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🚨*The @JournalStarNews Utilizes the Nebraska Freedom Coalition's Reporting*🚨
A special prosecutor has been named to review the break-in and burglary of the @NEGOP - you can read more on that below 👇 /1 Image
Some points of interest to take away, and maybe the @Lincoln_Police Department could consider further:

-"Break-in" is used 6 times in this story
-"Stolen" and "Burglary" are both used as well
Do those words have meaning 🤔 /2
The key here is break-in, theft & burglary are the minor parts of the crime. The root of the crime is what the break-in was meant to conceal 👀
It wasn’t the way old NEGOP kept records & conducted business, which would have made a poorly run fraternity house look stellar 🤡 /3
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Did you happen to catch Matt Innis on The Twister radio yesterday? He gave even more insight into the burglary and break in that took place at the @NEGOP headquarters last summer. After hearing this, host Jim Lambley called @gagetaylor 'Nebraska's own Hunter Biden'! #CornGate Image
He also stated that even hearing the name Jessica Flanagain (@SenatorRicketts long time henchwoman) makes the hair in the back of his neck stand up saying, "That's not a good name!"
Just what exactly were on the files and emails that Taylor deleted (over 200 gigabytes worth)?
What does the deleted surveillance footage show?
How is Gage able to still work for @USRepMikeFlood after committing these crimes?
Was Roscoe Ricketts part of the break-in, theft, and destruction of property?
What happened at the bonfire afterwards 🤔
@Ricketts4Senate #CornGate
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#CornGate 🌽 SUPPLEMENTAL #1: Why after 5 months does @Lincoln_Police decide to “punt”
asking for special prosecutor? Clearly ZERO no new information was found as they closed it in AUG 2022. Why wouldn’t LPD release investigation to Col Tom Nesbitt and or NEGOP?/1
Why only after s/m disclosure of 👆🏽 dynamic and News FIOA threats has this “punt” occurred? It has needed a special prosecutor from Day 1 or @FBI but the timeline is suspicious and opens @Lincoln_Police to scrutiny of it’s handling of the “alleged” theft. /2
Our Law and Order @MayorLeirion had multiple reasons to ensure this was done right. 1. Why would she not want a white collar crime investigated as detailed as any other? Was she not aware? NO WAY, everyone in this state was aware who follows/cares about politics. /3
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#CornGate 🌽 #3: We will circle back to WHO (The Crew) could have been there with @gagetaylor but the mechanism of items returned is stinky at best. Meaning the chain of custody of the WHAT (items taken) begins to add more questions to the WHY not less. /1
@AxiomStrategies Jessica Flanagain, Special Advisor to then Gov. Ricketts and campaign lead for both Ricketts and Pillen had the stuff that was taken out of @NEGOP WHY? Has she been questioned by authorities? She is not part of the NEGOP staff so WHY in the chain of custody? /2
Did she know WHAT was taken or WHY? Clearly Gage & Crew trusted her with the items. It certainly adds another layer to this “alleged” break in and theft of materials that hasn’t been explored to anyone’s knowledge/3
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#CornGate🌽 #2: WHO was the OLD Executive Director of the @NEGOP? @gagetaylor who was hired quickly by @USRepMikeFlood and is Grandson of Former NE Gov Kay Orr. He was in charge of day to day operations of NEGOP until he choose to resign after the VOTE. He didn’t have too. /1
@gagetaylor comes from a political family. Many of which have served alongside senior NE R officials. Gage voluntarily resigned and left the convention early on July 9 2022. He was in NEGOP HQ after that. He wasn’t alone. /2
The internal NEGOP investigation says as much and more, but lets stick to WHO? WHO else could have been there? Anyone from his political connected family? That would be a good lead to find out? How about his peer group and others that worked closely at NEGOP or R campaigns/3
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Truth to Power is the only way to solve @NEGOP “alleged” break-in and “Who dun what, Why?” I will start the NE version of Twitter files to ensure public accountability over our processes and systems. Who knows where it will lead? /1
/2 FULL DISCLOSURE: These r personal thoughts and questions as a NE R, concerned 🇺🇸citizen. I was part of the transition team & acted temporarily as comms director 4-5w & involved with internal asset recovery between OLD/NEW staffs.
Not contacted by @Lincoln_Police
/3 What should have happened on July 9 2022, After a LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL VOTE of change in leadership of the NEGOP, the OLD leadership/staff should have waited to go into the HQ to ensure a proper turnover of NEGOP assets to NEW leadership staff. This DID NOT Happen.
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