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@ernluccar @MMHemlock @pattyc522 @Anna302478978 @GiovanniToti Perché il tentativo di RESET
riguarda il cd. "occidente"
inclusi paesi del "resto del mondo"

della #MonetaDebito di stampo gesuitico/kazaro

#UScorporation ✝️5/5/2021 =
#Vaticano + #CityOfLondon + #WashingtonDC🔜

#JFK ⚖️
@ernluccar @MMHemlock @pattyc522 @Anna302478978 @GiovanniToti Qualcuno afferma che è in atto un processo di depopolazione INDOTTA della "Società occidentale"
- legati a Storia e Tradizioni -
che renderebbero INACCETTABILI
i metodi del

@ernluccar @MMHemlock @pattyc522 @Anna302478978 @GiovanniToti In quest'ottica i cd. "politici italiani"
a volte appaiono PASTICCIONI,
spesso... "ALTRO" 🤐

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La série live #CowboyBebopNetflix est sortie sur Netflix et après les trailers, bandes-annonces et extrait sortis, que peut-on sortir de cette adaptation ... à part du sel (#Thread garanti sans spoil)
C'est une adaptation, d'une série animée de 1998.

#NoSpoil #CowboyBebop
Créé par Shin'ichirō Watanabe, l'#anime est reconnu comme une référence du genre pour son animation fluide, sa #musique omniprésente (par Yoko Kano), son rythme basé sur la musique, son #univers et ses #personnages au background profond qui laisse place à l'humour finement dosé.
La série animée est disponible sur @NetflixFR, tout comme l'adaptation live.
Petit #comparatif sans spoil : Les épisodes sont organisés sur une même trame que l'animé c.-à-d. une tranche de vie des héros par épisode.

#cowboybebop #noSpoil #anime #CowboyBebopNetflix #histoire
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(1/17) Selamlar dostlar, herkese mutlu haftalar diliyoruz.🍀🍀 Bugün sizlerle NFT pazarı olan bir P2E 🎮🎮oyun projesi olan #WonderHero $WND ’yi inceleyeceğiz. 🔎🔎
(2/17) Peki nedir bu #WND ❓❓
$WND ne işe yarar ❓❓
Partnerleri kim ❓❓
Gelin beraber inceleyelim.
(3/17) ⚠️⚠️ Öncelikle belirtmek isteriz ki, incelemelerimiz kesinlikle yatırım tavsiyesi içermemek ile birlikte, amacımız sizleri projeler hakkında bilgi sahibi etmek ve bilinçlendirmek. Artık projeye geçebiliriz. ⚠️⚠️
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Anime & Manga are amazing,
but both facets of the industry is how terribly they treat their workers,

But that is a problematic Japanese business practice that you can find all over the place… #anime #manga
Then you have to ask:
as compared to what?

Animators & comics creators aren't paid very much hardly anywhere, both industries rely on underpaying talent & getting cheaper work outside of the country
Even video game development,

its a common business practice to treat workers like crap during crunch & outsource major sections of development to cheap companies in Malaysia & Vietnam,

So Anime & Manga in that sense aren't much worse than many big entertainment industries
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Finally getting around to watching the second half of Obsolete, a hard sci-fi mecha anime by the creator of psycho-pass.

Rock'em sock'em robots

What does that liquid taste's like? Water? Thank god there's no real harm in drinking it. Real mad scientist.
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Berisi tentang wangsit-wangsit kalo abis nonton anime. #anihalu #anime Image
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There was a netizen who started saying that "Hinata Moka is the successor of Asakura Momo."

This made me excited to write my succession description of MusicRay'n Generation 3.

I'm writing this from my perspective as a longtime MusicRay'n fan.

#seiyuu #idol
1. Asakura Momo is MusicRay'n's "role model" for a long time.

Like it or not, MusicRay'n (later transmitted to Aniplex), prefers Asakura Momo's characters as "examples of interesting characters which are recommended to be had."

