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The rivalry between the #Kremlin "towers" is becoming more and more active in the information space. The "rat race" between Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and First Deputy Chairman of the Senat Andrei Turchak is a vivid example of this
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Volodin and Turchak are both members of "United #Russia", and although the disagreements between them are not connected to any internal party split, the ruling party will bear the negative consequences of these conflicts, which will not strengthen it
2/8 Image
That's why, #Putin's inner circle has again started talking about the need for a consensual figure for the elites in the leadership of "United #Russia", who would unite and guarantee the current status quo and the continuity of power
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Sta parlando Mario #Draghi. Riporterò le dichiarazioni più importanti della sua conferenza stampa.👇 Image
#Draghi: "Nel pomeriggio ho cercato il presidente #Putin. Lo scopo di questa telefonata era chiedere se si potesse far qualcosa per sbloccare il grano che è oggi nei depositi in #Ucraina, perché la crisi alimentare che sta avvicinandosi, e in alcuni Paesi dell'Africa è già
presente, avrà proporzioni gigantesche e conseguenze umanitarie terribili. Una prima iniziativa che si potrebbe cominciare ad esplorare è quella di vedere se si può costruire una possibile collaborazione tra Russia e Ucraina sullo sblocco dei porti sul Mar Nero dove sono
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#Putin's decision to facilitate the issuance of Russian passports in #Kherson & #Zaporizhzhya regions of #Ukraine isn't spontaneous. This decision has been on the table for at least 2 months and has been transformed & postponed given the objective situation on the front
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Moreover, #Putin's plans for the annexation of several regions of #Ukraine to #Russia are a resolved matter and these plans are constantly discussed at closed-door meetings in various formats with the participation of the President
Now the main goal #Putin has set for the military is to reach the admin borders of #Donetsk & #Luhansk regions and, if possible, #Kherson & #Zaporizhzhya regions of Ukraine
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#Severodonetsk - #Ukrainian troops have successfully counterattacked & removed the #Russian forces on the #Bakhmut - Lysychans'k road and have started moving supplies W on the road again. This "Road of Life" is not the only route but it is the best one the #UAF has right now. Image
This road is a must capture for #Russia and a must hold for the #Ukraine. If #Russia is able to re-capture & build strong defenses, #Ukraine will likely be unable to take it back anytime soon. This leaves 1 well built supply route on the Siversk to Lysychans'k road.
#Russia still has excellent observation and can fire artillery at vehicles passing along the Siversk to Lysychans'k road & #Bakhmut - Lysychans'k road. This means that all #Ukrainian resupplies will be under fire by #RUAF for miles as they pass in front of the frontlines.
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Thread: 25 May 2022: Day 91 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, says "Either this [war in #Ukraine] ends badly for all humanity, or we win. There's no third option." #Russians to celebrate this "brave new world" where their children can't study in the West: "you ought to be rejoicing".
Difficult to feel sorry for Yevgeny Primakov, but heading up a "Russian soft power" organisation is a tough gig right now
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Happening now: "What we are in is an era of unprecedented threats" @NSA_CSDirector Rob Joyce tells @thecipherbrief's Cyber Initiatives Group

Says #Ukraine "has been heavily targeted" despite lack of catastrophic effects so far

"They mount a great incidence response..." he says
"We did see a really sophisticated attack [by #Russia]...the attack on the satellite services" per @NSA_CSDirector

Calls it another case in which Russia didn't care who else was affected - "We saw wide swaths of businesses lose their connectivity"
.@NSA_CSDirector calls the #Russia|n attack on satellite services "fairly sophisticated"
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- heftige Kämpfe im #Liman , russisches Vorrücken rund um #Popasnaya gemeldet;
- Selenski nennt Bedingung für Verhandlungen;
- Orban erklärt Notstand in Ungarn;
- Aufholjagd vom Rubel, Werte von 2015 erreicht.
Details im Thread 👇
Die Kämpfe im #Donbass haben die wichtige Stadt #Liman erreicht.
Die Stadt ist durch die Eisenbahn zweigeteilt. Nach vorliegenden Informationen rücken russische Verbände im Moment im nördlichen Teil der Stadt vor.
Ukrainische Einheiten haben allerdings ihre stärksten Verteidigungspositionen beim Bahnhof und den Eisenbahnlinien. Die Kämpfe um die Stadt können somit noch lange dauern.
#Liman ist wichtig, da es praktisch die letzte große Verteidigungslinie vor #Slavjansk ist.
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#Finland's accession to #NATO will raise the question of the fate of the Aland Islands, which under an international treaty have a demilitarized status. #Russia's permanent representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov said
"As for Finland's accession to NATO, it immediately raises the question about two aspects: the status of the Aland Islands, which under an international treaty have a demilitarized status, and the question arises also about the fate of the Saimaa Canal,..
"...which was built back in the times of the Russian Empire, connecting Finland's internal waterways and lakes to the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea," Chizhov said in a live broadcast on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.
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Tirando le somme dell'assedio di #Mariupol/#Azovstal:
-nessun contingente segreto/alto ufficiale della #NATO.
-i nazisti "effettivi" sono qualche decina, le truppe 🇺🇦 che hanno difeso la città si aggiravano intorno alle 4,5/5 mila unità.
-i famosi "#biolabs", (1/5)
non pervenuti a distanza di più di una settimana dalla resa.
-fra i 6 e i 20 mila morti civili, a seconda delle fonti.
-fra i 20 ed i 30 mila civili deportati in campi e città sperdute in #Russia. (2/5)
I membri della stampa che avevano rilanciato queste notizie della propaganda russa, primo fra tutti #Capuozzo, hanno giustamente fatto cadere nel dimenticatoio queste dichiarazioni fatte le settimane scorse. È più importante far notare come il simbolo del sole nero, (3/5)
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#Russia #China

