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From Colorado to... Image
Wyoming Image
To Nebraska...all in one day🥵 Image
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Big day around the corner. #NEleg Image
Already some abortion-rights advocates gathering outside the Capitol. Several cheered as @JohnforNE walked in. Image
Anti-abortion advocates are hosting a lunchtime rally at the Capitol. We will check in on that, too.
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Tornado in #Mississippi #USA #America @threadreaderapp #KindlyUnroll @POTUS #RollingFork…
Unique footage of the formation of a powerful tornado near Little Rock, Arkansas and the aftermath
#LittleRock #Arkansas #USA #America

#Washington #Virginia #Nevada #Alaska #Alabama #California #Nebraska #Texas #Ohio #Florida #Georgia #Massachusetts #Pennsylvania #Arizona…
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We are back this afternoon as the legislature reconvenes!

We will bring you the important updates as the day progresses but right now here's a live look 👇👇👇

Anyone inside in there? Lights are off 💭 lol
Things starting to pick up here this afternoon:
-Senator @NebraskaMegan Hunt threatens Republican colleagues a few times
- Speaker Jon Arch says Hunt was late coming back from lunch, that's why she was skipped over

Sen. Hunt is consistently late in the mornings & for committees
Senator Hunt rudely attempts to speak while the Speaker has his time. Speaker Arch proceeds to say, "Please Senator."

Arch continues to say the session is not over (in response to Hunt earlier this morning)

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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (#15DAYTRENDS):

77.6% XBB.1.5
1.9% XBB.1.9.1
1.8% XBB.1.5.13
1.4% XBB.1.5.4
1.2% BQ.1.1
1.1% XBB.1.5.2
1.1% CH.1.1
1.0% XBB.1.5.1
0.5% XBB.1.16

Updated: 03/16/2023
Sequence count by US State

#California, #Illinois, #Washington, #Massachusetts, #Texas, #Nebraska & #NewYork have submitted a big share of sequences with specimen collection dates on or after 03/01/2023

XBB.1.5 is still occupying the top spot; XBB.1.9.1 moves to #2 spot!

USA Airport surveillance update #15DayTrends

61 sequences from 6 US States (#California, #NewYork, #Washington, #NewJersey, #Georgia and #Virginia)

>50% XBB.1.16 seqs via airport surveillance (15 out of 26 seqs till date)

*Includes pooled swabs; Many bad QC seqs

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The vast majority of doctors agree: abortion is healthcare.

