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1/3: Reading @DmitriTrenin, the world should be grateful for the restrained and measured @DarthPutinKGB leadership that manages somehow to keep a cool head while again being provoked by emotional and risk-prone politicians in #Russia' neighborhood.…
2/3: The #RussianFederation is a singularly unlucky country surrounded by immature para-nations that cannot stop electing dilletante or/and cynical leaders who are constantly testing Moscow's admirable patience.
3/3: The @NobelPrize for #VladimirPutin may have not been, after all, such a bad idea (though some sarcastic #russophobes have quipped that it should be in the field of #Chemistry rather than #Peace). @threadreaderapp #unroll
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On the planned Apr. 28th @POTUS address to a joint session of Congress, @PressSec says the office of @SpeakerPelosi is handling invitations amid expectations that attendance will be reduced due to #COVID19 restrictions. Image
"We can't look at things through the 2001 mindset," responds @PressSec to a question about the planned US troop withdrawal by Sept. 11 from #Afghanistan.
"He asked for that review not to be sugar-coated" and encouraged internal debate about US troop withdrawal from #Afghanistan, adds @PressSec. "The threats have evolved."
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Thread: I’m appalled to see, how effectively #Russia is using its military posturing as a leverage on the #US and its Allies in order to reset (though partially) the agenda of security relations in #Europe. I mean, why is Russia let setting "terms of the game" reg. #Ukraine? 1/n
The amassment of troops at #Ukraine borders is nothing new in terms of #Russian mobilisation capacity, we have seen this scale of military activity (and bigger) with key #Russian exercises in past years (though not at #Ukraine borders, that's fair to say). 2/n
Yet, it is enough to have almost everybody in Europe and US ask the notorious question “will they come in, or they won’t?” (yes, dating back to Soviet times, we know it in Poland well...). What follows is – apparently – a drive to engage Russia to de-escalate. 3/n
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"The president will deliver remarks tomorrow at the White House on the way forward in Afghanistan," says @PressSec. "I'm going to be limited on what I'm going to share from here." Image
"We certainly expect the relationship with Russia will remain a challenge," says @PressSec after today's @POTUS call with Putin. "We are just at the early stages of discussions" of a face-to-face meeting between the two leaders.
Reacting to @LeaderMcConnell saying the @JoeBiden administration is turning tail and abandoning the fight in Afghanistan, @PressSec replies: "I will leave it to the president to lay out his specific plans."
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov issues assessment on Worldwide Threats a day before intel chiefs testify before lawmakers

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the UnitedStates...despite the pandemic"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the United States in multiple arenas...#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can globally, employing techniques up to and including the use of force" per Annual Threat Assessment…
"#Iran will remain a regional menace w/broader malign influence activities" per @ODNIgov report "#NorthKorea will be a disruptive player on the regional & world stages"
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"@NATO remains the strategic center of gravity" @US_EUCOM Commander Gen Tod Wolters tells Senate Armed Services Committee
"That will improve our capabilities in all domains" @US_EUCOM's Gen Wolters tells lawmakers when asked about the announcement 500 more troops are headed to #Germany
.@US_EUCOM commander making the case for the F-35 joint strike fighter jet

"The F-35 is very important" Gen Wolters tells @JimInhofe "We in the US need F-35s in #Europe ... to make sure we have the competitive advantage necessary" vs #Russia
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#Russia|n hackers did breach the email of the @DHSgov front office as part of #SolarWinds hack, former acting secretary Chad Wolf tells @Heritage

"They're all unclassified email accounts..." he adds
"The access is what I was most concerned about" former acting @DHSgov secretary Chad Wolf said of "when they told me, 'Hey, look, your account, 1 of your email accounts...could be hacked'"

"If they have the ability to do that, what else do they have the ability to do?"
"Just the fact that they're able to do that was my primary concern" per ex @DHSgov acting secretary Chad Wolf re #Russia-#SolarWinds hack

"The fact that they got my email & knew that I was running late to meetings or had a schedule change, not that big a deal" he tells @Heritage
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Replying to @mojos55

Again and again, he found, this money, though it might originate in #Russia, #Africa or the Middle #East, travels through #London. The murders and kidnappings don’t happen here, of course: our bankers have clean cuffs and manicured nails.
The National Crime Agency estimates that money laundering costs the #UK £100bn a year. But it makes the rich much more. With the money come people fleeing the consequences of their crimes, welcomed into this country through the govt’s “golden visa” scheme: a red carpet laid out
for the very rich.
None of this features in the official definitions of corruption. #Corruption is what little people do. But #kleptocrats in other countries are merely clients of the bigger thieves in #London.
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🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺#Russia #Ukraine
#Donbass situation update
⚠️Date: April 11, 2021
🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺A Ukrainian soldier was killed on Saturday evening as a result of shelling in the Donbass, another soldier was wounded, the press center of the Joint Forces operation headquarters said.

