determine residency.
(3/x) There's something called an "inter-jurisdictional exchange of vital events," which in Alaska takes place weekly. States send other states death certificates for their residents. In this case, it was a Washington death certificate coming to Alaska.
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#akleg House Speaker Bryce Edgmon: "We’ve never seen anything like what is happening in Alaska. Many people have already lost their jobs and are facing mortgage payments and other expenses they can’t afford.
This is unprecedented in many ways, including oil dropping to $23/barrel and the Permanent Fund losing nearly $10b in value, all of which is happening at the same time.
We’re working collaboratively to pass legislation to allow Unemployment Insurance to be immediately accessed by those impacted by COVID-19.
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Hey #akleg twitter, I'm usually able to handle stuff pretty well. A lot comes across this desk, and I've got a strong stomach. But I cried at my desk today, and I want you to know why.

It's because of a guy named Bill Brokaw. 1/10
Bill is an 80-year-old Alaskan. He's a veteran, and so is his 83-year-old wife. She has Alzheimer's. They're both in the Palmer Pioneers and Veterans Home.

He first wrote me in March, after Gov. Dunleavy's administration laid out plans for steep rate hikes. #akleg 2/10
His first letter was thoughtful. Eloquent. He spelled out the issue and how cost increases could force him and his wife out of Alaska. As I read it, his letter felt optimistic that letting the public know would result in solutions from Juneau. #akleg 3/10…
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The Board of Regents is now hearing from Gov. Dunleavy directly. Follow live on

#akleg #akgov
Dunleavy, whose budget cut the university by $136M: "What I'd like to say is the university is an integral part of the state. ... The university has been a beneficiary of the state for years. ... Some of us are still living in a belief of $85 to $90 per barrel oil." #akleg
Dunleavy says his Feb. 13 budget "has caused quite a conversation for the state."

He says it's about "a new funding reality for the state" and calls "the game in Juneau about how much funding we can get for services in our districts." #akleg
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Four short years ago, no politician would have thought about taking the PFD without working with Alaskans. For decades, the PFD grew under the protection of the people and benevolent politicians. (1/5) #akleg #akgov
However, today it appears work has been completed by those intent on killing the PFD – representing a major setback for those that believe in following the law and a sustainable government. (2/5) #akleg #akgov
Unfortunately, with this action the PFD is no longer a dividend, but a primary source for government spending and growth. (3/5) #akleg #akgov
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