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Read this before you vote. Karnataka is Sarva Janangada Shantiya Thota. A big threat to our society is hate speech. Chronicled below are #25 of the most hateful speeches from Ktaka. Unsurprisingly from @BJP4Karnataka & its allies
Do we want these people back in power? #ByeByeBJP
1/n - @MunirathnaMLA, Horticulture minister, @BJP4Karnataka candidate for RR Nagar, despite the MCC being in force incited violence against Christians by asking people to chase, beat them. He made this speech on @tv9kannada on the 31st March #BJPFailsKarnataka #HateSpeechBeda Image
2/n @ikseshwarappa, MLA of Shimoga, star campaigner for @BJP4Karnataka, has been a repeat hate speech offender. He promises that "Masjids will also be destroyed on the lines of the #BabriMasjid in #Ayodhya & temples will be rebuilt there too". #BJPFailsKarnataka #HateSpeechBeda Image
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Thread: #MalianaMassacre a Tale of Injustice in India

It has been 36 years since 72 Muslims were brutally killed in the small town of #Maliana, in #UttarPradesh by provincial police force. On 01 April, 40 accused in the #massacre during the 1987 riots in Maliana...,
...Meerut were acquitted, while 23 accused have left this world and 30 accused are missing, against whom the trial will continue. The prosecution failed to produce sufficient evidence before the court, due to which benefit of doubt was given to the accused. #muslimsinindia
It took 36 years for the court to pronounce the verdict i.e. those who were accused in youth were acquitted in old age and children whose parents were killed have crossed puberty. Their families still await even the first glimmer of justice. #MalianaMassacre #IndianSupremeCourt
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Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama 1993
-Anime film co-produced by Japan & India ,directed by Koichi Sasaki,Ram Mohan,Yugo Sako (also producer of the film).
Although it was banned in India during the #BabriMasjid riots. later dubbed in Hindi and aired on DD National.
Here are the controversy

The Indian Express misinterpreted Yugo Sako's "The Ramayana Relics" documentary and published that he was making a new Ramayana. Soon thereafter, a protest letter based on the misunderstanding from the Vishva Hindu Parishad was received by the.....

2/6 Shiva’s Dhanush (Bow)Marriage processionBlissful life at the palaceThe palace conspiracy
Japanese Embassy in Delhi, which said that no foreigners could arbitrarily cinematize Ramayana because it was the great national heritage of India.

After the misconceptions were cleared, Yugo Sako proposed the idea of an animated Ramayana to the VHP and the government.

3/6 Banishment from AyodhyaBharat receiving Rama’s sandalsRakshasa (Demon) dance
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Things that changed in 🇮🇳 w Ram Janmabhoomi Movt/#Ayodhya/#BabriMasjid Demolition, a thread 🧵:

1. Daily, yearlong RW propaganda from the 80s onwards finally made most Hindu school kids esp in Hindi belt communal. 90s saw an increase in slurs & discrimination against Muslim kids
2. Post Kargil War, post-Godhra and pogrom, the victim community was blamed simply for their identity and targetting in all spheres of life escalated further.
3. Interfaith couples became unsafe on a larger scale than ever before.
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In whose memory was the #babrimasjid built ?
In Babar’s own words. [Thread]
Source: Baburnama
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🚨Will the appeal against acquittal of LK Advani, others in #babrimasjid demolition be allowed?

#AllahabadHighCourt to hear the plea challenging the 2020 judgment by Spl CBI court which held the action of the mob which razed the mosque to be accidental rather than planned
The bench of Justices Ramesh Sinha and Saroj Yadav to take up the matter
#allahabadhighcourt #babri
Court: What is your locus here? How can you say that you're victim in the present case?
Counsel for appellant: We are the victims, my lord. Our properties were also burned during the incident.
#allahabadhighcourt #babri
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#BabriMasjid #🧵- சமத்துவத் தந்தை புரட்சியாளர் #அண்ணல்_அம்பேத்கர் நினைவு நாள் - @thamizharivanAJ மீள்பதிவு.