#Russia #Ukraine #Donbass
🇷🇺⚡🇺🇦”Kiev's unleashing of hostilities in Donbass will be the end of Ukraine's statehood”- Head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky

#Russia #Ukraine #Donbass
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🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺#Russia #Ukraine
#Donbass situation update
⚠️Date: April 10, 2021
🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺The US Air Force RQ-4A Global Hawk high-altitude reconnaissance drone from the Sigonella airbase in Italy has been operating from the early morning along the Russian Black Sea coast.
@theragex Image
🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺The US Air Force RQ-4A Global Hawk high-altitude reconnaissance drone from the Sigonella airbase in Italy is now flying over Crimea coast.
Takeoff 🛫 was on 9th April at 11:20PM
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#Russia military build-up along border w/#Ukraine, in #Crimea "concerning & certainly not conducive to a sense of stability" per @PentagonPresSec

"We're mindful of the specific threat that the Russian military poses"
#Russia should "tell the world what they're be more transparent" per @PentagonPresSec

"The fact that they haven't been transparent is only causing more instability, more insecurity" he says "We're watching this very very carefully"
"It is a big build-up...the biggest one that we've seen since 2014" per @PentagonPresSec

re: #Russia military build-up near #Ukraine
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"Later this spring we will release the president's full budget," says @PressSec.
POW-MIA flag returned to the top of the @WhiteHouse residence, according to @PressSec.
On Monday, @POTUS will meet with a bipartisan and bicameral group of lawmakers about the #AmericanJobsPlan, announces @PressSec.
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Pentagon on @POTUS' proposed $715 billion FY 2022 @DeptofDefense budget

It "will ensure the Department’s resources are matched w/our strategy & policy to defend the nation & take care of our people, while revitalizing the key alliances & partnerships" per @SecDef Lloyd Austin
$715 billion budget request prioritizes "the need to counter the pacing threat from #China" per @DeptofDefense, and "...deterring nation-state threats emanating from #Russia, #Iran, & #NorthKorea"
.@DeptofDefense says the $715 billion budget request also addresses "threats to readiness, including hate group activity within the military, and prioritizing strong protections against harassment and discrimination"
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🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺#Russia #Ukraine
#Donbass situation update
⚠️Date: April 9, 2021
🇺🇦⚡️🇷🇺Crimea Bridge
(Date unknown)#Russia #Ukraine #Crimea
🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️🇬🇧The British reconnaissance plane flew to work on monitoring Crimea on schedule

#Russia #Ukraine #Donbass Image
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"We are not discussing any joint boycott with allies or partners" of #2022WinterOlympics in #China, says @PressSec. Image
"I expect the State Department is going to have more specifics" this afternoon, replies @PressSec to question on whether US is restoring aid to the Palestinians.
Announcement on #guncontrol executive actions by @POTUS expected tomorrow, confirms @PressSec.
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1/ Russia recently began throttling access to Twitter, their first acknowledged use of throttling for censorship.

My lab investigated, and what we found is an alarming consolidation of Russia's Internet controls.
#russia #throttling
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2/ Throttling (slowing a site down) is easy for censors to do but hard for users to attribute or circumvent. Detecting it is tricky—lots of innocent things can make a site slow—and censorship detection platforms aren’t yet well equipped to spot it.
3/ This is the first known case where Russia has used throttling (vs outright blocking) to pressure sites into imposing its desired content restrictions.…

Events started March 10, and we teamed with in-county activists on a rapid-focus investigation.
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#Slovakia update:
▪️ Five weeks ago fmr SK PM bypassed his coalition partners ordering shipments of #SputnikV
▪️ 200k doses delivered then tested by SK Medicine Institute which finds out: Q of #vaccine not identical to those reviewed by @TheLancet 1/2…
Nat'l agency advise: wait for #EMA checks & authorization. Result = stalemate. 🇸🇰 has 200.000 doses ready to distribution, no permission to use it. Reshuffled gov't has to navigate next steps. Perhaps it will offer some to 🇦🇹 @sebastiankurz ?🤔2/2

