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Lot of people in line this morning for the @NEGOP state convention today.
The registration line @NEGOP. Part expecting more than 600 delegates, alternates and family.
A lot of people in line were talking about this potential fight for the future of the party.

From the @NE_Examiner:…
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So it appears as if the #B1G may hold off on further expansion until atleast 2024 (why 2024?, ND/NBC contract expires in April 2025 & the BigTen won't make a move w/out a definitive answer from the Irish). Let's take a look at what Pods may look like from the new 16 team B1G.🧵
Pod 1

Travel is going to be a nightmare for USC/UCLA. The #B1G would be wise to try and ease that as much as possible. The easiest/closest travel from LA would be to Chicago hence Northwestern. Illinois comes along as NW's biggest rival.
Pod 2

This Pod is fairly self explanatory. Preservation of the historic Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin rivalries is obtained and the new additional rivalries w/ Nebraska are nurtured. #B1G shouldn't spilt these four.
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More on this, if you're in Colorado, the time is now for #heatwave preparation.
Actually, looks like #Nebraska and #Kansas with some major possibilities for heat. I'm hoping this doesn't impact agriculture as much as I suspect it will. 122F would be bad. #heatwave ImageImage
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

50.65% BA.2.12.1**,
19.90% BA.5^^,
10.46% BA.4^^,
9.83% BA.2,
3.30% BA.5.1^^,
1.21% BA.2.3 and
1.09% BA.2.9

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/26/22
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/26/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ⬆️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.5.1 ⬆️👀 (Lineage prevalent in #Portugal)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s
#SARSCoV2 lineages in USA (#15DayTrends)

Circulating #BA5*/#BA4* sublineages:
BA.5, BA.4.1, BA.5.2.1, BA.5.1, BA.4, BA.5.3.1, BA.5.2, BE.1, BA.5.3, BF.1
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

47.60% BA.2.12.1**
22.33% BA.5^^
11.44% BA.2,
10.48% BA.4^^
3.61% BA.2.12,
1.08% BA.2.9 and
1.05% BA.2.3

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/25/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/25/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ↔️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

46.33% BA.2.12.1**,
17.07% BA.5^^,
15.30% BA.2,
9.02% BA.4^^,
5.80% BA.2.12,
1.75% BA.2.3 and
1.21% BA.2.9

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/23/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/23/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ⬇️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
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We are roughly 2 months away from the start of #CFB season! Lets talk expectations. Ill go through each team & give what my model predicts as the % chance each team gets to bowl eligbility, and also the % chance each team gets 10+ Ws given their respective schedules. Lets go!🧵
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws)

#Alabama #RTR 99.9%/89.5%
#Arkansas #WPS 55.3%/11.0%
#Auburn #WarEagle 36.9%/1.8%
#Florida #Gators 81.0%/17.4%
#Georgia #UGA 99.9%/93.3%
#Kentucky #BBN 66.7%/7.3%
#LSU #GeauxTigers 81.8%/29.1%
#HailState 47.8%/2.6%
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws) (cont)
#Mizzou 69.2%/11.6%
#OleMiss 96.9%/41.4%
#SouthCarolina 31.2%/0.8%
#Tennessee #Vols 95.3%/35.6%
#TAMU #GigEm 99.0%/75.1%
#Vanderbilt #AnchorDown 2.3%/ <0.1%
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About to get started with the first hearing in dueling lawsuits about one of eight groping allegations that jostled the final month of #Nebraska’s GOP primary election for governor.

At the Gage County Courthouse for the hearing in Johnson County District Court. Will try & tweet.
Johnson County District Court Judge Rick Schreiner is expected to hear five motions today, four from the legal team for former gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster, who is not yet attending, and one from lawyers for Republican State Sen. Julie Slama, who is.
The motions relate to the discovery process for uncovering information in civil cases.
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I want to thank @MO_Independent for this reporting. It is good and important reporting, and I thank them for shining a light on missing foster kids in Missouri.

And other states should have picked it up.…
No doubt 1,780 missing kids is bad. That is 4% of the total of foster kids during this period that went missing.

But the study was about how states report and search for missing kids.…
#Kansas, #Maryland, #Nebraska, #NewYork, and #Ohio each reported 7% of their foster kids went missing during the same period. SEVEN PERCENT.

A quick google search didn't show any news reporting raising concerns mentioning missing foster kids in these states.
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Our @NE_Examiner team will have you covered tonight if you care about #Nebraska’s 2022 primary election.

@PaulHammelNE is headed to @CWHerbster’s shindig in Lincoln.

@cgonzalez_NE is headed to @votelindstrom’s party in Omaha.

I’m in Link and covering @jim_pillen’s deal here.
If you’re new to following me, a word of warning, it might get busy with tweets tonight. I will try to live tweet what’s going on with results.

It can be a lot.
A little schedule primer for people reading election results. #Nebraska's most populous counties -- Douglas (Omaha), Sarpy (suburbs) and Lancaster (Lincoln) -- are going to be leading with early voting ballots returned by yesterday with the first results at 8p.
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We’ve attended three stops with the top contenders for the @NEGOP gubernatorial primary.

