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@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck unlikely but do you watch anime? i realised i actually have these 2 #anime conspiracy theories that combined are similar to your #chess-#poker theory. like you think chess is staged & poker is staged and there's a connection. similarly... #yuri #chessdrama #pokerdrama
@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck but not just any yuri ships but yuri ships between imouto's. i call these 'double imouto ships' (imouto is japanese for younger sister eg @GMJuditPolgar is an imouto of @SusanPolgar who ...
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A Psychological Deep Dive: Akane. Specifically on how social media bullying can profoundly affect one's mental health and why viewing through an empathetic lens is essential to understanding her character, society, and social media's impact. #OshiNoKo #anime #推しの子
Akane is a multifaceted character, a victim of the fierce scrutiny of the online world. Her struggles with bullying & shaming on social media platforms give us a stark picture of its effects on mental health.
Akane's experiences with cyberbullying reflect a clear disruption of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Online shaming threatens her psychological and safety needs, key elements for self-actualization (Maslow, 1943). Image
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It's time to do a psychology deep dive on Kana Arima, from Oshi no Ko. Kana's transformation and character development so far can be understood through various psych theories and concepts. I am thrilled to do this so let's dive in! (As of Episode 4) #OSHINOKO #推しの子 #anime
Family dynamics and attachment theory (Bowlby, 1969): Unstable relationships with family or the industry may contribute to Kana's initial arrogant and rude behavior and her strong drive to succeed in the industry. This may also cause her to develop an insecure attachment style. Image
A big portion of this may come from Kana’s own power and control being taken from her or being pushed to act can be traumatic for social development. This can cause individuals to seek power by any means whether by adjusting with their surroundings or by downplaying others.
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Midjourney for Anime & Manga Part 2!

Let's explore more manga authors to diversify our prompts and improve them.

#AnimeStyle #MangaStyle #manga #anime #Shonen #Shojo #AnimeCommunity #niji #Ai #aiart #midjourney #niji5 #nijijourney

🧵Thread 👇 Image
1. #RumikoTakahashi - Creator of "Ranma 1/2" and "Inuyasha," known for her charming, quirky, and character-driven style that blends comedy, romance, and fantasy. a man and a woman, by rumik...Image
2. #GoNagai - Creator of "Devilman", "Cutie Honey," and the famous mecha anime series "Mazinger Z". Renowned for his bold, dynamic, and provocative style that pushes the boundaries of action and ecchi genres. a man and a woman in the st...Image
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Midjourney for Anime & Manga

Let's dive into different manga authors together and what makes each style unique, so you can improve your prompts.

#AnimeStyle #MangaStyle #manga #anime #Shonen #Shojo #AnimeCommunity #niji #Ai #aiart #midjourney #niji5 #nijijourney

🧵Thread 👇 Image
1. #OsamuTezuka - The Godfather of Manga, famous for his expressive, bold, and iconic art style in works like "Astro Boy" and "Kimba the White Lion." A couple walking, by osamu ...
2. #AkiraToriyama - Creator of the dynamic, cartoonish, and lively "Dragon Ball" series, with energetic, exaggerated, and instantly recognizable character design and action scenes. a couple walking, in the st...Image
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Ik vind het altijd zo apart dat extreemrechtse jonge mannen zo dwepen met "anime". Ten eerste, #anime is niet een genre: het bevat alle genres want het is een medium. Ja je kunt vast allerlei onderdanige vrouwelijke karakters vinden, maar er zijn juist ook stoere en - oh horror -
#nonbinair karakters (bv Najimi in Komi Can't Communicate, die awesome is). Maar bovenal: fictie in de Japanse cultuur is _dat wat niet de werkelijkheid is_. Als je Japan alleen van anime kent, dan ken je dat wat Japan níet is.
Het is niet zoals bij ons, dat fictie realistisch moet zijn. Fictie is fictie. Het bevindt zich buiten de werkelijkheid en binnen de afgebakende bubbel "fictie". Die zogenaamde "anime girls" vallen binnen het genre "voor onvolwassen jongens".
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After watching Episode 2, let's talk about Aqua from #OshiNoKo, a character whose trauma has led to a manipulative personality and affected his attachment style. This thread will explore the psychological underpinnings of his behavior. #anime #推しの子 #manga
Aqua is a complex character with a tragic past that profoundly impacts his relationships and actions. His trauma (His Death, Death of Ai) has caused him to develop a manipulative personality, often using others to achieve his goals in episode 2(Hulber, 2018).
Bowlby (1973), states that early life experiences with caregivers shape our attachment style and influence our relationships throughout life. Aqua's traumatic experiences with his family, particularly parataxic distortion of AI, has shaped his attachment style. ImageImage
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I found the attachment between Eris and Rudeus in the first season of Mushoku Tensei fascinating. Let's take a deep dive into their evolving relationship and explore why Eris had to leave Rudeus. (Only covers S1) #MushokuTensei #Psychology #anime #manga
Eris and Rudeus start off with a rocky relationship. Eris, often resorts to violence to express her emotions. Rudeus, on the other hand has low self-esteem due to his past life experiences. This dynamic sets the stage for a rather tumultuous bond (Eisenberger & Lieberman, 2004).
However as they spend more time together their relationship begins to evolve. Rudeus helps Eris improve her behavior and develop her skills, while Eris provides Rudeus with companionship and a sense of belonging (Bowlby, 1969). Their mutual experiences foster a strong connection. Image
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Let's discuss how (Earthdeus) Rudeus, the protagonist of MT experiences and deals with trauma, and how it impacted his introspective journey towards healing in Season 1.

