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Treasure Skyland adalah permainan slot Microgaming yang membawa Anda dalam perjalanan melintasi lautan dengan monyet bajak laut yang lucu. Reel fitur dan peta harta karun adalah dua fitur utama dari game petualangan. #game…

Bertema ini.
Dengan pengganda, peningkatan simbol, transformasi liar, dan fitur perpanjangan kemenangan, Reel Fitur berputar dan berhenti secara acak untuk meningkatkan peluang kemenangan Anda.…
Sebagian besar tangan Anda akan terdiri dari hadiah yang lebih kecil yang terjadi secara teratur. Ketika datang ke hadiah besar, Anda masih harus berurusan dengan beberapa ketidakpastian, tetapi dengan teknik yang tepat.…
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Mengapa Mesin Slot Tidak Harus Dicurangi: Nikrasch melarikan diri dengan lebih dari $6 juta uang slot curian sebelum ditangkap dan dijatuhi hukuman tujuh tahun penjara. #game…
Alasan utama untuk menghindari pendekatan kecurangan slot ini adalah karena tidak praktis, karena Nikrasch membawa rahasia teknologinya saat dia meninggal.

4 – Awasi pemain yang meninggalkan uang di mesin sehingga Anda bisa mendapatkan putaran gratis.
Terserah Anda apakah Anda menganggap ini curang, tetapi apa yang Anda lakukan ketika pemain yang berdekatan.

Meninggalkan beberapa dolar di mesin di sebelah Anda?
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On the other hand, if you're playing a slot machine with a choose screen as the bonus round, there's no way to choose between additional spins and higher multipliers. All you have to do now is make your choices.…

And live with the results.
If you want to feel like you have some control over the game, prefer games with bonus rounds that ask you to choose combinations of game conditions over games with bonus rounds. #game…

That start with pick screens.
Conclusion: Although serious gamblers may boast that they never play slot machines, practically everyone does it from time to time. If you've been telling yourself that there's no way.…

To increase your chances of winning at slots.
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This usually implies that players can decide to play another #casino game each day for a long time, even in the same casino! As stimulating and attractive as it may seem, it is smarter to see which openings to choose when looking for a casino #game that will guarantee success.… So, to discover the hidden treasure, here are some tips that will help you find an online casino game that is worth your time.

4 tips on choosing online slot games
Choose the right bonuses… The bonuses can look great on a superficial level, and then you find that they have so many rules that it is essentially difficult to fully appreciate them. Along these lines, a sure decision is to choose a no deposit casino bonus.
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[Thread] : Mes premiers pas sur #Sorare

Il s'agit d'un projet qui signe la plus grosse levée de fond de la #FRENCHtech 🇫🇷 pour un montant de 680 millions de dollars

Toi, passionné de #foot, des #NFT ou simplement curieux de découvrir ce jeu je t'invites à dérouler ce thread🧵⤵️
Étape 1 : L’inscription 💻
Pour bien commencer ton inscription, il est important d’utiliser le lien de #parrainage
Il te permet de bénéficier d'une carte offerte par #Sorare après avoir remporté seulement 5 enchères
C’est par ici :
Très important : cbeertech « Veut jouer au Fantasy Football global avec toi » doit être mentionné pour gagner ta carte
Ainsi, je serai ton parrain pour t'accompagner dans cette nouvelle aventure 🤝
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Free Online Games To Play With Friends Part 2
These free online games are so accessible that for some, you can just play from your phone or laptop browser without any downloads.
#game… 1. Psych!
It’s rare to find an app game that is both free and has online capabilities like Psych!. The aim of the game is to outwit your friends by giving fake answers to real trivia questions. Depending on which game deck you pick,… the prompts could range from making up a fake definition for an uncommon word or faking a plot of an obscure movie title.
Among the free party packs, “And The Truth Comes Out” involves your friends by personalising the prompts. For example,
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Hello everyone! I want to talk about inconsistencies i’ve experienced in App Store Review process. This is my personal experience, I’m an Spanish dev that have uploaded 15 apps in the last 2.5 years with 40+ updates. Here are my thoughts about the whole process.
1. Whole review related time is a mystery. I don’t know why my app could be more than 24h In Review and other less than 45 minutes. This happens every time, doesn’t matter if i made really little changes or even is the same compilation.
2. Inorganic feedback. When i’ve had a message from Review team, is so long and could be hard to understand whats exactly the problem. This improved in the last years but is far to be great. More concise and user friendly message will improve the whole experience.
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What are recent topics for PhD in management or other affiliated subjects?

