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Last year, UN Human Rights Council "Special Rapporteur" Philip Alston investigated America's failed social justice system, and now he's examining Britain. Meanwhile, the only UNHRC Special Rapporteurs who've reported on Cuba & Venezuela, praised their social justice systems.
They may point to real problems, but it's clear these UNHRC experts seek to impose their own far-left economic policies by declaring that these are obligations of international human rights law. But in real life, millions have fled the countries that they hold up as models.
Here's how the system works:
1. Tyrannies go along in creating UN mandates to attack the West.
2. Social justice groups critical of the West feed their reports to the UN monitors & invite them to visit.
3. Tyrannies & social justice warriors both win; world's worst victims lose.
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Has Mueller Subpoenaed the President?

Can a sitting President be indicted or not?

LM: “Receipt: #Rosenstein very careful to say no inference can be drawn, in the past “some guy in the Dept. reached a legal opinion, and that’s what it is”


US Senate probes Bannon: re contacts between Moscow & TeamTrump: PapaD & Carter Page

Human Rights Group Calls For probe Of Guiliani, Trump Money-Laundering Scheme

Prosecutors Asked to Probe Dutch Middlemen Washing Billions in Dirty Kazahk💰 for RE Deals in US & EU

Lindsey Graham Received Campaign Donations ($800k) From Firm Tied To Russian Oligarch Len Blavatnik

The National Archives has released the famed—and long mysterious—Watergate “Road Map,” which Special Prosecutor sent to Congress in 1974.
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USA reality: a country saturated with guns & habituated to quotidian massacre, plagued by age-old racism & bigotry, which have lately been expertly inflamed & incited by the POTUS

There Is Still So Much Evil’: Growing Anti-Semitism Stuns Americans

The violence that took place the Shabbat morning at the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh is the fear of every synagogue, Hillel, day school & Jewish community center in this country. It is the ancient Jewish expectation of persecution—this IS Terrorism

When Rabbi Miller learned of the Squirrel Hill massacre, he ordered the doors of his synagogue locked.

Despite his congregants’ terror that they would be next, they recited the mi sheberach.

They prayed for the healing of others rather than themselves.
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Hablar sobre el #suicidio es el primer paso para su #prevención.
A pesar de ser la primera causa de #muerte entre personas de 15 a 29 años, el #suicidio sigue siendo un tema tabú, a nivel mundial genera más muertes que la suma de los homicidios y las víctimas de guerra.
Es un problema de #salud pública frente al que las administraciones públicas podrían hacer mucho más de lo que hacen porque se hace bastante poco, por no decir que nada.
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"We saw a young woman go into a store and ask the price of kids underwear and when the owner told her she said "I'll just go home and sew my torn ones". . . Salary isn't enough for clothes; if you buy, you don't eat." -Luis 28 & Luz, 20

This quote was a good laugh for all four pictured here, but when Luz described leaving her 4 y/o daughter behind, it turned to tears.

As I chronicle conversations with Venezuelan migrants in Colombia this month, remember that the subjects are more than a single picture and quote
”Sometimes people ask me if I accept dollars. OF COURSE I ACCEPT DOLLARS. It's the most valuable money in the world!" -Chester, 28 (travel companion of Steph, pictured)
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#Khashoggi Case Thread: I am going to ‘pin’ this post to use it as an ‘Info Thread’ on the #Khashoggi Case. I am in #Turkey. I’ve been following the case closely and with access to sources & experts here. This is a very ‘sensitive’ criminal case due to ‘Diplomatic Booby Traps’!!!
The Evidence Obtained Outside Cameras will not show any evidence of ‘tempering’ but other than license plates of dozens of diplomatic cars (Many with tinted windows-large trunks) with related time stamp, drivers Info, model/year: Nothing.
#Turkish Intel-Investigative Bodies also have the list of all Diplomatic & Private Saudi & “other significant’ Planes in #Turkey for the period of ‘interest.’ Many of the Target airports have their own security cameras & related evidence.
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Thread: to grasp the utter derangement that inhabits chavista heads, read tweet below from @RRamirezVE, where he claims he has a profession and earns an honest living as other Vzlans escaping chavista-made misery.