This'll be a long one so hold on to your seats.

#MushokuTensei #anime #psychology #rudeus #manga
To understand Rudeus's trauma, we must first discuss his life before reincarnation. Rudeus experienced severe bullying/sexual abuse in school. C-PTSD can have long-lasting effects on mental health and social functioning. (D'Andrea et al., 2012)
Trauma disrupts the brain's ability to process emotions and social cues, leading to difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships (Van der Kolk, 2014). Sexual Trauma may find deviant ways of expression and for Rudeus, his manifest through shame and hypersexualization
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TW: car crash injuries

Kiyoomi who gets t-boned on his way to practice and ends up in the hospital instead of a volleyball court. Bokuto who comes barreling into his hospital room way before practice should be over. He starts to cry when he sees the dark purple bruises
covering Kiyoomi’s side and arm. Even his neck. And Kiyoomi is so stiff and tired and in pain that when Bokuto sits down next to him he finally starts to cry as well. The nurse helping him into the hospital gown tries to comfort them both, but Bokuto pulls it together
and takes Kiyoomi’s hand in his.

“I’m just so glad you’re safe, darling,” Bokuto murmurs. He presses his lips into every knuckle on Kiyoomi’s fingers. “I love you.”

And Kiyoomi is still crying; exhaustion, adrenaline, and pain all combining in a flurry of emotions that
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It is time...

So sorry for this delayed 2k thread but here I am now let's begin
#bkdk #dkbk #bkdknsfw

"Dude, where's Bakugo?” A voice questioned.

"He's on his two week leave for the month." Another answered.

"Again? He needs to get his shit together before he falls apart."

Bakugo Katsuki, or ‘Lord Explosion DynaMight’ was the top hero of Japan.
That was if it wasn't for his dwindling rank and lack of appearances.

He as a Prime Alpha should be at the top, it was his spot and his duty as so.

But that was also his downfall.

He was an alpha.
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we've played this music a few times a day, routinely, for a long while now. Kajiura Yuki's theme music for #FateZero: "Back to Zero". it's one of my favorite pieces.

we've used it for grounding ourselves—it is, after all, right there in the name.

"Fate/Zero" is fiction. our present-day world may have magic in it, for surely magic is as eternal as anything that's woven into the Beatific Vision; magic, I tell myself in hope, can never completely die. but it has no magic like that of the mages of the "Fate/" universe.

it is perhaps well that this is so. one of the lessons of the "Fate/" universe ought to be that humanity perhaps ought *not* to have magic, because magical crimes are truly nightmarish in scope and scale. a little handful of mages almost bring about the end of the world...

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#bkdk #dkbk #bkdknsfw

(Warning: mentions of teenagers having segs , recording, nudes, possessive behaviors, branding/burning

"Deku is a jealous slut."

Is the phrase that constantly left Katsuki Bakugo’s lips.

It's not his fault though

He was right.
Izuku is a jealous little slut for him.

But who wouldn't be?