The latest topics of interest are =>
1.#Behavioural models of #Marketing using experimental economics

2.Role of #Data #Sciences in modelling time-motion studies to measure human efficiency and output on the shop floor.
3.#Reliability Management Process Improvement Controls used in the Value-Added Industries
(Industrial/#engineering management).
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The #game of “economic moats” within most public #blockchains has made it hard for people to join in by forcing people to choose between geek and geeker. Go ahead and ask anyone new to #crypto how to get started and its like deer in headlights!

Time for a thread:
2/ Blockchain is a #technology that is meant to bring safety and freedom to you, yet most #dapps today have it's users completely at the control of the company that created it!
3/ When we try to use #blockchain networks, you feel like you are treated like a machine, instead of a person. Making people feel controlled and manipulated through poor system designs that have not fixed the hard part, treating you like a person.
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The game had its origin in India and was called #Moksha Patam or Parama Padam or Mokshapat. It was used to teach Hindu Dharma and Hindu values to children. The British renamed it #snakes and #Ladders.

The game was created by the 13th-century poet saint Gyandev. The ladders in
the game represented virtues and the #snakes indicated vices. The game was played with cowrie shells and dices. Later through time, the game underwent several modifications but the meaning is the same i.e good deeds take us to heaven and evil to a cycle of re-births. Certain
references take the game back to the 2nd century BC.

In the original game square, 12 was faith, 51 was Reliability, 57 was Generosity, 76 was #Knowledge, and 78 was Asceticism. These were the squares where the ladder was found. Square 41 was for Disobedience, 44 for Arrogance,
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1 week (7 days) to #IDOLYPRIDE #game release!

FUN FACT: There is a unique phenomenon, where there are at least 7 staffs here who have been involved together in Eromanga-sensei #anime & #manga, or at least influenced by that work or its alumnis during their careers.

#idol #JPop
.. they are Straight Edge staffs (Eromangasensei #manga volume 11's supervisors, now also as a part of #IDOLYPRIDE Production Committee), #TrySail (Eromangasensei #anime OP, now as #TRINITYAiLE), Kusunoki Tomori (Eromangasensei #anime's minor role's #seiyuu) (c) ..
#idol #idoltwt
... (c) MR Generation 3/#月のテンベスト's Aikawa Kanata & #IDOLYPRIDE #anime's series composer Takahashi Tatsuya (Eromangasensei #anime's composer).

Kusunoki Tomori (as Matsumoto Satomi here) makes her #seiyuu career debut with a dubbing minor role in Eromangasensei #anime (c)
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Our project website is online 😍 enabling to discover and explore our objectives, our teams and universe by visiting

#creativity #ErasmusPlus #PrimarySchools #game #quests #citizenship
🔍Get creative using our template for sharing your ideas of quests related to #societalchallenges #SDGs #citizenship…
This work has been strongly inspired by the amazing work of @fabline06 managed by @margaridaromero on card games for approaching SDGs and educational playful activities 👏🙏…
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As a MusicRay'n fan who has been following for past few years, especially on #TrySail (& several other artists like halca & CHiCO), witnessed them make collaboration w/ CyberAgent to develop a kind of #idol management RPG #game, is something powerful.

#IDOLYPRIDE #anime #idoltwt
I understand, #IDOLYPRIDE, a #game that is part of its media-mix work, is really more like "MusicRay'n manager simulation #game," just without #seiyuu jobs management & w/ rhythm gameplay too.

... But much deeper, it then speaks of "struggling together."
#idoltwt #anime #anitwt
MusicRay'n is different from other agencies.

I've often said that you wouldn't be able to get to know Tomatsu Haruka-san, without knowing Toyosaki Aki-san, or Amamiya Sora-san without Asakura Momo-san, or Aikawa Kanata-chan without Tachibana Mirai-san.

#IDOLYPRIDE #idol #anime
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#MOUNTAIN #VILLAGE #NARAN - #GAME #CHANGER .....!!!! BY - MH IKHLAS #Investments #Realestate #Tourism ...

MVN is the 1st International Standard Tourist Resort of #Pakistan comprising #Modern #Villas, #Hotel #suits, #Foodstreet, #Adventure #Park and much more.
It is located on Main Saif-ul-Malook Jheel road Naran.

