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incidentally, this bit of #MadokaMagica can't be overemphasized *enough*, in my opinion, because it tells you what the Incubators are really all about: *eating planets*.

they've found a way to reap energy by destroying planets—indirectly, by creating powerful Witches.

that's *text*. that's not a guess.

as a result, we can be fairly certain that most of what Kyubey tells Kaname Madoka is lies. we can't be all that certain of *anything* that Kyubey says to Madoka, because their primary goal is "get Madoka to become a Witch eventually."

Kyubey latches onto Madoka with an initial sales pitch: they show Madoka the hopeless fight of Akemi Homura against Walpurgisnacht—activating her *guilt*. "how can you let this lonely girl suffer?" is the #marketing method.

that's right! Kyubey is a whiz at #advertising.

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Think of the #Fediverse this way.
a. Fediverse = Email
b. Platform/Software = Provider (Google, Naver)
c. Server = Gmail US, Gmail EU, Naver KO

No matter which provider/software you're using, you can send/receive emails from other providers and from any servers.
Another way to understand the #Fediverse
a. Fediverse = Global phone system
b. Platform/Software = Phone companies per country
c. Server = Cell towers

Regardless of your location and network, you can call/SMS anyone, anywhere.
The #Fediverse is similar.
a. Fediverse is powered by the #webstandard #ActivityPub that interconnects everyone who implements it.
b. Platforms like #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Friendica, #Owncast, #Peertube, are the "phone companies".
c. Servers are the independent "cell towers"
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Chainsaw Man opening and ending references and details thread:

1 - In the #ChainsawMan opening, Denji crashes 3 times after getting knocked into the air. The holes his body creates look like the letters "C" "S" "M"

#chainsawman #csm ImageImageImage
2 - No Country for Old Men

#chainsawman #csm ImageImage
3 - The Big Lebowski

#chainsawman #csm ImageImage
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Why did I join @Twitter? To interact with fans of #anime and #manga and to promote my own independently published manga saga, #Noellle. So why so many posts about voting and human rights? Because the nation I live in is under assault by Fascists and White Nationalist Oligarchs.
I would much rather go back to living a chill, peaceful life , but too many are asleep, un-awake...not "woke" to the forces at work against their very lives and the lives of their children. People are still prioritizing their purse over their FREEDOM.…
"The GOP remains favored to win the House, though its expected margin of victory has steadily declined in recent weeks, according to forecasters, while the race for Senate is predicted to be a tossup." How can this be? SMH.…
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#bkdk #dkbk

(CW: NSFW and Angst)

A! Bakugo while pounding himself into Izuku keeps saying “I love you, I fucking love you with everything” letting his seed spill all over inside Izuku.

Izuku just cried in pleasure as he felt Kacchan inside of him, filling him.
He thought that this was it, he would be Kacchan’s and would have a pup or a few and be a happy family.

“I was just high of pleasure, when I said I love you I wasn’t speaking of you. Who could love someone like you.”
Was what left Katsuki’s lips when Izuku came to his house after school, telling him the news of his pregnancy and that he was excited to be a dam and for Katsuki to be a sire to their pup.

“O-oh…I see…I understand Bakugo.”
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#bkdk #dkbk #bkdkangst

Bakugo and Izuku being friends with benefits, Izuku has stated that he wants something serious but Bakugo has clearly stated that he doesn’t know what he wants but he’s down for a hookup from time to time.
Over time they go on “dates” and hookup but slowly Izuku distances himself and Bakugo is quick to catch on his actions. Before he knows it the next time he sees Izuku they hook up and Bakugo feels bad when letting Izuku get dressed and leaving his apartment.
Unfortunately his pride wins and he doesn’t reach out to Izuku, the next time he sees the greenette he’s in a cafe giggling. Seated across a man with spiky black hair and tattoos covering their forearms.
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With the exceptional amount of Anti-Blackness propagated in #Anime fandom this past week due to @WhytManga’s post about @Saturday_am’s #ClockStriker, I think I need to clarify a few things.

Time for a 🧵…
1. Those of you asking why (Western) #Anime Fandom and #AniTwt are racist, are asking a silly question and should already know the answer, but I’ll humour you and tell you again…

White Supremacy and Anti-Blackness are deeply woven into every fibre of Western Society.
Anti-Blackness and White Supremacy permeate absolutely everything; from governments, to educational institutions. EVERYTHING.

Western Anime fandom and AniTwt, are a microcosm of wider society; so naturally White Supremacy and the Anti-Blackness birthed from it are rampant…
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Generating Full Body #anime Characters with #dalle2 inpainting and #WaifuLabs (1/5) ImageImageImageImage
(2/5) ImageImageImageImage
(3/5) ImageImageImageImage
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561. #OliveKitteridge (4epi)
Weird series with an interesting storyline. 
Little emotional and great performance from the lead actress
Good S1 - 3.5/5
562. #TheTerminalList (8epi)
Show started like 'punisher' series. Liked it..
But after 4 episodes, lot of lags in the middle..
Overall a fine series
S1 - 3/5
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A Thread for must watch Anime series
#TopTen2blue #Anime

1. #AttackOnTitan (4s - 87epi)
Mass💥💥 refined in each and every scene💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Image
🤘The End of the thread🤘
Best upto season 3 end...
Don't know wt he is going to mess up in the final episodes.. ImageImageImageImage
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It’s dope that our projects were birthed for very much the same reason; to add some colour to a wildly monochromatic #Anime Fandom and Anime #Podcasting Scene.

Since time immemorial, White Voices have been fêted as important tastemakers within global popular culture; even…
within Anime, which is very much a facet of East Asian culture and our projects disrupt this notion.

