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I see #Anitwt is having a meltdown today over MHA production. I'll keep it simple:

Animators are not at fault for how a story is adapted. Period.

The anime industry is barely holding together. If all you care about is what the latest episode is like, then you live in a bubble
I'm not sure what it's going to take. People who should know better aren't understanding just how bad the state of the industry is in.

I've been speaking as loud as I can for YEARS about how industry workers are DYING FROM OVERWORK and the labor shortage accelerating problems
There are more anime in production than the existing labor force in the anime industry can handle. As production jobs get outsourced from much needed overhaul with how things operate on a day to day and the long term, that's less work for Japanese animators to earn BY THE FRAME
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Ah yes, Anime. The place where there definitely is no place for LGBTQIA+, feminism, man hating agendas. The ultimate anti-SJW/anti-woke paradise where *checks notes* there's queerness as far as the eye can see, plots highlighting toxic masculinity, and female empowerment galore
Anime, as an industry as well as contextually and subtextually, has major issues and is not clear cut. It being filled with queerness, feminism, and "man hating" agendas (aka non-patriarchal lens stories) is actually one of the best things that Anime has going for it as a medium
The orientalism expressed here is a common sight to see among anime fans, especially right wing Kool aid drinkers. They view Japan as this right wing utopia and have active echo cheers and cognitive dissonance issues to filter out contradictions to their far right worldview
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#zombielandsaga Revenge Episode 11

#WakeUpGirls #WUG_JP

At the same time, ZLSR, in the development of stories inspired by #JapanSink2020, "like building an #anime tribute to WUG, an #idol #anime created as tribute to Tōhoku people after the 2011 earthquake & tsunami."

You will feel more touched when you know this.

#WakeUpGirls, which was originally created w/ that purpose in mind, then grew & has fanatic fans until this day, although their media-mix is ​​no longer produced now.

They inspired #ZombieLandSaga, 22/7 & #IDOLYPRIDE.

#idol #anime
You should be known about the domino effects for #anime & #JPop industry as the umbrellas of these 2,5D #idol multimedia projects.

Restaurant in Another World #anime when WUG have collaboration w/ Mayn-san.

Wonder Egg Priority when its director is usually a part of 22/7 team.
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As a MusicRay'n fan who has been following for past few years, especially on #TrySail (& several other artists like halca & CHiCO), witnessed them make collaboration w/ CyberAgent to develop a kind of #idol management RPG #game, is something powerful.

#IDOLYPRIDE #anime #idoltwt
I understand, #IDOLYPRIDE, a #game that is part of its media-mix work, is really more like "MusicRay'n manager simulation #game," just without #seiyuu jobs management & w/ rhythm gameplay too.

... But much deeper, it then speaks of "struggling together."
#idoltwt #anime #anitwt
MusicRay'n is different from other agencies.

I've often said that you wouldn't be able to get to know Tomatsu Haruka-san, without knowing Toyosaki Aki-san, or Amamiya Sora-san without Asakura Momo-san, or Aikawa Kanata-chan without Tachibana Mirai-san.

#IDOLYPRIDE #idol #anime
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