#ミュージックレイン #seiyuu #idol #声優 #idoltwt
In its development, this kind of "thinking soul" doesn't only happen in the Super Seiyuu division, but also in the Utakatsu division.

However, please note, no one can match Asakura Momo. She is very special & unique, "in her capacity as a talent."

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#zombielandsaga Revenge Episode 11

#WakeUpGirls #WUG_JP

At the same time, ZLSR, in the development of stories inspired by #JapanSink2020, "like building an #anime tribute to WUG, an #idol #anime created as tribute to Tōhoku people after the 2011 earthquake & tsunami."

You will feel more touched when you know this.

#WakeUpGirls, which was originally created w/ that purpose in mind, then grew & has fanatic fans until this day, although their media-mix is ​​no longer produced now.

They inspired #ZombieLandSaga, 22/7 & #IDOLYPRIDE.

#idol #anime
You should be known about the domino effects for #anime & #JPop industry as the umbrellas of these 2,5D #idol multimedia projects.

Restaurant in Another World #anime when WUG have collaboration w/ Mayn-san.

Wonder Egg Priority when its director is usually a part of 22/7 team.
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1 week (7 days) to #IDOLYPRIDE #game release!

FUN FACT: There is a unique phenomenon, where there are at least 7 staffs here who have been involved together in Eromanga-sensei #anime & #manga, or at least influenced by that work or its alumnis during their careers.

#idol #JPop
.. they are Straight Edge staffs (Eromangasensei #manga volume 11's supervisors, now also as a part of #IDOLYPRIDE Production Committee), #TrySail (Eromangasensei #anime OP, now as #TRINITYAiLE), Kusunoki Tomori (Eromangasensei #anime's minor role's #seiyuu) (c) ..
#idol #idoltwt
... (c) MR Generation 3/#月のテンベスト's Aikawa Kanata & #IDOLYPRIDE #anime's series composer Takahashi Tatsuya (Eromangasensei #anime's composer).

Kusunoki Tomori (as Matsumoto Satomi here) makes her #seiyuu career debut with a dubbing minor role in Eromangasensei #anime (c)
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As a MusicRay'n fan who has been following for past few years, especially on #TrySail (& several other artists like halca & CHiCO), witnessed them make collaboration w/ CyberAgent to develop a kind of #idol management RPG #game, is something powerful.

#IDOLYPRIDE #anime #idoltwt
I understand, #IDOLYPRIDE, a #game that is part of its media-mix work, is really more like "MusicRay'n manager simulation #game," just without #seiyuu jobs management & w/ rhythm gameplay too.

... But much deeper, it then speaks of "struggling together."
#idoltwt #anime #anitwt
MusicRay'n is different from other agencies.

I've often said that you wouldn't be able to get to know Tomatsu Haruka-san, without knowing Toyosaki Aki-san, or Amamiya Sora-san without Asakura Momo-san, or Aikawa Kanata-chan without Tachibana Mirai-san.

#IDOLYPRIDE #idol #anime
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Is anyone not seeing Amazon nuking practically every Nendoroid, figma, & Max Factor figure out of now where?

I have like 4 emails with lists of figures I used to stock now banned from the site & permanently delisted!
I got to make a more detailed post on this, this is concerning
Not sure how newer figures are fairing but I've never seen this level of mass banning of (albiet mostly rare now) anime merch
Max Factory*
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CLIP + StyleGAN FFHQ (noise vecs) is amazing! Same seed for each image (9):

"it was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it that you may come across four or five times in life"


"Grey eyes that grow sadder than sunset or rain"
#AI #art #poetry
I think the problem vs other methods (CC CLIP gang @advadnoun @erocdrahs @JanelleCShane) is an unstructured image+network is too complicated to optimize -- starting with a limited latent space (humans? cats? churches?) limits the space for CLIP to shine. Credit to @l4z for idea
More CLIP + FFHQ(noise) optimization (seed 27):