Mind, @RRamirezVE managed an income in excess of $1.2 TRILLION (not a typo), admitted to have passed $480 BILLION (not a typo) to Chavez and co for social programs... Where are the $700+ BILLION left?
As @PDVSA CEO and #Venezuela Energy Minister, @RRamirezVE, his two brothers, his wife, his mother in law, his brother in law, his operators were all involved in difficult-to-quantify #corruption, the kind that would put Russians, Brazilians and Nigerians to shame
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Booh: “Manafort is the Hub

📌6/9/16 TT meet w/ RIS to get ‘dirt’
📌Stone, Firtash, Assange
📌US Lobbying / PR Firms / Journalists / Propaganda / Black ops
📌 Deripaska, Kilimnik,Kislyak
📌Barrack, Pence, Devine
📌Cambridge Analytica ->Bannon, Rebekah Mercer” etc

📌Manafort admits laundering $30M related to Ukraine work

📌M worked 4 murderous dictators 4 decades

📌Manafort Pleads Guilty, Agrees to Cooperate w/ Mueller

Manafort Plea Deal Casts New Scrutiny on Lobbyists He Recruited
📌#Podesta Group

NRA Show Puts Thomas the Tank Engine in White Hood to Criticize Diversity Move😱

📌The FBI has obtained wiretaps of a Putin ally Torshin tied to the NRA who met w/ DonJr during the campaign

📌AU Zamel linked to SC probe re August 2916 meeting w/ DonJr. #Wikistrat
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1-There is a connection between the super cheap gasoline that's been sold in Venezuela for decades and the cocaine industry that's a major pillar of the economy of Colombia. And it seems that finally the government of Venezuela is at least trying to get a handle on it.>
2-Gasoline is a necessary ingredient in turning the Coca leaf into cocaine. Now this predates the rise of President Chavez. It's been a serious political problem for Venezuela's government both old regime and new. You see gasoline that's cheaper than water it's hard to keep it>
Inside one country. And so an estimated 1/3 of Venezuela's petroleum that's refined into gasoline has been getting smuggled into Colombia. Of course given that the gasoline is almost free in Venezuela it comes into Columbia pretty cheap. This is probably why Columbia can export
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@jaarreaza in the @UN thread:

Asked about @TheJusticeDept indictment against @juliusbaer Krull #Convit etc, said “Venezuela’s Attorney General is fighting #corruption (lucha sin cuartel) wherever it may be...”
@tarekwiliamsaab is yet to comment on @PDVSA case involving @juliusbaer

His office @MinpublicoVE has not investigated, indicted, arrested Francisco #Convit, despite being in #Venezuela hiding from @TheJusticeDept
@jaarreaza hasn’t heard @TheJusticeDept case against @raulgorrinb Maduro & stepsons, in which $1.2 billion were stolen by #Convit & #Krull from @PDVSA

Referred to the case as “media campaign against @NicolasMaduro and his family”
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#FuelPriceHike A chart that explains how petrol and diesel cost is calculated.
1. Central Excise is constant. Money Centre gets does not increase or decrease with cost of fuel.
2. State VAT & surcharge is % of cost. Higher the cost, higher the earnings of States.
Pls share.
State VAT & surcharges per litre of petrol and diesel is in % and varies from State to State. Congress-JDS raised it to 32% after forming Govt in Karnataka. Maharashtra has highest VAT on petrol. AP on diesel. Bulk of WB revenue comes from VAT on fuel.
States have limited means of raising resources. VAT on fuel and tax on booze are rich revenue earning sources. States that have prohibition have to depend on VAT on fuel. One of the reasons why prohibition is ill-conceived. Strangely prohibitionists protest loudest on fuel price.
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A U.S. diplomat met three times with military officers in #Venezuela plotting a coup against Nicolas Maduro; he refused to give the officers even an indication of support, let alone the communications devices they needed to bring off their conspiracy.
Some saw #Venezuela's military as a means of stabilizing the situation, allowing practical things like aid deliveries. Others "saw considerable risk in building bridges with leaders of a military that...ha[ve] become a pillar of the cocaine trade and human rights abuses." #pt
There's nothing to complain about in the U.S. gathering intelligence by establishing communications with mutinous officers in #Venezuela. The question is whether Maduro is considered a threat: if he is, then do what's necessary to bring him down. If not, leave it for Venezuelans.
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Unresolved recusal & financial issues require a pause in the Kavanaugh hearings

Mueller will accept some written answers from Trump.

