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Thread for AAP Ka News #E101 - 28th July 2022

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#AAP CM #ArvindKejriwal inaugurated 7 best-in-class #ElectricVehicles (EV) charging stations across #Delhi. These charging stations will be open to all EV owners & aimed at providing low-cost slow as well as fast charging setups…
#thread 3/n
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will conduct skill training workshops for 25,000 people over the next six months, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation…
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Lives, a really advantageous feature available in the bonus mode when the grid is expanded to 7 columns high. Players get 3 additional lives that are used after no-winning spins, so instead of paying for new rounds, they consume the #YogiAdityanath #TejRan #TheBachelorette awarded re-spins.The third adventure based on the powers of the PopWins mechanic that extends the reels after each winning spin, CherryPop is a feature-packed tribute to an old good one-armed bandit. Available already at $0.20, this game boasts a huge max win of $2,255,440, returning to players a pleasant 96.2% of all staked money, in the long run, of course. To the delight of many online slots buffs, this stunning retro arcade fruit machine bursts not only with juicy flavors but also with free spins.
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As #SupremeCourt orders no further action on pending #Sedition cases, our year-long investigation of sedition data & stories—used by most petitioners in current case—lays bare how cases rose 28% every year after 2014. 1/n…
25 #Sedition cases filed after anti-#CAA protests, 22 after #Hathras gang rape, 27 after #Pulwama bombings: 519 sedition cases by #Modi govt (2014-2020), against protest movements, journalists, intellectuals. 2/n
96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians & govts between 2010 & 2021 registered after 2014: 149 accused of making “critical” and/or “derogatory” remarks against #NarendraModi, 144 against #YogiAdityanath. 3/n
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Just In: Allahabad High Court 'dismisses PIL with ₹1,00,000 cost' that had sought direction to the UP CM @myogiadityanath to disclose his full and actual name in the public domain & to refrain from using the word 'Yogi' as title in his official communication.
#YogiAdityanath Image
The petitioner namely Namaha who had impleaded CM as 'Adityanath' in this PIL, had alleged that the CM had been using different names at different places on different occasions and more than 25 crore residents of the Uttar Pradesh want to know his real and correct name.
Court dismissed the petition noting that being a political person, Namaha deliberately chose to conceal his identity while filing the writ petition, apparently with some ulterior motive or cheap publicity.
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#யோகிஆதித்யநாத் #YogiAdityanath
தேர்தலுக்கு முன் அவரிடம் 'இண்டியா டிவி' பேட்டி எடுத்தது. பேட்டியாளர், உங்கள் குடும்பத்தார் நீங்கள் முதலமைச்சர் ஆனதால் மகிழ்ச்சியோடு இருக்கிறார்களா எனக் கேட்கிறார்!. யோகியின் சகோதரி, ஒரு கோவில் அருகே காய்கறி வியாபாரம் செய்கிறார். அத்துடன் ஒரு
டீக்கடையும் சில பிஸ்கெட்களையும் விற்கிறார். மிகவும் ஏழ்மையான வாழ்க்கை நடத்துகிறார். இதுதான் ஒரு முதலமைச்சரின் சொந்த சகோதரியின் நிலைமை! டிவியாளர் கேட்ட கேள்விக்கு யோகியால் பதில் சொல்ல இயலவில்லை. கண்களில் கண்ணீர் மட்டும் பெருகி ஓடுகிறது. கண்ணீருக்கு இடையே தழுதழுத்த குரலில், "நான்
இந்த மாநிலத்திற்காக என்னை அர்ப்பணிப்பதாக சத்தியப் பிரமாணம் எடுத்துள்ளேன். என் குடும்பம் முன்னேற சபதம் எடுக்கவில்லை.எனது குடும்பத்தைப் பற்றி என்னால் கவலைப்பட முடியாது. எனது கவனமெல்லாம் உபி மக்களின் முன்னேற்றமே!" எனக் கூறி கண் கலங்குகிறார்!
உபி மாநிலம்
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Only 9 votes to #YogiAdityanath How True is this in #UttarPradeshElections
Whatever you do this c0mmunity they have loyalty only towards their religion!
*Gorakhpur (UP):*
*Know the meaning of "Al-Taqiya"*
In this Muslim dominated area of ​​Gorakhpur,Yogi got only 9 votes but
the people there used to call Yogiji
"Messiah" in front of the media .

