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Is the Bible the Word of God?

Well DUH — of course it is!🙌🏽

Is the Quran the Word of God?

No, the Muslims are terrorists.

#wellhellzbellz #Bible #FeralSeminary #Pence #Romney
Had an amazing dream last night.

It was definitely from God.
I dreamt Pence and Flake finally assassinated Trump.

Pence blamed Soros, then made Jeff Flake VP.

We all mourned Trump's passing,
and were one big happy GOP family.

#wellhellzbellz #Flake #Pence
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Q Movement Infiltrated by Deep State Assets? 🌽? 🤡?
✅ No Attempt to Divide
✅ Strategic Move to Reveal
✅ Incorrect Message Translations
✅ Not about Fame, Profiteering
✅ Hindsight is 20/20
✅ Opposition Must be Exposed
✅ Start From Beginning
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2⚡️ When Q Arrived, he spent a Few weeks trying to teach us how to correctly Decode.
Do you know the difference between:

✅ A Correct answer?
❌ An Incomplete Answer?

A Q Repost w/o comment means Incomplete Answer...

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3⚡️Here Q was showing us that a
Q re-post w/o comment is an Incorrect/False Decode; it needs further investigation.

The Correct ✅ Decode or Answers Q was looking for was:

✅ [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica = CIA

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

Tell me which one you hate.
Where does your sympathy lie?

Congratulations America, we fell for it. #EnemyOfThePeople
Court case? Why bother - we already knew George was POS.

Two >>fully grown<< men on the ground, one was screaming 'bloody murder.' Both families claim bloodcurdling screams on 911 tape came from their son.

Media hid: Treyvon liked fights - social media.…
Many teens use weed & fight. Not big deal, but carefully hidden until Defense Attorneys brought spotlight at trial.

1. physical fight
2. someone screaming, implying imminent danger.
3. gun on scene - could be used by either if grabbed.

What now?
Shoot or die?
Seconds to decide.
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AUGUST 3 1964
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👀👀 #AntifaTerrorists 6 days apart the shootings in #GilroyGarlicFestival & #ElPasoShooting
and to add more butter This kid changed his party affiliation right around #FakeNews push #QAnon a Terrorist…
OMG. @realDonaldTrump @SenTedCruz
Report: Far-Left Groups Plan ‘Siege’ On El Paso, Texas, To Push ‘Border Resistance’…
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Un fatto gravissimo ero già stato informato da altre persone di queste telefonate! Questa è una tipica azione chiamata #RoboCall usata spesso nelle #psyop e campagne USA zampino di #Bannon? @AlessiaMorani @matteorenzi @L_Cesa @DavidPuente @AntoSaccone #facciamorete
@AlessiaMorani @matteorenzi @L_Cesa @DavidPuente @AntoSaccone il messaggio lo trovate qui su questa app, ovviamente sembra uno scherzo ma in tutti i casi Il confirmation bias viene rafforzato.…
@AlessiaMorani @matteorenzi @L_Cesa @DavidPuente @AntoSaccone l'app in questione è una APP hacckata che in tutti i casi, ottiene numeri di telefono degli utenti senza una chiara normativa della privacy. Domani denuncio alle autorità competenti.
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Epstein Island temple
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(1) Anyone who believes the "we will soon begin deportation line" being circulated around DC is delusional.

We are being taken down by the #ClowardPiven Strategy and will soon go the way of France & Germany.

(see attached)
(2) There are 300,000+ illegal immigrants entering the USA per month. Despite what the delusional twit-of-a-bartender .@AOC states, they are clothed, fed, & given free medical care (24/7 access) before being bused into the US Heartland.
(3) What good does deportation do, when we r allowing them in at a much, much faster rate than we can deport them?

By the way, #POTUS has deployed some US Military to the border. Their role?

Cooking food for illegal immigrants while homeless vets die hungry on our streets ....
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(1) People in regards to DEWs AKA Directed Energy Weapons it is important to remember one thing. THEY ARE NOT DIRECTIONAL.

If you burn your hand, your hand does not feel the pain, your brain interprets the signals from the nerves in the hand and translates ....
(2) those signals into pain. We perceive that we "feel" the pain in the injured hand, but it is actually the brain which is identifying & "feeling" the sensation

Attackers know what frequencies tweak what parts of the brain, which our brain in turn translates into sensation ....
(3) To give someone the feeling of needles going into their knees or hand, a specific area of the brain is triggered to illuminate certain neural pathways, which we then interpret as being sourced from the "attacked extremity or joint."