"A person with big anime eyes"


"her white face turned upward the hands thrown out and clutched full of grass the clothing deranged the long dark hair in tangles and full of clotted blood" (Ambrose Bierce)

#AI #art #anime
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A thread of coronavirus references that can be found in entertainment media prior to the "outbreak" of 2019.
A masked Roman charioteer by the name of "Coronavirus" and his co-driver "Bacillus" compete in a chariot race across Italy in the 2017(!) published book "Asterix and the Chariot Race". Remember, Italy was the first country to enforce a national lockdown after the outbreak. Image
"2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking" Lyrics from the 2013 (!) song "Pandemic" by Dr Creep and produced by Blaq Masq, from the album "I Am The Storm".

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Vamos a ver, lo voy a decir solo una vez. La calidad de un #anime no se mide solo por el género de la obra. Hay que juzgar la narrativa, personajes, arte, banda sonora, ritmo...

Dejad vuestra basura mental prejuzgadora de isekais a un lado y madurad un poco.
Y lo mismo va para los "expertos" críticos de animes shonen que dicen que series como BNH, Black Clover o KNY están sobrevaloradas, porque tienen un conjunto de elementos que las hacen GRANDES OBRAS en su género.

No todo se rige bajo vuestro criterio, PESADOS.
"Ay, es que el anime bueno era el de antes"


Si solo quieres ver obras como Evangelion o Toradora y quedarte ahí estancado para el resto de tu vida, bien por ti. Pero no contagies tu decadencia mental a los demás.
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When most people in the UK or America talk about "hugely popular anime" they ignore a vast chunk of the market that never gets localised for our consumption.
I was chatting on a podcast about classics and took the chance to point out that the most watched #anime in #Japan is actually Sazae-san, a soap opera that's been running since the 60s. It's a social institution.
Sazae-san has long outlived its creator, becoming such a touchstone of Japanese life that the emotional slump when you realise "the weekend is almost over and it's Monday tomorrow" has been tied to its ending theme and named Sazae-san Syndrome.
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A very incomplete list of my favourite anime, in no particular order:

