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When all roads lead to #Russia #Russia #Russia always travel through #China #China #China but the end destination always ends up at the doorstep of the Clintons

Thread incoming and it is a doozy Buckle up

Magomedov: A Russian oligarch arrested for embezzlement shortly after meeting with Mueller. State owned businesses and big player in the energy sector. Also 2012 met with Peter Thiel and began interest in the US tech start ups. 2015 founded a venture capital fund
Caspian VC with $300 million seed capital to invest in Silicon Valley. A few of those investments include UBER (one of first investments) Virgin Hyperloop (invested $140 million in 2015 becoming largest single investor and co-chairman of board of directors)
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I don’t see #Gülen doing enough to help the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. He doesn’t seem to support #EastTurkestan Independence, so I don’t see what use he is for the #UnitedStates#HumanRights agenda. I’m beginning to think it’d be best if we hand him over to @TurkishEmbassy.
… then again, I question whether #Turkey’s sincere in their efforts to help the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Recent misguided efforts by the Turks to seize control of the ET Gov’t-in-Exile make me wonder whether they have ulterior motives (like using #Uighurs to fight the Kurds).
… the fact of the matter is that #Turkey is sitting on a powder keg of an economy. Skyrocketing debt, out-of-control inflation, significant potential for #HumanRights sanctions over the treatment of journalists. And that dang S-400 system from #Russia. I worry about #Ankara.
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1. In 2009 G. Kline Preston IV was invited to #Moscow by #Torshin to brief a group of Russian legislators on the American legal practice of immunity or “plea bargaining”

#Butina #Torshin #NRA #Russia #Trump
2. Since 2009 #Torshin has climbed the #Kremlin ranks and come 2016 he was the Deputy Governor of Russia’s Central Bank and the “godfather” of the mob involved murdering several people in #Spain

#Butina #Torshin #NRA #Russia #Trump…
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#Russia's state TV sets out to disprove the Kremlin's involvement in the #YellowVests protests by asserting that Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev is "not linked to the government" and bringing on Xavier Moreau— the founder of the Kremlin's propaganda outlet in #France. ©️
Moreau says he is proud to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world [he is a dual citizen of France and Russia] takes the flag of "DPR" [Russia's fake "republic" in #Ukraine] out of his pocket, says he wouldn't mind if the Kremlin sent him money [then adds it's a joke].
Source: ©️
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@Jim_Jordan Any #Trump sycophant, alleged pedophile protector, trying to besmirch this hero, while his own children will have to suffer from the decisions made for the country, is sad. Why wouldn't the #GOP make it an open door session if they had nothing to hide? Your reign ends soon.
@Jim_Jordan As time passes, more comes to light, with the Steele dossier, Trumps alleged involvement in Epstein child sex ring where Secretary Acosta stopped the FBI investigation before more suspects could be arrested, and money laundering campaign contributions from Russian operatives.
@Jim_Jordan Plus your support for a theocratic monarchy that really acts like a ruthless inhumane dictator & desire to sell American technology to them when it could then be used to kill our own troops or handed over to Russia is genuinely INSANE. Who is dishonorable, spineless sycophantic?
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Nothing to see here guys.

The #GiletJaunes #YellowVests protests have nothing to do with #Russia.

Except that the first local events were set up on facebook by "Les Patriotes" whose leader Florian Philippot appears on RUSSIA TODAY.

Totally organic. 🤷‍♂️
The dude quit Le Pen's National Front because get this: it didn't serve Russia's interest ENOUGH. 🤣…
RT France has been tweeting about it non stop since november 8th, well before the 1st protest november 17th.

"organic protests"
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Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg
(A short thread)

-Allegedly paid 500K to Michael Cohen just before the 2016 election.
-Business/personal associate of Vladimir Putin.
-Part of #Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling.

Viktor Vekselberg cont.

-Shareholder & chairman of the board of Renova, an aluminum company controlled by Oleg Deripaska.

-Received economic sanctions earlier this year “for activities including election interference.”

-Attended #Trump’s inauguration.

#Cohen #Russia
Viktor Vekselberg cont.

-Attended a dinner in Moscow for RT where #Flynn was also in attendance and reportedly sat beside Putin.

- Vekselberg’s private jet was detained by the FBI earlier this year, “as part of the Mueller investigation.”