But our "perception" misleads us.
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(1) Who r u to judge me & call me a low-IQ moron you brainwashed jellyfish?

All we hear about is ratings & witch-hunts as 450,000 plus illegals made it into the US in May, as our vets die on the street

Where's your support for them "patriot?"
(2) Neocons Bolton and Pompeo are trying to drag us into a war with Iran, inexperienced, Bachelor-degree, socialist Kushner is having secret meetings with the prince of the biggest, ME state-sponsor of terrorism in the ME, and we are engaging in MOOTW to topple two more regimes.
(3) Election promises to "build the wall," and "no more troops sent abroad" have been totally abandoned.

400 US troops sent to border (all cooks and drivers) to assist CBP with "caring" for traficantes, criminals, rapists, human smugglers and terrorists - all of whom are ....
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Professional sports players are usually #freemasons: they are part of the overpaid #masonic distraction schemes (most sports are invented by masons for this reason). That makes any news, tragedy, crime related to these people highly supect. #Hoax/#PsyOp should be considered.
And boy, do our elite have tragedies. Always something happening to them. Car crashes, plane crashes, jewelry stolen, kidnappings, murders, overdoses, drive by shootings. ALL FAKED. I just looked at the #ManUnited crash in 1958. Here pilot #JamesThain, with a #masonichandshake.
I believed this plane crash was hoaxed. 3 past 3 was the time, forever remembered. 3-3. 33. Doesn't get more obvious than that. #BobbyCharlton was on the flight. Some one-eye symbolism with keeper survivor Ray Wood. #ManchesterUnited #busbybabes #hoax #Munich
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For reference, #GoogleDoodles with #Domes mostly. Secretly hinting to us that the earth is flat. Which it is. #flatearth.
For reference, professional sports players in #hoaxes. Freemasons are everywhere, they use the same tricks everywhere. Whether it's staged terrorism, faked space travel, or professional sports. #hoax #psyop
Somehow this thread was not linked. Here another piece in the puzzle to show that all alternative theories that DISPROVE #GOD, #JesusChrist, like #ancient civilizations, #aliens/cosmonauts, etc, are all run by #luciferian #freemasons. Do the math people.
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(1) I have learned over the past several days, that the #MAGA and #QAnon crowd have grown as deluded, brainwashed and cult-like as the socialist left.

A huge huge number of people in the #QAnon crowd & on the #MAGA choo-choo train (and sometimes they are one and the same) ....
(2) demand that their pre-established mantras be accepted, without any deliberation.

Should one question "#QAnon's" validity, #POTUS' intentions, or the political leanings of Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump, they are inviting a drooling, liberal-styled triggering response.
(3) He77, some of the responses I have received from the left are tame compared to what I have heard over the past several days for stating that (1) #QAnon is a #PSYOP - which it is, and that (2) Socialist-leaning Jared Kushner is declaring a lot of the shots behind the scenes.
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Man, the #MAGA & @QAnon crowd get just as triggered as the left.

All of DC knows that Jared and Ivanka lean hard towards the left, and are by no means conservative, nor libertarian.

When I stated that, plus maintained that #QAnon was a #PSYOP, I received more ....
verbal abuse from the #MAGA #QAnon crew(s) than I have from anyone on the left.

They accused me of being "brainwashed" & then started to dole out the profanities

Most appeared to be pi$$ed off women in their 40s & 50s, with really vile tongues and anger befitting a liberal. SMH
Oh. Forgot one. I am also apparently a "Pawn of the #DeepState."
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@HeadlineJuice In response to your DM, Praying MDick is running a fake NPO as a charity and is promoting the #QAnon #PSYOP.

Why include him in my DMs to diminish the strength of my messages?

The corrupt members of the IC r laughing with glee at the #QAnon hoax

Stolen from White Squall

Ten Days of Darkness?

Stolen from Blade Runner 2049. 31 minute mark.

Someone in Hollywood is writing the #QAnon script
No need to relay tweets based in truth to those who have a following of cult members.

I will fail on my own, or succeed in disseminating truthful messages on my own.