Angel Beats
Elfen Lied
Shakugan no Shana
Code Geass
My Hime
My Otome
Video Girl Ai
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Speed Grapher
Scrapped Princess
Captain Harlock
Busou Renkin
Ah! Megami-sama
Cat girl Nukunuku
Five Star Stories
Black Cat
Fushigi Yuugi
Golden Boy
Macross Ai Oboete Imasu ka?
Macross Plus
El Hazard (OVA)
Mahou Tsukai Tai
Shadow Skill
Wicked City
Your name
Hi score girl
Mononoke Hime
Gall Force
Love Hina
Tenchi Muyo
Fate Stay Night
Fate Zero
Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
Hana Yori Dango
Himiko Den
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Bubblegum Crisis
Maison Ikkoku
Kimagure Orange Road
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Tencent Music Entertainment Group Announces Strategic Partnership with CoMix Wave Films
$TME @CWF_STAFF #China #Japan #Tech #SocialMedia #Film #Movies #Music #anime…
Under the partnership, soundtracks from 17 popular animated movies, including 5 Centimeters per Second and The Garden of Words, both directed by Makoto Shinkai, will go on TME’s music platforms - QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing.
$TME #China #Japan #Movies #Music
$TME, a long-established player in #anime, comic and game #songs, selected CWF as a strategic partner to meet demand from fans for access to #music specific to their preferences.
#China #Japan #Tech #SocialMedia #Film #Movies
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Imagine tweeting about your projects... couldn't be me tbh.
We make a weekly podcast about Games, Tech, Music, Life, Degeneracy, and that time a dog got sat on.
Arcane Ramblings is 7PM every Monday on! Join Scotty from #Sojourner, Teddy from Teddy, and Rob from Rob! 🎸🎮🤘🏻
#Comedy #Podcast #Gaming #Scottish #Twitch
Animated Regrets is a podcast where Teddy, Lee, & Rob watch 3 eps of 3 anime and deign if they are worthy of continued watching, like a Roman Emperor with too many wall scrolls. 🗻
You can listen to our first episode here:…
#Anime #Podcast #Review #Scottish
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Today, April 7, marks an epoch-making moment in pop cultural history: the debut of Mobile Suit Gundam. It wasn’t the first anime to find an older audience, but it was the first anime to trigger a full-fledged societal phenomenon. (1/9)
Gundam didn’t do well at first. In fact it was a ratings disaster. Written for teens, it was marketed towards kids, as nearly all anime was at the time. The sponsor, a toy company named Clover, pulled the plug as piles of its silly-looking merchandise sat on shelves. BUT! (2/9)
Older fans, teens and young adults, weren’t ready to give up. They poured out their souls in impassioned missives to what was then the best method of connecting to other fans: the pages of anime magazines like Animec, The Anime, and OUT. (3/9)
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Hilo sobre películas vistas en #EstadoDeAlarma
Estamos ante una oportunidad. Teniendo como tengo un adolescente en casa que mejor forma que pasar el tiempo con él viendo cine del bueno. #Cine, cine, cine, más cine por favor que cantaba #Aute #CineEnCasa empezamos:
Día 1
#ElGuateque Genial Peter Sellers, genial Blake Edwards. Dicen que ellos acabaron fatal después de hacerla, pero viéndola no se nota. Nos hemos reído sin parar. No se cuantas veces la habrá visto Mr. Bean. Rowan Atkinson copia hasta los ticks... Image
Día 2
#ElCastilloEnElCielo El adolescente me pide #Anime Flipo, en Netflix tienen varias de #Miyazaki Esto es otro nivel. La profundidad y belleza de sus historias es inigualable.Solo Wall-E de Pixar esta a la altura.Risas del adolescente cada vez que dicen el nombre del castillo Image
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Two South Australian crossbench politicians are calling for an urgent review of classification laws, after discovering videos and comic books sold in Australia that depict sexual images of children, including rape scenes. #Anime #Manga #ChildSexualAbuse…
Classification Board approves movies depicting child rape - Collective Shout calls on Communications Minister @PaulFletcherMP to urgently intervene
#Anime #Manga #ChildSexualAbuse…
“The @CommsAu Board has made child sexual exploitation material available for purchase in Australian retail outlets - including mainstream stores like @sanityonline” - @MelTankardReist

#Anime #Manga #ChildSexualAbuse ImageImage
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Tem gente falando que o design de Keep Your Hands of Eizouken! é "feio" e eu não poderia discordar mais.

Primeiro porque ver um anime com esse traço estilizado do Sumito Ōwara é um colírio aos olhos em um mar de animes com o character design mais genérico possível. (+)
Segundo porque o character design de Eizouken é rico em INFORMAÇÃO, o que mostra que o ilustrador sabe contar uma história por meio de seus personagens!

Abaixo podemos fazer uma comparação entre o character design de dois animes dessa temporada: Eizouken e Koisuru Asteroid. (+)
Só de bater os olhos para os personagens de Eizouken, que informações podemos tirar?

Midori tem olhos redondos (geralmente denota bondade e inocência), sorriso marcado no rosto, chapéu de "pesca", pose de quem está procurando uma aventura. (+)
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عزفتها قبل كده but hey 🤔
شكل جديد، نفس الطعم الرائع 😎😂😂
Track name: Those were the days (Mary Hopkin)…
I like this tune a lot 🖤🖤
Hope you like it too 🤔
Song name: Greensleeves (English folk song)
#piano #piano_music #piano_tiles #simply_piano #piano_easy #MIDI #folk_music #greensleeves #keyboard_music
I am a simple man...When I have a holiday, I play the piano 😂😂🖤
Song name: Black eyes (Russian folk music)
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