Yogi had to face a crushing defeat at Chaksa Hussain booth,adjacent to Gorakhnath temple.

There were a total of 1016 voters in booth number 267 Janpriya Vihar II, out of which 456 had cast their votes,in
in which Yogi got only 9 votes
Everyone is surprised to see this figure.
They praised the work of Yogi,but did not vote for him.
Chaksa Hussain,Janapriya Bihar area,is the area adjacent to CM's residence & Gorakhnath temple, whose distance is not even about 50steps from temple
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#YogiAdityanath’s biggest challenger is not #AkhileshYadav.

His real competitors are the chief ministers of other BJP-run states.

Assam, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka are four such examples, writes #PriyaRamani in #BQOpinion.…
Politicians who run these states were seemingly never automatic fundamentalists, points out #PriyaRamani.

Read more in #BQOpinion: Image
In 2014, Himanta Biswa Sarma, then a Congress politician, said we do not do “Hindu-Muslim”.

By 2021, he was saying India belonged to Hindus, writes Priya Ramani in #BQOpinion.…
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It was around 2001-02
I first heard the name #YogiAdityanath.

It was before the time our workers had their own cellphones & so would occasionally come in the office to make a call.

One particular afternoon I could hear the distraught voice of a young carpenter in the next
room & then the phone being repeatedly dialled by an office staff member.

He was trying to get through to a PCO where the carpenter’s parents were waiting.

His mother’s wails & his father’s trembling voice resonated in that office cabin as they broke the news to him that
his sister had gone missing. To date I remember the fear I felt sitting far away in Delhi.

As he collected his salary & hurriedly left to catch a train home to UP, work came to a stand still in our workshop & we discussed Kamlesh’s situation.
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LIVE | Polling for the second phase of the UP Assembly elections begins, with votes being cast in 55 constituencies across 9 districts.
Follow for updates from #UttarPradeshElections2022:
LIVE | #PMNarendra Modi took to Twitter to urge voters to vote in large numbers in the three states.
Follow for updates from #UttarPradeshElections2022:
LIVE | Voting at polling station number 407 in Damkhoda village of Bareilly Assembly constituency yet to begin due to a glitch in the EVM.
Follow for updates from #UttarPradeshElections2022:
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➡️ #ElectionsWithHT | Chief Minister #YogiAdityanath to contest from #Gorakhpur in #UPElections2022

➡️ Deputy CM KeshavPrasad
Maurya to contest from #Sirathu assembly segment

Track updates - Image
#ElectionsWithHT | #BJP declares former #Uttarakhand governor Baby Rani Maurya as candidate from #Agra (Rural) for upcoming #UPElections2022

Track updates -
#ElectionsWithHT | #BJP declares #MrigankaSingh, daughter of BJP veteran late Hukum Singh, as candidate from #Kairana for upcoming #UPElections2022

Track updates - Image
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#काशी_विश्वनाथ_कॉरिडॉर : धार्मिक विकासकामांचे प्रेरणास्रोत
#थ्रेड #Thread #धागा
#भव्य_काशी_दिव्य_काशी #KashiVishwanathCorridor
13 डिसेंबर रोजी, फिनिक्स सारख्या नवीन अवतारात उदयास येणारे काशी हे शाश्वत शहर पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी यांच्या साक्षीने काशी विश्वनाथ धामचे नवनिर्मित संकुल
लोकांना, विशेषत: यात्रेकरूंना समर्पित करणार आहे, ज्यांना अनेक अडचणींचा सामना करावा लागायचा.

