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TOMORROW The DC Council’s Judiciary Committee will be holding an oversight hearing on the DC Police Department’s performance. So let’s see... how has the MPD performed over the last year? #DefundMPD #NoMoreStopAndFrisk
It stopped releasing data on stop-and-frisks, yet AGAIN violating the law. And again, when it was sued and forced to follow the law, it turned out MPD made a huge number of stops and a huge majority of those stops were of Black people. #NoMoreStopAndFrisk…
After working with the Oath Keepers and other far right groups to detain and try to convict 2016 inauguration protesters, DC police made no attempt to prevent or stop the violent attack on the Capitol by some of those same far right groups... 🤔…
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"Free the people! Fight the power! Fuck the police! Revolution!"

On Saturday night, the "They/Them Collective" held another march throughout DC, beginning in Dupont Circle.

"Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail! The whole damn system is guilty as hell!"
"One! Two! Three! Four! Slavery, genocide and war! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! America was never great!" chanted the activists as they marched through DC.
Ahead of the march, antifa activist @JasonRCharter tried to go "pig fishing" by offering police officers a donut on a fishing rod.

Awe, that's one of those crumb cake ones," one officer replied sarcastically. "That is delicious."

"I'm on a diet so..." rejected another.
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This Washington Post piece on the #DeonKay protests has some humdingers as well.…
This is just a sampling of the characterizations of what happened. Sorry, but this is called brandishing a weapon, people. And whether it's police or not, whipping out a gun usually doesn't end well.

And "playing with guns" is quite the spin from his aunt 🤨o ImageImageImage
One more excerpt (though we can go down through every paragraph) -- look at who were some of the organizers! Totally diverse and nonpartisan! 🙄 Image
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From 1 to 2am last night, protesters assembled outside @MayorBowser's house in Washington DC to protest the police shooting of #DeonKay.

"Black lives matter, blue lives beat their wives!" the group chanted.

The activists said the demo was legal because it was under 60 db.
"Why the fuck did I vote for you?" one of the late night activists yelled into the home of @MayorBowser. Bowser - a Democrat - is largely seen by BLM activists as an enemy who sides with police.

"Do you hear this neighbors? Do y'all know who you live next to?"
The protesters went to ring on Mayor Bowser's doorbell, and police blocked them.

Officers said Bowser informed them that she's "not expecting guests" and not to let anyone onto her property.
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Police have released the bodycamera footage of the shooting of #DeonKay in Southeast Washington DC.

Needless to say, it is graphic, so viewer discretion advised.

Note that the blurring was in the police release of the footage, not added by me.
Video appears to show Deon Kay was running from police with a handgun in his right hand when an officer got in front of him.

Kay throws the gun away as he tries to turn away from the officer.

He does not fire it.

The officer shoots him once as Kay's gun is in the air.
The officer who shot Deon Kay has been ID'ed as Alexander Alvarez, described as "a Hispanic officer who joined the Metropolitan Police Department in 2018."

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HD footage thread: Last night following the police shooting death of 18-year-old #DeonKay, protesters gathered outside the D7 police station in DC.

Police retreated briefly into the station, but ultimately physically pushed the crowd back.
During the confrontation that ensued, activists and police would shine strobe lights into eachothers' eyes on the front lines.

One officer made a "crying" gesture when protesters made fun of him because another cop told him to put his flashlight away.
"Where's your head at right now," a protester asked a cop. "How upset are you on a scale of one to three?"

The officer flashed an "OK" "👌" symbol in response.

"Ok, see that's a white power sign, dumbass" an activist replied.

The cop shook his head "no."
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18-year-old #DeonKay -reportedly pictured in this video uploaded to Instagram- was shot and killed by the @DCPoliceDept during an incident, yesterday where Metropolitan PD Chief Peter Newsham stated: "We believe the suspect had a gun at the time" and a firearm recovered at...
...the scene -what appears to be a @BERSAUSA_EAGLE TPR45C- matches with the firearm brandished by an individual in the Instagram video (left).

Bersa TPR45C:…

Chief Newsham provided an account of the incident including why it was that officers were...
...on the scene in the first place. @HeavySan has reported, along with the @WashingtonPost that #DeonKay was brandishing a firearm at the time that he was shot.…

Per the Wash. Post, City officials have confirmed that there IS bodycam footage and that...
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After 90 days of continuous protest and @MayorBowser having a meltdown, begging Trump’s DOJ for more protester prosecutions, MPD reportedly shot a man in the back. Now 7D is surrounded.
Just watched slow motion body cam footage. Deon Kay was fleeing from one cop and threw his gun away moments before being shot. FWIW Kyle Rittenhouse was illegally armed as he walked by cops who were heading to the scene of the killings he committed.
Watch and judge for yourself
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