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On today’s Resource spotlight, we bring you an open-source FPS template for #game developers from @elympicsgames & @playWAM, the $WAM gaming ecosystem.

All features, details & more about their free multiplayer FPS Unity template are available at:…

👇 Image
@elympicsgames is an All-in-one platform to build, host and monetize multiplayer games 🔥🎮

They have also released a “Competitive Multiplayer Game Development Course on Unity” for those looking to learn game development skills, at:…

If you’re looking to get new game development skills, complete their free course and test your knowledge by using their free Unity FPS templates from:…

Find this Resource at:…

Let’s build the next #Web3 #game🔥🛠️

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It's time to update the ecosystem, as well as the long-awaited launch of our website 🔥 Well, get ready because there are indeed many projects 🧵

You can sort them, find official sources, and a description for each one through this link - ♻️

#layerzero Image
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FarmTrees by @etrees_ is a Play To Reforest #game on @MultiversX #blockchain, based on an #NFT farming system.

The objective is to obtain increasingly rare #NFTs trees and to be the first to obtain the unique tree, available in a single copy for each species of tree.

🧵👇 Image
The goal of @etrees_ is to create a link between technology and ecology, so each purchase of an eTrees #NFT has a real life impact.

Via their partner @onetreeplanted, when you buy a basic tree #NFT, you plant about 5 real trees through their NGO:…

The FarmTrees game ecosystem consists of four types of plots: River Plot, Mountain Plot, Savannah Plot & Beach Plot.

Each plot has a special tree and a basic tree, which can be upgraded to rare, epic, legendary and unique.

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Main #game memang menyenangkan apalagi jika mendapatkan uang. Akhir-akhir ini, banyak game penghasil uang yang bisa Anda temukan dengan mudah. Beberapa pecinta #gamer bisa mendulang manfaatnya dari #aplikasi ini.… Ada banyak cara mendapatkan uangnya mulai dari bermain game tersebut sampai mengundang teman lain untuk memainkannya. Nantinya, komisi yang didapatkannya ini akan langsung ditransfer ke rekening yang dimiliki. Namun, rekening tersebut ada yang bisa menggunakan bank lokal dan ada juga yang harus lewat PayPal untuk rekening internasional. Jadi, Anda harus memastikan metode transfer dari game tersebut agar bisa menyiapkan rekening sebelumnya.
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@GiantsVillage is an on-chain game allowing players to collect and trade while building the Giants’ world.

It aims to be a fully #Web3 #blockchain #game on @MultiversX, w/ on-chain core logic, assets owned by the Players, governance & community-first approach.

🧵👇 Image
The first phase of the game will be web-based, w/ an open-world that combines elements of farming simulation, virtual pet management, and world-building.

All assets and characters from the game will be on-chain as #NFTs & #SFTs, fully tradable on any marketplace.

The #NFT collection is GIANTS-93cadd and upcoming #SFT collections will be used for the land, resources, buildings, decorations, and more.

Game’s information like levels, experience, power-ups, etc will be stored directly inside the NFTs/SFTs.…
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Nach allem, was man hört, soll #JediSurvivor ein hervorragendes #Game sein, wenn man die technischen Probleme ausblendet.

Bemerkenswert ist aber, wie es EA gelingt, den guten Ruf, den der erste Teil hervorbrachte wieder zu zerstören. Ein paar Gedanken dazu: 🧵👇 1/x
#JediFallenOrder hat einen sehr guten Leumund. Das hat nicht nur den Grund, dass es ein hervorragendes Game ist. Viel mehr noch: es ist frei von Mikrotransaktionen und Service Game-Mechaniken.
Es ist eine klassische Singleplayer-Erfahrung. Man spielt die Story durch. 2/x
That's it. Keine Patches mit neuem Content, keine Seasons, kein In-Game-Shop.
Publisher #Electroniarts stand zuvor Jahre genau wegen solcher Praktiken in der Kritik. #JediFallenOrder machte der #gamingcommunity wieder Hoffnung. Hatte EA etwa aus vergangenen Fehlern gelernt? 3/x
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1/ To be honest, I'm having a hard time comprehending this one, but I came up with a simple example that could help. 🧵

@woj4ke Please correct me if I am incorrect.

I'll probably delete this later if it doesn't make sense.
2/ Assume I develop a #decentralized gaming app (L2-Smart Contract) with 10 nodes hosted all over the world to be redundant and reliable while processing #smartcontract data in the #network.

➡️ The purpose of this #game is to walk from the starting point to the finish line.
3/ On the players route to the finish line, there are rocks to leap over.

After successfully leaping over a rock, a #transaction on the #dApp gets crafted, granting the player 1 issued #Token labeled "JUMP".
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#Warhammer 40,000: #Battlesector is surprisingly addictive #game, despite problems with not always obvious goals and extremely slow turns even with skip enemy movement option. Image
Each mission of the campaign is a manually constructed map, full of a huge number of small details and offering non-trivial tactical opportunities. ImageImageImageImage
Literally, from the very first missions, the game seems unbeatable and feels like a horror. But it’s intendant, when you get used to retreating tactics and open more special skills and units, you will have a choice of more optimal solutions for every situation. Image
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Most studios are trapped in the past. 🤔

They fail to leverage #AI technology in their quest to modernize games.