प्रदीर्घ इतिहासातील चढ-उतार, विनाश आणि सृष्टीचा साक्षीदार असलेल्या भगवान शिवाच्या निवासस्थानाचे हे पुनरुज्जीवन तब्बल 250 वर्षांनी साकार होत आहे. इंदूरच्या महाराणी अहिल्याबाई होळकर यांनी
मुघल शासक औरंगजेबाने उद्ध्वस्त केलेल्या काशी विश्वनाथ मंदिराच्या पुनर्बांधणीत महत्त्वपूर्ण भूमिका बजावली होती. शेजारील ज्ञानवापी मशिदीच्या अवशेषांनी 1777-80 मध्ये राणीच्या मॅरेथॉन प्रयत्नांनी एका लहान पण भव्य मंदिराचे रूप धारण केले.
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A WA forward on what #YogiAdityanath has done for UP:
Last 5 years of UP:
Expressways started in 2008 when Mayawati started constructing Yamuna Expressway connecting Noida to Agra - It was her dream project of 166 KM. That’s UP for you 👏👏
then came Akhilesh Yadav who started Lucknow Metro and did 90% work on Agra - Lucknow expressway connecting Yamuna Expressway to Lucknow of 302 KM.
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PM Narendra Modi today laid the foundation stone of Noida International Airport in UP's Jewar. The event is being attended by over 2.5L people & a massive tent covering an area of over 12 lakh square feet has been constructed. #NoidaInternationalAirport…
The Noida International Airport will be UP's fifth international airport as well as Asia's largest airport. The airport is a key infrastructure project undertaken by the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in UP, which is gearing up for the Assembly elections next year.
The govt is projecting it as a "gamechanger" for the state, which would become the "logistics gateway of northern India." Meticulous preparations were made for the ceremony. Apart from the massive tent, a lounge for Modi, a helipad & asphalt roads to the venue were also set up.
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As the #SupremeCourtofIndia calls for "reinterpretation" of "ambit & parameters" of 150-yr-old #sedition law, our database reveals how use of the law has soared over a decade, especially after 2014, in clear violation of previous SC judgements…
96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians, govts over last decade registered after 2014, with 149 accused of making “critical” and/or “derogatory” remarks against PM #Modi & 144 similarly accused for comments against #UP CM #YogiAdityanath.
In UP, 77% of 115 sedition cases since 2010 registered over 4 yrs to 2020, since #YogiAdityanath became CM. More than half over issues of “nationalism”: against those who protested #CAA, for shouting “Hindustan Murdabad”, allegedly celebrating #Pulwama, India’s cricket loss
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#THREAD - How A Yogi-fied Uttar Pradesh Breathes A Sigh of Relief!

Let's find out how @myogiadityanath's Uttar Pradesh government with its 'Stealth Approach' stepped up their game to meet #Oxygen demands in the nation's most populated state

#YogiAdityanath #UttarPradesh

Oxygen, one of the most critical elements for clinical treatment was managed at a war footing by the #UttarPradesh government

Their focus?

The most important metric LOCATION & MOVEMENT of assets to carry as much #oxygen possible with a focus on OPTIMISATION.

Within 24 hrs, #upgovt activated teams all over #UttarPradesh & sourcing states like Jharkhand, West Bengal & Odisha to intercept trucks carrying #oxygencylinders, deployed an app for download on smartphones & placed it in each truck, w/o disturbing their ongoing route.

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கேரளாவில் ஆம்புலன்ஸ் வசதி இல்லாமல் , பைக்கில் போனவங்க அவலத்தை பார்த்தோம் ...

உத்தரபிரதேசம் ..

தொற்று காலத்தில் வேலை இல்லாமல் முடங்கி இருக்கும் ஆட்டோ காரர்களை கூப்பிடுங்க ..

தேவையான பாதுகாப்பு வழிமுறைகளை சொல்லி கொடுத்து ,தேவையான உடைகள் கொடுத்து ..
ஆக்ஸிஜன் வசதியுடன் ஆட்டோவை ரெடி செய்து கொடுத்து ...

ஒரு ரூபாய் மக்களிடம் கேட்காதீர்கள் ! அரசாங்கம் உங்களுக்கு பணம் கொடுக்கும் ..

அதற்கு ஒரு கட்டுப்பாடு அறை வைத்து ,மக்களிடம் அந்த போன் நம்பர் கொடுத்து ..