Prominent state medical organizations have voiced opposition to #LB626, including the Nebraska Medical Assoc, Nebraska Medicine, Neb ACOG, and Nebraska Nurses Assoc.
**Facts below are for #Nebraska** 1/ Doctors are not divided on abortion: 317 healthcare workers
But it's not just Nebraskan doctors who are speaking out against dangerous legislation. Medical organizations across the country are publicly supporting the right to reproductive freedom: 2/
• American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
• Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine
• American Society for Reproductive Medicine
• American Medical Association
• American Nurses Association
• American Public Health Assoc
• American College of Physicians 3/
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Happy FreedomFriday to you all!🇺🇲We hope you enjoy this hype recap from last year's FreedomFest💯🙌and thank you again for your support! @alexstein99 @RealBrysonGray @NickNittoli @Beard_Vet…
#nebraska #america #nebraskafirst #americafirst #ᴅᴀʀᴋᴛᴏʟɪɢʜᴛ
NFC began as a train slowly moving, building momentum & gaining steam & now we're moving so fast that we can't be stopped! Incredible how people are drawn to truth, accountability, & transparency, especially as it pertains to government & our elected officials😎💯🚂 /2
Now, it's time for you to hop on the train with us! We have some big things in the works for this year and we are doubling our efforts! All of this is only possible with the support of you, the people. That's what our mission has always been on behalf of 💪 /3
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Did you happen to catch Matt Innis on The Twister radio yesterday? He gave even more insight into the burglary and break in that took place at the @NEGOP headquarters last summer. After hearing this, host Jim Lambley called @gagetaylor 'Nebraska's own Hunter Biden'! #CornGate Image
He also stated that even hearing the name Jessica Flanagain (@SenatorRicketts long time henchwoman) makes the hair in the back of his neck stand up saying, "That's not a good name!"
Just what exactly were on the files and emails that Taylor deleted (over 200 gigabytes worth)?
What does the deleted surveillance footage show?
How is Gage able to still work for @USRepMikeFlood after committing these crimes?
Was Roscoe Ricketts part of the break-in, theft, and destruction of property?
What happened at the bonfire afterwards 🤔
@Ricketts4Senate #CornGate
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The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is once again on hand bringing you live updates from Hearing room 1525, where LB 626, The Nebraska Heartbeat Act, will hear testimony 💯 Everyone currently here in this room is a proponent! @ErinBamer @OWHnews line out door #nebraska #neleg #ProLife
Opponents of the Nebraska Heartbeat Act are screaming in the hallway. @janekleeb you bring your posse??
Senator Joni Albrecht giving her opening remarks as things are underway.
"This is my personal priority bill. Every child deserves love. Babies with beating hearts should be protected."
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The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is once again on hand bringing you live updates from Hearing room 1525, where LB's 673, 374, and 71 will have live testimony given 💯 Stay tuned for updates from the hearing and what this overflowing crowd has to say! #nebraska #neleg #schoolchoice Image
LB673 description: "Provide grants to schools that adopt a policy to provide emergency response mapping data to law enforcement agencies and provide powers and duties for the State Department of Education and State Board of Education"
Some very salient support #testimony given 👍 Image
Recently elected to the Board of Regents, Kathy Wilmot provides testimony in support-
Important to note that Wilmot worked for KS Dept of Corrections @ Norton Correctional Facility for over 20 years. Later she served as Accreditation Manager
There are no opponents to this bill.
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@pnjaban @MattRinaldiTX 🧵 Thanking the dozens of @GOP State Chairs, @RNC Committeemen & Committeewomen, State & County parties for their steadfast commitment to #HireHarmeet.
They're standing with us to say #HarmeetDhillon is the #GOP base's overwhelming choice to lead the #RNC into 2024 & beyond.
@pnjaban @MattRinaldiTX @GOP @RNC #HarmeetDhillon is the #GOP base's 86/14 choice to lead us into 2024 & beyond. We thank @GOP State Chairs Frank Easthorne, Elgine McArdle, @JimLyonsMA, @kelliwardaz & @MattRinaldiTX for their commitment to #HireHarmeet.
#RNC Chair / Trafalgar Jan 11 2023…
@pnjaban @MattRinaldiTX @GOP @RNC @JimLyonsMA @kelliwardaz #HarmeetDhillon is the #GOP base's 86/14 choice to lead us into 2024 & beyond. We thank @GOP State Chair @RogerVillere and #RNC Committeemen @SolomonYue, @MortonBlackwell, @JaytheShepard1 & @tylerbowyer for leading us to #HireHarmeet.
Trafalgar Jan 11,2023…
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As expected, @jim_pillen today is naming Pete Ricketts the next U.S. senator from #Nebraska. Here they are walking into the press conference from the Governor’s Office now occupied by Pillen. Ricketts was one of Pillen’s top supporters in a tough GOP primary race.
Pillen: Appointments are temporary, and then the people speak as quickly as possible. There will be a statewide race in 2024. This seat runs again in 2026. “There’s never been a Nebraskan who’s had to run for statewide election in two consecutive terms.”
Pillen: “I don’t believe in placeholders.” Credits Fischer for seniority and for running again. “My job … was to find the best person to represent us, and the process for me has been really, really important.” Compared to NU finding leaders as regent.
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Today is the first day of the One Hundred Eighth Nebraska Legislature! For those unfamiliar, Nebraska is unique compared to other states because its body is a Unicameral. Business for today will include election of committee chairpersons as well as setting the framework of rules!
There will be a host of other things transpiring today as well & we are looking forward to hopefully seeing some BDE from some of our newly elected state senators. Check back with us after 10am CT as we will be bringing you live updates with that NFC flair! #nebraska #legislature
We are live on site at the state Capitol! Getting ready for things to get started in just about 15 minutes
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1) Trump won't be able to terminate the US Constitution but a Republican-led effort to rewrite it continues… Trump's "allies are busy pushing an unprecedented rewrite of the foundational document that would fundamentally alter Americans' daily lives."
2) "In 2022, a group with ties to Trump's orbit was able to get four more states to join its efforts."

"@CommonCause is trying both to thwart any new convention pushes alongside repealing old resolutions calling a convention."… Support them!

#NoConCon Image
GOP proposal calls for convention to amend U.S. Constitution "In 2021, it came within 2 votes of passage in the #Montana Senate...This session, Democrats control three fewer Senate seats and several GOP defectors are no longer in office" #NoConCon Image
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

14.7% BQ.1.1
11.4% BQ.1
10.3% XBB.1.5👀
7.7% BQ.1.22
3.9% XBB.1
2.3% BQ.1.1.3
2.2% BQ.1.2
2.2% BQ.1.3
2.1% BQ.1.12


#OmicronUpdates 12/23/22
1/n Image
Sequence count by US State

California and New York have submitted a huge share of sequences with specimen collection dates in the last 15 days.

