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FBI probing the NRA for using *illegal* #Russian🇷🇺money to help Trump win‼️

The NRA reported it spent a *record $55 million* on 2016 elections, including $30 million for Trump – TRIPLE what it spent for Mitt Romney in 2012.🤨 1/…

👉🏼Most of the $55 million was spent by an arm of the NRA that is *not required to disclose its donors*
👉🏼Two people w/close connections to the NRA said its total election spending actually was *$70 million*

The gap btwn the $55 million (reported) and $70 million (actual) may be b/c independent groups are *not required to report how much they spend on Internet ads or field operations*, including get-out-the-vote efforts‼️🤬 3/
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THREAD: Steve Bannon was subpoenaed *last week* by Mueller “to testify before a grand jury as part of the investigation into possible links between Trump’s associates and #Russia🇷🇺”‼️ 1/…
👆🏼THIS is the first time Mueller is known to have used a grand jury subpoena to seek info from *directly* Trump’s INNER CIRCLE‼️🤗 (Mueller has used subpoenas before to seek info *about* Trump’s associates & their ties to #Russia or other foreign governments.) 2/
Mueller likely is using the subpoena as a negotiating tactic b/c Bannon could likely avoid the grand jury if he agrees to be questioned by investigators in Team🇺🇸Mueller’s offices.🤔 3/
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THREAD: 21% of Trump’s condo sales in the US (totaling $1.5 billion) match US Treasury’s characteristics of #MoneyLaundering👉🏼all-cash purchases of real estate by shell companies (such as LLCs)‼️ 1/…
In Aug’17, Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) warned the real-estate industry that all-cash real-estate purchases by shell companies are “an attractive avenue for criminals to launder illegal proceeds while masking their identities.”🤨 2/
Trump condo sales in the US shows SURGED in the late 2000s / early 2010s👉🏼Trump businesses were in financial trouble.🤨

Don Jr admitted *publicly* that the Trump Organization seeing “a lot of money pouring in from #Russia🇷🇺.” 3/
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1.👍For over a year I have been harping on the #DNC #Russia #Crowdstrike LIES. I have been more than annoying putting out thread after thread complaining about this. THIS will be THE LAST thread I ever do on this subject because at this point, its just stupid. So listen up👂
2. While everyone focuses on #Mueller & the #dossier -- keep in mind- Mueller was hired to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election which originated from the baseless conclusion not only hacked the DNC, but that they leaked to #wikileaks.
3. In order to prove #Trump campaign colluded with Russia, Mueller MUST be able to prove:
A) Russia hacked DNC (honorable espionage)
B) Russia gave emails to wikileaks (weaponized the emails to interfere)
C) Intent was to harm Clinton AND support Trump
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💰(1) @realDonaldTrump was being KIND when he called @SenFeinstein #SneakyDianneFeinstein it should’ve been slimy. For 40 yrs everyone’s turned a blind eye while she and hubby rob America blind and that’s no exaggeration. Let’s just start with America, Global will be later ⚖️
(2) If you didn’t know #SneakyDianneFeinstein is married to Richard aka Dick Blum he’s a billionaire however sweet, little, Dianne is a measly millionaire BUT together they just happen to be #slumlords they made a killing during the housing crisis!
(3) #SneakyDianneFeinstein has funny habit of always saying “she has no idea what her husband is doing” or it’s silly anyone could think there’s a conflict of interest. To help cope with all these unpleasant details we’ll use her own financial disclosures #slumlord #seabove
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When this #RussiaGate #FakeNews tweet had ~2,000 RT’s, I counted the individual RT’ers. There were only 95. The rest were “hidden” protected accounts… the type #astroturf’ers use to inflate their RT stats. The @GMFUS is likely manipulating public sentiment on the #RussiaReport.
… to underscore this: less than 5% of the people RT’ing this #RussiaReport tweet are likely real. The Alliance for Securing Democracy (@SecureDemocracy) is housed at/funded by the @GMFUS. They created the neo-McCarthyist “#Hamilton68” secret watchlist & are very involved online.
… look closely at the backdrop behind @SenatorCardin as he rolled out this #RussiaReport this AM (convenient counter-programming to @JustinAmash’s bipartisan, bicameral #FISA reform press conference, I might add). #Astroturfing courtesy of the German Marshall [Slush] Fund.
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Despite objections of @ChuckGrassley & other @senjudiciary Republicans, @SenFeinstein decided to #ReleaseTheTranscript of Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson’s testimony‼️

