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1) Katie MacCourt
8m ·
🤬🤬🤬 So much corruption in churches! These fake prophets roll out shame and guilt, then they twist the bible to suit their agenda. The bible has had parts removed and has been translated incorrectly over many years. Image
2) I will never give up on God, but my God is not their God. They are Satanists. So evil.

Names of the 796 children who died at Tuam Mother and Baby home
Their little bodies are still in the septic tank they were dumped in.
3) 1925
Patrick Derrane 5 months
Mary Blake 4 months
Matthew Griffin 3 months
Mary Kelly 6 months
Peter Lally 11 months
Julia Hynes 1 year
James Murray 1 month
Joseph McWilliam 6 months
John Mullen 3 months
Mary Wade 3 years
Maud McTigue 6 years
Bernard Lynch 3 years
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This month, 54 years ago, the Black Panther Party was created. October 15th, 1966, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panthers in the virtue of Malcolm X’s assassination, the increase of police brutality, and the Civil Movement in the U.S Founders of the Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale (left) and
The Black nationalist organization was created to arm Black folks with a sense of self-defence. Banding together, the organization would patrol communities with large Black populations and protect them against police brutality.
In the midst of the civil movement, many White communities and police departments grew hostile to the growing alliance among Black people. With an inherent bias to this led to an increase of unlawful arrests, murders, assaults, rapes, and false accusations towards POC by police
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Excited to learn from some amazing women during the first #aaslh2020 panel: #MeToo, and #BlackLivesMatter: Black Women Leaders Overcoming the Double Burden
@OEatonMartinez reminds us to get in good trouble, necessary trouble, along with taking time to #saytheirnames. Especially poignant this morning after the #BreonnaTaylor decision last night. #AASLH2020
Only 4% of museum leadership is women of color!! @HistoryGonWrong sharing statistics about the very low number of women of color in museum fields.
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100 Day (on day 101) celebration of #GeorgeFloydUprising at Lents Park. Sharing Maya Angelo poem "Still I Rise"
Will continue from here to Ventura Park at 7pm.
Names of those killed by police in Lents Park
#PortlandProtests #SayTheirNames
Tabling Mutual Aid groups at Lents @PlantBloc @RdPirateRoberts @Symbiosis_PDX #100DaysofProtest ImageImageImageImage
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Grateful to be in community & in solidarity w my fellow bike activists & racial justice allies at the Ride for Black Lives @R4BLBOS I was so moved by the words & lived experiences shared at this 3rd ride. The movement has not waned. Hundreds showed up to affirm #BLM Image
Proud to Co-Chair the Congressional Bike Caucus w @repblumenauer & to have Co-Founded the Future of Transportation Caucus w @RepChuyGarcia @MarkTakano & the Freedom to Move Act w @EdMarkey
Biking, like all modes of transit (public & walking) in a *just* world, should feel like freedom, movement without fear. Another world is possible, one which centers equity, accessibility, connectivity (to jobs+education) & sustainability in transportation infrastructure.
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#SayTheirNames / #MarchOnWashington

Rice ▪️ Brown ▪️ Garner ▪️ Castile ▪️ Taylor ▪️ Monterrosa ▪️ Floyd ▪️ Bland ▪️ Arbery ▪️ Scott ▪️ Sterling ▪️ Clark ▪️ Small ▪️ Gray ▪️ Ford ▪️ Cusseaux ▪️ Anderson ▪️ McKenna ▪️ Jones ▪️ Jean ▪️ Jefferson ▪️ Reason ▪️ Clayton ▪️ Crawford Image
#SayTheirNames / #MarchOnWashington

Parker ▪️ McDonald ▪️ Gurley ▪️ Brisbon ▪️ Reid ▪️ Mann ▪️ Smart ▪️ Ajibade ▪️ Robinson ▪️ Hill ▪️ White ▪️ Harris ▪️ Hall ▪️ Chapman II ▪️ Christian ▪️ Davis ▪️ Glenn ▪️ Martin ▪️ Larosa ▪️ Sanders ▪️ Ellswood ▪️ Davis ▪️ Stewart ▪️ Sabbie Image
#SayTheirNames / #MarchOnWashington