நீங்கள் இந்த மக்கள் பணியை செய்யுங்கள் என்று பொது மக்களுக்கு இலவசமாக
" ஆட்டோ ஆம்புலன்ஸ்"

ஆன்லைன் டாக்டர் consult செய்ய வசதியுடன்..

இந்த திட்டத்தை செயல்படுத்தியது ஒரு " சன்யாசி " ,
ஐஐடி முன்னாள் மாணவன் இல்லை ..

இதன் எதிரொலி தான் ,நோய் தொற்று காலத்தை பயன்படுத்தி ,
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PIL filed by Saketh Gokhale in Allahabad HC against the State of Uttar Pradesh regarding coercive action taken against those who are appealing for oxygen on Social Media.

#YogiAdityanath #AllahabadHighCourt @CMOfficeUP @SaketGokhale
PIL refers to news of FIR filed against a man who sought @TwitterIndia help for oxygen for his grandfather.

#YogiAdityanath #AllahabadHighCourt @CMOfficeUP @SaketGokhale
PIL refers to Amethi Police FIR against one Shashank Yadav who had issued an appeal on Twitter. This tweet was also shared by @smritiirani Minister and MP from Amethi.

#YogiAdityanath #AllahabadHighCourt @CMOfficeUP @SaketGokhale @amethipolice @SmritiIraniOffc
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1.Its really inhumane- the way #UPRERA is functioning. How can an agency which was created to give justice became the reason of miseries of exploited Hbuyers? @UPRERAofficial is behaving like a real state mafiya. Buyers r cursing this unscrupulous agency having no responsibility.
2. There r thousands of cases where #UPRERA is doing gross violations of human rights by willfully creating mistakes in orders. #UPRERA can't review it's order but it is sending Hbuyers for reconciliations after order is passed n manipulating their own orders. #UPRERAscam .
3. #UPRERA is giving every liberty to builders as if they r exploited by Hbuyers. #UPRERA became a tool in the hands of builders to kill Hbuyers who r already in comma. The criminals r scot free under #UPRERA protection. #UPRERAscam
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#Hathras my views on it are based on a lot of inputs. The preparators thought and assumed that another #ShaheenBagh like situation, what they failed to note was , the government had stored on its memory the issue and here they were prepared. #PFI , the #Bheemagency and it's
2. agents were unprepared for this. As it emerges it's clear that there was no rape involved and the victims kin were equally involved in the gruesome murder which was an as they term it - an honour killing - I fail to understand any honour in killing unless it's one against
3. Colonial rule; now let's get the larger picture - @AIIndia , was informed of their violations of law and they chose to close Indian operations - now their own head had tweeted about how they brought down kings (eek), and the money flowing in from overseas has been traced, add
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Several female Advocates have written to the Chief Justice of India seeking his urgent intervention in the #Hathras tragedy.

The Advocates have prayed for a High Court monitored investigation and trial as well as action against erring officials.

#HathrasHorrorShocksIndia Image
The letter states that keeping the citizen's faith in rule of law, and to reassure women that they are secure is of
pivotal importance.

It is thus prayed that adequate institutional mechanisms be set up to ensure that no other person suffers the same fate.

47 Lady Advocates write to CJI seeking High Court-monitored investigation in the Hathras case [Read Letter]

@suruchisuri @SwatySMalik
#HathrasHorror #HathrasCase #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia
#YogiAdityanath #UPPolice…
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[LIVE UPDATES] Babri Masjid Demolition: Special Judge SK Yadav to pronounce the verdict in the Babri Masjid Demolition case.

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Advani #UmaBharti #Ayodhya
Lucknow Special Court had directed presence of all 32 accused.

The case refers to the demolition of Babri mosque in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.…
Special Judge had sought security and Supreme Court in 2019 had said:

"the concern of security is a valid one in light of the fact that the responsibility on the judge is a big one".

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Babri #YogiAdityanath #UPPolice…
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The accused had tried to strangulate the 19-year-old woman who was gang-raped by four men in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras as she resisted their attempt.…
Congress leaders protested against #Hathras gang rape at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi.
Express video | @Shekharyadav02.
The 19-year-old woman was found brutally injured, with a serious cut in her tongue as she bit it in agony when the perpetrators tried to strangulate her.
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