#QAnon is a #PSYOP and I don't care if that statement costs me followers.
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"Banks gave £450K to #Farage after Brexit vote"

Pymts for Chelsea home, Land Rover, trips to US-including to meet Trump and RNCCLE 2016🚩pymts to US lobbyist Gerry Gunster

Via "Rock Services Ltd" & "Southern Rock" 🧐

Russia ➡️"Diamond mines" ➡️Banks…
RECALL: BANKS: "In 12/18, So African intel officials confirmed to me that Banks, who owns diamond mines, had been the subject of two investigations by the Hawks....”

"This detailed @NewYorker investigation into Arron Banks, his Russian connections, and his opaque funding of the Leave.EU campaign makes an unanswerable case for a Mueller-style inquiry into whether the EU referendum was stolen."

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(1) @jesusluvsu29 @SLPointy @MattGaudy

Let's get a few things straight "Kim." Right off of the bat you came out and attacked me and the article which I wrote.

Typical for #QAnon supporters who are upset when their cognitive dissonance "safe space" is challenged.
(2) The #QAnon crowd is often just as fragile and vulnerable as the democratic socialists.

"What was your original statement "Kim?"

-> This dude is not credible & nothing he is saying is backed up by facts.

Let's get something straight "Kim."
(3) This "Dude" has a Ph.D. & 2 master's degrees and you had never even heard of the Cloward-Piven Strategy until you read my article today.

LOL. You are soo laughable.

I was credible enough to have you RT some of the very points I made in my article. Did you read it carefully?
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2016: The CIA tried mind control to create the perfect assassin… - this article talks about brainwashing #MKUltra to create killers would be have no recollection - effectively "amnesia" - but that's also a #Symbolism code. What do I mean? #Logic #Qanon
Direct Answer: Brainwashing is employed through cultist families that sacrifice a child into the system. The family and nearby agents including children of other cultists are in on it to brainwash a child: family, psychiatrists, "friends", & enemies are all in on it. #MKUltra
Being betrayed by family and "friends" in the most traumatizing way that can be engineered - giving new friends that are also in on it to encourage a specific set of actions - giving them drugs to further encourage compliance = you can make anyone do anything. #Qanon #MKUltra
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1) #QAnon is a #PSYOP by definition


"The Plan" Focusing on partisan infighting & the Mueller "Report" whilst not an inch of border wall has been built & US Troops aren't deployed to the Southern Border as our once-upon-a-time Republic falls to hordes of invaders.
2) #QAnon is (unfortunately) a sleight-of-hand to direct attention away from the real issues as the Republic is toppled via a #SilentCoupInProgress.

As much as #POTUS says "they're after me" & "I was attacked," they are really focused on overthrowing the USA from within.
3) The goal is to get the #MAGA crowd and the #QAnon lemmings to engage in bipartisan sniping and focus on the illusion of success (#TicToc #GITMO #PainIsComing) as we are taken down with the Southern Border as the primary entry point.
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Wikileaks Document : a “Secret US Base on the Moon”… - this thread, my pinned tweet and a few other threads go over Moon symbolism and "base on the" - not talking about the literal moon. #Qanon #MoonLanding #Moon #Symbolism #Comms #Wikileaks
Note the connection in that last tweet regarding moon and Russia "A document published by Wikileaks clearly implies that the U.S.A. had a "secret" base on the Moon that was destroyed by Russia." - thread connects a few dots #Qanon #Russia #China #CIA
Given the lizard person on this site next to a pro #Qanon symbol it's prolly safe to assume this is a tinfoil psyop… but that doesn't mean it can't be useful for dissecting #Symbolism #Comms So what happened in 1977? "on the moon" #Psyop #CIA #MKUltra
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This is for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. As #QAnon leaves you breadcrumbs, this thread will be loaded with clues for you to follow. TIME IS SHORT.
#Anons, #WakeUpTime, and anyone who has an open mind.. Shall we begin?
#Time to #wakeup b4 #TimesUp
This Clue comes in the form of a picture. Look at these "drops" as #puzzle pieces. Each one is important to see the WHOLE PICTURE.
Don't make assumptions.
Please take this serious as we are in check and very close to #Checkmate!
#DIVE deep on this 1
PIeCe 1:
#OpAlarmClock piece 2
Credit goes to @Frank_Anzac
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