#FBISawThisComing #FBI
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On Monday, in a memo published to the FCC website, chair Ajit Pai admitted “half-million comments” on net neutrality were “submitted from Russian e-mail addresses.” Pai had earlier denied Russian involvement.
The memo also indicated thatover half of the almost 22 million comments came from phony, temporary, or duplicate email addresses, and reportedly only 17.4% of the comments were unique.
Pai also rejected two Freedom of Information Act requests filed byNYT and BuzzFeed, seeking “IP addresses” and “server logs,” respectively, associated with public comments submitted on net neutrality.
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THREAD: the filings by Mueller and SDNY on Cohen are BIGLY bad news for @realDonaldTrump and his spawn, Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, and Eric and *clearly* indicate that Trump is an UNINDICTED co-conspirator.

And then, there's the Manafort memo... 1/

First, SDNY makes it clear that Cohen does *not* have a formal cooperation agreement **with them** (but stay tuned on this front later...). As such, SDNY asks the Court to a "substantial term of imprisonment."🤔 2/
SDNY *nails* Cohen for 4 federal felonies to which he pleaded GUILTY: tax evasion, making false statements to a bank, illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements to Congress. 3/
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I’ve said it repeatedly: #DirtyCop #Mueller has a lot of skeletons in his closet… or rather, OUR closet. During his time at @TheJusticeDept & @FBI, he engaged in a pattern of coverups + coercion, harassment, & intimidation of #whistleblowers, subordinates, & even victims.
… moreover, #DirtyCop #Mueller has engaged in numerous instances of prosecutorial misconduct, has openly & publicly embraced the use of “parallel constructions” (lying to judges/jurors), has had no qualms about misusing #FBI counterintelligence resources, has overseen rampant…
#JTTF abuses, has allowed/requested surveillance of innocent people (inc. journalists/politicians), covered up numerous #FBI failings (i.e., the #BostonBombing, which #Russia warned us about), & has engaged in malicious political prosecutions (this #WitchHunt is the latest).
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Ok so let's start analyzing a bit what could happen tomorrow. All the docs, images and videos are previously published by #GiletsJaunes protesters in #France (#Paris, #Nice and other cities).
One of the first things I noticed is that many #GiletsJaunes will be in #Paris tomorrow to protest #Macron's presidency.
People here have different political opinions and sometimes they started arguing on Telegram channels. Sometimes they even threaten each other.
Despite small quarrels between few members, #GiletsJaunes' admins are pretty organized (or at least they look so). Some useful maps and schemes are shared with members.
1st pic: how to avoid policemen and why a militant must not talk with them.
2nd pic: metro stations in #Paris.
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Docs Point to Illegal Campaign Coord btwn Trump & the NRA

Likely Flynn gave up Devin Nunes too

Nunes = transition team
Nunes = co-conspirator on the Turkish Cleric kidnapping op.

RU is trying to undermine confidence in US elex, democratic inst’ns, & justice sys.

Trump & the NRA used the same consultants to spearhead TV ad blitzes at the height of the 2016 elex, in vio’n of fed law

Goldman Sachs likely to boost legal reserves for 1MDB

Peskov aka Putin’s Mouthpiece is in Mueller crosshairs re e-mails w/ Cohen re TT Moscow

DrDG:”On the *same day* that J. Corsi emailed R. Stone about #WikiLeaks “just happens” to have been the *same day* that #Russia's🇷🇺propaganda channel RT was in #Ecuador’s embassy to see Julian Assange.”

Brussels tells social media giants to delete Russian trolls
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#Russia is absolutely violating the #INFTreaty. If @RusEmbUSA is counting on the @StateDept to not provide evidence on this one, I bet they’re going to be very disappointed. But the real issue is #China… who isn’t a party to the treaty & who must be included in any new one.
… moreover, #Putin is a bonafide expert on missiles (& on #MissileDefense). If you speak Russian, this video shows him demonstrating his expert-level knowledge of these systems, particularly on #Romania’s #NATO Missile Defense System, a #Bush/#Obama plan.
… the truth is that #Russia’s flagrant violations of the #INFTreaty are a response to our #MissileDefense plans… which of course will only make use pursue such defenses even faster, & so on. Here’s another video where he threatens “retaliation.”
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Follow the names on the list provided [update].
Nothing To See Here.

One man, who gave up everything, risking his life (himself/family), to fight for & defend, We, the PEOPLE.
Bait expends ammunition.
EVIL has no place here.