It is the 1st initiative of this magnitude and standard which shall remain as the #Industrial #Precedent of the Tourism Real Estate of Pakistan.
It has been conceived and initiated by MH IKHLAS Developers, #Pioneers and #leaders of Tourism Real Estate. The Project has been designed to remain the #Benchmark project for local and overseas investors giving the highest ever rental returns in Pakistan.
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Life is like a game of sports.
You only have so much minutes to play.
So if you don't feel comfortable with the people you're playing, search for others, don't waste time.
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I really haven’t made a detailed list of everything I did in the #TTRPG sphere this year. But all in all, I think it was a productive year besides all the problems.
I published #LostInTheFantasyWorld, a #Visitation #Fantasy game I developed playing with my 5 year old kid!

I made my first #SoloRPG inspired by @pangalactic #WretchedAndAlone engine, called #LostInTheDeep. It’s pretty much a homage to the last #MinesOfMoria expedition. And I have plans for a few more of these!!!
I’ve also published a few accessories for #LostInTheFantasyWorld, such as a #ColoringBook and a few pamphlets to help Mentors create adventures and scenarios! I got to work with the amazing @devilmonkey77 for this!
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Time to talk a little bit about #ScreamsAmongstTheStars, my minimalist #Space #Horror #TTRPG that is being funded through Kickstarter right now! It’s built under the #IntoTheOdd engine with some modifications! Read along for more info!

Back it here:…
In this #Game you play as a spacer, an individual working in the far reaches of space, where new colonies are being established. You may be a crew of space truckers, miners, soldiers, scientists or even bounty hunters. You won’t be prepared for what you’ll find anyway.
In the frontier, resources are scarce and you have to pay attention to what you are carrying and the survival gear that you have. Things breaks. There isn’t much around, so make the best use of what you have.
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Finally what I actually wanted to post 😅

Here is a first dynamic update version of the rendering

Got a couple of things to optimize and reduce/remove some expensive operations that cause drops in the video

@ElaborateGames @AlexanderBorner @unity3d #screenshotsaturday

Doing shadow culling could potentially improve performance a lot

but it's perhaps not necessary for our usecase so that's just a sidenote
Started adding support for additional properties per instance (test with subtle brightness variation)

@ElaborateGames @unity #gamedev #madewithunity Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/01/2020…
The emergence of strategic capitalism: Geoeconomics, corporate statecraft and the repurposing of the global economy | FIIA – Finnish Institute of International Affairs…

#economy #emergence #capitalism
Back to Basics — Values Transfer into Intelligent Systems through Conway’s Law | It's About Empathy – Connection Ties Us Together…

#empathy #basics #values #ties #connection #transfer #law #systems
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We embraced #NFT's in gaming over 2 years ago with our partnership with @dapperlabs @CryptoKitties and today we announced an even closer partnership with @REVV_Token and @flow_blockchain @rohamg @Mik_Naayem #motogp…
But beyond all the #NFT hype, art and land ownership there is one narrative that we think is critically important and has long-term revolutionary potential and why we went all-in on projects like @TheSandbox…
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@Lumikai @SaloneSehgal Most of the games fundamental building block is Screenplay, Storyboard & Plot. Do you have any seed funding program for grass root comic artists? Seed funding to 3000 individual comics artist in the search of 1% good stories is much cost effective than
spending on 3000 production artist working on a game with a story that have never been tested in the market. #game #gaming #gamedev #gamedesign #comics #funding #investors #startup #incubation #avgc #founder #screenplay #Screenwriter
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1/ #game #founders, ok, you have a pitch deck, solidify your narrative, have a list of game investors. Now what? Reaching out to 100+ investors immediately? Not in a rush! I like this phased approach, I call it the "batch processing approach" 👇
2/ the idea is simple, you create a batch of "investors", each batch includes 20+ investors. Every week you reach out to a new batch, looks like this

Week 1 - email batch 1 investors
Week 2 - meetings w/ batch 1 + email batch 2
Week 3 - meetings w/ batch 2 + email batch 3...
3/ a few things to note

- you probably need to find someone who can connect you to investors, and this might take time
- always start with angels, they can decide fairly quickly, might give you some advice and even intros
- save your "dream" investors for batch 3 or later
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#Traders path #Futures & #Options

1: Understanding the game

Trading is not much different from playing poker game or betting on various other things.

It’s just a structured game where rules are not made by anyone, but needs to be followed by everyone in game.
Understanding those rules and adjusting yourself is a continuous process which will never end. As #SEBI would keep on changing rules.

The important thing to understand is any thing in life if we want to succeed we need patience and dedication.
A 2 hour webinar or 2 day course can’t teach you about #CapitalMarkets or #Trading it’s impossible.

Personally i feel have around 40-50% knowledge about capital markets after more than 12years of trading experience.
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