🇷🇺🇨🇳 Russian Aerospace Forces and Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force conduct joint air patrol in the Pacific Rim
▫️A group of Tu-95ms Strategic Missile Carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Xian H-6 Strategic Bombers of the PLA Air Force conducted air patrol over the waters of the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.
The flight time of the Russian strategic missile carriers was about 13 hours.

▫️ Su-30sm Aerospace Forces aircraft provided escort to the air group.
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Arms surge will reach front by August, when war turning point expected: Budanov

"Now we are catastrophically short of heavy weapons"

"Active" war will be over by year end w/Ukraine reclaiming all territory…

#StandWithUkraine #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia
Q: Does [Putin] really have cancer?
A: Yes, we fully confirm this information. He has several serious illnesses, one of which is cancer.

But it is not worth hoping that Putin will die tomorrow. He has at least a few more years. Like it or not, it's true.
Budanov: Look at the history of any dictator of the XX-XXI century. They ended the same, absolutely all. None of them ended differently. In most cases, they died against their will... Putin will end the same way.
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🇪🇺President @VonDerLeyen at #Davos2022: "This war and this 🇷🇺 behavior has only strengthened Europe's resolve to get rid of Russian fossil fuel dependency."

"The climate cannot wait. But now the geopolitical reasons are evident too. We have to diversify away from fossil fuels."
"🇺🇦 must win this war" says 🇪🇺President VDL. "Putin's aggression must be a strategic failure"

"We will do everything we can to help 🇺🇦 prevail and retake the future into their hands. For the first time in our history, 🇪🇺 is providing military aid to a country under attack"
"We will – hand in hand – help Ukraine rise from the ashes," says @VonDerLeyen. "That is the idea behind the reconstruction platform that I have proposed to President @ZelenskyyUa.

"The amount of work is colossal. But together, we can and we will master the challenge."
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Today marks 3 months since Russia's renewed invasion of #Ukraine.

In that time, Human Rights Watch has documented:

⚠️ summary executions;

⚠️ enforced disappearances;

⚠️ torture;

⚠️ sexual violence;

⚠️ arbitrary detentions.

Among other crimes. All by Russian forces.
I say "renewed" invasion, because this war really started with Russia's invasion of Ukraine 8 years ago.

We have been documenting grave abuses the whole time, including in areas under occupation by Russia and its proxies.
We have been documenting these crimes and pushing for justice for the victims.

And we've also spent a considerable amount of tiime and effort trying to explain the "laws of war" and what the pathways to justice are...
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Thread: 24 May 2022: Day 90 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
We will be dragged inexorably to breaking the #Russian naval blockade of #Ukraine, but we will insist that it be via the most tortuous route
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I’m concerned with the amount of #Russia propaganda narrative seeping back in to the international discourse. Please mind the following messages thread 🧵:
Don’t arrest/prosecute #putin (at least for a while), as there’ll be no one to negotiate peace with 🤦‍♀️ really? /1
‘Stop arming #Ukraine for peace’. Oh, I guess then just issue a lot of white fabric for one giant surrender flag and forget the country ever existed. And wait and see who #putin picks next to attack /2
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Good morning.

"Billy" is to be released from the infirmary today. A little haggard, but it'll pass. Somehow, despite there's being a war on, he managed to score a cigar. No idea how that happened.

In the South, the #Russians continue hiding behind artillery and mortar shelling
of civilians as well as our positions. The #Russians are building a reserve line of defense, realizing the inevitability of retreat. In the first half of yesterday, our positions were attacked from Mi-24 helicopters. There are no losses. The #Russians lost 20+ military personnel,
several armored and automotive vehicles. In the temporarily occupied territories of #Kherson and #Zaporizhia regions, the #Russians created nineteen so-called "commandant's offices" to strengthen control over the occupied population.