சமத்துவத்தை விரும்பும் அனைவருக்குமான தலைவரை ஒடுக்கப்பட்ட இனங்களுக்கு மட்டுமான தலைவராக ஆக்கவே இந்துத்துவம் திட்டமிட்டு டிசம்பர் 6, 1992 அன்று பாபர் மசூதியை இடித்தது.

1/ Image
மாட்டு மூத்திரம் குடித்தால் புற்றுநோய் வராது, கொரானாவே ஓடிவிடும் என்றெல்லாம் சிந்திக்கும் கூட்டத்துக்கு எப்படி அம்பேத்கரின் சிந்தனை வெளியை முடக்கிட திட்டமிடும் அளவுக்கான கட்டமைப்பும் கோட்பாடும் வந்தது?

2/ Image
கடந்த நூற்றாண்டில் எழுந்த இந்துத்துவம் எனும் அடிப்படைவாத வலதுசாரிக் கோட்பாட்டுக்கு தந்தையாக பார்க்கப்படும் சாவர்க்கர், ஆங்கிலேயரின் காலை நக்கி சிறைவாசத்திலிருந்து தப்பித்தது மட்டுமல்ல, இந்த கோட்பாட்டையே சியோனிசத்திடமிருந்து தான் ஆட்டையப் போட்டார்.

3/ Image
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Just after his victory in the 1984 elections, #RajivGandhi faced his first big challenge. On 23rd April 1985, the Supreme Court ordered the ex-husband of a Muslim woman from Indore, Shah Bano, to pay her maintenance under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). 1/13
Shah Bano's ex-husband Mohammed Ahmad Khan had argued in the Madhya Pradesh High Court, that under Islamic Law, he had paid his divorced wife three months' maintenance, and he wasn't obliged to pay any more. 2/13
But the apex court maintained that "there is no conflict between the provisions of Section 125 and those of the Muslim Personal Law on the question of a Muslim husband's obligation to provide maintenance for a divorced wife who is unable to maintain herself". 3/13
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🪡 Much of the outrage on the #HijabRow asks the naive question: “Why is it happening in #Karnataka?”

Answer: “Why are you surprised?”

The startup state was an early-stage investor in #Hindutva. Its reputation as a #Hindutva laboratory precedes #Gujarat and #UttarPradesh.
2️⃣ #BJP’s political quest for the Babri Masjid only began in the late 1980s. In #Karnataka, the ground to reclaim Baba Budangiri, a Sufi shrine in #Chikamagalur district, had been laid a decade before #Ayodhya became common parlance, in 1978.

3️⃣ In 1990, when L.K. Advani’s ‘Rath Yatra’ passed through #Karnataka, seven people died in Bidar in communal riots. But 600 km away, in and around #Bangalore, at least another 33 people died in clashes in 5 locations. It was not an accident.

Map: courtesy Prof Mushirul Hasan
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Saturn in Shravana – Unfolding the hidden mysteries
Saturn is currently transiting the Vishnu’s own nakshatra i.e., Shravana.This transit of karma karaka carries a divine message of transformation which a common man might not understands. By the way of this article,

I want to take you to the transcendal journey where hidden clues about karma and destiny can be decoded.

I don’t want to complicate the things so let’s start from some general knowledge about the nakshatra of Shravana. The star of Shravana is ruled by moon according to

Vimshottari Dasha scheme and it is opposite moon’s own house of cancer. So, the first important thing to understand is that any planet which will be placed in the nakshatra of Shravana will aspect moon’s own house too. Here is the catch. As the planet is affecting the
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A review of #Islamophobia in 2020:

The #COVID19 pandemic exacerbated Islamophobia around the globe. From #India to the U.K., #Muslims were accused of spreading the virus & evading lockdown orders.
For #Muslims, the environment meant not only being disproportionately impacted by a deadly virus but also facing targeted discrimination from those in power:…
Islamophobia in #India in 2020:
Politicians & right-wing media continued to promote anti-Muslim rhetoric & tropes, while Indian Muslims & rights activists protested against discriminatory legislation (#CAA), which rendered Indian Muslims 2nd-class citizens.
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28 years since a mob destroyed the #babrimasjid, a rare Babur-period mosque. How much do you know about this event and its repercussions?
On some of the lead-up to this terrible event:
Basic timeline of key events (note that 300+ year gap between events 1 and 2... the #babrimasjid dispute has always been a modern issue, not a premodern one):…
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Here is Timeline of #BabriMasjid as #BabriMasjidAwaitsJustice