But Farcana is different;

We are pushing the boundaries of gaming with AI. 🧵
Farcana integrates #AI in many aspects of its development.

And these AI systems come in 3 forms. 1⃣2⃣3⃣
1⃣ In-game #NPC AI technology

The Farcana game will include AI characters who continuously #learn from #gameplay data. 📕
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We listed 110 new projects last week🎊.

The top🏆3 in terms of 24h trading volume are:

@blur_io, an #NFT marketplace for pro traders on @ethereum.
@Coredao_Org, an L1 blockchain with the composability of an EVM chain.
@SmartFinanceNFT, a #GameFi ecosystem on Ethereum. Image
The graph shows the tokens with a trading volume of more than $1.3m in the past 24 hours, their overall price changes, as well as the corresponding community info. Image
Most of the projects were launched on @ethereum and @BNBCHAIN, with #DeFi, #Meme and #NFT as the main fields. Although more than 30 new DeFi-related tokens were listed, most of them performed average. The ones with the most heat are in NFT and #Game.
#AI is still hot as well. Image
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We listed 79 new tokens last week🎊.

The top🏆3 in terms of 24h trading volume are:

@FlareNetworks, a Layer-1 EVM blockchain.
@fronk_inu, a meme token on Solana.
• ShopNext Loyalty Token, by @HelloShopNEXT, a shop-to-earn crypto onboarding platform on BNB.
The graph shows the tokens with a trading volume of more than $400,000 in the past 24 hours, their overall price changes, as well as the corresponding community info.
Most of the projects were launched on BNB and Ethereum, with #memecoin, #DeFi, #Game, and #NFT as the main fields.

Compared to the previous week, we got more Meme tokens this week, but most of them have poor market performance. The only Meme with high trading volume is Fronk
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GM! Here are the top trending repos in web3, curated by top devs in the last 24 hours ✨.

Check the 6 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
Repo openai-cookbook by openai (4565 ⭐️)
+11 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API…
Repo starknet_in_rust by lambdaclass (32 ⭐️)
+6 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

A Rust implementation of Starknet…
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GM! Here are the top trending repos in web3, curated by top devs in the last 24 hours ✨.

Check the 3 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
Repo awesome-algorithmic-game-theory by @badcryptobitch (32 ⭐️)
+5 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

An Awesome list for resources on algorithmic game theory
#algorithmic-game-theory #algorithms #game-theory…
@badcryptobitch Repo tsparticles by @HollowMatt_ITA (4684 ⭐️)
+4 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

tsParticles - Easily create highly customizable JavaScript particles effects, confetti exp...
#particles #typescript #npm #javascript #animat...…
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MusicRay'n must be able to distinguish what is "potential" and "productive"


#相川奏多 #橘美來 #夏目ここな #日向もか #宮沢小春

#声優 #anime #game #anitwt
How do you know if Miyazawa Koharu is productive on stage, if she is being uncomfortable, that means she actually has no potential?
Conversely, when Hinata Moka is very comfortable on radio + seiyuu roles, how can not well known if she is not productive here?

#宮沢小春 #日向もか
In other words, it's crazy. MusicRay'n has broken its integrity. If his integrity is broken, can he still be trusted?

Who teaches these people? Did they forget the time Asakura Momo developed? Have they forgotten Toyosaki Aki-san's early days?

#ミュージックレイン #声優 #anime
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Pourquoi ne pas tout mettre sur ton #Ledger ⁉️

J'ai eu pas mal de remarques là dessus...
Je vous donne mes raisons & mes réflexions⬇️

#THREAD & Débat ouvert✅

Il n'y a aucun doutes là dessus. Oui, tout mettre dans un #coldwallet, c'est la méthode la plus sûre.🔐

C'est clairement le meilleur conseil qu'on puisse donner à quelqu'un qui souhaite investir dans les cryptos🏆

Mais alors pourquoi je ne le fais pas à 100% ⁉️
Déjà, parce que je suis un utilisateur de la #DeFi qui aime l'expérimentation ‼️

(Attendez de lire la suite avant de sauter au plafond)

Une partie de mes #cryptos travaille dans différents protocoles, avec différents rendements et différents niveaux de risques⚠️ Image
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💎@phi_xyz - a new gem?

PhiLand is a visualized #Ethereum world in Metaverse, where you can establish your own web3 world that will evolve along with your onchain activities.

#metaverse #NFTs #web3 #game Image
🧏🏻In PhiLand you essentially create your own land, add any objects that are available when any conditions are met. So your land displays your activity in Ethereum (Analogy to DegenScore)
🙋🏻♂️The project team is public, but their previous experience is not entirely clear. The only interesting thing I would like to mention is that the team includes eBoy members
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Thread time 🧵

Here's how to precisely design a small building in a game (such as an isometric bunker) by fine-tuning #StableDiffusion

This example was inspired by #RedAlert, which I spent countless hours on (in 96-97 - pls don't call me old 😅)

Style-consistency is paramount when it comes to designing #game assets.

