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Woke up, fed the cat, dove back into the best post-apocalyptic fable of our time. #FyreFestival #FyreFraud
1. Fun bit of drama around the dueling #FyreFestival documentaries. Fyre Fraud on Hulu points out at the end that Vice hooked up with social media marketing agency @FuckJerry to produce their own doc. This is the one coming to Netflix.
2. FuckJerry is the same social media marketing agency that Fyre Fest founder Billy MacFarland hired to run the now infamously effective and misleading Instagram/Twitter campaigns for the festival.
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#ShwastyHalloweenSpecial starts now with the #LiveTweet of #HocusPocus!

I know fuck all about this movie, and honestly didn't even know it existed until people started screaming for it to be in the polls

So... Here we go. Press play... NOW!
Queue the french horns or whatever

We open to a boy sleeping




And a young Carey Elwes

Wait shit wrong movie
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Decolonising Science Fiction And Fantasy Panel #livetweet thread, with Nick Wood, Naomi Foyle, Stewart Hotson and Allanah Hunt
Nick Wood is moderating and asks everyone to introduce themselves.

Allanah Hunt likes exploring contemporary issues accessibly, allegorically, through fantastical themes

Stewart Hotson writes about people and how we live

Naomi Foyle write ecofantasy
Nick Wood from Zambia, lived in South Africa, wrote books with themes of racism.
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En avant pour « Les modèles animaux à l’ère de l’anthropocène : entre objets de science et individus à considérer » présenté par JF. Bodart. #LiveTweet
Sachez que la conférence est captée en vidéo donc il y aura moyen de la retrouver en entier 🎥
Fun fact : c'est une conférence dans une école d'art à destination d'étudiants en art. C'est dans le cadre d'un programme mêlant arts et sciences. Tout le monde autour de moi prend des notes en dessinant : c'est grave cool.
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#livetweet thread of Women who Out Steampunked Steampunk, opening with a note about how diverse the Victorian era is and that women of colour very much existed
Straw poll on interest of the room of soldiers and inventors. Talking about how women were soldiers, that there were lots of reasons to go to war, that lgbtq erasure is real and that some women returned and went on lecture circuit;
others lived in male garb for rest of life after war and that many of them are likely what we would understand as trans.
Also all the nurses and wives going to war. Quick anecdote of soldier's wife grumpy about laundry ruined by canon ball.
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W H O Y A G O T ?
#NBAFinals #Game3
#LeBron #Curry #KD
#Cavs #Warriors
#LiveTweet #Thread
Look like JR said he will give everyone a bottle after the game if they will make him look good at the beginning... JR trying to win back Cleveland
#NBAFinals #Game3
#LeBron #Curry #KD
#Cavs #Warriors
#LiveTweet #Thread
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Alright! #Livetweet of #HarryPotter #GobletofFire starts now! (1PM PST)

Never seen any of these before. Today is day four.

The kids have long hair now, and there are OTHER WIZARD SCHOOLS?!?! The fuck?

Let's jump right in shall we?

I usually pause a movie about ten times so its gonna be a challenge not doing it at all...

But I know lots of people are watching too. This feels like a movie theater!

Is that?


Holy shit.


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#LiveTweet à venir à partir de 18h30 pour ceux qui veulent suivre le projet pour #Lakanal #Championnet
Beaucoup de monde, ~50 personnes. Présence @abkgrenoble et présentation du contexte par @GrenobleAlpes
Marquer l'entrée, sécuriser les carrefours #lakanal , augmenter les emplacements vélos dans les rues transversales, marquage végétal
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I will now attempt to #livetweet a poetry book.

I got Apocalypse Mix by Jane Satterfield for Christmas. I put it on my list for some reason, but I don't remember anything about it, so this will have no personal bias.
I like the look of the book. It's got a kind of pulp fiction look to it. The cover image is a crow, power lines, and thornbushes. This is my world!
First thing I notice is that it won the 2016 Autumn House Poetry Prize. I'm already jealous because even though I didn't enter that contest, I have lost many chapbook and book contests.
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Bon on débute le #livetweet de l'élection sénatoriale partielle d'#Alabama avec 1 rappel usuel pour mes followers: si les sondages sortie des urnes (#exitpolls)étaient 1 outil prédictif, Gore et Kerry auraient été présidents US.Bref,pour…
2)On peut d'ailleurs s'étonner que @CNN renouvelle l'expérience"#exitpolls" sur cette sénatoriale partielle d'#Alabama alors que certains médias ne cessent de les remettre en…
3) Plutôt que de gloser sur les exitpolls, rappelons les"intangibles" de l'élection comme on dit aux #EtatsUnis. L'#Alabama n'a pas élu 1 sénateur démocrate depuis 1992(en fait depuis 1990, car en 1992 c'était Shelby l'autre sénateur actuel, passé républicain en 1994 qui fut élu)
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