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Now I know why the #GiletsJaunes movement dropped from 280.000 to 140.000 now to below 100.000, because #Antifa scum are causing riots vandalism and fear. The black block in the #EU is the worst mob of them all. Germany's black block is the worst of them all in the EU...
#Update: Here is a Footage in #Paris what show alleged #Antifa thugs trying to rip of construction material of a site, when the other peaceful #GiletsJaunes protestors wanted to stop them and attack them afterwards by throwing rocks and construction material on #ActeXI.
Going to do some more digging to find footages of #Antifa attacking #GiletsJaunes protestors in #France! Here is another one that i got from last #ActeXII protest in #Paris.
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The brainwashed ignorant morons of the #FoulardsRouges march for their own enslavement to the bankers, while the Corporate and Oligarch owned media laugh at them and cheer them on, and way over estimate their numbers.

Support Les #GiletsJaunes for France.
The #FoulardsRouges march for their own enslavement, impoverishment & massively high unemployment with continued disastrous & extreme Neoliberal Globalist policies they've had for over 20 years…
The brainwashed & massively ignorant #FoulardsRouges march for Neoliberal Fascist Macron and their own enslavement.

MSM TV Hack "Is Macron the President for the rich?"
Hollande: "Non, its not true...... He is the President for the VERY rich"

Look on TV Hack's face - priceless!
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Militante d'extrême-gauche, j'étais à l'#ActeXI à Paris et aujourd'hui et j'ai beaucoup de choses à dire. Thread #GiletsJaunes
Je suis là depuis l'Acte 3, parce que j'ai pris la décision politique de participer à ce mvt,d'y porter voix antifasciste,anticapitaliste, féministe. J'y suis tjs allée av surtout des meufs,féministes et lesbiennes et des camarades syndicalistes de l'@UnionSolidaires
Ts les samedis ont été assez différents et y'a eu un avant et un après Acte VIII; les 2derniers samedis ont été l'occasion de manifestations massives, déclarées et très calmes, ac des manifs sauvages assez limitées après. Ambiance bon enfant et une grosse présence de la gauche
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Looks like something is happening a the place de republic in #Paris!
#Update: Something big is happening at the "La Place de la #République" in Paris! Lots of Tear Gas.
#Breaking: Lost of Stun Grenades and police now leaving the scene at #NuitJaune in #paris at the "La Place de la #République" Police enforcement inbound.
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Nous voici present près de #commercy pour l'assemblée des assemblées. Salle pleine. Environ 350 personnes à la louche #GiletsJaunes. À suivre tout ce week-end sur notre compte ! #ActeXI
Ça commence a
Ici à #Commercy par une présentation de tout les délégués. Ils et elles viennent de #Rennes #Toulouse #Paris... Environ 70 villes représentées. #GiletsJaunes #ActeXI
La salle de l'assemblée de #Commercy #GiletsJaunes
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#GiletsJaunes protest: #Toulon

- 11th Saturday of #YellowVests in France
- Protest against Rothschild Macron government, high climate change taxes, new labor laws

Appalling footage emerges from France, where French police hit a female protester on the back of the head with a baton before dragging her away.

Why isn't the EU condemning President Macron for these widespread human rights abuses?

#GiletsJaunes protest: #Rouen #Acte11

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Covering Yellow Vest protests in France, for #ActeXI on Saturday #26Janvier

Large crowd of #GiletsJaunes gather in #Caen for the start of #Acte11

Vive la France!

Shocking police brutality in #Rennes last week in #ActeX

A woman #GiletsJaunes with her hands up is grabbed by Macron Regime Forces, hit over the back of the head with a baton for no reason & then dragged away seemingly unconscious

#GiletsJaunes march in #ChampsElysees, #Paris against #Macron's disastrous & extreme Neoliberal Globalist policies

Vive la France!

Watch Live…
As usual Western media have a near 100% blackout on the protests

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Ok This will be again my #GiletsJaunes Thread of Tomorrow in #Paris and across #France! Keep this Thread open and refresh once it will start! I Will be reporting again in my Home Studio of the situation. #Acte11
#Update: weather of in Paris tomorrow "Rainy day with lots of clouds" and cold 8 degrees Celsius!
#Update: Some little cash withdrawal from the #GiletsJaunes, all lined up for the #ActeXI
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Pardon my French!

Got another crazy video coming out soon on our main channel WeAreChange on YT, link is in the bio.
if the violence was happening anywhere else that U.S special interests wanted to invade we would be hearing about it non-stop, but since its a protest against the establishment and banksters WE DON'T

having been shot at with "less lethal" munitions during the #Giletsjaunes the LBD40 launchers SHOULD NOT BE USED AT PROTESTS!…
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Ok This will be my Thread of the Police brutality of in #France of the #GiletsJaunes protests since November the 17th, this will take me a long time and will be a long thread but i don't care. I am going to expose the police brutality going on in France of police officers.
1/ police brutality in #Toulon towards a person who was not even in the #GiletJaunes protests but was walking by when police cornered him, and started to hit him in his face without reason repeatedly. #ActeIX
2/ Meet another #GiletsJaunes protestor in #Paris he lost 5 teeth and fractured his jaw when a flash ball hit his face point blank in the #ActeIX protest.
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