I trained a fine-tune using @Scenario_gg (alpha), using 16 images (below), inspired by the Red Alert/Command & Conquer buildings.

Fun fact: I generated them all in... @midjourney.
I actually generated more than 200 buildings (and even some vehicles), from which I picked a smaller dataset, keeping enough variability within a certain consistent style.

I will keep the remaining data for new trainings in the coming days :)
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The Invincible (2023)
"Initial recon has told us that Regis III seems to be an unusually calm planet, with idyllic and breathtaking vistas in abundance. We’ve seen no signs of herbivores or predators".
#scifi #game #StanislawLem
"You are Yasna, a highly qualified astrobiologist sent on a scientific mission to discover what lies on the dusty surface of the uncharted, eerie planet, Regis III. When your crew disappears, things quickly get out of hand."

Of course.

The Invincible by @StarwardInd & @11bitstudios is an upcoming "first-person single-player sci-fi thriller set in a retro-future timeline", based on the 1964 novel by Stanislaw Lem.…
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#Aurora Community weekly upcoming activities

Nov, 21st - 27th
1. Workshops
@AURORAAFRICA1 @AURORAAFRICA1 blockchain academy

Nov, 25th
7pm UTC


Nov, 26th
1pm UTC
@BrasilAurora weekly updates every Friday
Nov, 25th, 7pm UTC

@AuroraFilipino weekly open forum

Nov, 27th

@AuroraNftClub NFT Artist Onboarding on @Endemic_nft in collab with @Vietnam_Aurora

Nov, 21st - 29th
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How game artists can explore more creative options with #AI, using their own art, in their own style.

A short (and yet powerful) example with @DanielPlaychain 🧵

#AI #gaming #game #artist #StableDiffusion
.@DanielPlaychain is the Chief Creative Officer @playchain_ (Web3 gaming).

He has posted some awesome game art on his @ArtStationHQ - check it out:
Daniel and I worked on a specific dataset of stylized characters (a style exploration, made a few years ago).

I focused on the characters below (removed the weapons, beast, and badges) and trained a finetune using @Scenario_gg on 7 images.
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I have some important news to share!

We’re shipping in a few weeks (@Scenario_gg).

It's the ultimate creation machine for making high-quality, style-consistent #game assets. Image
We enables game developers & artists to easily create 2D game assets, from a web browser, using custom-trained #GenerativeAI engines.

No technical skills and no complex software implementation are required.

100% online, anytime, anywhere. Image
.@Scenario_gg lets you create infinite consistent content, similar to what I described in my recent posts (swords, chests, books, characters, potions, cards & more)

Game creators can create incredible, high-quality assets in hours (vs. days or weeks using a traditional process) Image
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I've explored a reliable method to create high-quality, style-consistent #game assets w. #StableDiffusion

We're just scratching the surface here & I believe this can become a very potent creation tool (like a "@procreate on AI-steroids"🤔)

A demonstration with... spellbooks 🧵
Spellbooks are another ubiquitous asset in heroic #fantasy games, tabletop games, D&D, etc.

However (like for potions), the Unity/Unreal asset stores have limited choice, and most assets have a rather simplistic design.

Here's how #AI can solve such a situation.
At first, I generated a set of 38 "random" spellbooks, which I used to train a finetune model of Stable Diffusion (Dreambooth). It took 1 hr.

I then explored a set of possibilities with simple prompts and or limited modifiers (intricate, detailed, beautiful, 3D render...)
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I've done a first pass on the dwarves, and they're fun.

This proves again that #AI / #StableDiffusion is a fantastic tool for designing and creating #game assets... when adequately fine-tuned.

Here's some of the exploration, so far - 🧵
The model was trained on just 11 pictures (!), with only 1500 training steps, which tuned out to be quick (20 min).

As before, the first step is to "explore“ the model with a few generic prompts. The goal is to find the modifiers that will keep a consistent style going forward.
Once the "stable modifiers" are found, it's time to select some of the best output and remove the background when needed.

"A dwarf, detailed, trending on Artstation, Clash of Clans"👇
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Sharing additional thoughts on #StableDiffusion to create #gaming content & #game assets 🧵

My last exploration was on golems; this one is with "Space Marines-like" heavy infantry.

This was a fun creation with lots of learnings 👨‍💻. Feel free to like/RT if you find it useful 🚀
1/ First (as mentioned before - ) > curate a training dataset (such as pictures of figurines) to feed a #Dreambooth finetune.

Once the model is ready, compare different generic prompts (e.g. "low-poly," "3D rendering“, "ultra-detailed," "pixel art," etc.)
2/ Once a prompt looks good, keep the modifiers (in this case: "3D rendering, highly detailed, trending on Artstation").

And start iterating around variations, such as colors (or pose). Don't over-engineer it, to keep the consistency. You should get this:
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