1528: Babri Masjid was constructed in Ayodhya by Mir Baqi on instructions of Mughal emperor Babur.
No record of it being built over a demolished temple, nor any record of claims of site being birth place of Shri Ram
1859: Controversy began after locals start claiming #BabriMasjid as birthplace of Shri Ram.

Britishers erected a fence dividing the site. Muslims used mosque's inner court to pray, Hindus were allowed to use outer court.

1934: Damage to mosque & dome in riots, rebuilt by govt
1949: Idols were planted by Hindu Mahasabha activists inside #BabriMasjid. The mosque was then locked.

District magistrate K.K. Nayar refused to remove idols on the premise that it would lead to large-scale riots. He later joined Jan Sangh, the precursor to BJP, & elected as MP.
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[Saturday Hearing]

#MadrasHighCourt hears plea against TN Govt's rejection of permission sought by @BJP4TamilNadu to conduct Vel Yathra across districts in Tamil Nadu.

The matter is being heard by Justices M Sathyanarayanan and R Hemalatha.
On Thursday, the First Bench had disposed of two PILs challenging its conduct amid COVID-19 after the State informed that it had decided to reject the application made for permission to conduct the Vel Yatra.

The Court had given liberty to challenge the Govt's rejection.
Bench has assembled.

V Ragavachari for BJP: Matter relates to permission sought to visit various temples. Once the temple is open subject to certain conditions, not appropriate to prevent people from entering.
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#MadrasHC disposes of PILs against Vel Yatra which was proposed to be taken by BJP between Nov 6-30 with liberty to BJP TN Unit to challenge Govt rejection of the application made for permission conduct the Yatra.
During the hearing today, AG Vijay Narayan informed Madras HC that the State has decided to reject the application for the conduct of the Vel Yatra in the public interest in view of the COVID-19 Govt orders as well as the threat of a law and order situation
AG Vijay Narayan had added that the State is in the process of finalizing and communicating the reply.
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From #BabriVerdict :
Court says :
1. No evidence that accused incited the mob on the day of demolition.
2. As to speeches, slogans etc., made earlier by accused, court refused to accept press reports, video tapes, photos as authentic. Newspaper reports hearsay evidence.
3. Court adopts a conspiracy theory in the form of an unverified intelligence report that anti social/anti-national elements could have assembled in the area under the garb of kar sewaks and surmises that they might have created trouble. (Quite astonishing!)
4. No material to show accused raised provocative slogans.

5. Incident occurred suddenly and without provocation and accused did not themselves expect that it would happen, court says.
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Pakistan strongly condemns the acquittal of criminals responsible for demolishing historic Babri Masjid in Ayodhya: FO

#BabriMasjid #DunyaNews
This is another manifestation of the pliant judiciary under the BJP-RSS regime in which ‘Hindutva’ ideology takes precedence over all principles of justice & international norms: FO

#BabriMasjid #DunyaNews #DunyaUpdates
The permeation of extremist Hindutva ideology in all state institutions of India is deeply concerning: FO

#BabriMasjid #DunyaNews #DunyaUpdates
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[LIVE UPDATES] Babri Masjid Demolition: Special Judge SK Yadav to pronounce the verdict in the Babri Masjid Demolition case.

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Advani #UmaBharti #Ayodhya
Lucknow Special Court had directed presence of all 32 accused.

The case refers to the demolition of Babri mosque in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.…
Special Judge had sought security and Supreme Court in 2019 had said:

"the concern of security is a valid one in light of the fact that the responsibility on the judge is a big one".

