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Should Canada ban #Huawei from 5G? @brianleecrowley makes the case that “both Huawei’s behaviour and that of its Chinese Communist Party overlords is such that Canada should follow the US, Australia and New Zealand and forbid Huawei’s involvement in 5G.”…
This debate over #Huawei’s involvement in 5G was recently highlighted as part of the @TorontoStar’s ‘The Big Debate’ series. Writing for the other side of the debate was @Stockwell_Day. #cdnpoli #cdnnatsec #cdnfp #cdnecon…
This has attracted the attention of Huawei employees, who are encouraging others (including potentially thousands of fellow employees) on China’s preferred social media platform, WeChat, to vote for the ‘no’ side of the debate. #cdnpoli #cdnfp @binghuiyin
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At the @SenateCA national security and defence committee meeting, where they are doing clause-by-clause of Bill #C59. #cdnpoli #cdnnatsec
Part 1 of the Act, the new National Security and Intelligence Review Agency, has passed without amendment from the committee. #C59
Part 1.1, the Avoiding Complicity in Mistreatment
by Foreign Entities Act, has also passed without amendment. #C59
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While folding review of the CBSA into the existing RCMP civilian watchdog may be effective, the lack of consultation and details is troubling. And the likelihood of this being passed before the fall election seems close to nil.… #cdnpoli
As per @Safety_Canada backgrounder, new body will be called the "Public Complaints and Review Commission" & will replace the @rcmpgrcpolice Civilian Review and Complaints Commission. Full legislation still not up online, tho.… #cdnpoli
@Safety_Canada @rcmpgrcpolice And here, finally, is the full legislation - bill #C98 - that would create the Public Complaints and Review Commission (PCRC). Mostly builds on the existing RCMP review body, the CCRC.
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They say when a crisis unfolds to look for the helpers. So I'm going to highlight some resent research by @TSASNetwork scholars on far-right extremism and lone actors. All of this is ungated and may be helpful for those who want to make sense of what is going on. #cdnnatsec
First, there is @DavidCHofmann on Lone Actors:…
Next Barbara Perry, @R_Scrivens and @DavidCHofmann on understanding anti-authority movements in Canada:…
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At times like these I often get asked how Canadian authorities respond to terror attacks abroad. I can only speak to the national security side of things. NZ is a member of the 5 Eyes alliance (alongside with UK, US, Australia and Canada). So there is already good intel sharing.
But even in non-5 eyes cases, the response is mostly the same. They will cross-check the name through databases to see if there is any known Canadian connection. As this is a domestic extremist, CSIS may not have much proprietary info.
Domestic extremists are handled mostly by local and provincial authorities. There is some liaising with national security agencies. So any relevant info might be passed on, but through police.
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So what @cforcese and I feared would happen has happened. @SenateCA #secd has indefinitely postponed hearings into C-71 to deal with the SNC-Lavilin fallout. This means the chances of C-59 passing are very bad.

This is a disaster. #cdnnatsec…
@cforcese @SenateCA It is actually hard to describe how bad this is for Canadian national security. But if this is true, let's start with the human face of this. The @NoFlyListKids will continue to face years of travel harassment at the border for no other reason than having the wrong name.
Then there are the many, many, lawsuits that were put on hold against the government regarding C-51. These will be activated again.
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On @CBCNews to comment on the ongoing spat between #China and #Canada, CIC President @benrowswell explained that there are two ways of looking at power in the international system. There is the power to force, and there is the power to convince.… #cdnpoli
"#China is experimenting with the former right now, to see how it can throw its weight around. But it's actually frittering away the other kind of power. It's making it more difficult for other countries to follow China's lead." @benrowswell on @CBCNews #cdnnatsec #Huawei
"#Canada is symbolic of something in the international system. We're a country that's respected and admired, so when a country decides to be a bully and when they pick on Canada they have really picked on the wrong country.", @benrowswell @CBCNews… #cdnfp
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This is BIG - for the first time since 2001 a @csiscanada Director has declared the most significant threat to Canada is foreign interference and espionage - NOT terrorism.
This actually changes the threat environment considerably. BIG news. #cdnnatsec…
"Nevertheless, other national security threats – such as foreign interference, cyber threats, and espionage – pose greater strategic challenges and must also be addressed."
This past spring, Vigneault said on @IntrepidPodcast that while terrorism remains a priority threat, others rising rapidly. But this is the first explicit change in priorities I've seen. Look for this re-ordering in the next Threat Environment section of the CSIS Public Report
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Research on far-right extremism shows that if citizens believe there's an immigration "crisis" the potential to incite individuals an hatred towards violence increases.
These numbers confirm we shouldn't be surprised by what may be a spike in hate crimes in Ontario. #cdnnatsec
Here is a link to the paper:…
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Our terrorists struggle to buy airplane tickets and use cars, knives and century old guns to do their attacks but please continue to explain how this is a pressing CT threat on which we should now spend millions of dollars. #cdnnatsec
The reality is that the Islamic State is pretty innovative, and yes those innovations can migrate over time. But you also need capacity to do these things. Remember when everyone was convinced we were going to all die in an aerosol drone attack?
They have also been decent at creating chemical weapons - but really terrible at deploying them. Not great, right? But the gas disappears quickly and the effect is more psychological (although panic is obviously bad.)…
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I think it is regrettable that after officials have repeated stated that there is *as of yet* no proof of terrorism in this attack that the ⁦@nytimes⁩ frames this as a terrorism issue. Not in any way useful to conflate this yet. #cdnnatsec…
I have repeatedly stated that the link between mental health and terrorism is poorly understood and far more complex than our current debate. Here is a recent thread:
But why write a piece that says “well authorities say this isn’t terrorism and sure, but here are all of the cases of terrorism where mental health is involved in terrorism and BOY this sure looks like it!”???
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Okay, I was asked about literature that talks about violent extremism & mental illness. *Not* my area of expertise, but this is what I've been using in my research. So I'll tweet out a couple of links and happily take any suggestions. #cdnnatsec
In the 1970-1980s, most violent extremists were seen as mentally ill. By the 2000s it was basically 360 degrees the other way - very few terrorists had mental illness (ie: Marc Sageman, 2008).
Today the view is more nuanced. Mental illness is seen by several scholars as one of several "stressors" that can affect someone's decision to mobilize to violence. But it is *not* a causal factor by itself. So here three sources I like, Unfortunately, just one is open source.
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For those of you who are saying we should stop condemning anti-migration rhetoric, this is the third Islamophobic attack in Canada that I am aware of *THIS WEEK*. #cdnnatsec #cdnpoli
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The Canadian CT researcher alpha dog, @AmarAmarasingam ATIP'ed an important @csiscanada intelligence assessment and I want to talk about a key finding in it as relates to the discussion we are currently having about migration. #cdnpoli #cdnnatsec
It's a little tough to read but it says "In all of these cases of failed mobilization, family members... played a key role in alerting the authorities. This statistic demonstrates the importance of families' role in countering mobilization."
Why is this important? It shows 1) families are deeply worried and concerned about their loved ones and are desperate for help when they may be radicalizing/mobilizing 2) They do not support violent extremism and do not want to participate in it.
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Writing a section on far-right extremism for my book and I just want to say that my job is about a BILLION times easier thanks to @vicecanada reporting, especially the work of @MackLamoureux @BMakuch @MartinPatriquin and @a_picazo #cdnnatsec
Also, be sure to check out the awesome (and free to read) papers available on the @TSASNetwork website. Including those by @R_Scrivens…
It's especially great if you do not like sleeping at night and you like being really depressed.
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