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America First! #2A #Prolife #NoSanctuaryForGroomers #TakeAmericaBack Parody sometimes, owning the libs all the time! Tweets our own 🐦 NFC ≠ NEGOP 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
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May 17 • 7 tweets • 3 min read
📎 Attached are photos that preview the comprehensive 27-page document that presents a compelling case for a change in Sarpy County GOP leadership. It's time for new beginnings! ⏳ ImageImageImageImage The totality of these pages showcases the dire need to bid farewell to the current leadership, plagued by ineffective decision-making and incompetence. 🚫🤝

Take a look at the numerous instances outlined within the document.
May 16 • 21 tweets • 17 min read
🚨Now at the Nebraska State Capitol 🚨
Debate on 574 is underway, well ahead of schedule!!

Senator @George4NE on the mic now, and even as lawyers go, using some of the most hyperbolic language we've heard this legislative session 🤡 We're curious, George, is your practice of law…… Image We will be keeping you updated minute to minute as things proceed this afternoon.

Now on the floor, @JustinTWayne and Speaker Arch having discussions with the Clerk of the legislature and Lt. Governor Joe Kelly. The conversation is intense, as Wayne has motioned to recommit the…… Image
Mar 29 • 4 tweets • 2 min read
We wondered where he went when the Unicameral floor turned to lava for the Democrats. As soon as bills starting moving and the inevitable passing of LB77 (Constitutional Carry) to final round, Dip Dunker went comms silent. Don’t read his link to the Urinal Star. We took notes: Sen. Erdman’s rules change passed 32-13 “The new rule is narrower than a proposed change considered by the Rules Committee earlier this year, which stipulated individual senators could only introduce each of the three priority motions once per day on each stage of debate.”
Mar 28 • 24 tweets • 18 min read
We are back this afternoon as the legislature reconvenes!

We will bring you the important updates as the day progresses but right now here's a live look 👇👇👇

Anyone inside in there? Lights are off 💭 lol Things starting to pick up here this afternoon:
-Senator @NebraskaMegan Hunt threatens Republican colleagues a few times
- Speaker Jon Arch says Hunt was late coming back from lunch, that's why she was skipped over

Sen. Hunt is consistently late in the mornings & for committees
Mar 28 • 23 tweets • 18 min read
Live at the Capitol this morning, Senator Steve Erdman moves to suspend the rules 💪 He says, "If you like the way things have went the first 50 days, vote against this rule change.
If you would like to get your bill to the floor for debate, vote for this rule change." #neleg Speaker Jon Arch begins right off by saying he supports this rule change, then cites Mason's rules as to how this is perfectly acceptable. #neleg
Feb 23 • 5 tweets • 3 min read
🚨 YUGE W 🚨 - LB 626, The Heartbeat Act, and LB 574 - Let Them Grow Act, have both advanced from committee 🙌🏼

Thank you to Senator Albrecht and Senator Kauth for bringing forward these respective bills. and a very heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of Nebraskans across the state who traveled to Lincoln to give testimony, submitted testimonies online, or lobbied members of the committee. It would not have happened without We the People 🇺🇸
Feb 13 • 6 tweets • 3 min read
🚨*The @JournalStarNews Utilizes the Nebraska Freedom Coalition's Reporting*🚨
A special prosecutor has been named to review the break-in and burglary of the @NEGOP - you can read more on that below 👇 /1 Image Some points of interest to take away, and maybe the @Lincoln_Police Department could consider further:

-"Break-in" is used 6 times in this story
-"Stolen" and "Burglary" are both used as well
Do those words have meaning 🤔 /2
Feb 10 • 4 tweets • 3 min read
Happy FreedomFriday to you all!🇺🇲We hope you enjoy this hype recap from last year's FreedomFest💯🙌and thank you again for your support! @alexstein99 @RealBrysonGray @NickNittoli @Beard_Vet…
#nebraska #america #nebraskafirst #americafirst #ᴅᴀʀᴋᴛᴏʟɪɢʜᴛ NFC began as a train slowly moving, building momentum & gaining steam & now we're moving so fast that we can't be stopped! Incredible how people are drawn to truth, accountability, & transparency, especially as it pertains to government & our elected officials😎💯🚂 /2
Feb 8 • 18 tweets • 10 min read
The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is on site at the Nebraska State Capitol as a rally in support for mutilating children and providing gender altering surgeries which are irrevocable and life altering is about to get under way... #protectkids Image A look at the few senators who oppose LB 574 🤡 We will be bringing you testimonial from the health and human services committee live later this afternoon... Image
Feb 7 • 4 tweets • 4 min read
Did you happen to catch Matt Innis on The Twister radio yesterday? He gave even more insight into the burglary and break in that took place at the @NEGOP headquarters last summer. After hearing this, host Jim Lambley called @gagetaylor 'Nebraska's own Hunter Biden'! #CornGate Image He also stated that even hearing the name Jessica Flanagain (@SenatorRicketts long time henchwoman) makes the hair in the back of his neck stand up saying, "That's not a good name!"
Just what exactly were on the files and emails that Taylor deleted (over 200 gigabytes worth)?
Feb 1 • 17 tweets • 9 min read
The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is once again on hand bringing you live updates from Hearing room 1525, where LB 626, The Nebraska Heartbeat Act, will hear testimony 💯 Everyone currently here in this room is a proponent! @ErinBamer @OWHnews line out door #nebraska #neleg #ProLife Opponents of the Nebraska Heartbeat Act are screaming in the hallway. @janekleeb you bring your posse??
Jan 31 • 21 tweets • 9 min read
The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is once again on hand bringing you live updates from Hearing room 1525, where LB's 673, 374, and 71 will have live testimony given 💯 Stay tuned for updates from the hearing and what this overflowing crowd has to say! #nebraska #neleg #schoolchoice Image LB673 description: "Provide grants to schools that adopt a policy to provide emergency response mapping data to law enforcement agencies and provide powers and duties for the State Department of Education and State Board of Education"
Some very salient support #testimony given 👍 Image
Jan 30 • 6 tweets • 2 min read
Update: We have information that members of the NEGOP
Executive Committee are being pressured on the break-in, being asked to stop the investigation in the name of “unity!”

