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Combining Trump’s commentary up to and including today, Putin’s strategic objectives, and the EU landscape, it’s a fair assessment this is a deliberate move by Russia to engage the US asset in the White House in commencement of hot action to cause major disruption to NATO/EU.
Of course, it goes without saying there is a clear attack narrative on NATO/EU here over any potential failure to engage or support Trump - and the whole point of Putin’s #AlternativeWar has been to break the transatlantic alliance.

It’s the final plays now. Buckle up.
A situation such as this plays perfectly not only to Ukraine elections but also pan-Europe elections next year.

We are now entirely in the hands of governments targeted in the hybrid conflict so far, and how they react depends entirely on how much attention they’ve been paying.
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On pending, life-threatening cyber attacks, (critical infrastructure attacks) this is from me back in January.
A warning (one of many) I’ve been repeating throughout 2018 and first raised the alarm on in #AlternativeWar when it was first published in August 2017.
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⚡🔥🧠💥 Thread on #HybridWar: definition, information and resources. Follow up to @BylineFest discussions. #InformatioWarfare #Psyop #AlternativeWar #MindWar #war #Russia #AsymetricWar
1. Russia carries out a non-traditional war against the West. US/EU reply: oblivion, denial & confusion. Acknowledge it is a hybrid war, not "meddling," learn the Kremlin mentality and methodology and develop a new way of thinking and a strategy.
2. The long-term goal of the Kremlin's hybrid war is the expansion of the Russian economic and geopolitical interests as a guarantee of the personal wealth and power of Putin and his allies. Read more:…
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Sat on the balcony listening to the roar of Atlantic surf in the cove, musing over the world.

As it dawns on everyone that no deal is coming, Trump and Brexit are one, and that Russia hammers wedges into every fissure of society, I am at peace.

Twice in a lifetime is enough.
The waves crash against my past.

Against Scotland Yard and the discipline action against me for blogging of the danger of cuts back in 2012. Against the parliamentary inquiry into crime figures I sparked. Against Mexico. Against the #AlternativeWar.

My rocks in life’s ocean.
Twice in a lifetime is enough, to do the things which need doing when no one cares, the sea roars.

Twice is enough times to have watched the watchmen.

And that’s where peace comes from. Hearing the sound your heart has always known, accepting it as true.

This peace feels good.
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So, there we have it. As predicted Trump has threatened NATO with a US exit by January 2019. That’s Putin’s #AlternativeWar in action. A masterpiece.
“Coalitions and free states,
treaties and partnerships,
present grave dangers.”

“Their submission must be attained by the constant battering of a storm force,
inflicting risk and threat and harm.
Intangible erosion and disturbance and tearing apart.”

“A war fought purely with lies – which Russia only won because it never made the official declaration.”

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1. Okay, so here’s a story from July 2016, when I wasn’t a journalist, and none of you followed me, but I reported Brexit’s massive stockmarket Fraud to the NCA as a retired police whistleblower living bankrupt in a bedsit and suffering malnutrition...
2. I had no investment in the world at the time, just this stupid idea that wrongs should be righted, even after the fucking pasting life had given me. So, only weeks after the Brexit vote I reported it and put it on my then poorly read personal blog.…
3. Well, the NCA got back to me, which didn’t go well. So I pinged it right back to them as you can see. Do you know what they did? They forwarded it to the health ombudsman, who unsurprisingly couldn’t help.…
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“Page was somewhat mysteriously hired by the Trump campaign as a foreign policy advisor, despite holding no qualifications for such a role. During the election, it became public knowledge the FBI was investigating Page’s ties to Russia and, after Trump’s success, Page travelled..
“to Moscow for “unknown” reasons. In February 2017, it was discovered he had “been colluding with Russian intel officials during the election.” Spy agencies, including GCHQ, were not specifically “targeting members of the Trump team but happened to gather evidence through what..
“CNN reported as “incidental collection.” Their accidental intelligence was then passed to the US as part of a routine exchange under the so-called “Five Eyes” agreement between the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada..
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So why is the Breitbart UKIP story more important than you might think? (Thread)
1. Bannon and Farage have been knocking around together since...2012, and Bannon launched Breitbart London in 2014 to help Nige win “a war”.
2. Nige has been openly supporting Assange since 2011 and met Russian amabassador Yakavenko in 2013. Bannon was also a big Dugin fan.
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What a lot of people are missing about the Papadopoulos significance is about to be summed up in a mini-thread. 3...2...1...
1. According to the CIA, RT’s editor-in-chief visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in August 2013
2. They did an exclusive deal. RT is an instrument of the Kremlin, directly linked to Putin. Assange was flipped as Farage met Yakavenko.
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So here’s some hilarity on @JulianAssange, @Nigel_Farage, @Arron_Banks, and @CamAnalytica...everyone ready? Thread in 3...2...1...
1. Wikileaks is a Russian asset, ergo Julian is a Russian asset. He’s most recently been working for RU objectives in Catalonia.
2. It appears Nigel, former head of UKIP has acted as go between for Trump and Julian, through Roger Stone. UKIP supported Assange for ages.
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