Day ▪️ Taylor ▪️ Bell ▪️ Kumi ▪️ Manley ▪️ McLeod ▪️ Prosper ▪️ Watkins ▪️ Jones ▪️ Brown ▪️ Hutchinson ▪️ Ashford ▪️ Smith ▪️ Kager ▪️ Biggs ▪️ Marshall ▪️ Higgins ▪️ Clark ▪️ Frey ▪️ Perkins ▪️ Pickett ▪️ Tignor ▪️ Espinal ▪️ Noel Image
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🔸Relatives of people who went missing in the last week shipwrecks keep contacting #AlarmPhone to ask what happened to them & if anyone is looking for them. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give answers. We can only show their pictures to the survivors to ask about their fate.
As with every shipwreck, it is difficult to verify the identities of those who were on board. For the shipwreck of February 9 2020, only after months of research with relatives & friends were we able to retrieve the identities of 60 out of the 91 missing persons. #SayTheirNames
This work & this uncertainty is exhausting for those who miss their loved ones. They cannot start grieving until they have answers, and often clear answers never come. This is an additional form of violence perpetrated by the border regime, which makes black lives ungrievable.
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Die Demonstration zum solidarischen Gedenken an die Opfer vom 19. Februar #Hanau beginnt. #hal2208 #hu2208 #saytheirnames Image
Zu Beginn wird der Aufruf aus Hanau verlesen:… #hal2208
Im Anschluss folgt der Aufruf der Initiative 9.Oktober: "Wir sind wütend angesichts des fortwährenden rassistischen Normalzustandes in Deutschland!" #hal2208
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Noch zwei Stunden kann in #Halle auf dem @KlimacampOst den Betroffenen des Anschlags zugehört werden! Es ist sehr eindrücklich.
Ist der Link zum Stream

Auch der Anschlag von #Halle wird thematisiert. #Hanau dürfe sich nicht wiederholen, aber es gibt keine Konsequenzen, werden die Behörden kritisiert
„Wir müssen die Politiker zwingen, nicht nur zu reden, sondern auch zu handeln.“
#GegenJedenRassismus #GegenJedenAntisemitismus
„Der Täter von Wächstersbach war im Schützenverein, der Täter von Hanau war im Schützenverein ... wir fordern die sofortige Entwaffnung aller Rassist*innen in Deutschland“
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+++ spontane Demonstration in Halle, 18 Uhr, Steintor +++ 👇
#SayTheirNames - Hanau ist überall

Am 19.02.2020 ermordete ein rechter Terrorist in Hanau seine Mutter und 9 Menschen aus rassistischen Motiven. Zum 22.08.2020 organisierten die Angehörigen der Opfer eine bundesweite Demonstration um an die Getöteten zu erinnern.
Aufgrund der derzeitigen Pandemiesituation entwickelten die Organisator*innen auch ein Hygienekonzept.

Am gestrigen Abend wurde die Demonstration mit Verweis auf die Pandemiesituation verboten, eine rechtliche Anfechtung war daher nicht mehr möglich.
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Für uns Migrant*innen kam der Terroranschlag in #Hanau nicht überraschend. Wir wussten, dass irgendwann der Moment kommen wird, wo #Neonazis wieder Jagd auf uns machen werden. Nach dem #NSU gab es für uns kein Aufatmen.

#hu2208 #saytheirnames #HanauwarkeinEinzelfall
Im Gegenteil: Wir waren uns darüber im klaren, dass die Gefahr #rassistischer Morde für uns weiterhin besteht. Das Bedrückende nach #Hanau war: Trotz aller Erkenntnisse der vergangenen Jahre über Neonazi-Netzwerke und faschistische Strukturen, wurde immer noch an dem...
...Glaubenssatz des Einzeltäters festgehalten. Wichtig hierbei zu erwähnen ist: Die Morde dürfen unter keinen Umständen auf einen Einzeltäter beschränkt werden. Insbesondere dann nicht, wenn wir aus dem #NSU-Komplex wissen dass #Neonazis in einem Netzwerk arbeiteten, ...
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Am 19.08.2020 ist der rassis. Anschlag von #Hanau ein halbes Jahr her. Neben seiner Mutter tötete der Attentäter aus rassis. Motiven

Mercedes Kierpacz,Gökhan Gültekin,Ferhat Ünvar,Fatih Saraçoğlu,Sedat Gürbüz,Vili Viorel Păun,Kaloyan Welkow, Hamza Kurtović&Said Nesar El Hashemi.
Um an die Opfer des rechtsterroristischen Anschlags zu erinnern, mobilisieren ihre Angehörigen für den 22.08.2020 zu einer Demonstration nach Hanau. Auch wir möchten uns dem bundesweiten Aufruf (…) anschließen. Image
In Erinnerung an die Opfer des rassistischen Anschlags von Hanau! In Solidarität mit den Angehörigen! #SayTheirNames Image
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Tomorrow , August 6, we mark 55 years since the Voting Rights Act became law.…
For the women of Vanguard, this was their 15th and 19th Amendments rolled into one - giving teeth to the promise of voting rights that did not accommodate racism or sexism.…
It had been a long an arduous journey to the Voting Rights Act, one travelled by sheroes like Mary McLeod Bethune. Bethune had been born during Reconstruction and faced off against the KKK over voting rights in the 1920s.…
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These are the faces of the 28 Transgender and Nonbinary lives lost this year to bigotry.

This time last year there where 19 deaths recorded. 2020 is one of the deadliest years for TGNC folx in past five years.

#NotOneMore #Trans #ENBY #SayTheirNames
Dustin Parker, Neulisa Luciano Ruiz, Yampi Méndez Arocho, Monika Diamond, Lexi Sutton, Johanna Metzger, Penélope Díaz Ramírez, Serena Angelique Velázquez Ramos, Layla Pelaez Sánchez, Nina Pop, Helle Jae O’Regan...