Woodward’s book reveals an admin having a "nervous breakdown of executive power" -is unflattering in the extreme. The WH is #CrazyTown

Trump said condemning white supremacists was ‘biggest f---ing mistake I’ve made’: Woodward book

The accusations sending tremors through the Catholic Church are a concerted and dubious attack by ultraconservatives on Pope Francis.

📌Pope Francis is #AntiMafia

“US air defense is back in Europe!

@SCNationalGuard 678th #AirDefense Artillery Brigade arrived in 🇩🇪 for a 9-month #AtlanticResolve deployment;

This marks 1st time a US air defense artillery brigade has deployed to Europe since Cold War”
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Uncle Jr Giuliani: Trump legal team may try to block Mueller from releasing final report

Which speaks to #TeamTreason’s guilt does it not? 🙄

Imagine reading indictments noting ‘GOP Candidate1” within the text of the complaints, kinda makes my toes curl if so!

Wife of former NRA President tapped Butina in pursuit of jet fuel pay day.

📌In preparation for conflict countries stock pile jet fuel.

KS Supreme Court agrees Douglas County must summon grand jury to investigate KOBACH.

Obstruction of justice: Trump tweets

SY: “Repeatedly trying to pervert DOJ into a weapon to go after his adversaries, and now shamelessly complaining that DOJ should protect his political allies to maintain his majority in the midterms, is nothing short of an all out assault on the rule of law.”
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#BIN Y esto es así, porque en nuestro ADN venezolano hay un componente donde reside el segundo principio heredado de la época colonial: "Dios está en el cielo, el rey está lejos y YO MANDO AQUÍ". No es nueva nuestra tragedia, es que la lucha entre civilización y barbarie continúa
111. #Derecho es un conjunto de normas, escritas o no, de carácter general, útiles para dirigir a la sociedad, a fin de solventar conflictos y evitar la autoinjusticia y la imposición de la "ley del más fuerte". Es decir, para evitar la barbarie...
112. Es decir, donde no existe el #Derecho, existe la barbarie. El Derecho es el camino establecido para tratar de encontrar esa quimera, más valiosa que #ElDorado, llamada #Justicia. Cuando se tuerce el derecho, se actúa enloquecido como #Aguirre...
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Hace unos años descubrí esta #fotografía en Desde entonces la he contemplado con lupa y sigo encontrando detalles que nos permiten asomarnos a la #Venezuela de hace más de un siglo.
Abro #hilo.
@Shorpy la había tomado de la Biblioteca del Congreso de Estados Unidos (@librarycongress) donde está archivada con el título “Country store, Venezuela” y la fecha aproximada de 1905.
No se menciona el nombre del fotógrafo, pero sabemos que la foto es parte de la colección de la Detroit Publishing Company, de más de 25 mil imágenes hechas en todo el continente en las últimas décadas del siglo XIX y las primeras del XX.
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John McCain’s Funeral Was a Council of War

Just as He Meant It to Be

PapaD: Trump 'Nodded With Approval' At Suggestion Of Putin Meeting

Deripaska, oligarch w/ close ties to the Kremlin, has faced credible accusations of extortion, bribery & even murder.

‘This week he became a legend’: A solemn and glorious send-off for John McCain

A Complex Web: The F.B.I., Russian Oligarchs, Bruce Ohr and the Trump Campaign

📌Was Ohr successful or not in turning Deripraska into an informant?

Mueller Makes Major Connection, Tying Secret Ukrainian Money to Trump Inauguration

"What better way to honor John McCain's life follow his example?"