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Billionaire child rapist and @realDonaldTrump accomplice, Jeffery #Epstein gets away with it again. The US justice system is up for sale and the trafficking of children to powerful pedosadists is the new normal. Good Job. #OpDeathEaters #EpsteinTrial
If you can't lock up a billionaire child rapist with an international child trafficking ring that involved many high level celebrities, royals, and politicians including @realDonaldTrump, then you better expect 6 more years of Trump in office. #OpDeathEaters #EpsteinTrial
#OpDeathEaters has been showing us for years, a nation of sadists, enablers and blackmailers is what all of our governments and international organizations uphold. Today's miscarriage of justice with the suspended #EpsteinTrial is further evidence of this.
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At his #G20Summit press conference, Putin said he "informed Trump of #Russia's position regarding the #KerchStrait incident." #Russia's state media later commented that Trump "wasn't prepared for a meeting with Putin" and "had nothing to say."
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1.Len #Blavatnik owns a company called Al-Altep Holdings and Access Industries, and has contributed vast amounts of money to the #GOP and #Senate Leadership Fund and #Trump, inclusive of 1 Million to the Inauguration of #Trump.

2..#Blavatnik co owns #RUSAL with Oleg #Deripaska and Viktor #Vekselberg, they own together 69 % of the company.
#RUSAL is the second largest Aluminum Company in the world.
#Blavatnik has a net worth of 20 Billion Dollars.
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Apparently, Putin wasn't satisfied with his little #G20Summit2018 chat, because today #Russia's state media is still roasting Trump: he is "clumsy," "morose," "defensive," "brought dissonance to the #G20Summit," "wasn't prepared for a meeting with Putin," "had nothing to say." ©️
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#Deutsche and other banks given “waivers” from @realDonaldTrump
Yes, #Obama did temporary waivers, making them pay for the 2008 crisis, w/#SallyYates working towards them paying penalties to the victims, working w/the U.K.‘s charges etc...NO, IT IS NOT THE SAME THING!
11/24/2015 Deutsche Bank Suisse will pay a penalty of more than $31 million.…

The Trump administration has waived part of the punishment for five megabanks whose affiliates were convicted and fined for manipulating global interest rates... announcement
published in the Federal Register during the #Christmas holiday week.

Trump administration waivers was granted to #Deutsche Bank — which is owed at least $130 million by Donald Trump and his business empire, and has also been fined for its role in a #Russian #moneylaundering
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‘I Love You, Too’: GHWB’s Final Days

GHWB, the 41st president of the US & the father of the 43rd, who steered the nation thro a tumultuous period in 🌎 affairs, died on Friday. He was 94.

His death came less than 8 mos after that of his wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush.

Cohen kept Trump apprised of his comms re Trump Tower Moscow, including a “lengthy substantive convo” w/ Peskov personal asst to Putin + other interactions as late of June 2016”

Dmitry Peskov showed some letters sent by Cohen to reporters & read parts of them out loud

CIA Intercepts Underpin Assessment Saudi Crown Prince Targeted Khashoggi.

👉🏼U.S. Probing Whether Malaysian Fugitive Laundered Funds to Pay Chris Christie and Trump Lawyer

👉🏼Jho Low under investigation for alleged embezzlement of $4.5 billion from 1MDB fund
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#IvankaTrump wrote an op-ed on human trafficking the same day the @MiamiHerald broke their huge story about Jeffrey Epstein.

She asserts that her father, who ran "modeling agencies," won't work with countries accused of trafficking.…
Ivanka writes: "The United States is an extraordinarily generous nation, but this administration will no longer use taxpayer dollars to support governments that consistently fail to address trafficking."

Ivanka writes:"The administration is also working to better identify, protect & assist trafficking victims on their paths to safety & recovery."

She neglects to mention that kids from the border have been trafficked out of her father's detention centers.…
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15. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2516...
A dig revealed that the #Q 2503 image post was the #HyattRegencyChongqing.
We are given that there were 8 players, likely at this location & they may well appear in the #NewsCycle somewhere. ......
16. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2517...
Looks like the #8Players may have been aboard this #AirChina flight... (?)
#Q's images of this nature have always pointed to a very direct correlation of the #QNarrative of the moment. ......
17. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2518...
#Anaons had it down from the get go. #Q gives leads to #Feinstein activity w/#China = 2 #Treason!
The "wrap-up smear" technique re: #Russia.
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🇺🇸#G20Summit2018 #Russia 🇷🇺 should understand that they need to come to the table with clean hands.
I'm sure Vladimir Putin with the right motivation will resolve their issues with #Ukraine 🇺🇦 peacefully.
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