Jayne Thompson, Tony McDade, Selena Reyes-Hernandez, Dominique Fells, Riah Milton, Brian Powers, Brayla Stone, Tatiana Hall, Merci Mack, Shaki Peters, Draya McCarty, Bree Black, Summer Taylor, Marilyn Cazares, Tiffany Harris, Queasha D Hardy & Aja Raquell.

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THREAD: As the Statues Fall: A Conversation about Monuments and the Power of Memory

Featuring: @lavaughnbelle, @silverjackson, Dell Upton, and Tsione Wolde-Michael
Moderated by: @tichecain
Sponsored by: @SAPIENS_org, @SbaArch, @CIAMS_Cornell
Livetweeting by: @lauraheathstout
Moderator @tichecain says we'll be starting soon.
There are almost 1000 people from around the world on the call!
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I want to bring it back to #BlackLivesMatterAustralia and share some of the stories/voices of the families that I'm working closely with.

There's 438 black deaths since 1991. There are so many stories you should know. #SayTheirNames
Blak deaths in custody continue at horrific rates - despite 29 years ago a Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody which set out a roadmap of why and how to prevent blak deaths. The 339 recommendations have been ignored. Read them here.…
Blak deaths in custody continue for many reasons but largely the systemic, structural & direct racism in the justice & coronial systems, lack of accountability & because we are mass incarcerated in the first place. Our mob are 28% of prisons but only 2% of the population.
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Auch wir berichten heute vom #Prozessauftakt des #HalleProzess aus #Magdeburg #md2107 Image
Die Kundgebung beginnt - auch hier wird gefordert: Solidarität mit den Betroffenen - Keine Bühne dem Täter! #md2107
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In Hanau ruft die Initiative @19FebruarHanau 6 Monate nach dem rassistischen Terroranschlag vom #19Februar am 22.08. 13 Uhr zum gemeinsamen Gedenken + Demo auf. Die Ini setzt sich u.a. für eine lückenlose Aufklärung des Terroranschlags ein.Mehr dazu hier:…
In Gedenken an:

Gökhan Gültekin
Sedat Gürbüz
Said Nessar Hashemi
Mercedes Kierpacz
Hamza Kurtović
Vili Viorel Păun
Fatih Saraçoğlu
Ferhat Unvar
Kaloyan Velkov

Folgt @19FebruarHanau!

Video zum Aufruf:
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#BlackLivesMatter #PortlandProtests starting to March fron Laurelhurst Park to......... what target now?
#SayTheirNames list of people killed by cops Image
Protesters have arrived at mult. County sheriff's dept on 47th and Burnside
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1/ You often hear @aldemocrats and @DougJonesHQ shorthand a part of @SenDougJones ’s bio this way: “Sen. Jones got justice for four little girls murdered during church by the Klan.” I want to explain in detail what Doug did and why it is relevant to the current AL senate race.
2/ The bottom line up front is this: The idea that a majority of Alabamians cannot BOTH support @realDonaldTrump AND re-elect @SenDougJones is wrong. It is an idea rooted in smug superiority and oversimplified perceptions many have of Alabamians. History is proof.
3/ In 1963, a bomb went off inside a black church in Birmingham where civil rights protesters routinely met and organized. Four little girls were killed. This is the opening scene in @ava ’s brilliant film Selma. This event set the stage for the civil rights drama that followed.
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The story of my arrest, publicized by @MrAndyNgo (thanks bud)!

A thread:
I have been protesting at the Justice Center off and on since a week after the first protest. First night I came out, I was shot with a pepper bullet. Peaceful protest, chants, nobody trying to pull on the OG fence (RIP). This is a picture from the next day. Image
I continued to come back to protest intermittently while still working 45 hour weeks. Then on June 24th, I decided to take a leave of absence from work so that I could focus on my mental health, which directly correlates to my support of BLM.
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Portland police just released tear gas or smoke into a crowd and an occupied trimet bus.
Hearing it's smoke and pepperspray. Both have no place on our streets or busses. It seems like the union hall is a sensitive spot for the police. That escalated extremely fast.
This is the thread for tonight now. Our folks on the ground didn't sign up to send us messages though so this isn't going to be a complete account.
Police are escalating on Lombard. The crowd is strong! People in apartment buildings nearby are cheering the protest.
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How long did it take???

Say their names and know we have come a long way but have so much further to go.

@arghavan_salles @FutureDocs @Oga_DoctorBlue @Okanlami @deled_dele

#ShareTheMicNowMed @TypicallySilent

#Blackthinkers Who have BEEN DOING THIS and are unapologetically brilliant!

Follow, please 👀😉
@CornelWest @DrIbram
Up and Comers @TheNewThinkerr @TheReFTW @YESHICAN

@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed @DocWak @Abdi_Abdullahi_
#Weremeber The faces that aren't mentioned #tyronewest
This story can only be heard, not read.
Check out the podcast 😐

@marcsteiner @MDaware @DrAyanaJordan @drjaysheree @BmoreBloc @drniidarko @RUBraveEnough

@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed

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