They show that Black Folks should not only be respected and celebrated as Anime Tastemakers; but also that our voices carry weight, the content we make is world class and we…
are collectively (ESPECIALLY Black Americans) pushing the #fandom culture forward; driving Anime fully into the mainstream and the forefront of Western Popular Culture.

What you’ve done with #AnimeAfterDarkCH is truly incredible and I cannot wait for it to blow up even further…
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Want to learn how to make the most out of multiplayer mode when playing Gay Porn Games?🎮

Want to learn if it's a good idea to game with your partner and what games are best to choose ?

How about huge menu of XXX games designed for thise who loves savage gay sex?😍
Are you ready to take your game customization to a whole new level so that you can play your own unique fantasy ?

As a gay man, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get after a good game involving some hot gay porn action .

But why is that?
What is it about these games that make them so addictive?

Gay Porn Games Hub is waiting .

When you click the link it will be only beginning of your naughty journey .

Read more and start playing!
#gay #anime Image
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A mega thread on Askeladd from the #anime #vinlandsaga on his complex humanity and genius writing 🔥
Part 1/2: Image
After watching Vinland Saga it’s clear as day that Askeladd is one of animanga’s greatest characters and perhaps one of the best in fiction, he is not the antagonist, an anti-hero, or the protagonist, instead he is comparable to the undefinable grey morality of Jaime Lannister ImageImageImageImage
Askeladd is a cunning intellectual with a trained suffocating air of disarming ignorance and idiocy, and god like charisma, a master swordsman who carves hordes of people up like an art form, he is inevitable, and his mysterious past is the key to changing history and >
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301. #MrQueen (20epi)
22. #Kdrama
Awesome series🔥🔥👌.
20hrs of Fun and Entertainment.
Not a Single boring scene in first 17 episodes.
Each and every character are awesome 👌
Sometimes so gay
OverallWorth watching
S1 - 4.75/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
302. #AreYouHuman (18epi)
23. #Kdrama

Nice sci fi drama..
S1 - 4/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
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Ukraine ambush of Russian convoy
Russian soldier with a captured Ukrainian Kozak-2 MRAP. Image
Russian soldier in Mariupol
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With 700 followers so far I want to take this oppotunty to advertise my videos on youtube

A thread


During Anime Matsuri 2021 I videographer a photohoot of Genshin Impact cosplayers.


I made a QRT reaction video to Paul Bosar's Attack on Titan political video/mashup

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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #20: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 10" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
2/ Today, I will continue discussing the topic "What is a DAO?" in preparation for NFTJPN's conversion to a DAO. In the last issue, I wrote that DAOs could be a breakthrough beyond the organization of a company, as the sharing of an important resource for an organization,
3/ *money*, will greatly change the commitment involved by participants and participating companies. From here, we will further explore the example of Nouns DAO in depth.
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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #19: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 9" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
2/ Today, I continue my discussion "What is a DAO?" in preparation for NFTJPN's conversion to a DAO. I have been telling you that the sharing of an important resource for an organization, namely *money*, is the major difference that separates a company from a DAO.
3/ We will take an in-depth look at the benefits of storing sales in a treasury, deciding how to use it together, and automatically transferring the money, using Nouns as an example.
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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #18: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 8" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
2/ Today, I will continue talking about "What is a DAO?" in order to make NFTJPN a DAO. We will try to dig a little deeper into Vitalik's definition of DAO "an organization whose core is automated.
3/ │ Labor = Automatic │ Labor = People
Core = Automatic │ Fully AI │ DAO
│ ↑ I want to make this
Core = Human │ Organization using robots │ Uncreative organization
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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #17: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 7" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
"2/ Today, I'll again pick up the topic ""What is a DAO?"" in preparation for NFTJPN's conversion to a DAO. Shared resources in an organization can be defined as such-
People: Human minds are hard to share
"3/ Things: Shared use does not depend on organization type
Money: Can be shared through blockchain utilization
We will dig deeper into *money* in order for DAO as an organization to outperform a company."
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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #16: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 6" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
2/ Today, I'll continue discussing "What is a DAO?" in preparation for NFTJPN's conversion to a DAO. How can a DAO as an organization go beyond a company?
3/ Today, we will take a deeper look at *things* among resources such as *people*, *things*, and *money*, which are important when an organization moves toward the realization of its vision.
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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #15: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 5" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
2/ Today, I'm continuing my discussion on "What is a DAO?" in preparation for NFTJPN's conversion to a DAO. Among resources such as people, goods, and money, money is the most important resource for the realization of the DAO vision.
3/ This is because money is a special resource that can be exchanged with other resources such as people and goods and has a high degree of liquidity that can be expressed on the Internet by utilizing the blockchain.
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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #14: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 4" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
2/ Today, I'll continue the topic "What is a DAO?" in preparation for NFTJPN's conversion to a DAO. So far, I have emphasized that a DAO is an organizational entity with advantages over a company.
3/ Why was the world able to develop societies and people's lives prosperously through corporations in the first place? We can answer that by taking a bird's eye view.
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1/ NFT discussion series by @paji_a #13: "What is a DAO? - The NFTJPN Journey Part 3" #NFT #NFTcommunity #anime #japan #pajiEnglish #NFTJPN
2/ Today, I will continue discussing "What is a DAO?" in preparation for NFTJPN's conversion to a DAO. In the absence of blockchain, a "company" was the best solution in most cases as an organization to achieve some vision,
3/ and for NFTJPN, a common organization "company" was also an option. But we chose to become a DAO.
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