I will *live* tweet commentary of the #transcript on this THREAD‼️…
The #transcript is *312 pages*. Things get JUICY on p62👉🏼Simpson describes the #SteeleDossier as ”broadly speaking, a kind of holistic examination of Donald Trump's business evolved somewhat quickly into issues of his relationships to *organized crime figures*‼️🔥
Simpson says his work on the #SteeleDossier began in Sept/Oct 2015.🤔

Feinstein staffer Heather Sawyer asks WHO initially engaged Fusion to perform the opposition colonoscopy on @realDonaldTrump, says it was a REPUBLICAN‼️

Simpson/attorneys: GLOMAR🙄
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THREAD: Team🇺🇸Mueller could interview Trump "very soon on some limited portion of questions" — possibly within *the NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS*‼️ 1/…
As one source told me last month, Mueller brought up interviewing Trump during the late December meeting w/Trump’s lawyers, John Dowd and Jay Sekulow. Mueller deputy James Quarles, who oversees the White House portion of the ##TrumpRussia🇷🇺probe, also attended.🤗 2/
Trumps attorneys are reluctant to allow him to sit down for open-ended, face-to-face questioning w/o clear parameters. No attorney in their right mind would want a client like Trump to be interviewed by Team🇺🇸Mueller‼️3/
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👁‍🗨(1) “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions” -Shakespeare
You’ve heard the name a lot lately it’s “MI6” and one of its former spies compiled the #TrumpDossier but perhaps we’ve forgotten our history with them? Hint: WMD’s
(2) In 2003 an American whistleblower from the U.N named Scott Ritter came forward and claimed that MI6 had a campaign to exaggerate the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. it was called #OperationMassAppeal and it’s intent was to “shake up public opinion”
(3) #OperationMassAppeal depended on using non-actionable intelligence and spoon feeding it to the media. It was a disinformation campaign run by MI6 against Iraq. In 1998 it was leaked to press in Washington and then suddenly vanished.
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#SundayMorning 👉In order 4 #Mueller 2 prove #Russia interfered in election & colluded w/ #Trump, he'd have 2 prove #Russia hacked #DNC & weaponized emails by giving them 2 #wikileaks. He CANT. While every1 focuses on #Dossier, @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse should stress this FACT
The entire investigation into Russia interference & influence stemmed from Crowdstrikes flawed intel report which Perkins Coie solicited & was paid for by DNC & Clinton campaign. Same people who hired & paid #FusionGPS to concoct the fake dossier
Crowdstrike (Shawn Henry, former FBI w/ ties to McCabe, Comey, Mueller & Dmitri Alperovitch, an Atlantic Council fellow w/ shady past) refused to cooperate w/ Congressional hearings. They never showed up.
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Sen @ChuckGrassley & @LindseyGrahamSC recommend that DOJ pursue *criminal charges* against Christopher Steele, alleging that he lied to federal authorities about his contacts w/reporters regarding information in the #SteeleDossier‼️🤬 1/…
If Christopher Steele really lied to the FBI or other federal agents, have NO DOUBT that Team🇺🇸Mueller / DOJ would have already pursued criminal charges.🙄

Grassley’s and Graham’s push for criminal charges is LUDICROUS and politically driven‼️ 2/
In Dec’16, @LindseyGrahamSC: “The first thing we want to establish is, ‘Did the #Russians hack into our political system?’ Then you work outward from there.”🤔

Now, he & Grassley are leading the #GOP hit job on Steele in a pathetic attempt to discredit his #SteeleDossier‼️🙄3/
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Trump gave “firm instructions” in March 2016 to WH Counsel Don McGahn👉🏼stop Jeff Sessions from recusing from FBI/DOJ’s #TrumpRussia🇷🇺investigation‼️ 1/

McGahn *carried out* Trump’s orders👉🏼lobbied Sessions to remain in charge of the inquiry.🤨

Meaning: McGahn OBSTRUCTED justice, too‼️ 2/
The @nytimes cited *TWO people with knowledge of the episode* (NOT just the investigation), so this is VERY solid info.🤔 3/

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