It became known who in #Melitopol is behind
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#Popasna Axis - Earlier today #Russian forces continued their advance S of #Popasna and captured the city of Myronivskyi, #Donetsk Oblast. Photos of #RUAF in front of a government building in the city confirmed it. This represents a one day 6mi/10km shift in the frontlines.
Due to the rapid fall of Myronivs’kyi, there are reliable reports that #Ukrainian troops to the SE in Rozsadky have begun to withdraw out of the shrinking corridor to the NW. These recent shifts in the front lines in this area are significant bc they were stable for years prior.
Retreating #Ukrainian forces destroyed the bridge between Svitlodarsk & Luhans'ke in order to slow down the advancing #Russian forces. This will also make holding territory SE of the bridge difficult for #UAF going forward and will likely lose control of that terrain to #Russia.
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US, Western backing for #Ukraine something to worry about HASC Chair @RepAdamSmith tells @CFR_org, noting the number of lawmakers who voted against the last aid package

"It's been a solid 3 months...but this is a long term play" he says "What is going to be our attention span?"
Should US back #Ukraine's goals of taking back #Crimea?

"We need a little strategic ambiguity on that one" per @RepAdamSmith "Right now, let's just focus on pushing #Russia out of what they have taken in the last 3 months"
"#Finland & #Sweden are a really good fit" for @NATO, per @RepAdamSmith
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"Never have I been so ashamed of my country as on February 24 of this year": 20-yr vet Russian diplomat in Geneva resigns over war

"Crime against the Ukrainian people"…

#StandWithUkraine #UkraineRussiaWar #Russia #RussianWarCrimes #GenocideOfUkrainians
"Also, perhaps, the most serious crime against the people of Russia, with a bold letter Z crossing out all hopes and prospects for a prosperous free society in our country"
"Those who conceived this war want only one thing - to remain in power forever, live in pompous tasteless palaces, sail on yachts comparable in tonnage and cost to the entire Russian Navy, enjoying unlimited power and complete impunity"
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No checkpoints, no trenches: General Marchenko spoke about the first days of the defense of #Mykolayiv. According to the major general, from the beginning of the invasion, panic reigned in the city, people expected that the #Russians will take the city just as they took #Kherson.
However, the military managed to organize the defenses. According to the military, there was panic in #Mykolaiv, and there was no interaction between the authorities. On February 25th, Marchenko was driving down the street and saw a resident of the house taking off the #Ukrainian
flag. When the military asked him why he was doing this, he replied: "That's it, #Kherson fell, everyone understands, there are many of them, there are few of us, we are next, we must prepare." To this, the general said that #Mykolaiv would resist.
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#Finland @NATO membership-"#Turkey's objection...we are still in the assessment phase, trying to figure out how serious the demands & objections are" @FINambUS Mikko Hautala tells @BrookingsInst

"We intend to discuss w/the Turks...This process is going on right now"
"This is a discussion we are having w/the Turkish gvt right now" per @SWEambUSA Karin Olofsdotter tells @BrookingsInst re: #Tukrey's objection to @NATO membership

"#Sweden of course is a very strong ally in all issues that deals w/terrorism & anti-terrorism" she adds
"The #EuropeanUnion has had #PKK on its terrorist list since 2002, so we have always been there for that" per @SWEambUSA

"We have been operating w/some of these organizations in #Syria, as the #UnitedStates has done, as many other Europeans have done"
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Il 14/05/2022 #Lavrov ha fatto un discorso alla XXX Assemblea del Consiglio per la politica estera e di difesa, vero prontuario per i putinisti di tutto il mondo, nel quale in chiusura diceva: «Per noi il compito della diplomazia russa consiste,...…
…nel respingere con fermezza gli attacchi ostili contro di noi. E dall'altro lato, lavorare con perseveranza, calma, pazienza, ma senza ritardi, per rafforzare le nostre posizioni nell'interesse del progressivo sviluppo interno del Paese,...
...migliorando la qualità della vita dei cittadini russi… Come sempre, i casi sono tanti. Non sono mai abbastanza, ma nella situazione attuale c'è una seria ristrutturazione del pensiero di molti dei nostri compagni in tutte le sfere della vita in #Russia
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Happening now: US @SecDef Lloyd Austin & @thejointstaff Chairman Gen Mark Milley brief following a virtual meeting of the 40+ member #Ukrainian Defense Contact Group
.@SecDef calls virtual mtg "highly constructive", giving contact group members a chance to hear from key #Ukraine officials, inlcu DefMin @oleksiireznikov

Says attendees got a "a sharper" sense of Ukraine's needs
.@SecDef praised countries for new pledges of security assistance to #Ukraine - "We're intensifying our efforts"

Austin said numerous countries contributing ammo, artillery

#Denmark: harpoon launcher, missiles

#CzechRepublic: attack helicopters
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Some 20 countries today announced new security packages for #Ukraine, @SecDef tells @DeptofDefense reporters. Image
"We fully understand what Ukraine is up against," says @SecDef.
On @PentagonPresSec moving to the @WHNSC, @SecDef thanks him, saying he's "been a wise and trusted counselor and a clear and eloquent voice" for the @DeptofDefense.
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