Katsuki Bakugo was the guy everyone wanted to be with.

Emotionally or physically.

And Izuku was the "lucky bitch" to "bag him".

But that shouldn't have been a shocker.
Izuku was the bombshell and sweetheart of the school.

Walking around in the shortest shorts during P.E. And altering the uniform for a tighter fit.

It wasn't much of a shock that he was multiple guys' gay awakening.

Including the school's playboy, Katsuki Bakugo.
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I guess if all this jobless suffering is "cut off," MusicRay'n has to stop waiting for Aikawa Kanata (#相川奏多) to graduate high school first. Why? Because everything has been submitted to #IDOLYPRIDE for this assignment.

Better think of something.
1. #橘美來's portion between IDOLY PRIDE & the proto-unit. Use common sense about her especially after #神田沙也加-san's passing.
2. Make sure, #宮沢小春 stays as a voice actor, because she's comfortable there, unless "she's capable of the others."

3. You actually have #夏目ここな and #日向もか. Better develop them really as 芸能人, bring them into stages, into reading stages, into #anime(s), live action(s), other games, etc, "since RIGHT NOW."
4. I have a feeling, #相川奏多 has an impostorial spirit, so keep an eye on her.
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MusicRay'n must be able to distinguish what is "potential" and "productive"


#相川奏多 #橘美來 #夏目ここな #日向もか #宮沢小春

#声優 #anime #game #anitwt
How do you know if Miyazawa Koharu is productive on stage, if she is being uncomfortable, that means she actually has no potential?
Conversely, when Hinata Moka is very comfortable on radio + seiyuu roles, how can not well known if she is not productive here?

#宮沢小春 #日向もか
In other words, it's crazy. MusicRay'n has broken its integrity. If his integrity is broken, can he still be trusted?

Who teaches these people? Did they forget the time Asakura Momo developed? Have they forgotten Toyosaki Aki-san's early days?

#ミュージックレイン #声優 #anime
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正直に言って、#ミュージックレイン3期生 のメンバーたちを、給与、精神的発達、および存在する内外関係を備えた「働く人々」として維持する方法に混乱してます。

Honestly, I'm confused on how to maintain ミューレ3期生 members as "working people" with salaries, mental development, etc.
What Miyazawa Koharu said in the article, actually "confused me," instead of wanting to support it further.

I suspect her stage jobs are not Koharu's true power.

On the other hand, "You respect Yano Hinaki who is also on stage, why don't you try it yourself, Kanata?"

I've never even seen Asakura Momo & Amamiya Sora, on stage.

Who made MusicRay'n enter into "the most serious chapter."

(I'm even more suspicious that MusicRay'n official at a higher level, connected with the mystery of #神田沙也加-san's death)

I can't believe anyone, anymore.
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's Hospitality ~ Cass~ #Dezmall - NSFW - Samethreestones 1 year ago
i made an account simply just to say i came looking for copper
and i found gold - that’s an appropriate comment for #AuntCass 3D CGI porn that reaches this level of artistry - with the……~
…With the new #GenerativeAI #AIArt tools combined with #ChatGPT we will see in the next 12-18 months literally 1,000’s of animation clips of this quality and variety explode onto the scene. We will see at least several dozen FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS at 90’s Disney level quality
Make no mistake we are 12-18 months away from seeing the first entirely #AIArt 2D animated film that looks like a $100 million 1990’s Disney animated masterpiece. It’s gonna get surreal in a hurry. 30 second text prompt makes a dozen images that would otherwise take 10 HOURS EACH
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Mizuno Saku-san in OPENREC too?!? But building a relationship with one of the cast of Love Live Nijigasaki?!? Is it true that the rumors circulating that Mizuno-san will replace Kusunoki Tomori?!?

(But Kusunoki and Mizuno's voices are not "the same")

#水野朔 #ラブライブ
Best depiction (mathematically):
Mizuno Saku = Tachibana Mirai
Tanaka Chiemi = Hinata Moka
Kusunoki Tomori (except higher pitches) : Aikawa Kanata (except higher pitches)
Mizuno Saku =/= Kusunoki Tomori
Emori Aya = Aikawa Kanata (except the higher pitches)

#ラブライブ #声優
The weirdest thing you have is "Natsume Kokona has no match at all" (although her speaking style is similar to Murakami Manatsu).
Even Miyazawa Koharu still has a similar equivalent: Hayami Saori-san.
Morohoshi Sumire-san has her new similar seiyuu: Suzuhara Nozomi.