Feb 3rd, 1030AM, Lancaster County Courtroom 21, GOP v LIncoln Police, Motion to Quash Subpoena Maybe some weren’t in attendance but you could hear audible gasps from SCC members as Col Nesbitt detailed the break in, ensuing investigation, and other details relating to the crime. Now, behind closed doors, establishment is saying to “let it go, sweep it under the rug.” /2
Jan 26 • 23 tweets • 14 min read
As hundreds pack the hallway of the Nebraska state Capitol, the @NebraskaFreedom Coalition is in hearing room 1113 to bring you testimonials for and against LB 314, 17, and Constitutional Carry - LB77. We will be testifying in support of LB 77 later today 👍🇺🇲 Stay tuned... 👀 @MomsDemand is on site, as is representation from @GunOwners of America, who passed out these hats to those waiting in line 👍 a quick gauge of the crowd has those in favor of constitutional carry out numbering those against - 2 to 1 it would seem 💯 God bless America #2A 🇺🇲
Jan 26 • 6 tweets • 2 min read
Stand up and be counted! Let our senators know how much Election Integrity means to Nebraskans! 

To receive a text alert when the hearing date and time are announced, simply text the word "ELECTIONS" to 84483.

Sign the petition today! /1… Free and fair elections are an essential foundation of our constitutional republic. Unfortunately, after the disputed 2020 election, confidence in the integrity of elections has reached an all-time low. /2
Jan 21 • 10 tweets • 3 min read
Retired NSP Col. Tom Nesbitt just briefed the State GOP quarterly meeting in Omaha that @NEGOP Executive Director, Taylor Gage, deleted 200 GB of data/emails and stole items from the NEGOP HQ following leadership turnover this past summer. /1 A packed room of Republican patriots with a few notable establishment RINOs sat in awe as Colonel Nesbitt detailed his investigation exposing the crimes that took place last summer at the NEGOP HQ. Chairman Underwood hired Col. Nesbitt to investigate the apparent break in. /2
Jan 12 • 27 tweets • 15 min read
We are on hand at the Rules Committee meeting today! Great to see Senator Erdman in his Chair position 💯 Looking forward to some great testimony to eliminate "Present Not Voting" and for written votes to be recorded for transparency 👏 #neleg Senator Wendy Deboer, with a big DaVinci's pop on the desk. Classy!! She's lookin alive and ready to tackle today 🤠
Jan 4 • 23 tweets • 8 min read
Today is the first day of the One Hundred Eighth Nebraska Legislature! For those unfamiliar, Nebraska is unique compared to other states because its body is a Unicameral. Business for today will include election of committee chairpersons as well as setting the framework of rules! There will be a host of other things transpiring today as well & we are looking forward to hopefully seeing some BDE from some of our newly elected state senators. Check back with us after 10am CT as we will be bringing you live updates with that NFC flair! #nebraska #legislature
Dec 5, 2022 • 26 tweets • 4 min read
Seems like the FBI has some problems. Letter to Director Wray exposing concerns through 27 questions. This tweet thread will have all questions transcribed from the letter. 1. Will you promise to immediately resign if any of the whistleblower allegations outlined in the
11/4/2022 House Judiciary Committee letter are proven to be true?
Dec 3, 2022 • 4 tweets • 1 min read
So, for those keeping score, Russia Trump collusion not real but the Hunter Biden laptop and Big Tech collusion is real.

Get ready for a false flag, to be called racist, fascist, white nationalists, etc. 1/ But none of that changes the fact thar government officials and big tech conspired against the American people. These are crimes at the highest level, free and fair elections are tantamount to maintaining a Constitutional Republic. 2/
Nov 17, 2022 • 8 tweets • 10 min read
A lot has been said about SBF and the FTX Democrat Ponzi scheme. But a few notable Republicans are caught up too. Is this why @SenSasse resigned? Enquiring minds want to know! @NEGOP can you message him for us? Image FOLLOW THE MONEY💰! @JackPosobiec Image