"By recognizing that there are some things bigger than party, or ambition, or power, or money"
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Trump: Day 588
-Disapproval Hits High Point of 60%
-Russia Has Trump "Over a Barrel"
-Attorney's Letter Snubbed by Mueller
-Ex-Manafort Associate Pleads Guilty
-Fed Judge Refuses 2 Block DACA
-Couldn't Make Trade Deal w/Canada
-Plans 2 Skip Trip 2 Asian Summits
Day 693 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 545 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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📌Russia has 'Trump over a barrel'

🐬Sam Patten charged w/ FARA violations & has a long time connection w/ RU intel agent, Kilimnik (&Manafort) is connected to Cambridge Analytica

📌Trump’s fav targets in the RU probe are experts in org crime.

📌Tsunami soon.

Trump’s fav targets in the RU probe have spent their careers in the DOJ & the FBI investigating RU organized crime & 💰💦.

📌Bruce Ohr tried to indict Russia crime boss Mogilevich in 2006-07.

📌Mogilevich is vindictive that's why Trump is targeting McCabe.

📌McCabe ran the Mogilevich inv’n that got him on the top 10 list.

📌Lisa Page helped corner many RU assets tied to Mogilevich.

📌Ohr was in charge of negotiation w/ Mogilevich.

📌McCain 🍀 light the Dossier to the FBI & refused to stop it.

Ergo Trump 🎯🎯
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C'è un lato ironico nel "paquetazo rojo" per il #Venezuela di Maduro: dopo aver distrutto un'economia -tra le più ricche al mondo per risorse- a colpi di deficit (oggi al 30% del PIL), cerca di fermare la spirale puntando al "pareggio di bilancio". Thread →
Non sarà facile (eufemismo): nel pacchetto, insieme all'introduzione del nuovo -e svalutato- Bolivar Sovrano, c'è un aumento di 34 volte dei salari (ed il 29% dei salariati in Venezuela è un dip. pubblico, in Italia il 16% e nel Vietnam comunista il 20%)
Inoltre →
Sono previsti sconti fiscali per il settore energetico.
Intanto i cittadini non hanno accesso al cibo, ai farmaci, spesso nemmeno all’acqua né all’elettricaità Tutto perché reprimere le opposizioni per conservare il potere ha un costo, che si è fatto pagare ai cittadini →
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Atapirire is the only town in an area the VZ gov’t says is brimming with 5B barrels of petroleum. #Venezuela has pledged those reserves as backing for a digital currency dubbed the "petro," which Maduro launched in February, but it is nowhere to be found.…
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Note to English-speaking hacks suddenly interested in #Venezuela’s gargantuan #corruption:

- class of thugs looting the country is called #BOLIBURGUESIA

- @RRamirezVE is the #BOLIBURGUES-in-chief

- @PDVSA saw income in excess of $1.3 trillion since 2002
- Every Venezuelan banker / entrepreneur worth over $100 million since 1999 is, without a shred if a doubt, a #BOLIBURGUES

- Every multinational that has “won” procurement contracts over $50 million in #Venezuela since 1999 has paid a bribe somewhere.

- Every international bank that has done business with Venezuela and its #BOLIBURGUESIA since 1999 is, without shred of a doubt, involved in #MoneyLaundering
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#BIN #CivilizaciónContraBarbarie.- 1. No quiero ser simplista, pues todo entramado social es complejo, pero el de #Venezuela parece serlo más aún. Sin embargo, si echamos una mirada al proceso de formación de la nacionalidad venezolana, encontraremos, al menos, una constante...
#BIN #CivilizaciónContraBarbarie.-
2. Esa constante, mantenida durante 520 años, es la lucha sin fin que, en el seno de la "sociedad" venezolana, mantiene la civilización contra la barbarie, sin decir con ello que "nosotros" somos la civilización y "ellos" la barbarie...
#BIN #CivilizaciónContraBarbarie.-
3. Haré un repaso breve por los hechos y por los siglos, sin ínfulas de historiador, hasta llegar a #RómuloGallegos, quien en toda su obra, a través de metáforas, parábolas y prosopopeyas, simplemente retrató esta lucha eterna en #Venezuela...
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