#声優 #anime
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#bkdk #dkbk

Virgin Top Student and Nerd Katsuki Bakugo somehow managed to bag the player and sweetheart of the school Izuku Midoriya.

He was rumored to sleep around with just about anyone walking on two legs.

And somehow he managed to date said player.
“I’m um…I’m actually a virgin too” Izuku squeaked.

The two were at Katsuki’s dorm, what was supposed to be a study session ended up a make out session on the bed.

Katsuki was nervous thinking this was it, he would loose his virginity to Deku.
“I’m um…I’m actually a virgin too” Izuku squeaked.

“What??” Katsuki asked.

“I-if you don’t want to then we can just stop and-“

“How are you the virgin?!”

It turned out when Izuku first started at university we went on a date with one of the football players.
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#bkdk #dkbk #bkdkangst

(QL AU! A! B! O!)

Bakugo let the game get to his head very quickly. One minute he was some popular high school kid who couldn’t care less about his future and now he was a famous singer, walking red carpets with paparazzi at every corner.
But somehow he found someone amongst the masses, between the sea of people who wanted to use him and the people who were just too obsessed he found his “one” and it was completely on accident.

He was struggling to complete his second album, titled “Locked Behind Glass”.
So his manager decided to hire someone to help him with his songs and lyrics and hired another artist and music producer.

To his surprise, he didn’t hate the person he worked with. In fact, he knew them.
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Think of the #Fediverse this way.
a. Fediverse = Email
b. Platform/Software = Provider (Google, Naver)
c. Server = Gmail US, Gmail EU, Naver KO

No matter which provider/software you're using, you can send/receive emails from other providers and from any servers.
Another way to understand the #Fediverse
a. Fediverse = Global phone system
b. Platform/Software = Phone companies per country
c. Server = Cell towers

Regardless of your location and network, you can call/SMS anyone, anywhere.
The #Fediverse is similar.
a. Fediverse is powered by the #webstandard #ActivityPub that interconnects everyone who implements it.
b. Platforms like #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Friendica, #Owncast, #Peertube, are the "phone companies".
c. Servers are the independent "cell towers"
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#bkdk #bkdkangst

Izuku was so in love with Katsuki, it was all he ever knew. He fell in love with him at the first play date they had that their moms. But they didn’t get close after elementary school. Instead Bakugo started avoiding him once they got to middle school.
And it broke his heart, he thought something was wrong with him.

Was he not tall enough? Fit enough? Pretty enough? Should he get a makeover? A new hair cut?

Then he noticed the people that Bakugo was always hanging around.

Girls. It was always girls.
But not just any girls.

Very pretty girls, who liked pretty things. Who wore pretty skirts and did their hair nicely. Who wore soft colors and did they’re hair with cute clips. Wore perfume that smelled like sweets and flowers.

He had a definite type.
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Why did I join @Twitter? To interact with fans of #anime and #manga and to promote my own independently published manga saga, #Noellle. So why so many posts about voting and human rights? Because the nation I live in is under assault by Fascists and White Nationalist Oligarchs.
I would much rather go back to living a chill, peaceful life , but too many are asleep, un-awake...not "woke" to the forces at work against their very lives and the lives of their children. People are still prioritizing their purse over their FREEDOM.…
"The GOP remains favored to win the House, though its expected margin of victory has steadily declined in recent weeks, according to forecasters, while the race for Senate is predicted to be a tossup." How can this be? SMH.…
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#bkdk #dkbk

(CW: NSFW and Angst)

A! Bakugo while pounding himself into Izuku keeps saying “I love you, I fucking love you with everything” letting his seed spill all over inside Izuku.

Izuku just cried in pleasure as he felt Kacchan inside of him, filling him.
He thought that this was it, he would be Kacchan’s and would have a pup or a few and be a happy family.

“I was just high of pleasure, when I said I love you I wasn’t speaking of you. Who could love someone like you.”
Was what left Katsuki’s lips when Izuku came to his house after school, telling him the news of his pregnancy and that he was excited to be a dam and for Katsuki to be a sire to their pup.

“O-oh…I see…I understand Bakugo.”
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