Today, @jim_pillen hosted Tom Osborne, Kay Orr and @GovRicketts on a multi-stop tour. This is Omaha. ImageImageImage
Last week, we went to Wahoo to hear @CWHerbster make a closing pitch to voters. He also toured parts of Nebraska with Trump economist Stephen Moore. ImageImageImage
We attended a @votelindstrom fundraiser with Omaha Mayor @Jean_Stothert. ImageImageImage
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Spending Sunday with @CWHerbster, former President Donald Trump and his fans. I'll try to live tweet.
Just spoke with traveling minister Kathy Brueggemann of Beatrice. She says she travels with Herbster and that he is a good man, a better man than people say. She said she learned of him through his mother in law.
Crowd starting to be let in at the Greenwood, #Nebraska’s I-80 Speedway. Trump set is on grass, little smaller than October 2020, but still room for at least 2k in here. Herbster and other speakers start at 2p. Trump is expected to speak at 5p.
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A thread on the Herbster stories (1/9):

On April 14, after months of reporting that pre-dated the @NE_Examiner, we published the first story on the allegations of eight women who said @CWHerbster groped them at political events or pageants.…
The first round of rebuttals to the story attacked @SenatorSlama for coming forward, saying she was the only named person in the article, including witnesses. So we spoke with three people and they agreed to go on record with names. (2/9)…
Herbster worked to discredit Slama by saying that she was somehow part of a vast political conspiracy. (3/9)…
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Out at the #Trump rally in Greenwood, #Nebraska. Looks like a solid crowd of volunteers and fans. Weather and the former president are the talk in line. ImageImageImageImage
Hearing the rally has been postponed until Sunday, weather permitting. Still trying to verify with @CWHerbster. Image
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The dangerous & unhinged extremists in the Protect Nebraska Children group are back on their bullshit -- this time accusing State Board of Education member @Educ8Nebraska Deb Neary of being a "pedophile" and a "groomer."
Completely baseless lies like this have already led to violence across the nation, and contributed to the death of Nebraska's own Milo Winslow this year.…
And yet nobody is speaking out about it -- not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the local press.…
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Ready for the #CFB Analytics Spring Top 40? Here we go. This Power Ranking is derived from a model which utilizes full Coach Staff efficiency metrics, roster talent, & returning production among other metrics. No opinion here, I just regurgitate the numbers. #NoOpinionJustNumbers
40 #Kentucky #BBN #SEC Power Rating: 61.726
Returning Production for the Wildcats may be a problem. At 39.72%, it puts them at 113th in the country. The schedule is manageable tho drawing Ole Miss & Miss State out the West. #CFB
39 #Washington #PurpleReign #Pac12
Power Rating: 62.271
Really like the new coaching staff in Seattle. Should put them in a better position to win. Roster talent purge from the prev regime will have an early effect (last 2 classes were 39th, 86th) but the ship has been righted.
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Covering the @ketv @OmahaChamber forum @UNOmaha with three of the four key candidates running for #Nebraska governor. #NeGov.

@CWHerbster, @votelindstrom and @TThibodeauNE will be here. @jim_pillen will not.
Pro's pro @jcornellKETV will be moderating for @ketv.
Per Julie: There will be 2-minute opening and closing statements from the three candidates. No rebuttals. Questions come from KETV, questions submitted by viewers and the topics cover issues vital to Nebraska.
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We are getting ready tonight for the first major gubernatorial debate of a #Nebraska GOP primary season that has seen far fewer than usual.

Tonight, @NebPublicMedia is hosting @CWHerbster, @votelindstrom and @TThibodeauNE, among others.

@jim_pillen did not accept any debates.
I'll try to live tweet some of the debate. But I may have to peel off to do some writing for the @NE_Examiner.

If you have questions, let me know.
Getting ready.
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ICYMI: This morning, the #Nebraska Legislature is expected to give final-round approval to a bill that could force the state to accept $120 million in federal rental assistance that @GovRicketts has resisted.

Get ready for the vote @NE_Examiner:…
Update: The #NEleg passed a bill intended to force @GovRicketts to accept $120 million in federal rental assistance. But they did so after stripping the bill's emergency clause. Without a federal exception to the March 31 deadline to apply, those funds are likely lost.

The bill would've needed 33 votes to force the governor's hand in time to apply by the month's-end deadline, using the emergency clause. If the gov lets it become law, and he might still veto it because it lacked 30 votes, it wouldn't become effective for three months.
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The Great Sandhill Crane Migration #Nebraska
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Today I’ll be covering part of @GovRicketts’ tour to talk water and taxes. I’ll try to live tweet, fingers and Wi-Fi willing.
Get to visit one of my favorite #Nebraska cities. We will have a story today @NE_Examiner.
A little warning to those who have alerts on for my tweets: You might turn those off for about an hour. That way I'm not responsible for wearing out your phone.
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About to start a @GovRicketts press conference on the new #Nebraska Homeowner Assistance Fund.
Ricketts: We've been working to develop programs to encourage housing opportunities across the state. The NHAF will help people pay their mortgage, property taxes and utility bills. Every state had to create a plan on how to distribute the money they received from the feds.
Ricketts: We submitted our plan Nov. 1. We just got approved last month. Today we're announcing the details of that plan. The Nebraska Housing Assistance Fund will help homeowners impacted by COVID-19.
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A new nonprofit #Nebraska news site is born. @NE_Examiner.
Why is Nebraska’s @nfmtweets smaller than some in other states? Might the store move to find more room?

Let @cgonzalez_NE and @NE_Examiner spin you a yarn:…
I’m going to selfishly share my first story for @NE_Examiner, from yesterday’s hearing on #Nebraska’s lawsuit against #Omaha about the health director’s mask mandate.

This story will update when the judge rules, likely by lunch today.…
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