2/n Image
Granular details -#VariantDashboard #USA #15DayTrends

3/n Image
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2022 #Midterms Simulation: #ArtoftheGerrymander

A Republican House win will be built on gerrymanders (TX/GA/FL/TN/LA, etc.)

To illustrate the need for fair maps, I'm calculating the results using the 2022 votes, but if every state had a Democratic gerrymander. #ElectionTwitter ImageImageImageImage

I’ll apply the difference in Presidential margin to the House result. Thanks @davesredist @mikemathieu @vest_team + @DKElections @PoliticsWolf

Keen to see how my maps perform over the decade; tried to comply with state law if partisan intent were allowed to stand.
#ArtoftheGerrymander: #Alabama
Trump 62.0% - Biden 36.6%
Real delegation: 6R-1D
Gerrymandered: 5R-2D
Δ Share of D seats: 14% => 28%
Easy Democratic pick-up of a safe new African American seat.… ImageImageImage
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I know everyone (including myself) has been posting about Musk's disgusting tweet, but for the next 10 days we need to...
📣 MICHIGAN Democrats have a real shot at flipping BOTH the state House *and* Senate blue for the first time in forever. Help them finish strong by donating to some or all of these races TODAY:…
📣 You can also help Those Women From Michigan® at the top of the ticket as well!…
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Lot of people in line this morning for the @NEGOP state convention today.
The registration line @NEGOP. Part expecting more than 600 delegates, alternates and family.
A lot of people in line were talking about this potential fight for the future of the party.

From the @NE_Examiner:…
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So it appears as if the #B1G may hold off on further expansion until atleast 2024 (why 2024?, ND/NBC contract expires in April 2025 & the BigTen won't make a move w/out a definitive answer from the Irish). Let's take a look at what Pods may look like from the new 16 team B1G.🧵
Pod 1

Travel is going to be a nightmare for USC/UCLA. The #B1G would be wise to try and ease that as much as possible. The easiest/closest travel from LA would be to Chicago hence Northwestern. Illinois comes along as NW's biggest rival.
Pod 2

This Pod is fairly self explanatory. Preservation of the historic Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin rivalries is obtained and the new additional rivalries w/ Nebraska are nurtured. #B1G shouldn't spilt these four.
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More on this, if you're in Colorado, the time is now for #heatwave preparation.
Actually, looks like #Nebraska and #Kansas with some major possibilities for heat. I'm hoping this doesn't impact agriculture as much as I suspect it will. 122F would be bad. #heatwave ImageImage
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

50.65% BA.2.12.1**,
19.90% BA.5^^,
10.46% BA.4^^,
9.83% BA.2,
3.30% BA.5.1^^,
1.21% BA.2.3 and
1.09% BA.2.9

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/26/22
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/26/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ⬆️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.5.1 ⬆️👀 (Lineage prevalent in #Portugal)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s
#SARSCoV2 lineages in USA (#15DayTrends)

Circulating #BA5*/#BA4* sublineages:
BA.5, BA.4.1, BA.5.2.1, BA.5.1, BA.4, BA.5.3.1, BA.5.2, BE.1, BA.5.3, BF.1
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

47.60% BA.2.12.1**
22.33% BA.5^^
11.44% BA.2,
10.48% BA.4^^
3.61% BA.2.12,
1.08% BA.2.9 and
1.05% BA.2.3

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/25/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/25/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ↔️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

46.33% BA.2.12.1**,
17.07% BA.5^^,
15.30% BA.2,
9.02% BA.4^^,
5.80% BA.2.12,
1.75% BA.2.3 and
1.21% BA.2.9

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/23/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/23/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ⬇️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
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We are roughly 2 months away from the start of #CFB season! Lets talk expectations. Ill go through each team & give what my model predicts as the % chance each team gets to bowl eligbility, and also the % chance each team gets 10+ Ws given their respective schedules. Lets go!🧵
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws)

#Alabama #RTR 99.9%/89.5%
#Arkansas #WPS 55.3%/11.0%
#Auburn #WarEagle 36.9%/1.8%
#Florida #Gators 81.0%/17.4%
#Georgia #UGA 99.9%/93.3%
#Kentucky #BBN 66.7%/7.3%
#LSU #GeauxTigers 81.8%/29.1%
#HailState 47.8%/2.6%
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws) (cont)
#Mizzou 69.2%/11.6%
#OleMiss 96.9%/41.4%
#SouthCarolina 31.2%/0.8%
#Tennessee #Vols 95.3%/35.6%
#TAMU #GigEm 99.0%/75.1%
#Vanderbilt #AnchorDown 2.3%/ <0.1%
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