@swheaton @dgapev @valasekt
More details: SK Institute for Drug Control says it can't conclusively asses #SputnikV for a) lack of data from the producer b) inconsistency of medical forms c) not being able to compare vaccine batches w/ various studies
R/T @matisaksk
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#Lavrov in #Islamabad after 9 years, in a balancing act after first visiting #India, but also to mark strides in ties between the old Cold War adversaries #Russia & #Pakistan. These days #Afghanistan is a strong point of convergence where Pk+Ru are cooperating with #US #China.
An official handle of #Pakistan's MFA quotes a couplet from #Russia FM #SergeyLavrov's poetry, indulging him as he visits Pak to talk #Afghanistan. Lavrov did take a backhanded swipe at the #US during a presser but the visit aligns with 🇺🇸 interests.

#Russia & the #US are working closely on #Afghanistan despite friction on other issues. FM #SergeyLavrov's visit to #India+#Pakistan is part of that US-Russian coordination. Hard to see how this visit is part of some anti-US move as some Pak media suggest.
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"We continue to see Russian forces arrayed along the border with Ukraine, in #Crimea specifically, more toward the southeast" per @PentagonPresSec "We're monitoring that very very closely...The intent is not completely clear"
#Russia|n troop movements near #Ukraine

"We have seen them build up forces along the southeast, including in #Crimea" per @PentagonPresSec "It is concerning"
"We call on #Russia to make their intentions more clear as to what they're doing w/this array of forces along the border [w/#Ukraine]" per @PentagonPresSec

"We continue to call for the cease fires that were called for by the #Minsk Agreement...& to bring the temperature down"
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1. #Russia’s military build-up along the borders of #Ukraine, statements by Russian government officials, the exorbitant tonality in Russian state TV and other escalatory actions are reasons for real concern for European security. #OSCE2021SWE
2. Regardless of the intention/s (there might be several) behind this, it is a form of strategic communication, signaling – to Kyiv, the Biden administration, the EU and N4-capitals Berlin and Paris...
3. test reactions and to state that managing, not to speak about solving, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can only be made on terms acceptable to the Kremlin.
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US watching #Russia|n moves in the #Arctic closely

"We're monitoring it very closely...we're watching this" per @PentagonPresSec "Nobody wants to see the #Arctic as a region become militarized"
.@USNationalGuard mission at #USCapitol

"I don't have any changes" per @PentagonPresSec, asked about Friday's deadly car ramming attack

About 2,300 Nat'l Guard troops are still helping provide security
#Afghanistan- "The review is ongoing" per @PentagonPresSec on US presence/May 1 withdrawal deadline

Kirby says @SecDef Lloyd Austin remains confident troops can be withdrawn by May 1 deadline IF that is what is ultimately decided
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@NewlinesInst launched our first episode of its "Contours" podcast series last Friday, but just in case you missed it: myself, @jeff_hawn, @eugenechausovsk, and @NicholasAHeras take a deep-dive into the #Russia's buildup along its border with #Ukraine.…
#Russia has always had an interest in protecting its influence in Ukraine as an existential imperative in Eastern Europe, but we had to ask: why is the Kremlin acting now? What elements are driving the timing of this buildup along the border with #Ukraine?
@jeff_hawn noted that not only does a buildup align with #Russia's long-term imperatives of keeping #Ukraine in its sphere of influence, but that weather (it's warmer to deploy forces) and internal politics in Kiev (the shake-up of pro-RUS officials) drove the Kremlin to act.
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#RocketryTheNambiEffect has MANY FIRSTS to its credit.

Making it, potentially, a late-but-not-least PIONEERING EFFORT in INDIAN CINEMA.

Putting them across in this THREAD and linked article.

Given popular Indian cinema's repute for exploiting cinematic liberties, one wasn't expecting the moviemakers to research well?

But they did in this case. The movie therefore becomes a chronicle of India's post-independence struggle to reach where it is now.

The protagonist in the trailer is shown walking in a workshop wearing SEP apron.

SEP = Societe Europeenne de Propulsion, is a French engine manufacturer now known as SAFRAN.

ISRO-SAFRAN relations have been thickest, & epitome of #IndiaFrance strategic relations.

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1/ Keep an open mind to the mounting tensions in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict while markets remains unprepared for it to go from minor to major.

2/ Upfront, below a brief summary on the conflict which is ongoing for 7 years now & its rapid escalation behind (most media coverage) scenes.

3/ For the past weeks, Russia has significantly increased military assets around its Ukraine borders & continues to do so. What got my attention in likely unbiased tweet below? Russia's preparation may involve Belarus too!

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