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Boros #anime w/Horus-Eye (in Egypt), or the Eye of Lord Shiva (Hinduism & universal), signifies Visakha (16-tarot), Tower & Wars, Sagittarius (or, thigh of the Brazen-Serpent), which brings down the Fire of Chokmah w/thunderous-force. It can also be correlated w/Uttara Phalguni,-
-Aryaman/Kshatriya (Vaishaka-Vishakha-KacchaNira), Sri Krishna (SahastrArjuna), & Bhuvarloka (Raksasas, Pitris/Ghosts & Pisachas). Bhrigu was/is also a Yaksha. Sri Krishna & SahastrArjuna can also be associated w/the other-side/image ("Saitama") of Aryamana-- Purva Bhadrapada/25.
Saitama of 1-Punch Man (1, 10, 19, 7/Chariot, 25 & such numeral assocations) can be associated w/Bhur-Loka by Saturn/Capricorn in Mars-exalt. Antarikṣa is the Space between Bhurloka (Earth/Saturn/Moon) & Bhuvarloka (Virgo/Mercury/"Hermit"/3-Hades/9/Sun/Tarot-Yod), & beyond that,
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...This thread will focus on some of the things covered in a little known FB group called:

"Ethiopian Enoch 1 , Flat Fact Square Earth Truth. Ae Pizza Fe Lie ."

This group differs from other #FLATEARTH groups in the following ways:
* Advanced FE information is presented & shit posting is discouraged.
* Promotion of the "round map" or "debate" are forbidden.
* Redundant experiment, observation & recording of data is encouraged.
* The book "1 Enoch" is the main reference text, (Richard Lawrence Translation)
The main work--started by a man named Sam--is focused on Enoch due to Sam having matched what's described in 1 Enoch Ch. 72, 73, etc, with observable reality. Deeper exploration of the Enoch text gives clues to other occulted knowledge about this realm we call "Earth".
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Here we go. Macross Development History: From Beginning to Now with Shoji Kawamori. #Macross #anime #Otakon
Kawamori was born in Toyama prefecture in a small town in a “snow-bound, mountainous region”. They could get so much snow it’d be necessary to leave the house via a window on the second floor. In winter they’d lose road access and need to take boats
When Kawamori was 3 they moved to Yokohama, the 3rd largest city in Japan. From out in nature to the big city, and trains Kawamori was very impressed with, this was his first experience with “deculture!” Growing up (this is a Macross phrase, when Zentradi marvel at new culture)
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Happy #InternationalBeerDay! Here's a quick thread on notable beers in animation! Here's Misato downing a Yebisu in Evangelion! This shot really conveys the joy of downing a cold one and the end of a long day!
Yebisu (#ヱビス) is a real beer and actually one of the oldest brands in Japan. In fact it's so old that the first letter in it's name (ヱ) is no longer in use in modern written Japanese!
When Evangelion first aired the TV network did not want to give free endorsement to Yebisu, so the brand was actually changed to "Yebichu" as a reference to Oruchuban Ebichu, a hilarious adult oriented comic about a hamster which Gainax would adapt into a TV show years later!
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Adakah Itachi Seorang Hero?
Ditulis oleh -Zamir Mohyedin-
#EksplorasiKarya #Naruto
(Ini adalah thread)
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Watak Itachi dikatakan seorang shinobi yang genius. Naik pangkat yang tinggi ketika umurnya yang muda.
Perkara menarik yang menjadi penumpuan watak Itachi adalah tindakan membunuh seluruh ahli puak keluarganya, --
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