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Babri #YogiAdityanath #UPPolice…
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Accused Vinay Katiyar reaches Lucknow court for verdict in Babri Masjid demolition case with heavy security, escort vehicles. @ThePrintIndia #BabriMasjid Image
Former Shiv Sena leader Pawan Pandey (now BJP), accused in the #BabriMasjid case reaches court, waves at the media says "ready for the verdict"
After the demolition Pandey had come before the media along with the stone plaque of Mir Baqui from the Babri mosque. @ThePrintIndia ImageImage
Sadhvi Raithambra, one of the key accused in the #BabriDemolitionCase reaches court. Waves at the media. She is accused of criminal conspiracy in the case. @ThePrintIndia ImageImageImage
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"They tried making the ground difficult to sit on.We remained seated.When I bent down to drink water they smashed me on the head."Freedom fighter Baji Mohammed calmly describes the brutal attack he bore for his peace keeping efforts in the aftermath of the #BabriMasjid demolition Image
A firm satyagrahi, he continued serving his country long after independence by participating in any cause that mattered to masses. Having donated all his 14 acres of land to the Bhoodan movement, his most cherished possesions are photos of him in Mahatma Gandhi's protest marches.
He was part of a vanishing tribe of countless rural Indians who sacrificed much for India’s freedom."I was more seva dal than Satta dal,"says the gentle old man,smiling, as the many sacrifices for an idea of India sit lightly on his…
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#BabriMasjid dispute would have been resolved much more amicably if Indian "seculars" did not falsify history to whitewash Islamic iconoclasm. This promoted Muslim victimhood rather than a spirit of remorse.

#5AugustBlackDay for liars and aggressors.…
The reason Islamists like #AIMPLB/Owaisi are upset at the #RamTemple is that it is a setback for Islamic expansionism. That even after 500 years dharma rises.

That is what the wailing is about. And Indian "seculars"? They're simply #JihadCoolies.

There is overwhelming evidence for Ram Temple, both archeological and textual. Here Tulsidas' poem documents its destruction, complete with dates. The destruction happened while Tulsidas was alive. One can barely imagine the pain it would have caused him.…
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Hearing unconfirmed reports that ad agency for Nasdaq has pulled out of deal to display grotesque billboard featuring laying of foundation stone of #RamMandir by #Modi atop ruins of #BabriMasjid he conspired to destroy. More as I hear it. Hope for the best.
Updated reports suggest that @BrandedCities, one of three companies that sold billboard space for celebration of #BabriMasjid destruction, has pulled out. @Disney and @CCOutdoorNA billboards, reportedly, remain sold.
@BrandedCities confirmed the decision to not run the advertisements. The company “also reassured that [they] oppose the demolition of #BabriMasjid & will never allow any supremacist groups to run their ads”.…
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जय श्री राम।
I don't usually make threads but here are my two cents on the #RamMandir & #FaizKhan controversy:

We can't deny that Sir KK Muhammad fought for truth all his life against Jihadis & has greater contribution than most Hindus, specially like Rajeev Dhawan & DN Jha. (1)
Also, the role of political parties has been instrumental.

While BJP, as vidharmis always said "Tareekh nahi batayenge" never gave a date yet amidst all the criticism even from patrons about it just being votebank topic; clinged firmly & believe it or not, strengthened cause.(2)
Few others supportered, notable was Shivsena under Balasaheb Thackrey who openly endorsed #RamMandir & called demolition of #BabriMasjid

But list of opposing parties is long: Congress, SP, RJD, DMK, AAP and so on. Congress under #AntoniaMaino even claimed Ram as fictitious.(3)
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Some folks have asked for basic information about the #BabriMasjid, so here goes.

Warning: Only read if you’re interested in history, not communal politics.

The Babri Masjid was probably built in 1528 by a general of Babur. At the time, it likely wasn’t a big deal. Babur doesn’t even mention it in his memoirs.
Babri Masjid may have been built over temple ruins, but, owing to bad and politicised archaeology, we aren’t sure.

If it was built on temple ruins, they could be Jain, Hindu, or Buddhist in origin. They also could’ve been ruins for hundreds of years by the 1520s (or not).
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